CAMP: Chapter 71

At 7 p.m., the GH training room was lit up. Lin Yan had previously mentioned the LDF appointment with the players but everyone was still a bit surprised after the formal training process was confirmed. In particular, Gu Luo.

Under his special care, his granny gray hair almost became bald. “Coach, do you really want me to play solo against Luni?”

He had played against Luni during the recording of the variety show and it had ended in a loss. Now that he had such an opportunity, he knew that Lin Yan must’ve put a lot of effort into it. He might be eager to try it but he was worried.

After all, they would start the formal training game after the solo game. This meant that his match against Luni would be played in front of all the players of both teams. In a way, the outcome was likely to affect the momentum of the next training match. It mattered a lot so it was difficult not to be nervous.

“What’s so hard to believe?” Lin Yan glanced at Gu Luo’s unpromising appearance. “You not only have to fight but also have to win. Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. Come back after you can control your expression.”

Gu Luo looked bitter as he replied, “Oh…”

He left the training room very obediently. He came back from the bathroom and there was a thin layer of moisture on his face. He had obviously washed his face but his expression was a lot more relaxed than before. It seemed he had found a way to control his tension.

Lin Yan was finally satisfied. Just then, a message arrived from Luni and he clapped his hands. “They are ready to go online. It’s about to begin.”

According to the previous appointment, there would be the solo match first before the training match. Luni was a man of his word. He soon opened a custom room to pull Gu Luo in. He also offered to play three straight games directly. In this way, they could directly enter the training match after the solo match was over. This avoided the trouble of switching between two different types of competition.

Lin Yan naturally had no opinion on this.

The rest of GH didn’t bother to take up some of the spectator seats in the custom room. They simply stood behind Gu Luo and watched the battle in real time. A circle was formed in the blink of an eye.

Gu Luo who felt the gazes behind him, “……”

The fingers on the mouse shook slightly. He slowly breathed out, trying to relax as much as possible. Once the map was completely loaded, the roles of both parties quickly refreshed at the resurrection point.

Since Lin Yan had mentioned it, Luni didn’t dare do anything casually in order to ensure the quality of the training games that followed. In the first solo game, he took the blue witch he was more skilled at. This hero was currently one of the solo heroes with the highest playing rate in the professional league. The main reason was her strong field control role in team battles.

Since the first to fourth skill were all control skills, she was dubbed by players as the ‘controller girl’ who ‘is control all over.’ If there was anything wrong with this blue witch, it was that she lacked too much in mobility. Her four control skills caused the blue witch to not have any displacement skills. This obviously compromised her survivability.

It was precisely due to this reason that there were only two situations when the blue witch faced an assassin type hero. One was to play the assassin to death using various control skills. However, if the assassin got close then she would be violently killed without any resistance at all.

The blue witch in the hands of a master compared to the blue witch in the hands of a rookie could be called two completely different heroes. Obviously, Luni must be a master among the blue witch players.

In this round, it was facing Gu Luo’s stabbing hero Tangira and there was bound to be a direct collision. The moment the two of them emerged from the resurrection point, they headed straight to the lane without stopping.

Gu Luo was a bit nervous at first but after starting to clear the lane, his eyes were only focused. Every hero must have a balance, whether it was a physical or magic. Most assassin heroes with high explosiveness couldn’t avoid the limitation of a short attack distance. Tangira used in this game was the same.

The moment the game started, Luni took advantage of the blue witch’s long-range output to firmly block his way as he cleared the soldiers. The moment Gu Luo entered the output range, he was quickly consumed by Luni’s skill. After a few waves, his health was at the lowest level. Gu Luo had no choice but to rely on his recovery skill to replenish his health.

Bi Yaohua saw everything from the rear and couldn’t help shaking his head. “It’s really hard. Luni’s operation is really too detailed! The key is that he deliberately left all his skills for when Gloy went to kill the soldiers. He is determined to crush Gloy in the early stages!”

Lin Yan wasn’t surprised. “Once an assassin hero kills some soldiers and develops, the blue witch won’t be able to use her burst attacks to kill. If Luni wants to win, he must maximize his early advantages. It’s correct to be so active at this time.”

Chen Yushen looked worried. “Can Gloy win?”

Lin Yan smiled. “Just watch and you will know.”

In fact, he had been worried that Gu Luo’s psychological state due to the previous finals incident would affect his play. However, based on the current situation, he had adapted very well. Luno’s every skill might be extremely accurate but if one observed carefully, they would see that Gu Luo’s timing was very tricky every time he went to clear the soldiers.

After using a set of skills to perfectly gain some economy, he always seemed to have a bit of health decreased by Luni. However, after a wave of soldiers had been cleared, the economy and experience of both sides weren’t too far away. There would be an opportunity as long as he was steady.

Lin Yan smiled with satisfaction as he glanced at the blue witch. He was really curious to see if Gu Luo could kill Luni in the end. After all, no matter how much he talked big about winning the solo games 3:0, it still all depended on Gu Luo’s gameplay. Luni really wasn’t an easy opponent to deal with.

