CAMP: Chapter 61

Fans had been looking forward to it for a long time but since the last live broadcast, Lin Yan had never played doubles with Jing Yuanzhou. They never imagined there would be such good treatment today so they immediately filled the screen with the barrage.

[Wow, is this a benefit after entering the professional league?]

[The Parent combination is open again. I love it!]

[Since the day of the finals, TItans’ death wanderer has left me dreaming about it. Will I be lucky enough to watch it today?]

[Right, I want to see the death wanderer too! Titans, show off a good hero and protect your coach.]

[Taking someone to gain points is to let them experience the feeling of lying down and winning. I’m not doing it for myself, it’s for the coach.]

Jing Yuanzhou just finished adjusting his equipment when he glanced at the barrage and corrected it. “I’m not bringing him with me. He is taking me to score points.”

Lin Yan had just started the game and he heard such a sentence when he entered the voice chat channel. He couldn’t help glancing sideways at this person. “Doesn’t your conscience hurt?”

Jing Yuanzhou was unmoved. “I’m just telling the truth.”

Lin Yan raised his eyes and didn’t continue to talk. He accepted the invitation to form a team. Then he thought about it and took advantage of the queue to open Jing Yuanzhou’s live broadcasts room.

The barrage was still scrolling on the screen.

[Hahaha, that’s right. Doesn’t your conscience hurt?]

[So Titans is originally like this.]

[Sure enough, the mouths of all professional players are deceptive ghosts.]

[You aren’t bringing him? Be careful that the coach won’t team up with you next time!]

It might seem harmonious overall but it was inevitable that some people would come out from time to time to say strange things. However, they were soon banned by the housekeepers.

Even Jing Yuanzhou’s live broadcast had so many demons making trouble despite the large number of fans protecting him. It was enough to imagine what was happening in the other live broadcast rooms.

Lin Yan had this thought and scanned the training room. He looked around and found that the others’ expressions weren’t filled with righteous indignation. He was relieved and retracted his gaze.

Then Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard in his ear. “What are you playing?”

Lin Yan discovered that the queue had ended. He banned a hero and replied casually, “I’ll fill any spot.”

Everything seemed very logical except for the new avatar in the banned area. Once the audience clearly saw the hero that Lin Yan had banned, the entire barrage was covered with overwhelming question marks. [???]

[No… Coach Lin, if you are kidnapped then please blink?]

[Wake up, Titans is your teammate! Why are you banning the death wanderer? Let him take you to lie down!]

[Did the coach’s hand slip? Shouldn’t this hero be left to the opposite side to ban?]

[You are stupid. How can the other side know that Titans is here? It is impossible to ban it!]

[Titans, when did you offend Coach Lin? Love each other to death?]

Jing Yuanzhou lit up the side lane sign on the BP interface and glanced at the content on the barrage. “It’s too late to coax him. How can I offend him?”

Lin Yan saw the barrage had turned into a sea of ‘ahhhh’ and couldn’t help saying, “If you want to see Titans’ death wanderer then you can see it on the field next time. There is no need to watch it during the live broadcast. There might be a chance for it to appear on the field. If we go too far in the live broadcast then it might really sit in the banned position the whole season.”

[Coach, aren’t you thinking too much? This grave of this hero in the banned position is already more than 10 meters higher.]

[A team that dares to release death wanderer for Titans in the professional league hasn’t been born yet.]

[Wanting to see Titans’ death wanderer in the professional league? You might as well bring a bouquet of flowers directly to the grave of this hero.]

“There should always be a bit of hope in life.” Lin Yan spoke noncommittally. “Perhaps we will be lucky and encounter a team where a player has shaking hands?”

Barrage: [Hahahaha.]

Some fans still didn’t give up. [Titans, you should control the coach.]

Jing Yuanzhou replied, “I can’t control him. He usually controls me.”

The barrage was completely choked up.

[Titans, you’ve changed.]

[Titans, you’ve changed +1.]

[Titans, you’ve changed +2.]

During the conversation, the first game officially began.

In this game, Lin Yan was in the support position. He looked at the side lane player walking to the front of the line with his sickle and also slowly and leisurely made his way to the middle lane. He helped clear a line of soldiers before moving to the bottom lane to protect the shooter.

A game with passersby didn’t have too many twists and turns and it saved a lot of brain cells.

Lin Yan crouched in the grass to help the shooter look at the field while glancing at the top lane from time to time. Not surprisingly, there was a very efficient harvest of heads. Within minutes, Jing Yuanzhou had completely suppressed the other player so that he didn’t dare go out of the tower.

Putting aside everything else, it was very easy to team up with Jing Yuanzhou. After all, no matter what type of teammate he was matched with, Jing Yuanzhou could always steadily clear the lane. Pushing the lane was more important than anything in a game with passersby.

It had really been a long time since Lin Yan paired up with someone in the voice chat. However, he recently tried it with Jing Yuanzhou and found that his adaptation to this man’s voice was better than expected.

It was also in a closed voice environment. In the past, he had unwillingly tried it with other people but the result wasn’t too optimistic. Now the voice in his ears was changed to Jing Yuanzhou. It was very strange but he didn’t have the same uncomfortable feeling as before. This man’s voice was deep and magnetic. When it was transmitted through the headphones, it was like temptation amplified by countless times.

It was precisely because he hadn’t played such a comfortable game for so long that before he knew it, he was immersed in the process. Based on the current situation, he wouldn’t feel repulsed even if he played for an hour.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan who was squatting in the grass had a strange thought in his mind. ‘If there are four Jing Yuanzhous then perhaps it is no longer impossible to play a team match.’

