CAMP: Chapter 78

After Jing Yuanzhou left with the staff member, Lin Yan glanced at the time. “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

It wasn’t until the door of the lounge closed again that Jian Ye couldn’t help quietly pulling his teammates aside and whispering, “Don’t you think… the atmosphere between our coach and captain seems a bit wrong?”

Chen Yushen frowned deeply. “It is a little bit?”

Jian Ye had actually vaguely felt it before but didn’t think much of it. Now that he had obtained agreement, the more he thought about it, the more wrong he felt. “It is really a problem! Previously, they kept playing together and they also secretly ran out for a late night snack without us, right?”

Gu Luo listened by the side, his mouth twitching. He looked like he wanted to talk but was hesitating.

Bi Yaohua didn’t want to pay attention to this fool but he couldn’t help glancing at Jian Ye speechlessly. “Did you just find out now?”

Jian Ye shook in place. “You already knew?!”

Gu Luo finally couldn’t help murmuring softly, “In fact… it has been a long time.”

Chen Yushen was a bit confused at first before pausing. He recalled something and a strange look finally flashed in his eyes.

Jian Ye looked at Gu Luo and Bi Yaohua. Then he stared deeply at the closed door and rubbed his temples hard. “Don’t speak, I have to slow down.”

Bi Yaohua smiled but considerately covered his mouth to not make a sound. The others stayed silent to let Jian Ye digest it by himself.

Lin Yan came back and encountered such an overly quiet atmosphere in the lounge. He couldn’t help glancing around in amazement. “What’s the matter with all of you? Are you uncomfortable?”

Bi Yaohua endured his desire to laugh. “No, Gun Gun realized something just now and needs to savor it in his heart.”

Lin Yan turned to Jian Ye. “What understanding? Wait until after the match is over. Don’t be too distracted at this time.”

Jian Ye caught a glimpse of Bi Yaohua smiling in his chair and secretly gritted his teeth. “I know, Coach.”

Lin Yan nodded, grabbed the remote control and turned on the TV screen in the lounge. “Okay, look at the screen.”

In fact, the so-called opening ceremony was nothing more than the appearance of the representative players of all participating teams. It was a simple exchange of a few sentences. This was just a simple event but for fans of each team, it was already considered an absolute benefit.

The lights at the venue turned on, the entire venue was silent for a moment and then there was a wave of screams that almost directly overturned the roof. The lounge was so far away but the people inside could still hear the cheers.

Gu Luo covered his trembling heart and spoke emotionally, “So this is the scene of the autumn competition…”

Bi Yaohua laughed with disapproval. “What about this? Once it is time to reach the finals, you can feel real enthusiasm. The fans who came now are all fans of other teams.  Once it is the day of the finals, at least half the stadium will be our supporters. It is really cool!”

His words were so logical that the others heard it and their hearts were full of excitement. The look in their eyes was incomparably eye-catching.

At the scene, the host had already started to introduce every big team and their representatives in turn. The players who could represent the team were basically the captains such as Jing Yuanzhou and Luni of LDF. Of course, it wasn’t ruled out for several teams to arrange the core player of the team to appear on their behalf, such as PAY’s AI and Three’s Wuhoo.

Every time a representative player appeared, there was bound to be a storm of applause in the venue. In such a warm atmosphere, the host naturally didn’t forget a few simple interviews. Among the regular questions for the various teams, it was inevitable that the two issues of ‘expectations for this year’s results’ and ‘opponents you are looking forward to’ will be mentioned.

Luni of the LDF team always gave a perfect answer on such occasions. “It will be great if we can win the championship. Of course, we won’t be too regretful if we can’t achieve it. In general, just do our best. This can be regarded as the best confession for the fans for LDF. Huh? If I have to say the opponent I anticipate… I’m tired of playing most of the teams now. From this point of view, I want to look at the new GH who has just joined the league.”

AI of the PAY team obviously didn’t like this type of entertainment interview process. He frowned during the entire interview process. “Of course, the goal is to be the champions. If it is the opponent then playing everyone is the same. I have to choose one? Then just GH. They are quite interesting.”

Ku Tianlu of the BK team had been captain for this period of time and his official tone was decent. “The main goal of BK this year is to not disappoint fans but I am also looking forward to playing against GH. The current relationship between our two teams is very good. Since we are competing on the field, this can be regarded as a welcome ceremony for them entering the league.”

Wuhoo of Three gave an even more perfunctory answer. “The goal is to guarantee second and strive for first. As for who I want to fight against… they have all chosen GH so I will choose GH as well.”

SUU’s captain Peng He put it simply, “I’m looking forward to GH.”

The players were interviewed one by one. Listening to their answers, the expressions of the audience members subtly changed.

