CAMP: Chapter 70 Part 2

“Very sure.” Lin Yan smiled. “You should know that it is only half a month before the start of the autumn competition. However, there are too many teams in the league who want to make an appointment with us and the training match is something that can only be done with energy. It is hard to agree to everyone. So in such a limited time, I naturally have to make the best consideration for the GH team and choose the team that can bring us maximum benefits, don’t you think?”

It was too realistic and there was no evasiveness. Most importantly, he was very reasonable. This tone was almost like he was afraid the other side wouldn’t know how popular GH was at present. He directly stuck the words ‘league upstart’ on his face.

Luni almost couldn’t breathe after hearing it. He could only stare at the starfish profile picture on the screen and secretly grit his teeth. F&k, no wonder why he could get along with a man like Jing Yuanzhou! Sure enough, people married because they shared common traits. They had the same heart when playing tricks!

LDF was a well-deserved giant team in the league and it had always been someone else begging them for training matches. In particular, their limelight had risen in recent years since Luni took over as captain. Since when had he been so wronged?

If it was any other team then Luni would’ve refused without hesitation a long time ago. However, the person calling this time was Lin Yan and he had been really looking forward to the opportunity to have a positive confrontation with GH.

Luni grabbed the small ponytail tied behind his head and forced himself to calm down. He opened his mouth and made his voice as calm as possible. “So you mean that after three training games, you hope that I can play three 1V1 games against your team’s mid-laner?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Lin Yan was very composed. “The exchange between the two teams is mutual and you can’t say that we are taking advantage. My team’s Gloy might be a newcomer but there is absolutely no problem with his strength. I believe you have felt it during the solo game during the show. Regardless of personal strength, the quality gap between top players mainly lies in experience. It is this flaw that causes him to mishandle some details.”

Then Lin Yan let out a low laugh. “It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Gloy is now better than that time. If you really try to learn from each other, I believe you will also benefit a lot.”

A newcomer could benefit the demon king mid-laner. This was probably something that only Lin Yan had the audacity to say.

After listening to him, even Luni, the famous good-tempered gentleman of the league, couldn’t help laughing. “Let’s not talk about who will benefit. Even if I really agree to the additional condition of the solo games, aren’t you afraid that I’ll just choose a few heroes to deal with it quickly?”

“I am afraid, so the sequence of tonight’s training match should be determined first.” Lin Yan had apparently already thought of a countermeasure. “Yes, we can do it so every solo game will be followed by a training game. At that time, if you play casually then we will also play casually in the team training game. In any case, it doesn’t matter if we win or lose in this type of private competition. It’s just a question of whether to harm each other or not! The decision is up to you. We can do anything.”

Luni, “……”

Who f&king had the right to decide?

He took a deep breath. “Okay, wait for me to discuss it with the team members and then I’ll reply to you.”

Lin Yan didn’t care much about this. “No problem, I’ll be waiting for your reply.”

Before the last word finished, Luni hung up with a blank face.

Jing Yuanzhou had been listening to the whole process and he couldn’t help laughing. “I don’t know why but if Luni had a knife in his hand right now, I suspect he would directly come to our base in a car.”

Lin Yan shrugged. “Can you blame me for this? Blame Luni for being a big god who is truly attractive. If I don’t find a way to make the most of it, I will always feel sorry for myself.”

Jing Yuanzhou heard this and he couldn’t hide his smile. Then he thought about it and asked the question in his heart. “You racked your brains to give Gloy a chance to fight solo. Do you really think his personal strength is comparable to Luni?”

Lin Yan mused for a moment. “If limited to 1V1, Gloy’s personal ability is indeed sufficient in my opinion. Therefore, this solo match with Luni is a test for him. If he can win all games with a score of 3:0, it means the latest training hasn’t been in vain. He has handed in the perfect answer sheet for the latest training.”

“I remember the thing you asked him to practice recently is…”

Lin Yan replied, “Absolute body muscle memory. It is a type of gameplay awareness that is detached from thinking. This will speed up the pace of all his gameplay.”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “I don’t know what Gloy will think if he knows you have such high expectations for him.”

