CAMP: Chapter 76

Chen Yushen’s refusal stunned the SUU players for a moment and they couldn’t help glancing at Peng He. The support came over and asked, “Mirror, does the jungler of GH know you?”

Peng He responded in a low voice, “He knows me.”

He guessed this would be the result but a trace of sadness inevitably flashed in his eyes. It was because they knew each other that Chen Yushen would refuse. Peng He looked at the face in the lower right corner of the interface. He placed his hand on the table, pushed his gaming chair away and stood up. “Today’s team battle ends here. Disband.”

After speaking, he turned and walked out of the training room without paying attention to other people’s stunned eyes. They had abundant funds in the league and the entire base was extremely luxurious.

Peng He poured himself a cup of coffee in the tea room and walked to the balcony. He leaned on the railing to look at the distant scenery. The encounter with Chen Yushen meant that scenes from the past he didn’t want to remember came to mind.

As the only son of the Peng Group, Peng He was used to the feeling of being surrounded since he was young. No matter where he went, there was always a group of people around him. Even after entering the youth training camp, there were still people who wanted to take shortcuts to flatter him. They wanted the Peng Group investing in the e-sports industry to take a look at them.

At that time, Peng He came to the e-sports road with his childhood friend, Xu Lou. However, it wasn’t so much a friend as a subordinate relationship. It was because the Xu family always relied on the Peng family to survive. To him, Xu Lou was more similar to a subordinate. In fact, Peng He hadn’t been happy with Xu Lou’s ingratiating personality. He just used Xu Lou to help him stop those guys who were always following him around. This way, at least his side could be quiet occasionally.

It was precisely because Peng He had been accustomed to such an environment for a long time that after entering the youth training camp, he went his own way and didn’t worry about these things too much. He met Chen Yushen by chance during the team training in the camp.

Chen Yushen was the only talented jungler Peng He had encountered who could keep up with his rhythm. The excellent cooperation between them in training and competitions gradually made them feel a sense of tacit understanding.

At that time, many people in the youth training camp knew that Chen Yushen’s friend in the same dormitory was another strong mid-laner. Peng He naturally heard Xu Lou mention it several times but he hadn’t paid much attention. In Peng He’s view, the field of e-sports had always been about strength due to his own strength. This made him think that no matter the occasion, he and Chen Yushen were the best partners.

He never expected that there would be a sudden accident in the Xu family’s industrial chain. Xu Lou spared no effort to please him under the direction of the family. In the end, he racked his brains and wanted to ‘clean up’ the biggest obstacle on the e-sports road for Peng He.

The time coincided with the training camp’s annual big test. Peng He and Chen Yushen were engaged in intensive training day and night. They had no energy to be distracted and pay attention to other things.

Thus, in places they didn’t know, something inhumane happened quietly.

It wasn’t until the tragedy of committing suicide by jumping from the building happened and these people rushed to Peng He after having nowhere to hide that Peng He found out what had happened during the training.

He would always remember the ugly appearance of the panicked Xu Lou trying to please him and the way all the blood in his body froze due to extreme anger. These people were obviously panicked. Combined with the small relationship between Peng He and Xu Lou, they completely felt that this incident was what Peng He desired. Now that such a big thing had happened, their first reaction was to find Peng He, ridiculously wanting the Peng family’s asylum.

The pampered Peng He was unsurprisingly stunned by the sudden trust. For the first time, he felt at a loss. Just as his fists uncontrollably wanted to smash these people’s faces, the person he least wanted to appear suddenly appeared like this.

He saw Chen Yushen staring at him deeply and realized that many things had become unclear.

In such a chaotic situation, he could only try to control the expression on his face as much as possible. He wanted to wait until his partner’s anger had passed before finding a suitable time to handle the entire thing better. As he pretended to be calm, the others clamored, and the development became completely out of control.

Everything that followed was just as reported recently. The violent incident suddenly pushed Chen Yushen to the forefront of the storm. Peng He begged for a long time before convincing his family to help him control this matter so it had the least impact on Chen Yushen.

At the same time, it wasn’t known how the Xu family begged or perhaps they had made threats. The Peng family was also worried that the suicide incident would implicate Peng He so they suppressed both incidents together.

Throughout the process, Peng He didn’t speak much. It was after this incident that the young man who hadn’t reached the age of adulthood found out for the first time that in this huge world, there were people’s hearts or power that weren’t under his control.

After that, Peng He also withdrew from the youth academy. He established the SUU Club with the support of his family and quietly blocked the paths of those who took the professional path.

During this period, Chen Yushen completely disappeared from everyone’s view. Peng He couldn’t get in touch with him and had no way to explain it. In the end, he raised the courage to write an e-mail trying to explain the things of that year. To no surprise, once it was sent, it was like a stone sinking into the sea. There was no answer at all.

He didn’t know if Chen Yushen had seen the letter. Perhaps Chen Yushen had read it and couldn’t forgive him completely. After all, everyone involved other than Xu Lou still firmly believed that all of this happened under his instruction to the end.

