CAMP: Chapter 67

The GH team’s training room.

The excessive noise caused even the people wearing soundproof headphones to be alarmed. They looked up and saw Lin Yan stumbling over a headphone cable due to his sudden backward movement. He instinctively reached out and grabbed. As a result, he grabbed the mouse on the desktop and pulled the entire cable.

As his body lost its sense of balance, Lin Yan only felt the world spin. At the critical moment, Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes and hands quickly supported him but in a situation where his heartbeat was already speeding up, such a distinct skin touch made the flames burn even fiercer. He had no time to think at all. By the time he returned to his senses, he had pulled his arm away from Jing Yuanzhou’s hand like he received an electric shock.

In the chaos, in full view of everyone, he directly hit the armrest of the gaming chair. Bang! There was a loud sound and his forehead turned visibly red.

The members of GH, “……”

The entire process was thrilling with ups and downs. They didn’t know what type of world-class action blockbuster was playing just now. Lin Yan’s body was still tangled up with a few wires. The soundproof headphones that were torn off were hanging at his feet and looked somewhat funny.

He lowered his head and didn’t look at Jing Yuanzhou. In a hurry, he finally extricated himself and rubbed his forehead. “You go on, don’t worry about me. I’ll go… find a band-aid.”

Then he ignored some of the subtle gazes in the training room and turned away without looking back. There was silence as his figure disappeared around the corner.

Jing Yuanzhou was still maintaining the posture of reaching out to help. He glanced at his palm that was completely empty and then toward the door, complex emotions in his face. The sudden ambiguity the moment their eyes had met was hard to ignore. Some answers vaguely seemed ready.

If Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t completely sure previously, he could finally be sure at this time that Lin Yan obviously had feelings for him. Many small details and careful thoughts couldn’t be hidden under certain circumstances. Such a discovery was exactly what Jing Yuanzhou wanted the most. He should’ve been delighted but Lin Yan’s response to it just now made him unable to smile.

He didn’t know the reason but it was obvious that Lin Yan himself seemed to be deliberately avoiding this tempting mood.

Love between the same sex might’ve gradually become recognized in this society but for professional players who were in the public eye, coming out would inevitably cause a lot of trouble. Jing Yuanzhou didn’t know exactly what Lin Yan was thinking now but it would be better to deal with it if he was just worried about a public image problem in the future. He was afraid that this man was worried about other issues that had no place to go.

A person who was usually so casual and spontaneous was too sensible. Sometimes this made the struggle worse. Still, thinking about it, wasn’t he at least qualified to struggle now?

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t expect that he would actually have such troubles one day.

Just then, Bi Yaohua turned off the sound of his headset and moved slightly closer to Jing Yuanzhou. Then in a voice only the two of them could hear, he asked cautiously, “Captain, you… did you have a fight with the coach?”

“No.” Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have much of an expression on his face when he answered. After a moment of silence, he slightly frowned. “However, I really need to find a way to coax him.”

He spoke very softly like he was answering the previous question, but it was more like speaking to himself.

Bi Yaohua’s brain circuit obviously wasn’t online and he murmured, “You really quarreled…”

He couldn’t help when it came to this type of emotional matter. Apart from silently wishing the captain good luck, he didn’t forget to praise Jing Yuanzhou’s attitude of ‘no matter what the problem, it is my fault anyway.’

As others weren’t paying attention, he secretly raised his thumb. “Captain, what a good man!”

Lin Yan found the medicine box in the storage room, tore a band-aid and stuck it on his red and swollen forehead. It seemed like a hard hit but it wasn’t that serious. He put the medicine box back and stayed a while instead of going back to the training room. He directly took out a cigarette in such a narrow space and lit it.

Of course, Lin Yan had found that he felt gradual and uncontrollable emotions when facing Jing Yuanzhou recently and he also knew the reason for these emotions. It was because he was aware that his biggest thought after realizing was to go back and strangle the himself who had offered to do CP business in the past.

Due to his sexual orientation, he had never rejected same-sex relationships. Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t too repulsive so he naturally thought of a partner business. He just didn’t expect that this would end up giving him this result.

He had to say that Jing Yuanzhou was really perfect, perfect enough to almost satisfy all his daydreams of a boyfriend. Most importantly, Jing Yuanzhou was likely to be the same as him. If placed in another time and place then everything would be like Heaven. It was a pity that such a feeling of liking shouldn’t appear now.

