CAMP: Chapter 66 Part 1

The mid-season was in full swing. After the fierce competition from eight to four, the four teams of LDF, SUU, Three and PAY successfully entered the semi-finals. Apart from the three veteran and powerful teams, the SUU team that introduced foreign aid this year became the strongest dark horse of the season.

The most regrettable one was the BK team. Due to their poor state in a crucial game, they finally lost to LDF and became the only veteran giant team to miss out on the semi-finals.

This premature elimination inevitably made fans on the Internet explode. The biggest target was undoubtedly the newly promoted player, Lan Min. The bad comments on the Internet were overwhelming but there were still many rational voices mixed in.

In the mid-season, some people had already found that it was Lan Min’s transition period. They also saw BK’s increasing tacit cooperation and found that everything was developing in a good direction. Despite the temporary loss, many BK fans were full of anticipation for the autumn competition.

Jing Yuanzhou called Ku Tianlu and the other person didn’t sound too depressed. “There was no way. LDF just hit too hard. I really wonder if you have offended Luni. He kept catching your apprentice on the field and beating him up. I couldn’t bear to see it.”

Jing Yuanzhou thought about it. “What could I do to offend Luni?”

“How would I know that? Captain Jing, shouldn’t I be asking you?” Ku Tianlu sighed before comforting himself. “Still, it is okay to be eliminated at this time. In any case, we are already the runner-up of the spring competition and the ticket for the global qualifiers is in our hands. The mid-season is just an extra event without a recommended place for the World Championship and it is really of little significance to us. This is just an early liberation. The team still needs more cooperation and we can use this extra time to actively prepare for the autumn competition.”

Jing Yuanzhou wondered, “Have you figured out how to prepare?”

Ku Tianlu just wanted to answer when he paused and remembered something. “Have you been waiting for me to say this? Just talk directly. We have no matches anyway so there is a lot of time.”

Jing Yuanzhou was polite and conveyed the wishes of the coach. “If you have no arrangements later, please make an appointment for a training match.”

Ku Tianlu had already guessed it and answered very simply. “No problem. You set the time.”

Lin Yan had formulated targeted training plans for the players, most of which were training content to strengthen their individual strengths. Only Jian Ye’s team command ability needed to be accompanied by all the members to improve.

In the past few days, in addition to special training, everyone in GH had been teaming up day and night. Seeing that the BK team was eliminated, Lin Yan couldn’t help his eyes lighting up and he eyed them directly. There was nothing better for improving global awareness than a training match against a professional team.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the two teams went online for the scheduled training match. Before entering the professional league, GH players didn’t have an official server account so the training match information was leaked in the normal custom mode. Such a mistake naturally wouldn’t happen again.

The club was registered and the official accounts had already been applied for. Everyone in GH finally logged into their team account. Jian Ye was thinking about the previous leakage of their training match results and he repeatedly confirmed it as he entered the room. “The login is correct and the server is definitely correct, right?”

Bi Yaohua held back his smile. “Go away! Why do I feel like you’ve prematurely aged? Old people like you nag so much.”

Jian Ye’s reply was impolite. “Get lost.”

The opposing BK team also entered the custom room one after another. Seeing that everyone was here, the training match officially began. Lin Yan stood behind them with his notebook. He pressed the record button and walked back and forth, observing the team’s battle.

The focus of today’s training match was naturally the rhythm of Jian Ye’s command. In the past few days, Lin Yan had been trying to instill a view of the overall situation into Jian Ye whenever he had time and it could be seen that the results were indeed remarkable.

The moment the game started, everyone in GH had a series of clashes with BK. Jian Ye’s methodical details didn’t allow BK to get the slightest benefit. Once Jian Ye was in charge of commanding, Jing Yuanzhou was completely released on the road.

Lan Min might’ve grown a lot during the mid-season but the master was the master after all. In the process of leaning, he was unavoidably beaten up. He finally had to hide under the defense tower and didn’t dare come out.

Unlike other side lane players who were motivated, Lan Min was convinced by Jing Yuanzhou’s skills and this meant he didn’t do stupid things. Jing Yuanzhou still had spare strength to invade the wild area after pushing the lane. He caught Ku Tianlu several times with Chen Yushen and the rhythm of the GH team was completely up.

In the first training game, GH won. Back in the custom room after the game, Ku Tianlu couldn’t help feeling admiration.

BK – Luuu: [It’s amazing. I haven’t seen you in a while. How did your team improve so fast?]

GH – BB: [It is a long story but I can make it short.]

