CAMP: Chapter 64

The live broadcast rooms in the afternoon were unusually lively and the main hero was Lin Yan, the club’s management. After successfully blowing up the sunspots in Bi Yaohua’s live broadcast room, he seemed to fall in love with this feeling. He went to the other players’ rooms to send a bunch of deep-water fish mines.

Finally, he didn’t forget to return to Jing Yuanzhou’s room and stroll around there in a high-profile manner.

[6666, the coach is here to send pocket money!]

[Titans, come and see. It turns out this is the feeling of being kept!]

[F&k, Coach Lin is actually so rich?]

Jing Yuanzhou had just come out of playing a game. He noticed the notification banner and a smile flashed in his eyes. He usually didn’t have the habit of thanking people for rewards but this time he spoke out loud, “Thank you Who Isn’t a Little Princess for the deep-water fish mine.”

Such details made the CP fans quickly send messages on the barrage. At the same time, they saw Jing Yuanzhou skillfully adding Lin Yan as the room management.

[Is there the sense of welcoming his boyfriend to come do the rounds at any time?]

[Above person, how do you know what’s in my mind?!]

[Don’t say anything else. I feel like Titans has no more passion after Coach Lin left.]

[Yes, the regular ranking game was only 10-1-3.]

[This isn’t a normal play.]

[By the way, I want to make a small report. Coach, look at me. Just now, an anchor tried to hook up with TItans.]

[I want to help clarify. Later Titans didn’t accept the friends request!]

[Hahaha do you know what the coach did just now? He went to the live broadcast rooms of the other GH players and blew them up!]

[??? Let me go and see it?]

[I have become back. Titans really has vision! I’m afraid that Coach Lin is a wolf!]

Jing Yuanzhou noticed the content of the barrage so he turned off the microphone and looked sideways. “Where did you go just now?”

Lin Yan answered very casually. “Nowhere. Just sending some pocket money in advance as comfort.”

The members broadcasted until nearly 5 o’clock.

The rise of the live broadcasting industry meant players in each club had signed contracts with live broadcast platforms. Every month, they had to live broadcast for a certain amount of hours. This meant that at the end of the month, players who didn’t like to live broadcast would come out to make up for the time. Procrastination was something that even top players like Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t avoid.

Fortunately, the length of the contract that Lin Yan helped Jing Yuanzhou negotiate wasn’t that demanding. It should be done quickly with a bit of extra effort in the next two days.

In the afternoon, everyone was very happy, especially with Lin Yan’s assist. After the broadcast, the state of righteous indignation was swept away and they were elated. It was a pity that this happy mood belonged to others and Luo Mo had nothing.

He returned from the league headquarters and placed a stack of documents on the table, his voice was business-like as possible. “I have registered the professional qualification of the club here, including the certificate registration of the players. Boss, look at it to see if anything is missing. If there are no problems, I will take them back and archive them with the other information.”

Lin Yan glanced over them. “Archive them. There should be no problem.”

Luo Mo nodded in response. Then he paused strangely for a moment before handing the other thin envelope in his hand to Bi Yaohua. “BB, this is yours.”

Everyone was excited at officially completing the registration to be a professional player. Now they heard these words and looked back.

Bi Yaohua also looked puzzled as he reached out to take it. “What is this? I remember that my ban is almost up. Surely the league isn’t preventing me from playing in the autumn competition, right?”

The moment he spoke, the surrounding atmosphere instantly became tense.

“It has nothing to do with the autumn competition.” Luo Mo took a deep breath, controlled his emotions and continued with a blank expression. “We have completed the formal registration in the afternoon. In view of everyone’s excellent performance during the live broadcast, especially player BB’s overly prominent words and deeds, the Union Notary Office has decided to formally issue a fine notice. Originally, this notice should be sent directly to the club’s base. Coincidentally, I was present this afternoon. The head office saved on the postage fee and directly asked me to bring it back.”

Luo Mo might be speaking with an official attitude but his blank face inevitably let them see what it meant to be loveless. In the short term, Luo Mo really didn’t want to go back to the league headquarters again.

From the time he first entered through the door and no one knew his identity as the manager of the GH team to the thorny gazes on him when he finished the registration and went out, the ghosts knew what he had experienced!

After hearing these words, everyone was quiet for a moment before bursting into laughter. Bi Yaohua’s expression was also subtle for a while. His gaze swept over the envelope in his hand and he cleared his throat. “Do you know what I have in my hand?”

Gu Luo had given up trying to control the expression on his face but he still followed the show. “I know! It is the glorious proof of your fight against the sunspots!”

Jian Ye laughed hard and his bold laughter rang all over the room.

“……” Bi Yaohua controlled the urge to rub Gu Luo’s head hard and he coughed twice again to cover it up. “Gloy, you can see me so thoroughly. I’m very pleased.”

This time, even Chen Yushen couldn’t help it and he gave a rare laugh. Bi Yaohua saw these gloating guys and gave up on his plan to instill the value of team friendship. He didn’t say anything else and directly opened the envelope. He read the content of the fine and frowned slightly. “What happened to the league this time? Did QOG run to fan the flames? They actually fined me so much money?!”

Lin Yan looked at him. “Why? Didn’t I give you enough rewards to pay the fine?”

Bi Yaohua was taken aback when he heard these words before instantly smiling. “It is definitely enough! Sure enough, Coach really loves us!”

Gu Luo hesitated. “However, the rest of us weren’t fined. We don’t need the money…”

“There is no need to return it to me. Those rewards weren’t for the fine.” Lin Yan waved his hand. “I said earlier that you should control the scale of the afternoon live broadcast. If anything happens and you are targeted by the league then you will be responsible for the fines. The club won’t care about it.”

