CAMP: Chapter 60

The next day, by the time the others woke up one after another, it was already noon. They heard the message notifications in the team group chat and sleepily clicked it casually. Then they became stunned without warning.

Lin Breeder: Are you awake?

Titans – Jing Yuanzhou: Perhaps not yet.

Lin Breeder: It seems they are really tired these days. They actually haven’t gotten up at this time.

Lin Breeder: @Titans – Jing Yuanzhou are you hungry? Come down to eat first if you’re hungry.

Titans – Jing Yuanzhou: Not bad.

Lin Breeder: Wait a minute. I asked the auntie to keep the lunch warm. Once they wake up then we’ll eat together.

Titans – Jing Yuanzhou: Yes.

It was obviously a very ordinary conversation and the content was even common. However, since these two people had a yellow and a pink head, a different taste inexplicably emerged.

Jing Yuanzhou’s WeChat profile picture had been SpongeBob SquarePants from the beginning. They could naturally recognize it with one glance. The key lay mainly in Lin Yan’s new profile picture. It was soft and pink. At first glance, they thought a girl’s heart was overflowing. This was P-Patrick Star?

Jian Ye was still lying in bed when he clicked on the team group chat. Once he saw it, his first reaction was, ‘Have I not woken up yet?’

He stared at the ceiling for a while before his phone vibrated twice. He opened it to take a look. It was obvious that others had the same questions as him.

Gloy – Gu Luo: Coach, why did you change your profile picture?

Lin Breeder: Huh? One person woke up?

Lin Breeder: This was sent to me by Titans yesterday. Isn’t it cute?

Gloy – Gu Luo: Yes.

Gloy – Gu Luo: Cute.

Lin Breeder: I saw you weren’t awake just now and even went to look for it specially.

Lin Breeder: What do you think of these profile pictures? Are they cute? I’ll send them to you.

After speaking, Lin Yan posted several images in the group in the blink of an eye.

Jian Ye stared intently and saw Brother Octopus, Snail, Sandy and Karen in turn.

Jian Ye, “……”

He couldn’t help appearing in the group.

Gun – Jian Ye: Coach, you have a good eye.

Lin Breeder: You woke up as well. See which one you like and change it too?

Gloy – Gu Luo: Huh? Us too?

Titans – Jing Yuanzhou: Do you want to change? [Smile]

Gloy – Gu Luo: ……

BB – Bi Yaohua: ……

Abyss – Chen Yushen: ?

Gloy – Gu Luo: I… don’t want to.

BB – Bi Yaohua: Why change it? It’s good for you and the captain. We won’t join in on the fun.

Gun – Jian Ye: Oh, is everyone up? I’m so hungry. Let’s eat, eat!

Lin Breeder: Okay, let’s go down to eat first.

Judging from the tone of Lin Yan’s last sentence, there was a lack of interest in everyone’s attitude. After a while, everyone came downstairs and sat in the dining room one by one. Today, the aunt had cooked a very rich meal. Lin Yan ate with everyone for a while but was still unwilling to give up. He asked again, “You really don’t want to change your profile picture?”

Jing Yuanzhou also smiled slightly as he looked at everyone. “Yes, do you want to change it?”

This expression was exactly the same as the smile he had just posted in the WeChat group. They were obviously mild and gentle words but why did Gu Luo and Bi Yaohua feel a deeper meaning? Their backs became slightly cold.

Gu Luo couldn’t help lowering his head.

Bi Yaohua coughed and said, “Don’t be polite. Coach, it’s particularly suitable for you to use with the captain.”

Jian Ye didn’t think much. He pondered on it  while eating before replying, “I’m fine…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gu Luo next to him secretly stepped on his foot. Due to the pain, he choked back the second half of the sentence. “Hiss—! Gloy, what are you doing?”

Gu Luo still had his head obediently lowered to eat his meal. He didn’t raise his head as he responded harmlessly, “I’m sorry Brother, my body is still a bit uncomfortable and I can’t control my feet.”

Jian Ye, “???”

‘I remember that you just have a little discomfort regarding your stomach. Now you have epilepsy?’

Lin Yan saw that his suggestion was rejected twice in a row and couldn’t help pouting as he sighed. “They are really cute…”

Jing Yuanzhou comforted him in a timely manner. “Yes, they are cute but these people don’t know how to appreciate it.”

Bi Yaohua and Gu Luo, “……” ‘Captain, doesn’t your conscience hurt speaking like this?’

They were silent for a moment but controlled their twitching mouths. They buried their heads and ate their meal. The moment the meal was over, Lin Yan finally gave up on changing the profile pictures and brought the topic back to business. “Right, you just woke up. Have you seen Weibo yet?”

The members of GH, “???”

Lin Yan knew the answer as soon as he looked at their expressions and explained without any surprise. “The Burning Hot official side has officially announced our team’s professional qualification and the club’s publicity department has cooperated with the official Weibo to promote it. Later, remember to log into Weibo and forward it. As for the comments, you don’t need to read them. They aren’t important and it is just wasting time on those idlers.”

Listening to Lin Yan’s words, everyone knew that the sunspots must’ve started commenting again. Therefore, they all took out their mobile phones without hesitation. They completed the forwarding one by one before immediately… clicking into the comments area below. The series of movements was natural and unforced and showed how skilled they were.

“……” Lin Yan sincerely told them, “If you can maintain this type of execution in every game then it really won’t be difficult to win.”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help smiling.

