CAMP: Chapter 62

The PAY team’s base.

DeMen sat upright at the computer table and spoke to AI in the team voice chat. “The opposite side is Titans.”

His voice was calm and sophisticated. Although it was a reminder, it didn’t disrupt the rhythm of the operation at hand. AI had just cleaned up the monsters in the lower half of the jungle. He heard these words and his hand on the mouse slightly paused. “Is he alone or lined up as a pair?”

“I don’t know this.” DeMen glanced at the heroes used by the other players and frowned. “I haven’t been paying attention to GH and I can’t see it.”

AI hummed. “Isn’t this good. You said that after BK changed their top laner, you felt that the match was lacking some interest. Now that you’ve met Titans in the game, take the opportunity to enjoy it.”

Then he asked symbolically, “Do I need to stay away from the road and leave the space to you?”

DeMen didn’t answer directly and instead marked the map with a sign. “Get ready to catch him.”

AI wasn’t surprised. “I’m coming.”

It was well-known that PAY’s top laner DeMen entered the league in the same year as Jing Yuanzhou. However, the two men’s experiences were very different.

When Jing Yuanzhou was a newcomer who was criticized by the media for being too independent, DeMen had already perfectly integrated into the team and accompanied PAY to one victory after another. They were both new players so they would inevitably be compared.

Looking back now, how outstanding was Jing Yuanzhou’s personal strength and how eye-catching was DeMen’s team play?

However, Burning Hot was a team game after all. At that time, the entire circle was more optimistic about DeMen who was a team player. No one thought that after BK’s defeat, Jing Yuanzhou would choose without hesitation to transform. Then he reached the top of the world in one fell swoop.

Against such an overly bright light, DeMen naturally appeared a lot bleaker. In fact, there was no shortage of people who felt that DeMen was born in the wrong era. If he had been staggered with Jing Yuanzhou for a year or two then his name wouldn’t be in such an embarrassing situation between silence and glory as it was now.

Currently, there were five phenomenal demon king players in the Burning Hot League: side lane player Titans, jungler AI, mid-laner Luni, shooter Wuhoo and support Come.

Originally, perhaps there should’ve been a place for DeMen.

Lin Yan already understood all the top players in depth from the moment he prepared to start the club and he naturally knew that the god-level side laner player of PAY was absolutely powerful. However, now it was a passerby game and his side lane player was Jing Yuanzhou.n The two of them had already fought countless times in the league and this was just adding one more to the sum.

He felt reassured about Titans facing DeMen. Currently, Lin Yan was more concerned about the opposite jungler, AI. This phenomenal-level jungler was the same as his ID and had the ability to absolutely co-ordinate the entire field. It was rumored that AI was as precise as an artificial intelligence, whether it was choosing the jungle route or ganking.

The live broadcast room was still discussing what he just said but Lin Yan didn’t get distracted any longer. Instead, he recalled where AI last appeared and made a signal on the map. His tone was plain and flat. “The opposite side is ready to target you.”

“Yes, I know.”

Lin Yan told him, “Don’t retreat and fight with them. I’ll ambush back.”

Jing Yuanzhou agreed. “Okay.”

The scene in the live broadcast room showed two side laner players facing each other and ready to fight. They were too familiar with each other but since there had been no contact in the mid-season, there was a sense of tentativeness in the laning process.

Looking at previous matches, it wasn’t difficult to find that Jing Yuanzhou’s style of play during laning was often radical. It was due to the team’s cooperation that he would always maintain a strong pressure while remembering to leave an absolute retreat for himself.

Yet at this moment, DeMen had an indescribable strange feeling and his eyebrows slightly twisted. It was obviously still the familiar style of play, but he didn’t know why he felt that it was a bit different from Titans who used to play for BK.

DeMen lowered his head, glanced at AI’s location and temporarily put away his doubts to scan the distance between the two of them. Jing Yuanzhou was pressing him very tightly and he had a bit of a loss when it came to health, but this gave the jungler a very good ganking opportunity.


Seeing Jing Yuanzhou take a step to the right, AI hiding in the grass jumped forward without warning like a wolf feeding on prey. The moment they met, he used a set of skill combos and damage exploded. It could be seen that Jing Yuanzhou’s health was rapidly declining.

The sudden change didn’t disrupt his rhythm. He retreated while using skills to cut the health of AI, the weak defense jungler hero, by nearly half. Seeing that Jing Yuanzhou had plans to retreat, DeMen quickly followed and the two people were tangled up again.