In fact, Peng He himself always felt guilty that this tragedy happened due to his previous unrestrained indulgence. As long as he had been more careful and noticed, everything might’ve been different.

The young man who never knew sorrow grew up and the sunny self of the past was no longer reckless. Only a silence and indifference that kept others away remained.

Peng He recovered his wandering thoughts and unknowingly lowered his head to find that the coffee in his hand was cold. He heard the footsteps behind him and looked back. It was their new foreign jungler, Hand.

Hand seemed to be looking for him for a long time. Hand thought about it before organizing his words. “Mirror, GH’s jungler is a bit strong… it’s shocking. Is he a newcomer?”

Peng He was a bit stunned and only reacted after a while. “Yes, he is a genius and very strong.”

If nothing had happened back then, the position of SUU’s jungler should have been for Chen Yushen. They would now be teammates fighting side by side. Unfortunately, there were no ifs in this world. The original youthful friendship had been lost after too many impurities. No matter how much they cherished each other, they were destined to miss each other.

GH’s team battles continued.

After meeting the SUU team, they encountered several rounds of passersby teams. Perhaps it was really hard to match. The online sniping teams missed time and time again until they finally met the professional team PILL. However, GH this afternoon was really overwhelming. Under their perfect, devastating rhythm, they won the final victory without any suspense.

At 4:30 p.m., the event officially ended.

Since they won against two professional teams, the GH team unexpectedly went on the hot search. Among the topics such as #GH beats SUU# and #GH beats PILL#, the hot search title #Mirror’s friend application rejected# stood out.

The activity finished and the team members went back to rest after organizing their equipment. Lin Yan took advantage of when the others weren’t paying attention to pull Chen Yushen alone to the side. No words could be inserted during the live broadcast. It was only now that he had the opportunity to look carefully at Chen Yushen. “How do you feel?”

The question was very euphemistic but Chen Yushen naturally knew what Lin Yan was asking. The corners of his lips slightly twitched and he tried to make what could be called a smile. “Don’t worry, Coach. I’m fine.”

Lin Yan wanted to see other emotions on this face but was only met with indifference. It was a lot better than what he thought. Lin Yan had this thought and was silent for a moment. He finally felt relieved and patted Chen Yushen’s shoulder slightly. “Yes, it’s good if you are like this.”

Chen Yushen lowered his eyelashes, covering the complex emotions in his eyes. The contents of the e-mail he saw a few days ago quietly flashed through his mind.

The mailbox had been registered really early on and he didn’t remember how long it had been since he logged into it. For a long period of time, he had no intention of communicating with the outside world and basically didn’t look at any social channels. It wasn’t until LAN and the others received legal sanctions that he made up his mind to regain the past.

He entered the mailbox and found that e-mail after many years. Word by word completely lifted the fog that plagued the past for many years and the truth of everything came to light. It was a pity that the thorns in his heart were too deep. No matter what, he couldn’t forget the heart-wrenching pain.

He was just an ordinary person with a mortal body. Even if he knew the truth, he couldn’t completely forgive Peng He. He couldn’t even avoid wanting to vent his anger at the heavy price. Perhaps this was the human heart.

Chen Yushen slowly let out a sigh and looked at Lin Yan when he was calm again. “Coach, don’t worry. I can adjust myself.”

Lin Yan couldn’t help smiling at this serious expression. He picked up his phone to take a look. “Speaking of which, these days are passing really quickly. It will be the opening day of the autumn competition in two days.”

He sighed emotionally. “It is time to let me see your training results.”

Haha, author had to emphasize this several times. Chen Yushen and Peng He aren’t a CP, not a couple!

Proofreader: Nao 

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1 year ago

Not a CP, got it… I’m still gonna ship ’em tho.
What can I say? I love the angst.

1 year ago

Why can’t they be a CP? The potential is right there :'(

10 months ago

I want them became a CP 🙁

9 months ago

I’m so glad they aren’t a CP. I find it illogical for CYS to develop feelings for the person who almost destroyed his gaming career and obstructed his best friend from attaining any justice for two years ——

2 months ago
Reply to  Berry

Not illogical at all. 🙂 could’ve been a friends to enemies to lovers kind of thing 😅

6 months ago

WHY–!! Kinda ship them because of this chapter. Yes, that kinda dogblood. HAHAHAH! Lol.

But I ship Chen Yushen to his teammates, too… Yes, teammates, because I sometimes ship him with Brother Gun, with Gloy, and sometimes with Brother Trash Talk. Sorry, I am stepping on four boats now… T_T Lol/

Thank you for this chapter!

1 month ago

Aunque me inclino más por BB debo decirlo pisando diferentes botes +1(>0<;)

1 month ago

Esta bien agradezco la aclaración del autor pero con todo el respeto me vale y los seguiré enviando ヽ((◎д◎))ゝ

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