CAMP: Chapter 7

Lin Yan was already waiting at the door when Jing Yuanzhou arrived at the new base of the GH Club.

He was still in refreshing, casual clothes as he leaned lazily against the big tree near the door. He held a bottle of half-drunk mineral water in his hand and waved when he saw Jing Yuanzhou coming. “Captain Jing is here? I’ll show you around.”

He was enthusiastic and positive like he was taking this person to check and accept a new house together.

The original BOD Club wasn’t a giant in the league but it still had a strong background. It was comprehensive when the base was built and had all the areas that should be available. Combined with the refurbishment under Lin Yan’s supervision and the sense of technology could be felt as soon as one entered through the door. It was like stepping into an independent e-sports country.

It was no wonder that Lin Yan was satisfied with such a masterpiece. Such a base was indeed full of charm.

After visiting the training hall and conference room one after another, they left Area A through the corridor and walked across the boulevard to the dormitory building reserved for players.

Jing Yuanzhou was walking up the stairs when he passed by one of the rooms and suddenly stopped to look inside. “You’ve been living here these few days?”

It was unlike the other empty rooms that only had a few simple pieces of furniture. At first glance, he could see the laptop in standby mode and half a cup of coffee that probably wouldn’t be finished in the future.

“Yes, this room has a good view so I stayed in it first.” Then Lin Yan’s eyes curved meaningfully. “Of course, as long as God Jing is willing to come then you can live wherever you want. All the rooms here are available for you to choose from. If you fancy this once, it’s fine. I’ll leave the room immediately and make a place for you on the spot.”

He noticed Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze on the messy bed and cleared his throat. “I’ve already slept there before. If you really want things clean, I can have Ah Mo change to another bed.”


“It is definitely better if we don’t need to change the bed! In fact, there is no need to change it. I’ve only slept there for a few days and I’m not dirty, right?”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at Lin Yan and his lips curved upward. “This, I probably don’t really know.”

Lin Yan, “……”

Did he take advantage of this person?

“However, I meant that you don’t need to make room for me.” Jing Yuanzhou glanced at Lin Yan’s rare appearance of being choked up and was in a good mood. He shifted his gaze to the room on the opposite side. “The decorations here are good and it is just opposite here. This one is fine.”

Lin Yan poked his head into the room behind Jing Yuanzhou and smiled brightly. “Indeed, it is good to be neighbours. Remember to tell me when you’re going to move and I will let Ah Mo pick you up. The bag check-in will be convenient and worry-free.”

No one explicitly said it but it was obvious that such words showed a tacit acquiesce to the transfer.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the time. “What is the next arrangement?”

Lin Yan smiled mysteriously. “Come with me.”

Jing Yuanzhou had taken a half-day leave for the afternoon and there was nothing to do, so he followed Lin Yan back to Area A. Lin Yan walked all the way to the training room and casually turned on a computer.

Jing Yangzhou thought he would open the Burning Hot client but unexpectedly, he directly clicked on the browser and entered a live broadcast platform. Jing Yuanzhou pulled a chair over to sit down. Then he looked again and found that Lin Yan had logged into an account and entered a live broadcast room that was on page 24 of the recommended page.

The number of viewers was 8,723 and it wasn’t even 10,000. This was apparently a newcomer who had just recently started.

Currently, the interface was shocking the Burning Hot Ladder Ranking Tournament. A ranking beyond 100 might not be a big deal in the eyes of professional players but it was a good result for a passerby.

Jing Yuanzhou knew that Lin Yan wouldn’t pull him to watch a live broadcast for no reason. He chose a leisurely posture and leaned on the gaming chair as he watched Lin Yan’s movements with interest.

Lin Yan completed the account recharge very quickly. He moved his fingers a bit and then rows of shining worlds popped up on the interface.

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of Gloy Who is Trying to Become Stronger.]

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of Gloy Who is Trying to Become Stronger.]

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of Gloy Who is Trying to Become Stronger.]

According to the platform’s reward system, one deep-water fish mine was worth 100R. It was 10 with each throw so it was 1,000 each time.

The originally peaceful comments of the live broadcast room was suddenly completely filled by these rewards.

[F*k, who is this? A local tyrant!]

[Watching a gold master tyrant, is this to support our little GG?]

[I seem to see a golden light on my screen.]

[If this isn’t love~]

[After watching the live broadcast for so long, I suddenly feel like all my actions have been in vain?]

[Isn’t this ID a female? Rich lady, look at me!!]

Such big movements finally attracted the attention of the anchor.

The name of the anchor in this live broadcast room was ‘Gloy’ and the game ID was Gloy Who is Trying to Become Stronger.’ He didn’t have the habit of turning on the camera but it wasn’t difficult to judge from his soft voice that he was a shy teenager.

At this time, a financial backer suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He was slightly surprised for a moment but it didn’t affect the operation of his hand at all. He neatly completed a wave of three kills before opening his mouth with a bit of excitement. “Thank you Who Isn’t a Little Princess for the deep-water fish mine.”

He wasn’t quite used to encountering this situation during the live broadcast. A bit of time passed before he added in a low voice, “Thank you for your support.”

Lin Yan saw this shy expression and couldn’t help laughing.

He continued to throw the deep-water mines for a while before leaning back and looking at Jing Yuanzhou behind him. “Hey, this is the new child I’ve taken a fancy to. Help me advise him?”

Jing Yuanzhou had already guessed it. He reviewed the operation just now and objectively said, “Based on the wave of three kills, he is really good at seizing opportunities. However, this type of passerby game ranked outside the 100s can’t have too many problems.”

Lin Yan naturally knew what Jing Yuanzhou meant.

