CAMP: Chapter 63

Lin Yan originally wanted to keep talking but next to him, Jing Yuanzhou cocked his head and looked over. “Do you still want to line up?”

Two games had ended and the two of them had been speaking for a long time in the voice chat. Under normal circumstances, Lin Yan should indeed be ready to rest. Yet at this time, he just slightly frowned as he felt his overall mental state. He felt that his ability to bear it had indeed improved a lot and decided to try forcing himself again.

Therefore, after thinking for a while, he replied, “Queue!”

Jing Yuanzhou paused slightly. Then there was slight consternation and some questioning in his eyes. Lin Yan knew what this person wanted to ask and raised the corners of his mouth. “It’s fine, I’m not tired. I want to queue up with you a bit more. Two more games.”

The barrage in the live broadcast room was suddenly attracted.

[F&k, Coach, are you really so direct?]

[I can read this sentence as: I like to be with you… while ranking?]

[I admire it. I also want to have a boyfriend who can play games.]

[It is okay to queue for a while. I haven’t seen it for a long time!]

[Coach, you really aren’t thinking about opening a live broadcast room? I’ve almost become your technique fan.]

[Raise my hand. I’m not like you. I’ve always been a loyal face fan!]

[The Parents CP is such a fairy love. I’m a fan of the two of you. I can not only support my CP but also learn technique, perfect!]

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze swept over the barrage and he quietly hid the smile in his eyes. In the blink of an eye, he entered the queue again. In the next two games, there were no passerby kings or professional players. The two of them played the side laner and jungler and there was basically no pressure to win.

Seeing the enemy crystal that was crushed again, Lin Yan took a deep breath. He was just wondering if he should play another game when the mobile phone on the computer desk vibrated twice. He wasn’t in a hurry to accept the team invitation from Jing Yuanzhou and picked up the phone to take a look.

It was a WeChat message from Luo Mo. [Boss, are you at the base? Can you take a look at BB’s live broadcast room?]

The team had just won the championship of the variety show and Luo Mo was currently registering the team’s professional qualification at the Burning Hot headquarters. However, the event of GH collectively live broadcasting had spread. The staff of the league paid a bit of attention and happened to see a certain Trash Talk King beating frantically on the edge of the line. As a result, the eyes of the staff helping with the registering became a bit wronged towards Luo Mo.

There was a feeling of vigilance in the scrutiny. There was no way. Luo Mo had to send a message to Lin Yan for help.

Lin Yan naturally knew the manager’s important itinerary this afternoon and didn’t dare ignore the reminder. He frowned slightly as lowered the headphones to around his neck and looked around. From his perspective, Bi Yaohua’s entire face was blocked by the screen. He could only see half of the colorful peacock head, ostentatious and eye-catching.

In the training room, apart from the sound of the keyboard, only a few people occasionally communicated. In the midst of this, Bi Yaohua’s cold remarks one after another were particularly prominent. The current Bi Yaohua could be said to be trying his best to endure, but he looked like he might explode at any time.

This somewhat surprised Lin Yan. Bi Yaohua might usually not control his mouth but in fact, there were few times when he showed his emotions excessively.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed Lin Yan’s movements and looked over. “What’s wrong?”

There was still a voice connection and Lin Yan didn’t want to say anything during the live broadcast. He saw that Jing Yuanzhou was still wearing headphones and brought the microphone closer to his mouth, “It’s nothing. I’m just a bit tired. Let’s stop here for today. I have to go do something else.”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. “Yes, go ahead. I’ll queue up a bit longer.”

After Jing Yuanzhou re-entered the queue, Lin Yan sent a message to Luo Mo that said: [I will go now.]

Then he exited from the current live broadcast page. He switched between a few interfaces and directly entered the live broadcast room of Bi Yaohua. He removed the soundproof headphones around his neck and put on light earbuds.

As stated before, everyone in GH was going to show their strengths in the live broadcast this afternoon. Presently, Jian Ye and Gu Luo were a team and Bi Yaohua and Chen Yushen were a team.

Lin Yan had just entered the live broadcast room when Bi Yaohua’s disdainful voice entered his ears. “Isn’t it like I said? Roser is really weak on the side lane. There is a reason that QOG barely made it into the quarterfinals this year. It is just these few players and he can’t even play well in the rankings. How can you expect him to achieve good results in the professional league? Every year, he is content to qualify for the quarterfinals. It is a shame to call him a professional player.”