In this round, Jing Yuanzhou directly won the lane by himself and the shooter also developed well under Lin Yan’s protection. In the end, they won without any suspense. The two of them quickly re-entered the queue.

Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard. “Don’t fill the position this game. How about playing jungler?”

Lin Yan didn’t understand what he meant. “huh?”

“Your support stays on the bottom lane all the time and it is too far from the top road.”


[Is it my illusion? What is this unexpected dog food?]

[Can it be understood as the furthest distance in the world is that between the top and bottom lanes?]

[I’m good, I”m really good. This is indeed the CP I’ve been waiting so long for!]

Just then, the queue ended. After entering, they saw that Lin Yan once again banned the death wanderer without hesitation.

Barrage: […]

[I suspect the coach is suggesting we shut up but I have no evidence.]

[I don’t blame you. I’m also suspicious.]

[What hatred and grievances? We just want to see Titans’s death wanderer!]

Lin Yan scanned the content of the barrage and gave a low laugh. “Look at the head of the death wanderer in the banned position? The entire grave is here. If you want to see it then look. There is no charge.”

Then he continued to talk to Jing Yuanzhou. “I can play support without staying at the bottom. I can follow the jungler to gank.”

Jing Yuanzhou hummed before asking, “Won’t you feel tired following the jungler around the map?”

Lin Yan thought about it and felt it was a bit reasonable. “That’s true. If I have to run around the map anyway then it is better to hold the knife in my hands.”

He showed the jungler mark on the BP interface to show what he wanted to play.

The two of them had good luck. The players they teamed up with for two consecutive games were reasonable players. There was no position grabbing. The desired positions were successfully taken and the game officially started.

There was nothing special at the start. Lin Yan was usually easy-going when he played jungler. At the beginning of the game, he was generally too lazy to invade the opposite side’s jungle. After confirming that the other jungler had no intention of invading, he scanned the monsters regularly.

On the map, he could see Jing Yuanzhou opressing the opposite player as usual. Usually, there would be an outbreak of blood decreasing by now. However, it could be seen that the blood of the other player was still in a relatively healthy state.

Lin Yan felt it was weird. Then he heard Jing Yuanzhou’s voice in the headphones. “Be careful of the opposite jungler. We should be matched up with people from PAY.”

“PAY?” Lin Yan heard these words and quickly came up with two names in his mind. “DeMen and AI?”

“Yes, I am pretty sure it is DeMen on this side road.” Jing Yuanzhou didn’t stop his operation as he paid attention to every detail of the opponent. “If I’m not mistaken, he should be lining up as a pair with AI.”

He paused before adding, “They should’ve recognized me as well.”

The conversation was passed through the headphones to the live broadcast room without any omissions. The originally lively barrage paused for a moment before exploding.

[F&k, matching with DeMen and AI? Are the ranking points of these two people already so high?!]

[This isn’t the point! The coach is just playing jungler for fun in this game. What should he do when he encounters an emotionless machine like AI?]

[Wuuuu, I regretted not seeing the peak match between Titans and DeMen. Is God helping me realize my dream now?]

[What peak match? DeMen can’t beat Titans, okay?]

[That was previously but it isn’t necessarily the case now. Titans was willing to play in the secondary league for so long. Who knows if his strength has deteriorated or not?]

[Deteriorate? You are the paralyzed one!]

[The key point is wrong! Clearly the key point is that AI is the opposite jungler! Dangerous! Big danger!]

[It’s okay. It’s just a casual game. If you lose then you lose.]

[In other words, Titans and the coach don’t need to feel too much pressure. Just play casually.]

The sunspots who had been afraid to speak up previously finally came out.

[Hey, what type of warmth is being sent? Didn’t you say that GH is capable of rivaling professional teams? Now you are counseling them?]

[That’s right. Your Titans is so godly. So what about the people of PAY? Isn’t the goal of the GH team the world championship?]

[I think Titans really isn’t capable anymore so he looked for the secondary league to act pretentiously. Why else would BK not want him?]

[The entire Internet ridiculed GH as not having enough strength for a reason. Lie down and let AI abuse you.]

[I just wanted to say, you bragged about weak people and now you can’t pretend to be pretentious, haha.]

[Titans is now weak. It’s you brainless fans who haven’t realized it.]

The people came to say a few words and were soon banned by the housekeepers. However, Lin Yan had a hunch and had been paying special attention to the barrage. He had already seen everything.

“Isn’t it normal to match against professional players in the Glory competition? There is nothing to be nervous about.” He smiled slightly and spoke slowly. “Everyone, do you think it is strange that our team broadcasted collectively today? The reason is to respond to certain comments on the Internet. GH is indeed the first team to be promoted through a variety show but this shouldn’t be why we are questioned. I won’t mention the strength of my players here. As long as you have seen our live broadcasts then I believe you will intuitively experience it. As for Titans…”

At this point, he paused and his eyes narrowed slightly. “As everyone knows, our club spent 35 million to bring him over. It’s really hard to say that BK doesn’t want him. Still, since some people are questioning it, they should watch this game closely. I believe you will soon know if Titans has become stronger or weaker.”

Jing Yuanzhou had long been accustomed to the contents of the barrage but he hadn’t expected Lin Yan to suddenly say this. He instinctively glanced sideways and saw this person’s eyes shining with a rare fighting spirit. His mouth uncontrollably curved up as if infected by this person.

Then he would win this game.

Proofreader: Nao 

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