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CAMP: Chapter 68

The restaurants with a good reputation were across the road outside the community. It was raining heavily outside as Luo Mo said. There were many puddles on the ground that caused a lot of water stains after stepping in them. Near the traffic lights, there was an endless stream of vehicles coming and going. They could see the lights in the distance under the dim sky.

Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou squeezed under an umbrella. In order to take care of him, Jing Yuanzhou obviously leaned the umbrella over to his side intentionally. Lin Yan looked sideways and could see that half of his shoulder was soon wet. Lin Yan took a glance and then withdrew his gaze. After a moment of silence, he started to stare at his toe.

Despite the patter of the rain, he could still hear the shallow breathing by his side. It was obviously light enough to be ignored but it was clear as if it were extremely close. His Adam’s apple moved silently.

Lin Yan slowly closed his eyes and couldn’t help scolding himself in his heart. He recently spent so much energy on team training just to warn himself not to be so greedy for this man. He didn’t expect that a small detail like sharing an umbrella would cause him to want to relapse. The so-called male friend was just a source of disaster!

Due to the rainy day, there were actually empty seats in the originally crowded restaurant. Everyone entered a box and sat down. Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou were walking at the back. By the time they entered, there were only two adjacent positions left.

Lin Yan’s gaze paused. He scanned back and forth several times before casually pulling out a chair and sitting down. It could be seen that the training for the past few days had really tormented everyone.

As the waiters started to serve the dishes one after another, every time a bowl was served, it was like a gust of wind blew and the bottom of the bowl was seen in an instant. If someone saw this, they would think that these people hadn’t been allowed to eat for several days.

Jing Yuanzhou originally wasn’t prepared to join the battlefield. Then he inadvertently turned back and found that the Lin Yan sitting next to him had been holding a glass of boiled water for a long time.

Once the next dish was placed on the table, he suddenly picked up his chopsticks and grabbed a few pieces of meat. Bi Yaohua watched all the meat being put into Lin Yan’s bowl and smiled. “It’s still hard to beat the captain when it comes to hand speed!”

Lin Yan was indeed hungry and he hadn’t thought much of putting the pieces of meat that Jing Yuanzhou gave him into his mouth. Then he heard these words and choked. Once it was better, he stared at Bi Yaohua in an expressionless manner. “If you can’t beat him, you can practice.”

Bi Yaohua was silent in an instant. Perhaps he was really shocked by this sentence. The Trash Talk King was quieter than ever when eating.

After 30 minutes, everyone’s fighting power was finally exhausted. Lin Yan started looking at Weibo once he had eaten enough. Not surprisingly, everyone in the circle was now discussing the match between PAY and Three that had just ended.

Three might’ve failed to continue their glory after the spring championship but the confrontation between the two teams was too intense. Therefore, even if they lost to the PAY team in the end, normal fans expressed their support for the Three team. Only the occasional sunspots were still jumping up and down.

As for PAY, there was nothing to say. In today’s games, AI took the title of ‘jungle area artificial intelligence’ to the extreme. His gank success rate was as high as 78%. This not only refreshed the highest record in the league but he also achieved the record of three MVPs. He became the unquestionable best player in this match.

Lin Yan continued to look through Weibo and saw the gank collection made by netizens. He watched very intently. It wasn’t known what he was thinking when he saw AI’s various entry angles but he frowned unknowingly.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed Lin Yan’s silence and slowly leaned over. “What is it? Do you have a new idea?”

The familiar voice pulled Lin Yan back from his thoughts. He looked sideways to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze. Then he raised his eyebrow slightly and responded, “Yes, a little bit.”

Jing Yuanzhou hummed, picked up the thin coat on the back of the chair and handed it over. “We came out to eat so don’t think about official business. If you have any ideas then wait until we go back and you can continue to study.”

Lin Yan noticed that the others were standing up and reached out to take the coat with a positive hum of agreement. As they headed back, the rain was heavier than when they came. In the distance, their entire field of view seemed covered by a water curtain. Beside him, Bi Yaohua was cursing at the ghostly weather.

Lin Yan was still thinking about the idea that came to mind just now. It was just a momentary enlightenment so the entire idea seemed a bit illusory. This made him somewhat absent-minded as he walked.

He was so busy thinking about things that he didn’t turn around on the way back. Naturally, he didn’t see Jing Yuanzhou being careful not to let him get wet. The two of them walked side by side. No matter who looked, there was a type of indescribable gentleness in this scene.

The rest of GH was holding one umbrella and it was natural for them to go back faster. Seeing that the red streetlights at the intersection were starting to flicker, they hurriedly sped up and ran over quickly in the last few seconds.