Under the fierce confrontation, the first head was about to occur. Just then, the three people fighting and retreating passed by the grass in the left rear. Before the big knife in DeMen’s hand fell, a thin figure suddenly flashed out and stopped right in front of him.

This brief dizziness provided an opportunity for Jing Yuanzhou’s escape.

DeMen obviously hadn’t expected the opposite side’s jungle would actually ambush in such a tricky position. It happened that at this time, his big move was just upgraded and he used an extreme operation the moment the dizziness ended.

After a single accumulation of energy, the roaring energy blade headed toward Jing Yuanzhou whose health was almost at the bottom. Once hit then he must die on the spot. However, the Lin Yan who was close to him used a short displacement skill at the same time.

He moved a short distance and his landing point just narrowly passed by the energy blade. After touching the first target, there was unsurprisingly a huge amount of damage. However, the damage of this ranged skill was weakened.

This block gave DeMen an ominous feeling. Sure enough, once the blade hit the second target Jing Yuanzhou, the output wasn’t enough to take away the last amount of Jing Yuanzhou’s health. AI’s skill was evaded with Jing Yuanzhou’s fine movements. He smashed the ground to help Lin Yan complete the deceleration and returned to the tower with only 8 points of health left.

On the other hand, Lin Yan had triggered his character’s red blood state after taking the damage from the big move just now. His attack speed increased and he entered the final harvest mode. DeMen only had a bit of health left and was the first to hand over his head.

[First Blood!]

The remaining two assassin junglers fought each other and finally died together.

[Double Kill!]

Lin Yan looked at the computer screen in front of him with some approval. As expected of the top players, they were really talented. The confrontation on the road just now looked thrilling but in fact, it only took half a minute. However, it was enough to make the live broadcast room boil over.

[F&k, I knew that the coach’s jungler was good but I didn’t expect it to be so good?!]

[Isn’t the jungler on the opposite AI? Is it definitely AI? Is it real or fake?]

[It is said that the side laner is DeMen. The moment Titans’s identity was found, he found the jungler to catch Titans. It must be lining up as a pair!]

[My mother, you really showed me some face! In particular, the one that helped Titans’ block the skill just now, it was too detailed!]

[This is why I said that the coach and Titans are true love.]

[I have one thing to say. If you meet someone willing to help you block a big move then you should marry him.]

[I don’t know what you’re excited about. He just luckily happened to wait there and fought a wave. It isn’t like they won.]

[Don’t you know what AI’s jungler level is like? Now watch him be played and cry in the jungle, haha.]

[That’s right, Coach. Are you still watching the barrage? It is really true that dogs can’t spit out ivory from their mouths.]

[Yes, be careful in the jungle. AI can really do anything!]

Lin Yan glimpsed the barrage while waiting for his resurrection and replied, “Yes, I know. Let him come.”

His tone was lazy and didn’t have much ups and downs. It was because his tone was so calm that the arrogance instantly became heavier.

The entire live broadcast room was instantly covered with [666].

There were also sunspots who came out. [You are still pretending to be awesome. You will cry later!]

On the other side, the two newly resurrected men walked out of the high grounds again. DeMen asked as he rushed to his lane, “That jungler just now… is it a GH player?”

AI thought about it. “I remember that GH’s jungler is a newcomer. This jungler has a strong awareness and feels like a veteran.”

DeMen frowned. “Then which team is that jungler from?”

AI was silent for a moment because he didn’t know how to answer. “At present, I can’t see who the style looks like. In short, be careful. I will try it again.”

If it were just a simple anti-gank then it could just be a coincidence. However, the position of the grass where the other side ambushed was really too great. It was obviously the result of careful consideration. It was as if the other jungler had long guessed there would be such an ambush.

It was this point that made AI uncertain about the identity of the opponent for a while. He could only temporarily narrow the scope to a few professional players. However, the collisions that followed caused all his assumptions to be overturned one by one.

AI looked at the avatar on the statistics list with a deep look, in his eyes. This jungler was probably not any player he knew. His consciousness was much stronger than all those people.

As everyone knew, the jungler was the only existence that didn’t need to be tied to a lane and it played a vital role in controlling the team’s rhythm. As the current league’s well-deserved top jungler, AI had won the title of ‘jungle area artificial intelligence’ due to his perfect gank layout every time.

However, in this game, there were some problems with passerby teammates who couldn’t keep up with the rhythm but the opposite jungler seemed to see through AI’s planned route and could always accurately obstruct his perfect gank.