Bi Yaohua was confused. “Eh? If it isn’t for the fine then why give us those rewards?”

Jing Yuanzhou had been silent and only opened his mouth at this time. “Coach Lin is sending you money for condolences.”

Everyone looked at Lin Yan in unison. “?”

Lin Yan met their gazes and slowly showed them a very kind smile. “Yes, it is money for condolences. After today, your free time is almost over. I will work out a targeted training content for the next stage as soon as possible. You probably won’t have time to go out before the start of the autumn competition. Make some good adjustments tonight and jiayou!”

The gentle expression, the kind words, the compassionate gaze…

The moment the last word was heard, the team members felt a chill go down their backs and the smiles on their faces instantly disappeared. Was he sure this was… condolences?

Why did it feel more like the coach was giving them an advanced funeral fee?

As a last celebration, after dinner, a few people made an appointment to go to the nearby commercial square. Lin Yan had no opinions on this. “Let the driver take you there. The training will officially start tomorrow. It’s fine if you come back later but don’t stay out all night.”

The members of GH wondered, “Coach, aren’t you coming with us?”

Lin Yan took a last bite of the meal and glanced at the time. “I need to make your training plan in the evening lest it be too late.”

Jing Yuanzhou slightly raised his eyes but didn’t speak.

Lin Yan headed straight back to his room after dinner. He opened the laptop on the table and started work. He might’ve considered it before but he had never been so eager to improve the team’s strength as soon as possible.

Lin Yan was well aware that it was AI he met in the afternoon who made him feel this sense of urgency. Still, this recognition obviously wasn’t a bad thing.

After all, the professional league teams weren’t like the secondary league teams they previously contacted in the variety show. There are many strong players like AI. In addition, the autumn competition wasn’t the end he wanted the team to reach. It was just one of the stops leading to the world arena. The e-sports arena had always been like sailing against the currents.

During his work, Lin Yan habitually tied up the bangs on his forehead. He held a cigarette in his hand but didn’t light it up. He just fiddled with it while frowning.

In this short period of time, the parts that needed to be approved as soon as possible were what everyone lacked the most. For example, Jian Ye’s commanding ability, Chen Yushen’s jungle invasion success rate being significantly lower than AI, etc. Every time Lin Yan thought of something, he recorded it in his file.

Unknowingly, time passed minute by minute. It wasn’t until he heard a knock on the door that he realized it was almost 9 o’clock in the evening. However, hadn’t everyone gone out to play? How could they come back so quickly?

Lin Yan opened the door suspiciously and saw Jing Yuanzhou standing there. He soon discovered that the others hadn’t returned and couldn’t help being slightly stunned. “You didn’t go with them to play?”

“No, I’m old and can’t play with them, so I went out for a run.” Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze moved to the side and landed on the laptop screen lit in the room. “How is the training plan going?”

Lin Yan casually rubbed his head. “That’s it! I’ve just determined the short-term improvement goals and I’m going to determine the specific training plan later. I haven’t done such an in-depth analysis of the team before. As a result, I’ve found that there are many problems. The mid-season will soon be coming to an end. I don’t know if there is enough time to adjust it to the best condition before the start of the autumn competition.”

“Time is tight?”

“It isn’t impossible. I will look again and see if I can minimize the training cycle.”

Jing Yuanzhou handed over the coffee in his hands and asked, “So is there anything I can do for you?”

The question was decent and gentlemanly but the gaze stuck to his body had an indescribable sense of ambiguity. The moment it entered Lin Yan’s ears, there was an unexplainable special meaning. It felt like the heat of the coffee was faintly burning at his fingertips and he couldn’t help saying, “You asked this but for those who don’t know anything, they might think it implies special services.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes lowered slightly and passed over the face in front of him as he smiled. “If you want then it isn’t impossible.”

The lights of the corridor covered him heavily. Since he had taken a shower after returning from a run, there was still a faint wetness around his neck. The arc of the collarbone was exquisite.

Lin Yan’s gaze inadvertently skimmed over it and couldn’t stop. His Adam’s apple moved quietly. “Then I… you’re welcome to do so?”

Jing Yuanzhou was just teasing with the last sentence and hadn’t expected to get such an answer. His heartbeat stopped for a moment without warning.

Lin Yan’s fingertips holding the coffee cup tightened slightly and his tone was gone. “The team probably needs many training games in the next few days. I’m not familiar with the professional teams so I have to trouble you to help ask and see which teams have the intention of making an appointment.”

The surroundings became quiet the moment he spoke.

Jing Yuanzhou stared fixedly at Lin Yan,. Just as Lin Yan thought this person was unwilling, he slowly opened his mouth. “Yes.”

“Thank you.” Lin Yan avoided his gaze and looked down at the time. “It’s late. Go and rest. I will go back and continue.”

He paused slightly. “Also… thank you for the coffee.”

Without waiting for Jing Yuanzhou to say anything, he turned around and entered his room. Behind the closed door, the sound of the opposite door being closed could faintly be heard. Lin Yan let out a slow sigh of relief. He leaned against the door and looked at the coffee in his hand in a distracted manner. Obviously, the freshly ground coffee beans had an indulgent aroma.

It seemed that after the massage that night, the atmosphere between him and Jing Yuanzhou whenever they were alone would be covered with a layer of unbearable dark fire from time to time.

In a brief moment of distraction, the man’s sexy collarbone flashed in front of his eyes. The heat of the coffee burned his fingertips.

Lin Yan raised his head and tapped on the door. Then his broad palm covered half his face. After a long time, he cursed in a low voice. “F&k!”

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