“Do you think 3:0 is a bit too much?” Lin Yan laughed. “However, if we want to defeat LDF in the future, Gloy is very important. Don’t forget, Luni is a real team player. When it comes to the heroes both people are good at or the one-sided solo mode, this is obviously better for Gloy. If Gloy is still unable to kill Luni under such conditions, how can he respond to Luni in a team-dominated field?

Lin Yan spread out his hands as he talked about this. “I know that the difficulty of the recent training is indeed a bit high but I can’t help forcing them. After all, it’s the autumn competition soon. It is time to get ready to hand in their report cards, whether it is Gloy or someone else.”

Jing Yuanzhou looked at him. “If Luni knows you are using him as an exam question, forget cutting people. He will probably go crazy on the spot.”

Lin Yan leaned back lazily against his chair, his mouth raised in a smile. “There is no way. The players fight on the field. The rest of the battlefield is up to the coaching staff. It’s no use considering tactics only in the BP section. I have to consider all possible situations for you in advance. Otherwise, how can I be the man standing behind you as I promised, Titans?”

Jing Yuanzhou paused for a moment before correcting it. “You can just call my name directly at this time.”

Lin Yan was taken aback before chuckling. “Yes, Jing Yuanzhou.”

Luni had been in the LDF training room when he talked to Lin Yan. Since it was on speaker, the conversation was naturally heard by the team members.

Luni noticed that gazes on him and felt like he was getting a headache. “Don’t look at me. The coach of GH has made it clear that he is even more a fox than Titans. He has more than one set of ideas. The most important thing is that he really dares to think such things!”

“He really dares to think! Who in the entire league isn’t begging to make an appointment with us?” The support was speechless. “Even the giant teams don’t dare ask Luni to sell his body for a training match.”

“Right, why do we have to beg them to play? They are just a new team. If it doesn’t work, we can change to another one! It is already giving them face that we are willing to play with them. Just look at SUU, PAY and Three. Which one isn’t stronger than them?”

Luni frowned. “I don’t know how to tell you but… it isn’t a question of who is stronger now.”

The vice-captain ROMM played the role of the shooter in the team and he couldn’t help asking a bit curiously, “Are you so persistent because of Titans? Or do you really think GH can make waves in the autumn competition?”

“I can’t say specifically.” Luni pondered on it for a moment. “Honestly, GH had indeed won quite beautifully in Burning Hot Assembly but the level of the opponent was the secondary league. There’s still a big difference in strength from the professional league. Even if they can win, they are just a bit stronger than the secondary league. According to principle, GH is just a product of the officials testing new promotion channels. However, in the few matches I watched, I got… a very strange feeling.”

The support was bewildered. “What strange feeling?”

“The most important thing is that it is really just a feeling. If I am forced to say it clearly then I really can’t say!” Luni got a headache. “Still, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. You saw it in the professional group chat a few days ago. Even AI emerged! Have you ever seen him show an interest in a team like this?”

“That is true.” ROMM nodded. “In normal situations, PAY isn’t a team that cares about others. Even if Titans comes forward, if AI isn’t interested then DeMen will probably reject the invitation on the spot.”

“So my feeling… do you understand?”

“I see it but I don’t understand.” ROMM knocked on the board. “If you want to fight then fight. Your intuition has never been wrong. We absolutely believe in this.”

Luni was touched by the trust of his teammates. “You guys…”

ROMM looked at him and smiled. “In any case, the one that GH’s coach named for the solo is you. Captain, if you want a training match then sell yourself. I think there is nothing wrong with this logic.”

The others couldn’t help laughing when they heard this. “Looking at it this way, there is really nothing to be worried about?”

All his moved emotions disappeared instantly and Luni’s mouth twitched slightly. “Okay, you are really my good teammates!”

He took a deep breath, opened WeChat and found the pink profile picture. A few moments later, Lin Yan at the GH team base received a new message.

Luni: [We’ll accept the training match. See you at 7 o’clock in the evening.]

Proofreader: Nao 

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