CAMP: Chapter 70 Part 1

The next day when Jing Yuanzhou helped Lin Yan downstairs, the others had already gathered in the dining room. The mid-season had officially ended. They all knew that they would soon be engaged in training day and night. Everyone was resigned to their fate.

Gu Luo saw Lin Yan limping and asked in a concerned manner, “Coach, is your foot okay?”

“It’s fine.” As Lin Yan spoke, Jing Yuanzhou next to him had already pulled out a chair and he sat down nonchalantly.

Bi Yaohua was directly opposite him. After hearing the movement, he raised his head. From this angle, he glanced at Lin Yan’s cracked lip and couldn’t help pausing in the act of delivering food to his mouth. Immediately afterward, he glanced at Jing Yuanzhou in a meaningful manner.

He moved the corners of his lips but eventually held back the words that reached his lips and silently retracted his gaze. He still cherished life more than satisfying his overflowing curiosity.

However, it was clear that he wasn’t the only one who discovered this detail on Lin Yan’s face. Jian Ye had been frantically looking at the overall situation in training lately. At this time, the control of the key points was almost accurate.

Jian Ye didn’t think as much as Bi Yaohua. He looked at Lin Yan doubtfully and asked a question. “Coach, what’s wrong with your mouth?  Didn’t you twist your foot yesterday? Did you hit other places at that time?”

His way of caring was also very practical. “If you really feel uncomfortable then you must tell me. I have learned a bit about falling and can help you take a look at any time.”

The others were obviously a bit surprised that Jian Ye had learned how to fall but their bigger focus was the content of his words. No matter how you fell, you wouldn’t crack your lip, right? As their eyes fell on the area, Lin Yan happened to hear Jing Yuanzhou let out a slight laugh beside him.

He coldly glared sideways and pressed his lips together tightly. “No need.”

Jing Yuanzhou smartly controlled the expression on his face and intimately handed a bowl of soup to Lin Yan. He didn’t forget to help explain very kindly, “Don’t think too much, your coach is okay. It’s just that he finally got a good rest yesterday. He was a bit excited when he went to bed and couldn’t control his posture, so he knocked into the table beside the bed.”

Lin Yan, “……”

He really believed too much in this man. How could he think that Jing Yuanzhou would kindly explain? Knocking his lips against the bedside table? What type of special posture was so amazing? However, Jian Ye never doubted the captain’s words. He was shocked and a bit guilty. “I’m sorry Coach. I always thought that we were the most tortured ones during the training pressure. I didn’t expect that your pressure was so great?”

Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly.

The more Jian Ye thought about it, the more he blamed himself. “Don’t be too excited when you go to bed later in the future. Take it slowly or it won’t be great if an accident happens again. Don’t worry, we will work hard to complete the training in the future, so you can set aside more time to sleep and have a good rest.”

Lin Yan squeezed the chopsticks in his hand tightly so he didn’t stab this person to death.

Throughout the entire process, Bi Yaohua had been burying his head and eating silently. Now he heard this and his entire body trembled uncontrollably. It was obviously hard for him to bear it.

Gu Luo was a bit stunned at first but he finally reacted after Jian Ye showed his heart. He caught a glimpse of the smile on Lin Yan’s face and instinctively felt cold. Before Jian Ye could continue to challenge the coach’s bottom line, he hurriedly pulled at Jian Ye. “Brother Gun, stop talking so much and eat quickly. We can start training after we finish eating!”

Jian Ye thought for a while and found that he was right. Therefore, he took his attention away from Lin Yan, not knowing he had just turned around in front of the gate to hell. Lin Yan’s mouth twitched and he was ready to rearrange the training plan for the afternoon when a pair of chopsticks suddenly appeared in front of him.

Jing Yuanzhou placed a piece of meat in Lin Yan’s bowl and silently blocked his mouth. “Try it, this meat is good.”

Lin Yan stared at this man who acted like it had nothing to do with him. Finally, he picked up the piece of meat and took a bite angrily. Jing Yuanzhou suspected that Lin Yan was taking this piece of meat as himself and a smile flashed in his eyes.

