CAMP: Chapter 65

Jing Yuanzhou returned to his room and stood by the bed for a while. Then he lay straight down. He had clearly just finished bathing but there was a vague heat that made him restless. He sighed slowly and grabbed his phone on the bedside table.

He was considering which team to ask about a training game first when he saw an invitation to join a group pop up on the WeChat interface. The person inviting him was Luni and he was invited to join the professional player group he had withdrawn from a while ago.

Luni: [Now that GH is a professional team, can’t you join again? Everyone is waiting for you. Don’t be shy.]

Jing Yuanzhou stared at the message for a moment before finally clicking to confirm. The moment he joined the group, the chat messages that were originally beating stopped for a moment under the flexible operation of the professional players. Then words of welcome filled it.

[Wow, welcome Titans back!]

[Welcome welcome! Since God Jing left the group, I always felt that there was something missing in the group. Now I finally feel that our group is complete again!]

[This wave of flattery is 666. Does your captain ignore you when you talk like this?]

[Hey, Titans is Titans. you say you will quit the league and you quit the league. You say you will come back and you came back. I’m really convinced.]

[This chicken side laner is coming online humbly. I finally got a break in the mid-season but I feel like I’ll be calling someone Dad again  in the autumn competition.]

[What will happen to DeMen if you speak like this?]

[The variety show is really good-looking. I went to watch replays later. It is really good.]

[Don’t you have to train tonight? Why are you all chatting here?]

[Shh—! I’m taking advantage of the captain’s absence to play a bit.]

Jing Yuanzhou casually watched it and sent a smiling emoji in the group. Then he stopped paying attention. He opened the group list and started to look through it.

This group of professional players had been created relatively early and several of the more established teams in the league were in it. Some people had proposed to add new teams in the league in recent years but promotions and relegation were too frequent every year. In order to avoid the embarrassment of someone being relegated to the secondary league in the future, they just kept it undisturbed like this. The main theme was naturally internal harmony. After all, these teams could be considered friendly teams with a good relationship. It saved a lot of constraints when playing around in private.

Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t cared much about this decision previously but now that he thought about it, this deed indeed avoided the participation of teams like QOG. He looked around and found it a bit troublesome to ask them one by one. Therefore, he simply messaged Luni who was the group’s management. [Help me @all members.]

Luni sent a question mark. He didn’t know what was going on but he did it obediently. Before long, everyone bubbled up again.

Seeing the question marks issued by the bigshots in each team fill the screen one after another, all the players who just talked shut up one after another out of fear that the waves in the group were too much and they would be caught by their captains during this crucial period of the mid-season.

For a while, the chat became a communication area only for the team captains. Jing Yuanzhou was very straightforward.

GH – Titans: [You are all here so it is just right. I want to ask, is there any team that would like to make an appointment with us for a training match after the mid-season?]

LDF – Luni: [???]

Rather than asking directly in the group, he quickly followed up with a private message. [Titans, what do you mean? Don’t you want to fight us?]

Jing Yuanzhou comforted him. [Does your LDL want to monopolize GH? If not, I will ask a few more teams to take turns. Will it affect you in any way?]

Luni: […I hate it!]

Jing Yuanzhou laughed but didn’t intend to say anything else to comfort this person. He cut back to the other group. At this time, the members of various professional teams had already expressed their opinions.

BK – Luuu: [BK can do it. Just call us whenever you want to fight.]

BK – Mini: [Master, I have become a lot stronger recently. I will show you my performance when the time comes!]

UL – Ball: [This is just right. God Jing, we haven’t started the arrangement for the training matches yet. We can discuss it.]

Three – Wuhoo: [Is this true? Wait for me to ask the coach later.]

Three – Come: [I am also interested in GH.]

Three – Wuhoo: [Let’s make an appointment anyway. It is just a training match anyway. It is the same with anyone.]

LDF – Luni: [#smile.jpg]

UL – BALL: [Luni, why are you smiling in such an irritating manner?]

LDF – Luni: [Those who understand will understand #smile.jpg]

Jing Yuanzhou ignored Luni’s apparently resentful smile and returned the messages of the others one by one. Just then, someone pinged him in the group.

PAY – AI: [The one who teamed up with you this afternoon is your team’s jungler? @GH – Titans]

The moment this ID came out, people appeared to take a screenshot.

[Wow, God A has appeared. I’ve received a vision from heaven tonight!]

[What team up? Did Titans and AI meet today?]

[What is the situation? AI is paying attention to another jungler?]

[The first wonder is AI appearing in the group chat. The second wonder is AI actually being interested in other junglers?]

[Isn’t any jungler a corpse in the eyes of artificial intelligence?]

[Oh my god, I can actually see God AI chatting in my lifetime! I have been in this group for two years and I thought this WeChat account was cancelled!]