The entire league knew that this top player wasn’t focused on personal strength, but this didn’t mean that Luni couldn’t play solo. On the contrary, if a personal battle was really set up in the professional league then Luni would inevitably be a very troublesome existence for the major teams. It was because he was too hard to kill no matter how strong the output.

If one paid attention to the statistics of the league in the past few years, they would find that Luni had the absolute lowest number of deaths among the players. Even if he was occasionally killed, it was often accompanied by the destruction of the entire LDF team rather than on his own. During the real laning process, the probability of him being killed could be called almost zero.

This was definitely very scary data. If playing against LDF, even an inhuman jungler like AI would instinctively reduce the number of trips to the middle lane to gank. This was enough to show the terrifying aspects of Luni’s ‘tortoise’ system.

For this reason, in recent years of the competition, almost none of the opponents of the LDF team used assassin-type heroes to go to the mid-lane. After all, an assassin without any heads was just a useless existence.

In this way, no matter the perspective, it seemed that Luni’s existence was to naturally restrain Gu Luo, who was good at playing explosive type heroes. Since Luni was destined to be the gulf in Gu Luo’s career, it was better to try his best to cross it.

Lin Yan lowered his eyes slightly and hid the faint smile within them. As time passed, he could feel that on the other side, the blue witch had changed the range of his positioning. Obviously, Luni had already noticed something.

If he continued to maintain this rhythm, the blue witch would become weaker and weaker when it came to the advantage of attack range. At the same time, it would soon enter the strong period of Tangira. At that time, there would be a good show.

In the LDF training room, Luni was frowning unknowingly. At first, he wanted to use the pressure from the beginning to make the opposing newcomer retreat. He didn’t think that instead of retreating, the other person would control the loss of health and stabilize the economic gap.

He couldn’t help raising his head to look at the familiar ID on the screen. He still remembered this ID from the recording scene of Burning Hot Assembly. However, the present person was completely different whether it was the details of the advance and retreat or the precision of the actions.

Looking back carefully, GH always revealed a shocking new appearance every time they played a game. Everyone on this team seemed to be undergoing a transformation that could be called a rebirth.

Luni stared at the computer screen and his eyes gradually became serious. A solo game wasn’t like a team game. Victory or defeat often appeared in the blink of an eye. He was very clear that the key to this game was near.

Just then, a beam of light appeared on Tangira’s body. The moment the four skills were upgraded, the last soldier was cleared. At the same time, a figure rushed toward him like an arrow released from the bowstring.

Although some of his health and mana had been restored with the help of the spring fruit behind the defense tower, Gu Luo still had around only half his health and mana left. In this state, he just needed to be controlled by Luni with one skill and the blue witch who upgraded to the ultimate skills would be able to use a set of skills to completely take away his health.

This was the charm of a solo game. In many cases, the situation was like this—either life or death! Luni was obviously waiting for this moment. He was prepared and wasn’t panicked by Gu Luo’s sudden violent attack. A blue beam of light filled the black scepter and the landing point was at Gu Luo’s foot. Blue flames appeared on the ground and burned a circular totem. The imprisonment spell was about to bind Gu Luo’s Tangira in place. Once hit, the winner would be decided.

Luni’s fingertips pressed on the release keys of three skills. Yet at this moment, Gu Luo made a short displacement with the help of the flash skill. On the screen, Tangira jumped out of the totem range and instantly narrowed the distance with the blue witch.

Luni’s heart jumped. The moment Tangira’s sharp blade aimed at him, his fingers moved and he used his second skill to erect a high wall of flames in front of him. The flames hit Gu Luo and caused him to lose a lot of his health. Even so, he had no intention of retreating. He was the complete incarnation of an assassin willing to sacrifice his life for justice and his offensive didn’t stop at all.

The deceleration effect on his body completely exposed Gu Luo to the range of Luni’s casting. There was no need for any big moves. The opponent just had to use an ordinary skill and it would take away the last of his health.

Gu Luo firmly locked onto Luni’s every move and approached again as if he wasn’t aware of the state of his health and mana! Finally, the blue light on the black scepter rose again.

Lunit’s skill was as tricky and perfect as ever. The blue light was about to pass through Tangira’s delicate body when the assassin paused for a moment without warning.

He used the help of a displacement skill to retreat and then moved in an S-shape. He avoided a fatal blow while entering his skill range. Then he directly activated his big move.

The onlookers shook their heads for a moment as they saw Tangira appear behind the blue witch like a ghost. The moment the black cage appeared, a bloody light filled the air. Tangira was like a ghost of death as he took away the blue witch’s health.

The outcome was decided!

Luni saw the computer screen completely dim and silently took off his soundproof headphones. The LDF training room was silent and he could feel the gazes on his back. He let out a slow sigh. Looking at the opponent’s ID on the game statistics, he showed a rare desire to fight. “It seems that the list of top players in the league will change after the autumn competition.”

Proofreader: Nao 

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