CAMP: Chapter 75

SUU was a new team that had just emerged in the past two years, but their entire process was somewhat different from other teams.

The team initially became known in the league because their owner, the Peng Group, spent huge sums of money to directly buy the league quota from the old team OR. Then the name was changed to SUU and a brand new club was established.

It was a pity that despite the great momentum, SUU didn’t achieve ideal results in the first year of the league. Their best result was only the quarterfinals. This made the entire team go through a thorough reshuffle during the transfer period of their second year.

If teams such as BK and LDF had the richest players in the league, SUU was undoubtedly a well-deserved ‘rich’ club.

Strong financial support allowed them to replace the team’s lineup on a large scale almost every year. After a batch of screening, this year they introduced two major foreign players as the top laner and jungler. This allowed them to finally achieve good results in this year’s summer competition and mid-season.

It was said that the two foreign players of SUU were trying to learn to communicate in simple Chinese and the team was in the critical working together period. Once the team successfully completed the integration, they would inevitably have an extremely strong presence in the autumn competition.

SUU was a rising force in the league and Lin Yan naturally had some understanding of the history of this team. Yet more than that, he cared about the current SUU captain, Mirror.

Mirror, also known as Peng He, was the important presence in the small group at the youth training camp that caused that incident.

At present, everyone in the small group had been locked up except for Peng He. It was because there was no evidence to prove he had participated in it. Therefore, he wasn’t implicated and was still active in the professional league.

Lin Yan asked Xie Wei to investigate because he believed in his friend’s ability to verify things. Since even Xie Wei said there was nothing wrong with the verdict, there was a large possibility that Peng He really had no relationship with the events of that  year.

However, if he was really unrelated, why did the Peng Group use so much effort back then to bring the two incidents to an end? This was exactly what Lin Yan couldn’t solve. Combined with Chen Yushen, this made him look at SUU under a filter and there was a somewhat subtle feeling.

He had a complex mood, let alone Chen Yushen, who was the party involved. Lin Yan had actually been worried about what state Chen Yushen would be in when meeting SUU during the autumn competition. There was a sudden encounter today. His family’s jungler looked more stinky than usual but he didn’t show any extra emotions.

“He had adjusted better than expected…” Lin Yan couldn’t help some approval flashing in his eyes. He pressed the record button and leaned back on the sofa to pay attention to the game.

After all, the nature of human beings was to watch excitement. The moment the name of the SUU team appeared, the barrage in the live broadcast room became even crazier.

[F&k, this isn’t fake? SUU actually sniped GH? It shouldn’t be necessary for them!]

[I thought it was just a joke. A professional team was really squatting?]

[It’s a coincidence. I know that SUU has been training with their foreign players recently. They probably just matched randomly.]

[Then they don’t know this team is GH? Hah, this will be very interesting.]

[SUU’s performance in the mid-season was fierce. This time, GH really kicked the steel plate.]

[Weren’t the fans of GH bragging really hard before? Now it is time to see the strength of a professional team.]

[I don’t think this is necessarily the case. They are just playing casually and there definitely isn’t a strong lineup.]

[Whether they are a mule or a horse, we will know after watching.]

The barrage was blowing up while in the game, the two sides already had the first wave of collision in the jungle area. It was originally a battle of two people and then the mid-laners of both sides also joined the battlefield.

SUU’s mid-laner played a trick in this game. He used a displacement skill to move in the grass and just happened to deal a critical injury to Chen Yushen. However, at this moment, the picture seemed to freeze when the two people faced each other.

Peng He didn’t move back to his initial position but stayed there for two more seconds. It was only a short time but this was enough to let Chen Yushen unceremoniously hit him. From the side, Gu Luo quickly cooperated to deal more damage. The two people set fire to him and Chen Yushen took away his head.

[First Blood!]

However, Chen Yushen didn’t show any happiness after getting the first kill.

The corners of his mouth were still lowered to their lowest point and he didn’t even look at the corpse under his feet. He took advantage of the other SUU player’s choice to retreat and cleared the opponent’s jungler area.

Barrage: [???]

What was this situation? Was this deliberately giving away a head or was he stuck? The Internet speed at the SUU base couldn’t be that bad, right? SUU’s members were also full of question marks.

Hand, the foreign aid jungler, asked in bad Chinese, “Mirror, you… what happened?”

The young man next to him didn’t show much expression on his face even as the countdown ended and he was resurrected. He rushed to the line of soldiers while replying flatly, “Nothing.”

Peng He had heard that GH team was live broadcasting team matches today but he didn’t expect to actually match with them. Just now when the game was loading, he went to pour a glass of water and didn’t pay attention. The moment he entered the grass, he saw the game ID on the opposite jungler’s head—King of Hell Takes You To Fly

It had to be called a really familiar name.

By the time he returned to the middle tower, he inevitably missed the first wave of soldiers. Peng He quickly got rid of the soldiers gathered under the tower with a wave of skills and couldn’t help clicking on the battle list again to look at the opposite jungler’s ID. His eyes shook slightly and he breathed out slowly as he adjusted his mood. Then Peng He quickly discovered that this ID appeared in his field of view frequently.

The considerable economy from the first blood gave Chen Yushen the absolute initiative. He swiftly upgraded his big move and came to the middle lane twice in just 10 minutes. His timing was precise enough to assist Gu Luo in completing the second kill of the mid-laner.

Gu Luo felt very comfortable and couldn’t help praising it. “Abyss, your gank rhythm is really getting better.”

