CAMP: Chapter 6

After the Burning Hot official Weibo published the official announcement of the ‘Burning Hot Assembly’ show, it was instantly topped by fans in the hot search. In a short period of time, the official Weibo comments area was completely occupied.

[Is there a mistake? There aren’t many world champions and some of them belong to the first group—?]

[Doing a variety show where the winning team is directly qualified to enter the professional league? Then why work hard in the secondary league?]

[Tell a joke: A group of pretty boys playing e-sports. Hehehe.]

[Looking at the meaning of the official announcement, what type of messy teams will participate? Is it a group of chickens pecking at each other?]

[Pecking and pecking, who is better than everyone else?]

[Evil capitalism. Sure enough, the e-sports circle can’t avoid being corrupted.]

[I will put it here. This variety show that dabbles in the circle will become paste.]

[Top person, black-boned chicken and Japanese Spanish mackerel!]

Lin Yan picked a comfortable posture and lay on the couch. He almost sank into it as he read the comments on the official Weibo with great interest. Just look at this heat. This variety show would definitely be popular.

He faintly heard the sound of the door opening. He looked up and caught a glimpse of Luo Mo hurrying in. “How about it? What did the program team say?”

Luo Mo had just made a trip to the League Headquarters and his entire body was surrounded by the heat of the sun.

At this time, he couldn’t even drink a mouthful of water. He immediately handed over the information in his hands. “I asked them. As long as our sponsorship funds are in place, there is no big problem with the quota. The main thing is that we should have the list of team players as soon as possible. It must be done before the show starts to build momentum at the latest.”

The variety show was different from the professional league. It was still in the capital market and as long as enough money was invested, it wasn’t surprising that a place could be successfully obtained.

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow when he heard the second part. “Why? Are you afraid that we can’t get together a team?”

Luo Mo cleared his throat and didn’t answer. They were currently located in the GH Club base that had just been constructed. According to Lin Yan’s requirements, the decorations and furnishings all showed off a wealthy style. It was just a pity that it was empty and not popular.

The two of them stood here and gazed at each other speechlessly. Lin Yan was more like a commander who was just talk.

Lin Yan read Luo Mo’s complicated mood from the sudden silence and cleared his throat. “Don’t worry. The transfer period hasn’t started yet. Once the transfer window opens, won’t a lot of bigshots pick us?”

“……” Luo Mo felt a little deaf and quickly changed the topic. “There is no need to hurry with other people but you have to urge God Jing. If you can’t dig him over then you have to quickly consider other candidates. The people of the program team said that each team needs to have a coach and a captain as the team leader. These two places needed to be determined as soon as possible and submitted.”

Lin Yan casually said, “It’s fine. Just fill in my name as the coach and the captain will be Jing Yuanzhou. As for the other procedures, wait until the transfer window is over.”

“However, God Jing’s side…” doesn’t seem to have agreed?

Lin Yan glanced at him. “Do you think I can’t handle him?”

Luo Mo shook his head repeatedly. “No, I didn’t say that.”

“Why aren’t you going then?” Lin Yan kicked his assistant away with a smile. He drove this person out and then picked up his phone to click on WeChat.

His gaze lingered on the yelled head for a moment before he typed: [God Jing, if you have time, do you want to visit the base of your future club?]

Perhaps Jing Yuanzhou was holding his phone at the time but the reply was received instantly. [Yes, send me the address.]

Oh, he promised so readily! Lin Yan smiled with satisfaction. His fingertips tapped out some words as he skillfully completed the input and sent it.

After a while, Jing Yuanzhou asked him: [You brought the BOD base?]

Lin Yan had nothing to do so he simply chatted with the other person. [Yes, it is too troublesome to re-select a site. In any case, there is a ready-made one. It is more convenient to buy and redecorate.]

The development of e-sports meant there were more and more products of survival of the fittest every year. Everyone knew how difficult it was for a team in the secondary league to enter the top professional league. However, in fact, there were teams that were eliminated even after officially entering the professional league.

For example, the BOD Club that officially announced its disbandment this year.

