CAMP: Chapter 77

Before the official start of the autumn season, the schedule was sent to the managers of various clubs. Luo Mo showed the schedule to the team members and they were inevitably stunned when they read it.

BB – Bi Yaohua: [Letting us play the opening curtain match with MEN on the day of the opening ceremony. Is this real?]

Gun – Jian Ye: [According to the past, shouldn’t there be a strong confrontation arranged at the beginning?]

Titans – Jing Yuanzhou: [The league should be wanting to try something new.]

Abyss – Chen Yushen: [?]

Lin Breeder: [Can’t you see this? We are a new team and the first one promoted from the variety show. How can the league’s management not push us hard? The opening match is scheduled for us to give us a chance to prove ourselves.]

Lin Breeder: [So play well, you know? If you lose in the first match, be careful that the leaders of the league don’t directly remove us from the autumn competition in annoyance.]

Gloy – Gu Luo: [Ah, is that so? If we lose then our qualifications will be removed? Really?]

Gun – Jian Ye: [Fake.]

Abyss – Chen Yushen: [……]

BB – Bi Yaohua: [How can you be so naive?]

Gloy – Gu Luo: [QAQ]

Abyss – Chen Yushen: [……Don’t tease him.]]

Lin Breeder: [If you lose to MEN, I will remove you if the league doesn’t do it. Do you hear me?]

After a pause, the entire screen of the group chat was filled with ‘I heard.’

Lin Yan sent the last pressuring words and after confirming that he received the desired answer, he put away his phone in satisfaction. He turned around and couldn’t help freezing when he met Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze. “Are you looking for me?”

Jing Yuanzhou sat on the sofa in the lounge and said, “I was just thinking. Is Coach Lin usually so fierce in normal times?”

“This is fierce?” Lin Yan raised an eyebrow. “This is called being majestic.”

“Yes, it is indeed very majestic.” Jing Yuanzhou held back his smile. He wrote ‘I heard’ in the group chat with great ease and wittily changed the topic. “Then can I ask, would you like to play doubles with me?”

Lin Yan didn’t think much of it. “I’ll play.”

It was nearing the opening of the autumn competition and all the training plans for the team had been placed on hold. This was to allow enough of an adjustment period for everyone before the competition to find their best condition.

They were idle in these two days so Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou continued to play doubles. During this period, they often pulled other people except for Bi Yaohua to line up as well, but they often stopped after a few games.

On the whole, Lin Yan estimated that the doubles game adaptive training was effective. At the very least, the discomfort when lining up as three was much better than before. As for restoring his state for a team battle of five, it was still far away and he didn’t dare think about it. Just being able to occasionally feel the fun of lining up as three satisfied Lin Yan.

Once Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou came to the training room, they weren’t surprised to find that the other seats weren’t empty. The entire team was in the training room without any absences. All the training plans were over but it was clear that everyone was hoping to improve as much as possible before the official start of the autumn season.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou happily teamed up until around 9 o’clock. Then they went out to have a late night snack. It was close to 1 a.m. when they returned, only to find that the training room was still brightly lit.

Lin Yan frowned slightly. It was true that enthusiasm for training was a good thing but it was counterproductive if their nerves were too tight.

He knocked gently on the door. Seeing that everyone didn’t respond, he could only take off their soundproof headphones one by one. “After playing this game, shut it down immediately. The day after tomorrow is the autumn competition. If anyone secretly plays before the official start of the competition, they will be fined 10,000 yuan. You are welcome to make extra income for the club.”

Such a sentence from their own coach smoothly slapped everyone in GH. After finishing the game in a hurry, everyone shut down and went downstairs without hesitation to have hot spicy soup as a midnight snack.

Luo Mo had printed out the schedule of the season and distributed it to everyone. “Take it back and look at it so you can understand the schedule. I personally suggest that after you go back, post the schedule directly on the door of the dormitory. Making it more eye-catching will have a certain incentive effect.”

In the blink of an eye, Jian Ye had half a bowl of hot, spicy soup. He felt like this entire body had been elevated. He lowered his head and glanced at the schedule again. “On the afternoon of the opening ceremony, is it really only our match that is arranged? I remember that all the professional teams will be there at that time, right? Is this our team’s debut? This is just right. We will take this opportunity to give the professional teams a strong impression and give them a big shock.”

Gu Luo’s face was red from the spice and he couldn’t help reminding this person, “Brother Gun, we have played all the strong teams in the training matches. I bet they won’t be too shocked, right?”

Jian Ye shook his index finger. “You are still young and don’t know much. A training match is a training match. Is it rare for a championship team to be weak in a training match? Those who can really play in the league are the really tough ones.”

Chen Yushen remembered something at this time. “The regular season… seems to be BO1?”

Jing Yuanzhou answered from where he was sitting next to Chen Yushen and playing with his mobile phone. “Yes, it is BO1, a single round. Our opponent at the opening ceremony might be against MEN but who we play in the first match actually has no meaning. It is clear from the schedule that in the entire regular season, each team will play against each other once. Finally, based on the accumulated wins, the top eight teams will compete to enter the next playoffs stage.”