Regardless of whether it was Burning Hot’s official Weibo or GH’s official Weibo, the two contents used the official business format. It was nothing more than congratulating the successful conclusion of the first season of Burning Hot Assembly. Then it congratulated GH for being the first team to advance to the professional league through this format and it announced the list of all teams participating in the autumn competition. Lastly, it wished all teams to strive for success in the final official competition of the season.

Since the news had been released this morning, there were already tens of thousands of comments below and it was continuing to rise. Now that the GH players forwarded it, the comments area that was originally filled with demons creating chaos became filled with gunpowder instantly.

The style under Burning Hot’s official Weibo post was probably like this:

[Previously, I thought the officials merely started a variety show with a hot head yet a team actually entered the professional league?]

[This is playing too much.]

[Isn’t this a variety show team? Is defeating secondary league teams like IBB considered great?]

[What one of the teams in the professional league hasn’t come up using hard work? Why can a team like GH directly occupy a spot?]

[Hey hey hey, did the people above watch the show? Don’t act pretentious when you didn’t watch.]

[Let me teach science to the brainless black fans. GH won the game with LARK, okay? Why are they unworthy?]

[What is so good about this type of trash show?]

[Just wait. I’ll laugh to death once they enter the professional league.]

[The official promotion channel is formal. If you aren’t convinced then find the officials to make trouble!]

[E-sports is a place where the powerful have the right to speak. Why can’t I ridicule an opportunistic team?]

Meanwhile, GH’s official Weibo post became a battlefield between the fans and sunspots.

[I’m laughing to death. I sprayed water the first time I saw the official announcement about the promotion quota.]

[A team without strength definitely won’t be recognized. I guessed it early.]

[Do you really think you have the strength of a professional team just because you won against a few secondary league teams?]

[Arrogant GH Club. Buying a hot search and marketing accounts everywhere. Aren’t you afraid of becoming a joke after spending so much money?]

[Objectively speaking, the GH team does have strength. If it was done step by step then I guess not so many people would be mocking them now.]

[The above are all speaking nonsense. Why can’t GH win the professional qualifications using skill?]

[Just wait! I’m looking forward to the fall when GH sends all of you home.]

[Additionally, Coach Lin said previously that the air tickets will be reimbursed collectively!]

[GH fans are really good at talking. What team in the professional league is easy to bully? Be careful not to cry on the field after being abused!]

[There is a saying that the problems with the GH players are worse one after another. They step on the forbidden line so smoothly. Don’t get a penalty before the game starts.]

[That reminds me of a joke. BB seems to still have half a month left for his suspension.]

[Hahahahahaha, the Trash Talk  King seems to be in a hurry. Will he renew his suspension package?]

Bi Yaohua was reading the comments and he slightly raised an eyebrow when he saw this last sentence. Before his fingers could touch the screen, he felt the gazes of his teammates fall on him. He looked up at his teammates and couldn’t help blinking in confusion. “Why are you looking at me?’

Jian Ye wondered with a serious face, “We’re wondering when you’re going to start showing your real skills.”

Bi Yaohua, “……”

He lowered his head and glanced at the Weibo comment area again. Then he snorted disdainfully. “Don’t worry, I’m not so idle that I will talk to these guys on Weibo. What is the meaning? It’s better to start a live broadcast. At least that can be positive.”

The others had been angry seeing the comments area. They were taken aback when they heard this before their eyes lit up. “Yes, we should start a live broadcast!”

There was no point in arguing with these brainless sunspots on Weibo. It was better to start a live broadcast and directly show their skill level. A superb show of strength was the best way to block these people’s dirty mouths!

They thought this and all turned to stare at Lin Yan.

Lin Yan looked at them strangely but there was a faint smile on his face. “There is no training scheduled for today. If you want to do the live broadcast then can I stop you? There is nothing else to see. It’s your free time. Just remember to prepare the fine money in advance. This won’t be reimbursed by the club.”

Bi Yaohua grinned. “Of course!”

Jian Ye twisted his wrists. “Okay, what are we doing here? If you’re full then go to the training room to f&k them!”

The sunspots saw the GH players repost the official Weibo and were enjoying themselves in the comment area. As a result, they hadn’t had enough when they saw the live broadcast platform notification popping up on their mobile phones.

Previously, to make it more convenient, the sunspots set a special attention for everyone in GH. Now all five players, including Titans, started a live broadcast!

It was GH’s first public appearance since they officially qualified for the professional league. The moment Jing Yuanzhou started broadcasting, the popularity of his room rose by several million in minutes. He didn’t turn on the camera and there was just the sound of him checking his equipment. Then Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was faintly heard. “Shall we line up as a pair today?”

Moments later, a voice passed through the headset and entered the live broadcast room. “Wait for me to turn it on.”

Barrage: [!!!]

The author has something to say:

Lin Yan: Why are you so reluctant to change your profile pictures? Aren’t the profile pictures chosen by me cute enough?

Jing Yuanzhou: It isn’t your problem. They just have bad vision 🙂

Proofreader: Nao 

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HAHAHAHA, JY wanting to monopolise and make the spongebob profile pics a couple thing XD Honestly, the GH all having matching profile fics would’ve been so cute, but alas….

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Agree! Kinda hoping that they will also change their profile picture too…

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No deben dejar a los hijos fuera, esperando +2

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