CAMP: Chapter 66 Part 2

At the same time, Bi Yaohua also entered the voice channel. He waited a long time and didn’t see BK’s shooter. Therefore, he took the lead in opening the microphone. “Eh? Why aren’t you talking? We said that we would discuss harmoniously after the match. Hey hey, can you hear my voice?”

A long time passed before a weak voice was heard on the other side. “I can hear…”

“Ah, you can hear me. I thought something was wrong with my device.” Bi Yaohua put down his worries. He looked through the video of the game that was just recorded and sincerely asked, “Then where do you think we should start the discussion?”

There was the Trash Talk King’s reputation and BK’s shooter really didn’t dare say anything. His attitude was much more docile than when he was in front of his new captain, Ku Tianlu. “You… cough, you have the final say.”

Bi Yaohua fell into deep thought. “I mainly want to know what you want to discuss. However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know. I still have lots of options. So let’s talk about that big move you unleashed on the soldiers at the 12th minute gank or talk about the time you confidently turned back as you crossed the tower and was killed by me? In fact, we are both professional players and have a good grasp of the details. I just think you need to work on your psychological quality. The line of soldiers was sent almost right to your face.  If I didn’t know better, I would think you were playing melee.”

BK’s shooter, “…”

Bi Yaohua found that he wasn’t rigorous enough and didn’t forget to correct himself. “Oh no, at least a melee has some skills. You were so scared that you were almost like a chuuni with broken hands.”

BK’s shooter, “……”

Although he had been ready for this when Ku Tianlu said to communicate, he didn’t expect that the Trash Talk King’s friendly fire could be so terrible.

BK’s shooter inwardly thought, ‘Wuu, Captain, is your side almost done? I want to go home!’

This side was bitter while the exchange between the remaining two positions was much more harmonious.

One of Gu Luo’s big problems was that he tended to be too aggressive in the game. Sometimes it was easy for him to treat the game as his personal stage and he frequently needed his teammates to help him out. He asked BK’s mid-lander for advice on this problem.

BK’s mid-laner envied a talented player like GU Luo and was happy to share his experience with team battles. After the talk, he couldn’t control his curiosity and asked about the secret of the GH team’s rapid progress. Gu Luo didn’t hide it. He simply handed over the team’s internal work and rest schedule.

BK’s mid-laner heard it and was silent for a moment. “You deserve your progress!”

This type of inhuman training intensity… survival mattered! Goodbye!

As the support, Jian Ye had recently been working hard to improve his commanding ability and gained some initial success. It was rare to have such a good opportunity so he naturally asked the senior of the BK team for advice.

There were actually many people in the BK team who could serve as commander. In addition to the jungler Ku Tianlu who was occasionally responsible for driving the rhythm, the command usually fell on the senior support.

Previously, Ku Tianlu had specifically told the BK members to help the newcomers. At this time, he followed what happened in the training games and patiently helped Jian Ye analyze it from start to finish. It was clear how patient the support professional players were.

Jian Ye listened and noted it down. In the blink of an eye, there was a densely filled document.

Then he heard BK’s support suddenly lower his voice. “This is the basic rhythm of the games today. Go back and take a look. By the way… I have a more personal question. I don’t know if it is convenient to ask.”

“You say it.”

The voice of BK’s support lowered even more and there was a mysterious air. “When playing this type of big-breasted healer, the visual feeling… is it cool?”

Jian Ye, “?”

Lin Yan stood behind them. He heard the positive exchange and felt very satisfied.

He would naturally conduct replays of all the training games but there were times when the opportunity to communicate with opponents was better. After all, in a game, the person who could intuitively feel the advantages and disadvantages was the person against you. Many of the details easily overlooked had long been seen by the opponents.

Such targeted discussions weren’t only beneficial for GH. It also helped BK, who weren’t in a good state due to their mid-season loss. At least for players like Lan Min, the guidance of Jing Yuanzhou was enough to give him a lot of insights he couldn’t get in normal training.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan couldn’t help glancing in Jing Yuanzhou’s direction. After Lan Min was abused by him, Lan Min officially changed his combat style. There was no denying that his style wasn’t yet fully mature but his performance in the mid-season was very prominent. He and the other players of BK gradually formed a new system.