It wasn’t just that. He usually liked to classify his own territory as the opposite jungle area but he never once caught sight of the figure he wanted to catch no matter where he waited. From investigation to anti-reconnaissance, everything was first-class. His ganks failed one after another. This useless work was undoubtedly very scary for a jungler.

The game was continuing but AI couldn’t wait for it to end. He wanted to go out and see who the opposite jungler was.

Lin Yan had been a tactical analyst for two generations and naturally reached the pinnacle in terms of combat awareness. He might not have studied this god-level jungler in advance but he quickly inferred movement route predictions through the gank rhythm of the early stage of the game and the positions of the passerby to show the perfect anti-gank play.

However, it wasn’t just AI who was sighing at Lin Yan’s keen judgment. Lin Yan was actually somewhat cursing in his heart. It was worthy of someone who was called a phenomenal player along with Jing Yuanzhou. The entire rhythm of this AI jungler was really too fast!

Almost every minute and every second continued the follow-up layout, putting Lin Yan under a tight rhythm throughout the entire process. In order to avoid being led by the rhythm of the other side, he didn’t dare relax for a moment.

There was almost no opportunity to breathe throughout the entire game. All this was still under his unilateral defense. He wasn’t ready to actively organize an offense. The rhythm was too tight and the pressure it brought was obviously huge. This was just an ordinary glory game and the sense of oppression was so strong. If it was changed to officially meeting PAY in the arena…

Lin Yan’s lips couldn’t help tightening and he had two thoughts. First, he never wanted to meet this jungler AI again. Secondly, the subsequent training plan had to be arranged as soon as possible. He needed to prepare more.

He complained in his heart while saying, “Hurry up.”

Jing Yuanzhou paused slightly before replying, “Okay.”

10 minutes later, the game ended. The total time was 45 minutes and it had gone into the late stages.

Fortunately, the team members didn’t fail Lin Yan’s strict defense. In addition, Jing Yuanzhou gradually opened the gap with DeMen and this allowed them to trade three for five before finally reaching the high ground.


It had been a long time since Lin Yan had carried out so many sophisticated calculations in the game. He let out a long exhale and couldn’t help reaching out a hand to rub his temple. “I’ve only heard about it before. Now I know that AI being called an artificial intelligence is really not for nothing. Does he usually play games like this? I am so tired after such a game. Doesn’t he feel tired at all?”

[Hahaha, you have to feel the machine jungler to understand.]

[Ai still hasn’t taken off in this game. Coach, if you have time then go and see how he flies around the entire field!]

[The five great demon kings are called that for a reason. This question has been asked in an interview before. According to AI, he belongs to the stream of consciousness jungler and isn’t tired at all.]

[Look at the coach struggle. Titans, aren’t you going to comfort him?]

[Ahhhh, the opposite jungler is really AI! He suppressed AI’s jungler!]

[What nonsense about suppressing! Running around the map and avoiding the other side’s ganks, is this called suppression?]

[Hey, if the above person is so capable then go and try! Why act pretentiously here?]

[Aren’t I telling the truth? What do you want to infer from a passerby game? Won’t it be PAY abusing them once it is on the field?]

Lin Yan’s eyes fell on this sentence and he remembered something. “Right Titans, open the data of this game.”

Jing Yuanzhou knew what this person wanted to do without asking and directly clicked on the statistics interface in a cooperative manner.

The game was over so they could see the game IDs of both sides. As previously speculated, the opposite side was indeed PAY’s DeMen and AI, At this point, under each ID was the total data in the game clearly listed. In the data comparison, Jing Yuanzhou’s output and economy were obviously much higher than DeMen.

Lin Yan glanced at it with satisfaction. “Are those people who jumped out still here? Now that the data is released, shall we take a look? The two side lane heroes in this game don’t have a suppressing relationship. The comparison is very objective. Forget the question of who is stronger between Titans and DeMen. From the performance just now, I will say that Titans is undoubtedly the top side-laner player. It shouldn’t be an exaggeration?”

Then he laughed. “Of course, if people insist on being blind and can’t see such big data then I understand. After all, it isn’t easy to be a brainless sunspot.”

The sunspots lurking in the live broadcast room and waiting for an opportunity to move, “……”

F&k, why was this man still thinking about them?!

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2 years ago

I love how without any constraints, LY is extremely strong, and it was implied so in the past when he managed to help win for his team before falling behind the scenes. Here I absolutely love that JY gets fall back to his natural play style with LY’s support.

2 years ago

I love LY too. I wonder if he will talk about his past to JY at one point?