Lin Yan knew himself too well. He didn’t usually care much about emotions but once he was concerned about one thing, he would be completely absorbed in it. It was the case for running a team and it must be the same when managing a relationship. It could be called overly self-disciplined but it could also be called unrestrained.

Lin Yan wasn’t one to pretend to be shy. If he wanted to confess then he could say it at any time. It was okay if he was rejected but if Jing Yuanzhou felt the same as him, Lin Yan didn’t think he could do two important things at the same time.

It was hard for him to imagine how messy the distribution of his focus in life would be once he started to fall in love. The biggest fear was that in the end, one of the things wouldn’t be done well.

It was the beginning of the autumn competition. This was obviously too irresponsible for both the club and Jing Yuanzhou.

Lin Yan leaned against the wall and slowly let out a puff of smoke. He took out the phone with one hand, habitually entered the Parents Group super topic, and looked through it. Compared with before, there were a lot more images of the two of them in the super topic. The details were very good and the unstoppable sweetness could be felt from the screen just by looking.

He clicked on a few pictures at random and then pressed save. Then his gaze inadvertently moved down and fell on the latest message from a loyal fan of the super topic: [Wuwuwu, I really like the Parents love! Tell me, when will they really be together?]

Lin Yan paused, bit the cigarette in his mouth with a bit of strength and murmured to himself in a low voice, “Just… let’s see.”

For a time, the band-aid on Lin Yan’s forehead became one of his unique symbols of this stage. For the GH players, they always felt that their coach exploded with great power since getting this band-aid.

The original training plan already pushed them to the verge of collapse and now it was getting worse. There was almost no breathing time at all. Everyone was forced to become an emotionless training machine under such extreme pressure. It wasn’t until the band-air on Lin Yan’s forehead was removed that they belatedly realized it was already the finals of the mid-season.

On the day of the finals, Lin Yan mercifully didn’t continue to make them train. He gave GH a holiday and everyone gathered in the meeting room to watch the live broadcast. The finals of the mid-season was between Three and PAY.

Since the two team’s main combat cores were completely different, the result of this game was even more confusing. Three hours later, PAY won the finals with a score of 3-1. Only the cheers of the fans filled the venue.

Lin Yan didn’t show much interest in the following interview session. He picked up the remote control and turned off the projection. “AI seems to be getting better.”

Jing Yuanzhou told him, “It isn’t surprising. PAY didn’t perform well in the spring competition. They must’ve released their restraint in one breath.”

Lin Yan frowned slightly, lost in thought. Bi Yaohua was afraid he would say ‘continue to increase training’ and hurriedly interjected. “It isn’t too late. I’m so hungry! Should we go to eat first?”

Luo Mo happened to enter through the door at this time. “I forgot to tell you. The cooking aunt had something at home today and didn’t come. Would you like to eat out or order takeout?”

Gu Luo blurted out, “Let’s eat out!”

Luo Mo paused and reminded him, “It is raining so badly outside. Are you sure you want to go out? Personally, it is better to order takeout and save the trouble of going.”

Chen Yushen added in the silence, “Go outside to eat.”

Luo Mo was stunned. “…If you really want to eat outside, I will call the driver to bring the car over.”

Jian Ye stood up. “No, there are many good restaurants nearby. You don’t need to drive the car. We can just walk!”

Luo Mo obviously couldn’t understand their troublesome actions.

Jian Ye couldn’t help sighing deeply. “Manager Luo, you’ve been running outside all day long. You obviously can’t understand our mood of not seeing outside.”

Bi Yaohua had already grabbed a few umbrellas in the corner in an instant and agreed. “That’s right! Don’t talk about the sun. We almost forgot what color the sky is! So what if it is raining outside? It is nature’s tears, the sweet dew of freedom.”

Lin Yan looked up and glanced around indifferently. “It seems everyone has a lot of resentment about the recent training?”

“No, we are happy!” Bi Yaohua immediately shut up and handed the umbrellas to his teammates. The umbrellas were soon handed out and it was found that one was missing.

Luo Mo wondered, “There is none left? Should I go to the storeroom and look for one?”

At this moment, Jing Yuanzhou stood up, took the umbrella from Lin Yan’s hand and spoke calmly. “No trouble. Lin Yan and I can use this one.”

The deep, magnetic voice entered his ears from behind.

Lin Yan paused for a moment when he heard his name. Then he replied. “…That’s fine.”

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Daring to Dream
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