Chen Yushen replied, “Yes, continue to push forward. I will come back later.”

There was no emotion in his voice as he spoke. The audience in the live broadcast room saw this cold and ruthless look and the barrage was active.

[Not smiling even after taking a head? Is it necessary to be so cool?]

[Why do I feel like there is going to be one more cold-blooded mechanical jungler?]

[Can fans not be so pretentious? Wanting to compare with AI at this level? Are you blind?]

[Can you sunspots not be so pretentious? Black and black? The last few waves of gank just now were really beautiful. Why not praise them?]

[Don’t say anything else, I really love this stinky face.]

[Is it my illusion? Why do I always feel that AA is targeting SUU’s middle lane?]

[SUU’s middle lane has the worst economy right now. If it was me, I would also target Mirror.]

As if to prove the correctness of the barrage’s prediction, in the next 10 minutes, apart from when he went to SUU’s jungle area, the other times he would be targeting Peng He the entire time, regardless of whether Peng He was on the lane or went to gank someone.

As a result, the 2-8-4 record of SUU’s mid-laner was very eye-catching by the time the game reached 35 minutes. Even the other members of SUU felt it was wrong.

SUU’s support asked, “Captain, the other side is targeting you like this. Would you like me to come and follow you?”

Peng He saw Chen Yushen disappear into the map and didn’t hesitate to answer, “No, you follow the jungler and help him.”

It wasn’t known why but it sounded like something was wrong. SUU’s support frowned slightly. He couldn’t figure out Peng He’s heart but he didn’t say anything. The game continued until the end and almost turned into a competition between junglers.

Chen Yushen was grabbing the middle lane while SUU’s foreign jungler was frantically aiming at the bottom lane. The two sides matched each other to the end and eventually, the top lane became the final breakthrough in breaking the stalemate.

Jing Yuanzhou pressured and defeated the foreign player on the opposite side and finally forced the other players of SUU to gather on the top lane.

Gu Luo had been waiting to ambush in the grass for a long time. He took the opportunity to block the way and dealt a set of explosive damage while Chen Yushen once again took Peng He’s head.

Finally, GH won this team battle with two heads for five and directly pushed to the high ground. Overall, GH played quite beautifully. The lineup used in this game didn’t have any tactical reference value but in the end, GH blocked the mouths of the black fans with their own strength.

The GH fans went into a frenzy.

[66666, who said that GH can’t win against a professional team? Stand up!]

[Let me guess. They will say that a team match doesn’t mean anything?]

[What is wrong with a team match? SUU randomly selected a line-up but isn’t GH the same?]

[Hahaha, does your face hurt? GH really won against SUU.]

[Come on, let’s see which teams will continue to snipe.]

[F&k, these black fans are really enough. I was suffocated before and now I can finally exhale.]

[Laughing to death. Where are all the people who were jumping just now? Are they all mute?]

At this time, the SUU team’s base. As the foreign side lane player hired by SUU at a high price, this was the first time Kong felt such a strong pressure. After the game ended, he couldn’t recover for a long time. He finally squeezed out a sentence in Korean. “Who the hell is the opposite side-lane player…”

The foreign jungler Hand was also curious about this. He was ready to ask Peng He when he saw that the other person’s screen had cut to a live broadcast room. The live footage showed the settlement that just finished with them.

Hand felt choked up as his eyes moved to the title of the live broadcast room. “GH?”

Kong almost shot out of his chair when he heard these words. “Titans?!”

Peng He’s eyes shook for a moment and he didn’t speak. He switched back to the interface of the game and his fingers tapped on the keyboard. The next second, everyone in Chen Yushen’s live broadcast room saw the friend request message that popped up in the lower right corner.

[SUU.Mirror has requested to add you as a friend.]

The entire barrage paused for a moment.

[What is this situation?]

[Mirror has requested to add friends? So straightforward?]

[It is because he was caught too hard in the middle lane just now that it gave the feeling of abuse?]

[Perhaps he feels that the middle lane was too targeted so he came here to ask.]

[I can smell the strong scent of fire and medicine through the screen.]

[Hahaha, perhaps SUU feels too bad about losing that they want to face again in a training match?]

[I now believe that SUU really didn’t know who they were playing.]

[What are you doing? Accept it!]

[I want to see what Mirror is going to say.]

Regardless of the barrage, the screen of the live broadcast room was still like the pause button had been pressed. Chen Yushen sat there so motionless that people couldn’t help wondering if their Internet cut off. Finally, they saw him indifferently move his fingers and refuse the invitation.

The barrage screen: [???]

Proofreader: Nao 

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1 year ago

…There has to be more to PH and CYS, right? I’m not the only one getting signs, right? Why does it feel like PH has a different opinion on CYS than what CYS has on him…?

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1 year ago
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Concuerdo, también siento que debe haber historia entre ellos que no tiene que ver con el accidente del amigo de YuYu, probablemente por eso fue que ayudo a tapar el asunto de la pelea…

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
7 months ago
Reply to  Angel0811

Seems like PH feels guilty and wants to be forgiven.

CYS says NO!

1 year ago

Hmm……. Feels like there’s a misunderstanding somewhere….. poor Chen Yuchen, I don’t want him to be hurt anymore!!! Thanks for the translation!

1 year ago
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Gehhhh typo, Chen Yushen!

7 months ago

why do i smell a side cp from these two. there’s really a misunderstanding and im excited to know more about them