Lin Yan originally wondered how Bi Yaohua could make Luo Mo nervous to this moment. Then he heard the words ‘Roser’ and ‘QOG’ and instantly understood. It turned out that he ran into QOG. No wonder. He could only say that enemies really met on a narrow road.

Bi Yaohua and Chen Yushen were in the ordinary ladder mode and the game IDs of both sides were clearly displayed in the panel. At this time, the side laner and jungler on the other side were QOG’s captain Rose and jungler Puga. The game had been going on for over 10 minutes. It wasn’t difficult to guess that Bi Yaohua’s cynicism had also lasted for over 10 minutes.

Lin Yan just glanced at it while the barrage scrolled quickly.

On the screen, Bi Yaohua and Chen Yushen made a special trip to the jungle to ambush the QOG jungler. Puga had just finished fighting the element monster when his head was taken away. Afterwards, Bi Yaohua didn’t forget to stand on his corpse and perform a mocking laugh. Then he took the red buff and happily went back to clear the line of soldiers.

At this time, Roser was still waiting to be resurrected and Bi Yaohua was leisurely interacting with the barrage.

[Oh, my husband is so fierce but handsome today.]

[Is the Trash Talk King funny? Seeing Roser on the other side, he took the initiative to change lanes. He is ridiculing people when he can’t beat them unless it is two against one?]

“I don’t acknowledge a relationship without receiving the certificate thank you.” Bi Yaohua spoke casually. “Have those who are helping QOG speak seen our GH captain’s games? Who is afraid and changing lanes? Roser is a third-tier disabled side laner and weak is weak. Two against one is lying down and making fun of him, okay?”

[I’ve always been curious about how QOG offended BB. It is just because last year’s game wasn’t played well?]

[At that time, they were all scolded like this by the Trash Talk King and it has continued after so long. The miserable are really miserable.]

Bi Yaohua sneered. “It is miserable after just two sentences? If you are so full of sympathy then why don’t you spare me your scolding? Take a look at yourself before you talk about others. Who is more noble than anyone else?”

[Oh, don’t quibble. This incident only shows that the Trash Talk King has no distinction between friends and enemies. His teammates might become exes at any time.]

[BB is a proper scumbag in a romance drama.]

[Currently it is GH’s jungler teaming up with him. Be careful! Once BB retires, QOG’s today is your tomorrow hehe.]

“I’m sorry, don’t compare people of the underworld to my current teammates. I advise you, the entire QOG team has too much yin energy. Don’t waste your previous yang energy. It really isn’t worth it.”

[Hahaha, can this be understood as this idiot caring about us?]

[Why aren’t you scolding GH’s jungler? This jungler is not a good bird.]

[Speaking of which, GH really isn’t picky when recruiting people. There are all types of goods. It is really convincing.]

[It is seriously the toxic team, haha.]

Bi Yaohua smiled coldly. “It is as if your bird is a peerless treasure. You are speaking in such a lofty manner, do you go to the bathroom with those things that grow in your mouth? Otherwise, it wouldn’t smell so bad the moment it opens and closes.”

[Hehe, do you think you are so awesome just because you won in a variety show?]

[Since QOG isn’t good, I would like to see how many rounds GH can survive in the fall season.]

[You say that QOG isn’t good but can GH do it? What are you laughing at?]

Bi Yaohua wasn’t in a hurry to respond. He glanced at the map and gave Chen Yushen a signal. The two people left the lane and ran from the top lane to the bottom lane. The moment they arrived, they happened to encounter Roser who was trying to change lanes to avoid them. Unsurprisingly, they released their output the moment they saw him and once again took a head.

Apart from anything else, if Bi Yaohua wanted to vent his anger then he could really cause damage. After disrupting the opposite rhythm, he abused them badly. This also made the data of the two people from QOG extremely ugly.

Bi Yaohua completed another killing and slightly pulled up the corners of his mouth. “Regardless of whether we can do it or not, we will still be better than QOG. Do you see this 0-8 statistic with the top lane? Nothing else? Your courage is really admirable. However, I suggest you go to the hospital for an appointment with the ophthalmology department. If the ophthalmology department isn’t good, you should go and check your brain. I’m afraid you will have trouble if you are late.”

It wasn’t the first time that Bi Yaohua fought with everyone in the live broadcast room. Not only did it not affect his gameplay, it also made all the black fans in the live broadcast room angry. The barrage became even crazier in an instant and some people threatened to report him.