Jian Ye happened to be sitting in the outermost position. From the moment he sat down, he had coveted the meat in the corner for a long time. At this time, he was taken aback by Jing Yuanzhou’s intimate action and couldn’t help glancing at this side over and over.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed his gaze. “What’s going on?”

Jian Ye seemed a bit embarrassed. After a moment of silence, he hinted very directly, “Captain, I also want to eat that meat.”

“Oh.” Jing Yuanzhou replied. “If you want to eat it then take it yourself.”

Jian Ye, “?”

Bi Yaohua really didn’t want to enter this invisible battlefield. However, he saw Jian Ye in such a hurry to get humiliated and couldn’t help laughing.

Gu Luo felt that he couldn’t just watch. He didn’t wait for Jian Ye to continue stepping on the mine so he took his bowl. “Brother, do you want to eat meat? How much do you want? I’ll grab it for you.”

Only Chen Yushen didn’t know what was going on. His gaze shifted between everyone and he frowned in a puzzled manner.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yan ate a whole piece of meat. He filled his stomach and finally felt like a lot of the anger was gone. He took a paper towel to wipe his mouth and announced today’s schedule. “Have a full lunch. Then we will continue the training in the afternoon. This stage will end around 4:30 p.m. Then adjust your state and prepare for the training match in the evening. Later, I will go and see which team is suitable. If LDF has time then we can try playing a few games with them.”

“Fight with LDF at night?” Gu Luo gulped at the thought of playing against Luni but there was eager excitement in his eyes. “Can you make an appointment?”

Lin Yan smiled. “It depends on whether LDF is willing to accept my terms or not.”

“Let them accept… our terms?” Gu Luo thought he heard it wrong. “Coach, are you sure you didn’t mean the opposite?”

“It isn’t the opposite.” Lin Yan looked at him. “How many teams do you think are waiting to play training matches with us right now? It isn’t an exaggeration to say that there are more teams looking for us to play a training match than those looking for LDF.”

Chen Yushen didn’t quite understand. “So many teams are looking for us?”

“That’s right.” Lin Yan smiled. “If you really want to say something, thank AI.”

The mid-season was officially over and the focus of all professional teams was transferred to the autumn competition.

For the teams in the professional league, GH started from a variety show and they were indeed suspected of taking a shortcut. There was no record to prove their strength so they weren’t the best choice for a professional team training match, just like the MEN team that had been promoted to the professional league previously. They could only find their old opponents in the secondary league to make an appointment for a training match.

Therefore, Lin Yan needed to thank AI the most. He had previously thought it would be good to get two or three professional teams. As a result, AI’s sudden appearance in the group chat and his words caused the other captains to feel curiosity about their team.

After all, it was a new team and there was too little information about GH online. So none of these clubs knew if GH was really strong or how strong they could be. In addition, there was Titans. After leaving BK, he relied on such a variety show team to make a comeback. It was unknown if he would completely fall from the altar or enter a higher peak.

Once these professional clubs started paying attention, the training match was undoubtedly the best choice for them to explore GH. Other teams thought this way, not to mention LDF.

It was precisely because Luni had witnessed the rapid progress of the GH team during the show that he couldn’t wait to contact Jing Yuanzhou early to make an appointment for a training match in advance.

In the league, no one knew better than Luni about the terrifying growth rate of the GH team. Obviously, when other teams hadn’t paid attention to the GH team, LDF had already noticed due to Luni’s keen intuition that this new force could disrupt the internal balance of the league.

Lin Yan actually admired the eyes of the top players. Whether it was Luni or AI, they made such a keen judgment after a simple contact. This was the reason why GH had become a sweet pastry in the eyes of various clubs when it should’ve been difficult for them.

Lin Yan was naturally happy to see this result. He might be grateful to the tool man Luni but this was a separate matter. Based on Lin Yan’s personality, he would never miss any opportunity to gain more benefits.

For example, now.

During the call that afternoon, Luni listened to Lin Yan and his first reaction was exactly the same as Gu Luo’s before. He almost thought he had heard incorrectly. “…Are you sure that in order for our two teams to play a training match, we first need to agree to your conditions?”

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