BK – Luuu: [I’m listening?]

GH – BB: [In a word, it is the credit of our coach.]

BK – Luuu: […]

GH -Titans: [There are two more games. Let’s get started.]

The training match had three games. Since the two sides were friendly teams, the purpose of today’s training match wasn’t for victory or defeat so according to the previous agreement, three games would be played regardless of the score.

In the second game, Ku Tianlu suddenly exerted his strength and carried out various ganks in the middle lane and bottom lanes. Finally, he took BK to victory. In the third game, the situation was reversed again.

Chen Yushen deeply observed Ku Tianlu’s jungler habits in the first two games. Rather than relying on his own positioning, he tried to ambush in the opponent’s jungle area based on his own understanding.

Jian Ye’s command ideas had been instilled by Lin Yan these days and the lesson of the last game was learned quickly. In the middle of the game, he keenly seized an opportunity for a team battle. After the BK team was annihilated, the economic gap between the two teams immediately opened up.

At the end of the three games, the GH team became the winner with a score of 2:1. On the whole, Lin Yan was quite satisfied with the players’ performance today. At the very least, the training conducted in the recent period had achieved significant results.

The only drawback was that many details were still a bit inadequate compared to professional players. Although compared to the past, the general rhythm of the team had been mobilized after they gradually adapted to the habits of their teammates and their tacit understanding in team battles had improved a lot, but there was still more room for improvement.

Moreover, the players of BK were still affected by their loss in the mid-season. Today’s overall state actually wasn’t good. Their team should win more simply if it went according to Lin Yan’s ideal situation.

After the training match, neither side exited the custom room. Lan Min hadn’t spoken to Jing Yuanzhou and he obviously couldn’t hold back anymore.

BK – Mini: [Master, can we have a voice chat?]

Jing Yuanzhou had no problems with this. In the course of the games just now, he found that his little apprentice had grown a lot but there were still many problems. He could use this opportunity to have a good chat.

He was just about to agree when he felt a slight pull on his collar. He looked up and saw Lin Yan looking at him with a smile. Then Lin Yan gave a sly wink and reminded him. “If you help teach them, shouldn’t there be a polite exchange?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s fingers paused on the keyboard and he immediately understood. “Okay.”

GH – Titans: [Captain Ku, let the players in other positions also have their own voice chat?]

GH – Titans: [We just finished the match and it is just right to communicate.]

BK – Luuu: [O… kay?]

He didn’t clearly say so but Ku Tianlu naturally understood Jing Yuanzhou’s meaning. He also knew that they were no longer in the same team. If he wanted a great god like Jing Yuanzhou to help guide Lan Min then the BK team should provide corresponding feedback as well.

He arranged it with the other players without any dissatisfaction and added Chen Yushen as a friend. Then a voice chat room was opened alone.

After knowing Chen Yushen’s identity, Ku Tianlu had worried that Jing Yuanzhou would be implicated by this player. Then once the truth broke out later, he actually admired this teenager. In addition, after today’s training match, he appreciated the rapid progress in the last game. The moment he entered the voice chat, he asked, “Communicate about playing jungler?”

Chen Yushen agreed. “Yes.”

Ku Tianlu wondered, “Is there anything you want to ask me?”

Chen Yushen felt a bit hesitant. “Anything can be asked?”

Ku Tianlu took out the kind tone of a senior. “Yes, ask anything.”

Chen Yushen thought about the problem that Lin Yan pointed out to him and asked, “Then… can you tell me how to improve the success rate of ganking in the jungle? The coach said that the gap between me and AI is still very large. I hope to raise it to at least 80% of God A’s accuracy.”

Ku Tianlu never expected that the first question when giving advice as a senior would be so far beyond his strength. His mouth twitched slightly and he almost failed to maintain his smile.

Increase to 80% of AI’s strength? This newcomer really dared to think about it! Every time BK bumped into PAY, it was good if he could stabilize the jungle area and not collapse!

Ku Tianlu took a deep breath and answered the question as objectively as possible. “Just… keep your original heart full of expectations.”

A question mark slowly appeared in Chen Yushen’s mind. The silence in the voice channel seemed strange for a while.

In the end, Ku Tianlu couldn’t control his stiff mouth. He cleared his throat and changed the subject. “Regarding AI, you should ask him when you are playing the training match with PAY. I have found some of your problems during the games just now. Would you like to hear them?”

Chen Yushen answered without hesitation. “Yes.”

Ku Tianlu heard this modest attitude and was a bit relieved. This year, coaching new people really wasn’t easy!

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