In this 5V5 team battle game, personal strength was indeed very important but teamwork was even more fundamental. It was the reason why many passerby kings in the ranking ladder couldn’t play professionally. In terms of Gloy’s current ladder rankings, he couldn’t even be called a passerby king. The information that could be seen from half a game was indeed very limited.

Lin Yan also deeply agreed with this and was prepared. Seeing that Gloy had just finished a match, he grabbed the keyboard beside him and told Jing Yuanzhou. “Wait, let’s change the method.”

On the screen, the ID ‘Who Isn’t a Little Princess’ sent several messages in a row with a gleaming gold ID of a local rich tyrant.” [Little brother, do you play doubles? Can you choose to bring me. I’m super sweet~ cute.JPG.]

Jing Yuanzhou saw the words ‘little brother’ and stared deeply at Lin Yan’s back. Gloy had just been about to continue after a round of qualifying. Then he saw the financial backer’s words and hesitated for a moment. “I can take you but I haven’t made another account yet…”

The Burning Hot ranking mechanism had a rank limit. If the level difference between two accounts was too big then they weren’t allowed to form a team together. Gloy’s current ranking was 145. Anyone who wanted to team up with him needed to be at least 200.

He thought about it and tentatively suggested, “Or do you want to play a matching battle?”

After all, this was his female financial backer. He had to meet reasonable requirements.

However, Lin Yan had no interest in matching and quickly posted a barrage. “It’s fine. I have an account. Wait for me. I’ll add you straight away!]

Gloy didn’t have time to react to what was happening when he saw a friend request pop up on the game interface. The game ID was Who Isn’t a Little Princess and the ladder ranking was 198. He was surprised for a moment before clicking on the confirmation button. The two people completed a team and entered the queue.

The barrage in the live broadcast room was frantically scrolling because of the dazzling rank of the financial backer. Lin Yan had no interest in the barrage after completing his goal. He was too lazy to look at it and closed the web page.

He took advantage of the time when both sides were choosing a hero to take out a mint from the drawer next to him. He stuffed one in his mouth and casually handed it to Jing Yuanzhou. “Try it?”

Jing Yuanzhou took it and glanced at the ban and pick interface on the game screen. “Did you play the rankings yourself?”

Lin Yan looked over. “Why? It doesn’t look like it?”

Jing Yuanzhou opened the packaging of the mint candy and smiled. “You can’t judge a person by their appearance.”

Lin Yan smiled with unprecedented modesty. “Thank you, God Jing for the praise. You’re laughing at me, laughing at me.”

He saw that he had entered the map and took his attention back. Sometimes, being part of the game together allowed one to observe their teammates more intuitively. When it came time to choose a hero, Lin Yan had just ‘fill in the empty position’ without any desire for victory.

His teammates weren’t polite. They grabbed the hero they wanted to take and finally left him with the support position. After buying support equipment at the beginning of the game, Lin Yan walked slowly behind Gloy toward the middle lane. Every time there was a version change, the game play was also adjusted accordingly.

Lin Yan was currently using the most popular quick-raising the middle lane method. He helped Gloy eat at the soldiers and assisted with a frontal ‘battle’ against the opponent.

Gloy had been worried about the gaming experience of this financial backer sister so he didn’t let Lin Yan work too hard. The moment he got to level 3 and his third skill lit up, his suddenly showed off.

The four major skills hadn’t been activated yet but he took the lead to actively take the head of the opponent’s mid-laner.

The first drop of blood in every game gave an additional economic bonus and a gap formed in the middle lane. Gloy took advantage of this early stage to open the snowball mode and crushed the entire field to win.

There was no double about the MVP of this game. Presumably, he found it was quite easy to rank with this financial backer. The moment he came out of the game, he took the initiative to send a message to Lin Yan: [Little sister, do you still want to play?]

Oh? Little sister? Lin Yan saw that the other side actually identified him as a sister. He smiled and thought about it, but he didn’t deny it. He thought that he needed to collect more game information so there was naturally no reason to refuse. He continued to join the queue.

Lin Yan was eating his mint while worrying that Jing Yuanzhou would be bored. He asked very intimately, “God Jing, do you want to play?”

“…You feel free.”

It was rare to have half a day free. He didn’t have the self-abuse habit of extra training. They lined up, completed the matching, entered the game, won… and lined up again. Before they knew it, the two of them had spent an afternoon playing doubles.

Since they were matched to different teammates in every game, Lin Yan was a supplementing position professional and played a supporter, side-laner, shooter and even jungler. Finally, Gloy finished the live broadcast and Lin Yan closed the client without any attachment.

He carefully sorted out all the video materials and tilted his head back. “How is this kid?”

It wasn’t known what Jing Yuanzhou was thinking but he seemed a bit distracted. After a moment, he asked, “Why not play professionally?”

Lin Yan thought seriously about the question. “Probably because he hasn’t met a good judge of talent like me?”

“I’m talking about you.”


Jing Yuanzhou stared at him. “Lin Yan, haven’t you ever thought about playing professionally?”

He said Lin Yan, not Chief Lin.

Lin Yan was leaning back while talking to Jing Yuanzhou. He was stunned when he heard this sentence and slowly turned around the gaming chair. “Guess?”

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1 year ago

Wow Wow wow, what a talented coach hehe, feel like Lin Yan has a story… thank you for the translation!

4 months ago

Have they mentioned Lin Yan’s age yet? I can’t remember. The only thing I’m sure of is that he should be older than JYZ. So I know he won’t actually play pro, but just imagine, if people are calling JYZ near-retired, were LY to play pro what would they would call him? A fossil? 😂