Lin Yan thought this great god was caring about his future living environment and added: [Are you dissatisfied with BOD’s previous old-fashioned style? Don’t worry, we have redecorated. It is definitely more stylish than BK.]

In saying so, he leaned back in an exaggerated posture, took a photo and sent it to the other person.

In the BK lounge, Jing Yuanzhou opened the photo that was just sent but his mind wasn’t on the decorating style with a strong sense of technology. His eyes stayed on the face in the photo for a moment. He didn’t reply and directly sent a voice call invitation.

Lin Yan hadn’t expected Jing Yuanzhou to be so ‘active.’ The man’s excessively seductive voice appeared in Lin Yan’s mind and the hand holding the mobile phone shook uncomfortably.

Lin Yan, “……”

F*k, this homosexual man was mistaking people!

Jing Yuanzhou waited a while but the call wasn’t connected. He frowned and was about to hang up when the other side finally pressed the confirmation button.

Lin Yan’s voice came through the communication device and it sounded lazy and casual. “God Jing, what’s the matter? Is there any problem with the transfer contract I gave?”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “There are such good conditions. How can there be any problems?”

He had already seen the transfer contract left on that day. No matter the conditions, this was the highest treatment that could be given in the league.

On behalf of the BK Club, Manager Wang had wanted to keep him. He originally went to see the contact but came out with his chest covered. There was no other reason. The focus was the only special clause that required no modification.

Since the Burning Hot League had started, the transfer fee had soared from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. The rising currency couldn’t be ruled out but it was enough to see the development prospects of e-sports.

This was followed by several adjustments to specific rules. According to the current official regulations of the league, after the listing transaction was completed during the transfer period, a part of the transfer fee would be given to the original club and the other part would be regarded as the basic signing fee for the professional player.

As for the specific ratio, most of the time it defaulted to the 7:3 split. Of course, some clubs had a special conscience when dealing with old players who decisively played for the team and occasionally a 6:4 situation occurred.

The terms would clearly be marked in the three way transfer contract but the specific division ratio was usually a matter of negotiation between the old team and the player. There was no need for the new boss who acquired the player to worry too much about it.

However, in the contract that GH provided to the BK Club this time, the sharing ratio had clearly been filled out. It wasn’t 7:3 or 6:4 but an unprecedented 3:7. Jing Yuanzhou’s basic signing fee accounted for 70% of the transfer fee.

What was this concept? It meant that despite the sky high price of 35 million yuan, the profit obtained by the BK Club wouldn’t even offset the initial 18 million yuan income commission under normal circumstances.

It was right that Lin Yan didn’t ask Manager Wang to look at the transfer contract in person at that time. Jing Yuanzhou suspected that if it was put forward, Manager Wang might really choose to fight hard.

Now that the people of GH had already left, Manager Wang was faced with this horrifying contract and the only person he could negotiate with was Jing Yuanzhou. If it was said to Lin Yan then Manager Wang could use the excuse of fighting for the best treatment for his player. However, in front of Jing Yuanzhou, he wouldn’t be able to speak.

The team’s sudden promotion of a new player would undoubtedly offend Titans’ huge fanbase. At this time, if the matter of the team forcing a modification of the transfer fee sharing clause was disclosed, the blame of harsh treatment would undoubtedly be placed on the team. Once their reputation fell, the series of consequences would be hard to estimate.

BK couldn’t take this risk. Therefore, unless Jing Yuanzhou himself clearly stated that he wouldn’t go to GH, BK’s management could only accept this loss no matter their resentment. No matter how one looked at it, GH’s approach had the meaning of ‘buying people’s hearts.’

Previously, Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t quite understood why Lin Yan wanted him so much. Then he saw the news about the league’s e-sports variety show and he understood it instantly. GH wanted to get the qualification for the professional league from this variety show and the best candidate for captain was indeed Jing Yuanzhou.

A phenomenon-level player like Jing Yuanzhou, who had accumulated a reputation over the years, had a public opinion effect that was far beyond the young players just starting out. Once the variety show started, the name Titans alone would make this controversial show attract attention.