Lin Yan was repeatedly demonstrating the scene of the simulation battle in his mind. He didn’t notice the figures in front of him who suddenly disappeared or the flashing yellow lights. He was about to move forward when he heard an abrupt cry from behind him. “Be careful!”

Before the voice finished speaking, he felt someone pulling him hard from behind. Immediately afterwards, his field of view spun. By the time he came back to his senses, he found he had slammed into a broad embrace. Not far away, a vehicle whizzed past. As the wheels drove past, there were large splashes of water.

It could be seen that the driver was still a bit frightened. As he gradually drove away, he didn’t forget to open the window of his car to shout at them from a distance, “Look at the road or else you are looking for death!”

Lin Yan saw the eye-catching streetlights and soon realized. Then he noticed their current posture. Due to the need to hold the umbrella, Jing Yuanzhou could only use one hand to wrap around Lin Yan’s waist. Lin Yan was now completely trapped in this embrace.

There was a moment of panic, causing him to instinctively tighten his grip on this person’s clothes. At such a close distance, there was an ambiguous atmosphere despite the wetness of the rainy day.

He didn’t know what expression Jing Yuanzhou was making now but Lin Yan knew that his current expression must be very wonderful. Even the rain wasn’t enough to wash away the dryness he felt.

Time seemed to pause in this moment. After a long period of silence, Lin Yan didn’t move and his grip on the man’s clothes became tighter.

Jing Yuanzhou’s voice came from above his head. “Aren’t you moving?”

Lin Yan could feel the laughter in this voice and he closed his eyes, acknowledging his fate.

He took a deep breath, adjusted his mood and squeezed out a sentence. “It seems like… I’ve twisted my foot.”

Lin Yan was eventually escorted back to the base by the players. At that time, everyone in GH had already walked some distance forward. It wasn’t until they received a call from Jing Yuanzhou that they found the two people were missing. They hurriedly returned only to see two figures snuggled together on the opposite side of the road. Apart from everything else, everyone’s expression in that moment was really wonderful.

Lin Yan returned to his room like this. The twisted foot was inevitably a bit painful but at least it didn’t seem very serious. He took a slow breath, hopped into the bathroom on one foot and washed briefly. He was about to place a cushion on his chair to start work when he heard someone knock on the door.

Jing Yuanzhou had obviously gone out in a hurry again. His coat was wet, not to mention his dripping paints. Even his hair had clear drops of water hanging from them, as if he had just washed in the rain. This inevitably made Lin Yan stunned.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced inside. “You are still going to work like this?”

Lin Yan didn’t know why but he had a guilty conscience. He cleared his throat. “In any case, I don’t need to use my foot for work…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Jing Yuanzhou suddenly reached for his arm and helped him to the bed. “Before anything else, I will help you apply medicine.”

It was only then that Lin Yan noticed Jing Yuanzhou was holding a box of ointment. He realized where this man had gone and couldn’t say anything even if he wanted to refuse.

Jing Yuanzhou felt Lin Yan’s default agreement and was silent. He crouched down beside the bed, gently lifted the twisted foot, squeezed out some ointment and gently rubbed the ankle.

Lin Yan had previously experienced Jing Yuanzhou’s massage techniques. Now it was much more gentle, probably due to his injury. It was just that this made the atmosphere become more and more ambiguous. As his skin was rhythmically stroked, the ointment that should be cold felt like fire when it touched him.

Jing Yuanzhou was half kneeling in front of him. From Lin Yan’s perspective, he could see the extremely sexy outline of the collarbone from the slightly open neckline. His gaze moved further up and he saw the raindrops hanging from the hair slowly slide down the curve of the face and finally gather at the lower jaw to become a seductive point.

This entire scene made Lin Yan a bit lost for a while. He stared at Jing Yuanzhou steadily like this until he felt the uncontrollable heat intensify in his body. His Adam’s apple moved violently and he finally had to reach out to stop this person.

Before this, even Lin Yan hadn’t expected that one day he would be directly aroused by a man’s simple touch. However, before he had time to push away Jing Yuanzhou’s hand, he was grasped around by the wrist by the other person. Just like his fingertips, the man’s palm was amazingly hot.

The moment it touched his skin, all the scorching heat was completely transferred to Lin Yan’s hand. Before Lin Yan could speak, Jing Yuanzhou had already raised his head and met his gaze. “Lin Yan, I think we should probably talk.”

His voice was a bit different from usual. Perhaps it was due to the tension but it was tight and a little hoarse.

Lin Yan’s eyes flickered when he heard the words. Although they hadn’t said anything yet, Lin Yan knew it the moment Jing Yuanzhou spoke—this thin layer of window paper was going to be broken.

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Leave it to captain to be so direct!

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the ointment
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