This system was completely different from Jing Yuanzhou’s and belonged only to Lan Min. It was precisely due to this that despite the cynicism about failing to make the semi-finals of the mid-season, many fans of BK still had expectations. They could see Lan Min’s rapid growth on the field.

The label of ‘Titans’ had formerly brought a heavy pressure on Lan Min’s body. Once he walked out of it, the teenager started glowing and heating up uncontrollably.

In today’s training match, Lin Yan had already discovered it. While the other players of BK were depressed, Lan Min’s play had always been extremely tenacious. No matter how much he was suppressed by Jing Yuanzhou, he always actively sought opportunities. This alone was sufficient evidence that this young player had toughness and strength despite his developed tear glands.

In the future, he would grow into an opponent worthy of the attention of all professional teams.

Lin Yan thought this way and was about to write in his notebook when he heard a voice enter his ears. “Your master’s wife? Yes, he is here.”

The pen paused and he immediately looked over. The others were wearing soundproof headphones and couldn’t hear Jing Yuanzhou’s words. However, Lin Yan was standing behind and could hear them clearly.

Jing Yuanzhou seemed to feel the gaze on his back and looked back. Judging from the expression on his face, he didn’t care that he was caught talking about others. Instead, there was a faint smile on his face as he beckoned nonchalantly to Lin Yan.

Lin Yan raised an eyebrow slightly. He didn’t want to come over but it was such a mysterious act that he couldn’t help walking over.

Jing Yuanzhou silently mouthed, “Get closer.”

Lin Yan took another step forward with increased doubts. Before he could react, Jing Yuanzhou reached out a hand without warning. It touched the back of his neck and brought him closer. The arm suddenly pulled him closer and he lightly hit his wide chest. The man’s sudden close breath made it inevitable for his heart to thump for a moment. Then the hair that brushed against his cheeks instantly aroused a fire.

Lin Yan instinctively wanted to retreat but Jing Yuanzhou had already pulled one side of the soundproof headphones and placed it by his right ear. The sound entered his ear through this short distance.

Lan Min obviously didn’t know that he had been sold by his master like this and was still considering his words. “I didn’t know it before but now I’ve found that Master’s wife… I mean, Coach Lin is really good. Thanks to his last guidance, I feel that my thinking has become completely smooth. I really want to find a chance to thank him. However, every time, I become so angry that I forget about it…”

The young man’s voice was low and he seemed to think that such words were a bit sentimental. He was embarrassed after speaking and was silent for a moment before continuing, “Would it be weird to come over just to say thank you? Master, can you find time to convey it for me?”

Lin Yan clearly heard the whole thing and was taken aback. He looked sideways right into those smiling eyes. Jing Yuanzhou pulled the microphone to his mouth with a slight laugh in his tone. “There is no need for me to convey it. My wife has already received your gratitude.”

Lan Min obviously didn’t understand. “Huh?”

Lin Yan glared angrily after hearing Jing Yuanzhou say ‘my wife’ so smoothly. He slowly moved closer, brought the microphone in Jing Yuanzhou’s hand to his lips and said, “If you really want to thank me, the base is almost running out of coffee beans. Pick a few flavors that your Master likes and send then to the base.”

Such a move was so natural that it was only after he finished speaking that Lin Yan found the distance between the two of them was too close. At first glance, it looked like they were close together. He just had to breathe lightly and it would rub against Jing Yuanzhou’s face.

The moment he finished speaking, the eyes of the two people met. Without warning, different thoughts seemed to flash in the eyes of both sides and the suddenly messy heartbeats could clearly be felt through the thin clothes.

Lin Yan felt like his heart was going to pop out of his chest. He didn’t clearly hear Lan Min’s reply. He instinctively got up and as a result, he pulled on the cable of the mouse…

BK’s base.

Lan Min was completely petrified when he heard Lin Yan’s voice. Then he grabbed his messy hair. He controlled his desire to dig a hole to hide in and responded, “…O-Okay.”

He seldom said such words of thanks and even felt numb himself. He thought that this man would make fun of him when he heard the loud sound of an object falling through the headphones. Immediately afterward, it was silent. Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was completely cut off due to this sudden change.

Lan Min couldn’t help freezing for a moment. “?”

Wasn’t it just a promise to buy coffee beans? So excited? He sat motionless at the computer table, gently scratching the side of his face. Finally, he silently made a decision in his heart. If that person really liked it that much then… well, buy more.

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