Lin Yan saw up to here and naturally knew why Luo Mo had come to him.

Bi Yaohua might’ve perfectly avoided swear words during the live broadcast but almost every sentence stepped on the illegal line. It wasn’t serious enough to be severely punished but a fine was unavoidable.

Lin Yan’s eyes fell on the men on both sides of the battle. Looking at the QOG duo who died so many times that they almost become super ghosts, Lin Yan couldn’t help smiling. Rather than coming forward to stop it, he watched on with interest.

He had to say that Luo Mo’s sincerity was wrong.

Lin Yan might not support the players testing the league’s bottom line but he didn’t recognize QOG, a scumbag team with no professional ethics. In any case, Luo Mo was in charge of the subsequent public relations matters and Lin Yan was happy to let Bi Yaohua fly. After all, from his subjective point of view, it was really refreshing to let the Trash Talk King fight.

The QOG duo were quite calm at first until Chen Yushen completed his sixth solo kill in the jungle. The jungler Puga finally couldn’t stand it and started typing on the public chat. [GH, don’t be too arrogant! You just got the qualification for the competition. Why act so crazy. Don’t run to the autumn competition if you have the ability!]

Lin Yan burst out laughing. It was no wonder why the two people of QOG didn’t dare shout despite dying like dogs. It could only be said that compared with Bi Yaohua, their speaking skills were simply at the level of a primary school chicken.

It was right not to open their mouths.  They would probably have to suffer double the crushing the moment they opened it. Sure enough, Bi Yaohua’s reply appeared on the public chat. [There is no need to run. This autumn competition isn’t so lucky. I will send you home before the quarterfinals.]

Puga: [It is just a careless start that made us lose our rhythm. I grabbed a new hero to practice as jungler. This gave you the chance to pretend.]

Roser: [That’s right. Don’t brag too much! A variety show team should first worry about how to keep the position!]

Bi Yaohua: [Haha, aren’t you guaranteed to fall to the relegation list?]

The QOG team were still worried about being punished by the league. On the other hand, they really couldn’t beat Bi Yaohua when it came to scolding. After a few words, they completely fell silent.

Five minutes later, the game was over and the MVP was undoubtedly Bi Yaohua. However, the attention of the live broadcast room was on his ‘crazy words’ just now.

[BB is so confident after entering GH? He wants to take QOG out of the quarterfinals?]

[Don’t say anything else. QOG might not be strong but every season, they can survive until the quarterfinals.]

[A player is acting so arrogantly. Isn’t GH’s management going to come out to shut him down?]

[I used to see online that GH has really swelled up. Now I find that they are really inflated.]

[QOG is right. It is almost certain that they will be relegated in their first season of the professional league. Is it necessary to act like this?]

[One can brag better than the other. Making QOG fall to the relegation? Why don’t you just say that GH will be the champion this year?!]

[Wait, I’ve already taken a screenshot of what he just said.]

[They recruited a player who can do things like this. I wonder if the management can smile after seeing today’s live broadcast.]

Bi Yaohua was happy with himself and never worried about the words of the black fans on the live broadcast. He only hesitated a bit when he saw the last barrage. Previously, he was just a personal anchor and didn’t need to think too much. However, he had promised the coach to control himself today. As a result, he met QOG and forgot everything. He didn’t know if he would…

The moment when Bi Yaohua fell silent, a row of flashing golden sentences suddenly appeared among the barrage.

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of Nothing to Do with BB.]

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of Nothing to Do with BB.]

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has thrown 10 deep-water fish mines in the live broadcast room of Nothing to Do with BB.]

In front of these too overbearing messages, the frequency of the black fans’ messages paused. Even Bi Yaohua’s first reaction to this ID was shock. He hadn’t felt this way in a long time. It was like he was preparing to touch the cheat sheet when he encountered the invigilator passing by…

Bi Yaohua tried to hide it by clearing his throat. Before he could say a few words to save himself, he saw Lin Yan’s ID ‘Who Isn’t a Little Princess’ issue a high-profile message: [GH’s management does feel ashamed of BB’s behavior just now. How can he say that QOG will fall to the relegation? This is indeed not careful.]

Someone on the barrage was excited and gloated: [Hahaha, BB is done. Your leader is here.]

The next second, Who Isn’t a Little Princess continued: [If you want to fight then just fight to disband them.]

The barrage paused strangely before it was covered in question marks. Was the manager of GH sure there was nothing wrong with this style? What did he say?!

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