Combined with the follow-up gimmick of ‘highest transfer fee in the league’ to build momentum, it was basically foreseeable the bloody storm that would be caused after the list was published.

Jing Yuanzhou thought up to here and chuckled.

The operation of reverse bargaining might indeed seem crazy but it was actually paving the way for all the roads behind it in one fell swoop. This could be called an extremely shrewd business decision.

Based on Jing Yuanzhou’s attitude, Lin Yan guessed that the other side had received this ‘great gift’ from him. He smiled lazily and tacitly changed the subject. “If it has nothing to do with the contract, does Captain Jing want to cultivate our feelings in advance?”

Jing Yuanzhou had become used to this person’s uninhibited manner of speaking and got straight to the point. “Since you bought the BOD base, didn’t you think of taking over their players as well?’

According to his understanding of Lin Yan after several encounters, Lin Yan would definitely give him a thorough understanding of other players, if there were any, in order to fight to get him to join. Since there had been no mention until now, it was obvious that he hadn’t accepted any of the BOD players.

The star players of BOD had transferred as early as two years ago but the remaining players were also professional players. For a club that was just starting out like GH, the opportunity to buy a team could be called a golden opportunity.

However, Lin Yan seemed completely unmoved. This was something that most people wouldn’t understand. As a result, Lin Yan’s simple and rude sentence directly solved all of Jing Yuanzhou’s doubts. “Of course, it is because they are too weak!”

Jing Yuanzhou was taken aback for a moment and then he almost laughed out loud. He didn’t know how a club that didn’t have any players could have such confidence to call professional players weak. Still, he had to admit that the rest of the people left in BOD were… pretty weak.

Lin Yan’s logic was still full. “If they could play a little bit then their club wouldn’t have shut down. Why would I buy them? I can’t let them kill my house again, right? Then won’t I cry?”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t control his mouth. “Yes, you are right.”

For some reason, the low voice coming from the phone combined with a lazy of pampering and ambiguity made the eloquent Lin Yan suddenly fall silent.

Jing Yuanzhou walked to the window and cast his gaze to the distant sky. “What about me? BK replaced me because I am declining. Aren’t you afraid?”

Lin Yan chuckled. “Don’t joke around. If Titans is declining then I will eat all the keyboards in the club.”

“Are you so certain?”

Lin Yan changed to a comfortable position and buried himself in the sofa, his face full of willful confidence. “Let me tell you this. The failure of BK’s management to find your position at the peak of this club is their own problem. It has nothing to do with the player’s state. Many things need to be done by the coach instead of assigning all the responsibility to the players. The worst thing is that BK isn’t willing to take responsibility. Of course, some responsibilities really can’t be afforded by people who are incapable. To put it bluntly, they can’t do it themselves.”

Jing Yuanzhou raised his eyebrow. “Oh? And you can do it?”

Lin Yan smiled. “Can I do it? Won’t you know if you try it yourself?”

The surroundings became quiet after he spoke. Lin Yan became conscious and scratched his face with his fingers. It seemed like he accidentally said something bad again?

Then Jing Yuanzhou replied, “Probably. I have tried it.”

Lin Yan heard this and couldn’t react for a while. “Huh?’

“Nothing.” Someone seemed to be coming to JIng Yuanzhou. There were some intermittent conversations and then his voice was heard again. “I have something here. I will contact you this afternoon.”

Lin Yan followed this person’s direction very nimbly. “Okay, I’m waiting for you~!”

The voice call was suddenly cut off.

In the BK lounge, Ku Tianlu maintained the posture where he poked his head in and hesitated. “In fact, it isn’t anything important. Or… Captain, you can talk a bit more?”

Jing Yuanzhou put his phone back in his pocket. “No, let’s go.”

Ku Tianlu’s gaze stayed on the suspicious blush that was faintly visible at the base of this man’s ear and couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Who was the person on the other side of the phone? It was a pity that the captain had never spoken to him and his other teammates so tenderly.

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2 months ago

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again: it seriously has got to be a talent to say such ambiguous things and not notice 😂