No matter if it was the spring or autumn competition, every opening ceremony had this process. However, each team would pay tribute to each other. Basically, the strong teams would get one or two mentions.

Then what was going on today? Did all these teams make an appointment to point the finger at the GH team who had just entered the professional league?

It had to be known, it was already very strong for a new team to reach the quarterfinals. Was there any team that had such a strong presence in the interview session of the opening ceremony!

Before this, there was a lot of discussion on the Internet that the Burning Hot Assembly variety show was completely the product of the professional league’s top management. Therefore, every time there was a mention of the GH team, the first feeling was that they were only on the level of a men’s variety show team. It was reasonable to say that such a team would exit after one regular season. Therefore, no matter how much they thought about it, they couldn’t understand why these top players would take such a team so seriously?

Did the officials arrange this interview in advance with the top players? If not, did the GH team really have such strength? Ordinary fans had no way of knowing what happened during the training matches. After this process, they were full of question marks.

At this point, all the interviews were complete and it was at last GH’s turn. Once the camera lens fell on Jing Yuanzhou’s body, the bustling scene instantly fell silent. Part of this silence stemmed from curiosity about the team and some of it came from the complicated mood created by the player himself.

In particular, the old fans of BK. Previously, they could always see Jing Yuanzhou in this event but back then, he was Titans, the captain of BK. Today, it was still the familiar face but the uniform he was wearing was no longer BK’s uniform. Jing Yuanzhou was now the captain of GH.

They wanted to say ‘welcome back’ but the BK fans who followed him for many years had a thousand words and didn’t know where to start.

Unlike other teams, this was the first time GH had appeared in the professional league so the host was prepared to ask a few more questions. Jing Yuanzhou had long been accustomed to such an occasion and he answered with great calm.

The host asked about the expectations of the big teams for GH and Jing Yuanzhou paused for a moment, a faint smile on his face. “Thank you for the recognition. In order to live up to your expectations, GH will win the championship trophy in this autumn competition.”

There were clearly no fluctuations in his tone but the words had an aggravating effect that fiercely hit everyone’s hearts. The originally calm scene exploded in an instant.

Luni shook his head when he heard it. “They haven’t even played a mid-season game. They have just arrived at this arena yet he dares to speak like this.”

Wuhoo smiled. “Don’t say it. His team really is a bit interesting.”

Next to him, AI didn’t speak. He just looked down at the ground with an impatient ‘when will this end’ expression. The other representative players had different expressions and rubbed their pained heads. They sensed that this year’s autumn competition was likely to not be peaceful.

The scene was broadcasted live to those in the lounge. Lin Yan couldn’t hide the smile on his face at all. He couldn’t help glancing at the man on the big screen. He clapped his hands and said, “Okay, your captain has warmed up the venue in advance. Get up and move around. Be ready to play.”

Luo Mo had returned to the lounge after completing the registration of the players. He crouched down with his mobile phone and unsurprisingly, he saw that Internet public opinion exploded following the interview.

He couldn’t help the corners of his mouth twitching. Was it a hot spot? Wasn’t it more like a bombing spot?

The opening ended smoothly and Jing Yuanzhou returned to the lounge to briefly check his peripherals. Subsequently, the members of GH headed to the field under the guidance of the staff members.

Lin Yan stood at the back and raised his eyes slightly, his gaze passing over the figures in the distance that couldn’t be seen clearly. There was a slight smile in his eyes. This battlefield, they were finally here…

On the commentary stage, the official commentators were already introducing them with great passion. Due to the interview with Jing Yuanzhou just now, the scene didn’t need warming up at all. The atmosphere was already extremely strong.

Lin Yan took a deep breath and raised the headphones hanging around his neck. The moment he put it on, all the noise outside was completely isolated, leaving nothing but tranquility. Lin Yan gave a soft ‘hello’ and didn’t wait for the others to answer. He continued to speak lightly, “This is the opening match. Crush them.”

Everyone knew that the strength of MEN was only mid to low among the professional teams. It was just that the public liked to make trouble. They didn’t have much expectation for MEN but after Jing Yuanzhou’s interview, they started to hope that MEN could fight back well in today’s opening match.

The game officially began under the spotlight. In this round of BO1, MEN’s performance could be considered their best state. Their overall standard was significantly higher than their performance in the mid-season.

Unfortunately, their opponents played as fiercely as ever. The GH team seemed to pull out all the stops and swept through the entire field in the blink of an eye. The autumn opening match ended in just 32 minutes. The number of kills was 22:8.

As Lin Yan requested, GH completed their debut in the autumn competition with an absolutely strong performance. Their posture was just like their ‘Go Home’ team name—strong and rampant to the extreme.

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1 year ago

Wait, lemme simp for AI.

“Next to him, AI didn’t speak. He just looked down at the ground with an impatient ‘when will this end’ expression.”