[Two years? I haven’t seen it in three years…]

Don’t blame these players for being so surprised and finding it strange. After all, it wasn’t just the jungler gameplay. AI was like an artificial intelligence in day to day life as well. He didn’t show much interest in anything except daily training. Forget chatting in the group. Since joining this group, the number of times his profile pic was seen could barely be counted. Even Jing Yuanzhou retiring from the group last time failed to bring this cold man out.

It was also because AI was barely involved in social communication. He might be a top player in the league but the captain of the PAY team had always been DeMen. It was just that DeMen was already at the age of retirement. It wasn’t known what type of weather PAY would usher in after the identity of captain fell on AI.

Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t expected AI to look for him. He was astonished but then he thought about it. In the afternoon, Lin Yan had played so well. It wasn’t surprising that he would attract the attention of this jungler king.

GH – Titans: [No.]

PAY – AI: [?]

GH – Titans: [It was our coach.]

PAY – AI: [???]

PAY – DeMen: [His awareness is so strong yet he isn’t a player?]

GH – Titans: [I know what you want to say. In fact, he can play professionally any time if he wants. He just has no plans to do so now.]

GH – Titans: [So is PAY considering playing a training match with us?]

PAY – AI: [Will the coach play?]

PAY – DeMen: [……]

GH – Titans: [What do you think?]

PAY – AI: [Yes.]

PAY – AI: [Okay, there is nothing wrong with playing.]

PAY – DeMen: [………]

GH – Titans: [What does DeMen say? You are the captain.]

PAY – DeMen: [AI said to fight so fight.]

Jing Yuanzhou got a satisfactory answer. He was ready to end the conversation when he saw Luni suddenly send a message in the group. [Titans, GH currently has only one person in the group, right? Why don’t you bring in your coach? Won’t it be more convenient to schedule a training match?]

As a senior manager of the group, Luni naturally had a certain right to speak. Although this group was initially all professional players, some people retired and moved behind the scenes. Therefore, there were indeed some people who were now members of the coaching staff of various teams.

The suggestion was largely because Luni was curious in Coach Lin but overall, it was indeed not inappropriate.

Jing Yuanzhou replied: [Wait a minute, I’ll ask.]

Luni was happy. [How come I didn’t see you listen so obediently to the coaching staff when you were in BK?]

Jing Yuanzhou was noncommittal. He found the pink star on the WeChat list and sent a message.

Lin Yan was quick to reply. [Professional player group? What teams are in there? If QOG and SUU are there, I won’t join.]

Jing Yuanzhou raised his eyebrow slightly.

He naturally knew why Lin Yan had a hostile attitude toward QOG but SUU was a team that just emerged in the past two years. The biggest impression was that the boss was super rich and recruited a lot of foreign players. When did such a team offend Coach Lin?

Nevertheless, he didn’t ask much and his fingers tapped the screen. [No, it’s just the old teams you have been thinking about for a long time. I have already mentioned the training matches. You can make an appointment with them at any time if you join.]

Lin Yan heard him say so and answered very simply: [No problem, pull me in.]

Jing Yuanzhou sent the group chat invitation. Moments later, the people in the WeChat group saw a new member joining. The newcomer quickly changed his nickname and made a chat bubble on the screen.

GH – Coach: [Hello everyone, a newcomer asking for protection~ #smile,jpg.]

GH – Titans: [Welcome #fresh flowers.jpg]

For a long time, the hand speed of the professional players seemed to fail completely. The entire chat channel seemed like time was frozen, focused on the two sentences of these people. The eyes of the professional players were fixed on the pink starfish profile picture and then moved down a bit to see SpongeBob’s wretched smile.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have the habit of changing his information. The people in the group naturally recognized this yellow and eye-catching profile picture that was completely inconsistent with his personality.

Suddenly, there was a matching picture. Since when did Titans use a matching set with others? What was this? Was it the legendary love brain?!

After a few seconds of silence, the screen turned into a baptism of ellipses. They were shocked, dazed and more puzzled. At the same time, they felt the struggle of discovering an earth-shattering secret but not daring to say anything.

Someone really couldn’t hold back. In the blink of an eye, he pulled a few people and opened a new discussion group.

[What is the situation? Is this why Titans went to GH?]

[I said at the time that how could such a great god run away. Look look, this is the truth!]

[Career is precious but love is more valuable? I’m in tears. This is worthy of Titans. So bold!]

[When did Titans start using this profile picture? Have they been together for so long?!]

[Shh—! After all, it hasn’t been made public yet. Just know it by yourself and don’t say anything.]

[Don’t worry, public and private matters will stay where they belong. We are professional players and must have this quality.]

Jing Yuanzhou received a private chat message from Luni at the same time. [Last time, you said you wanted me to beat you up on the show. The person you wanted to coax at the time… is it your coach?]

Jing Yuanzhou answered with great honesty. [Yes, are you jealous?]

Luni covered his chest. […Get lost.]

The author has something to say:

The e-sports circle: A sudden earthquake?

Proofreader: Nao 

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