Then he slowly raised his eyes. “The coach’s and my meaning is very simple. If you want to ensure that we are promoted to the next stage, we absolutely can’t lose against these teams with absolute strength.”

The group couldn’t help being shocked by this tone and replied, “Understood!”

Lin Yan had been sitting silently without speaking. Just then, he saw something interesting on his phone and laughed. “Have you seen the pre-match predictions on Weibo?”

Bi Yaohua frowned with disgust. “They are still doing such a broken thing?”

Gu Luo was a bit dazed. “What is that?”

The netizens have found something fun to do. It is that before every game, they will guess the winner and loser in advance,” Jian Ye explained while looking at Lin Yan curiously. “There is actually a pre-match prediction already? Is it about the match between us and MEN during the opening ceremony?”

“That’s right.” Lin Yan raised an eyebrow. “Guess what the current predicted winning rate is on the Internet?”

Gu Luo thought about it objectively. “Based on our current strength and MEN’s current strength, our chances of winning should be 80%?”

Chen Yushen added, “I think it is 90%.”

“Sorry, the results on the Internet are only 50% and it is on the Weibo of an Internet celebrity who is very popular recently.” Lin Yan found the prediction results more and more novel and finally couldn’t help sighing. “It turns out that in the eyes of those in the self-proclaimed circle, our team’s winning rate against MEN is only 50%? We worked so hard before to build up momentum but they didn’t pay attention to it!”

MEN might be playing under the banner of the dark horse team but judging from their previous match records, it wasn’t enough. If there were no surprises, among all the teams in the autumn competition, the strength of the MEN team really required the blessing of Heaven to qualify for the quarterfinals.

Now the Internet was speculating that the ratio of winning for GH and MEN was 5:5. No matter what, it was an attitude of ‘not optimistic.’

Everyone was a bit unhappy after hearing Lin Yan’s words. Only Bi Yaohua seemed to adapt well.

He bit at the potato noodle in the bowl and grinded it down in his mouth.”I’m satisfied. At least from this ratio, netizens still think we have a possibility of winning. According to me, it would be better for them to set our winning percentage as 10% or 20% in the early morning. Then once the opening ceremony is over and we gain a crushing victory, I can at least ask those people if they need to go to the plastic surgery hospital to save their faces.”

Everyone else was amused at once and couldn’t help thinking of gaining a brilliant record in the autumn competition. In the end, they simply used the hot and spicy soup to replace wine, raising their big bowls. “No matter what they do, it’s all over for them!”

Jing Yuanzhou and Lin Yan had already gone out to eat a long time ago. Now they raised their water glasses and bumped them against the bowls.

The autumn competition came as scheduled. Compared with the previous mid-season, the participating teams in the autumn competition hadn’t changed much. Only LARK’s quota had been officially replaced by the brand new team, GH. As the most watched new force in the league, GH got into the business car early and officially set off on their journey in the professional league.

Since all professional teams would be at the opening ceremony, the scene around the stadium had never been more exciting. Fans of the big teams filled the surrounding streets and the business car circled around in a big circle before finally avoiding the fierce crowd and parking in the internal parking lot.

The moment they got out of the car, a large group of security guards came and nervously escorted the members of GH into the safe passage to the lounge prepared. It was the first time for Gu Luo and Chen Yushen to experience this formal event. They followed behind the group of security guards, their faces so tense that there was a lack of expression.

Jian Ye had played in the secondary league previously and couldn’t help joking, “I think these big bodyguards are a bit too nervous. The fans outside might be enthusiastic but it isn’t for our team. Even if someone sneaks behind us to stop us, it is probably…”

“They are probably our black fans.” Bi Yaohua smiled. “Still, I think the security guard brothers are right to be nervous. The black fans’ combat effectiveness is much stronger than the true love fans! It will be really hard if the scene is torn up.”

Don’t mention Gu Luo and Chen Yushen, even the solemn security guards almost couldn’t maintain their stiffness. The entire atmosphere was relaxed.

The team entered the lounge arranged by the organizers. After closing the door, they could hear footsteps passing by from time to time. Obviously, players from other teams had also started to arrive. Gu Luo sat in a chair facing the wall, breathing deeply repeatedly to control his nervousness.

Jian Ye noticed this and couldn’t help leaning over to ask curiously, “How are you Gloy? Do you need to go to the bathroom today?”

Gu Luo’s face was red. “Brother Gun, can you stop talking about this!”

There was a burst of laughter.

Just then, there was a knock on the door of the lounge. A staff member poked in his head. “Titans, are you ready? The opening ceremony is about to begin.”

As GH’s representative at the opening ceremony, Jing Yuanzhou stood up after hearing these words. “I’m here.”

Before leaving, he didn’t forget to tidy up his team uniform. Then he paused slightly when passing by Lin Yan. He looked over without speaking. Lin Yan met this gaze and instinctively stretched out a hand to smooth the wrinkles on Jing Yuanzhou’s shoulders, patting them gently. “No problem. You can rest assured and go.”

He didn’t notice that his action was a bit too skillful. Forget the GH team members, even the staff member who came to give the reminder couldn’t help being slightly stunned.

A smile flashed in Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. “Yes, I’m going.”

Proofreader: Nao 

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