CAMP: Chapter 56

In a BO5 match, victory or defeat in the first game was very decisive, not to mention that GH’s win was quite beautiful. The entire scene was filled with the shouts of the audience.

Back at the bench, Bi Yaohua let out a long sigh. “Yes, this is the feeling of the home field! Do you hear that? There are so many people calling my name BB. As expected, my popularity is as high as ever!”

Chen Yushen was originally shocked by the captain’s last words. He only came back to his senses after hearing this and he couldn’t help giving a reminder. “But Brother Trash Talk, they are shouting… BB dog son.”

Bi Yaohua glanced at him in a puzzled manner. “Isn’t it all me? Is there a difference?”

“…No difference.”

Among everything else, Bi Yaohua’s black fans were indeed quite excited. These people’s fighting power was very high compared to other normal fans. Wave by wave, they gradually started a big chorus.

In desperation, the director could only control the live sound effect and switch the camera to the two commentators. The two commentators took advantage of the rest time to review the highlights of the previous game. Unsurprisingly, all the bright moments were of Jing Yuanzhou.

Gu Luo took advantage of this pause to go to the bathroom. Lin Yan didn’t stop him and instead reminded him to ‘go early and return early’. Then he focused all his attention on his notebook again.

Jing Yuanzhou sat down to drink water. He glanced sideways at this serious expression and leaned over slightly. “Is there a problem?”

The players played the game on the field while the initial BP process was the coach’s battlefield. These few short minutes determined if he could fight for the most beneficial environment for his team.

Lin Yan didn’t even raise his head as he replied, “No, I just feel that I am forcing IBB’s coach to be a bit anxious.”

Hearing this, people might think this person had a rare sense of compassion. Then he paused and continued, “So I want to see if I can continue playing his mentality in the next game.”

Jing Yuanzhou had just taken a sip of water and hadn’t swallowed it. At this time, he was careless and suddenly choked. He coughed a few times before giving a low laugh. He held back his last laughter at Lin Yan’s stare

Once Gu Luo came back from the bathroom, he was greeted by the staff to go and make preparations. The short rest time was over and everyone was ready to start the second game.

Due to the obvious mistakes made by IBB’s coach in the first game, the BP process for this game attracted attention. Soon, all of IBB’s bans were officially locked in. Two ban positions were undoubtedly given to Jing Yuanzhou and the last one was still reserved for the healing support GH had used in the game against LARK.

The commentator Brother Rabbit Hat laughed. “It seems that GH’s warm-up match really left a deep impression on the IBB team. They have obviously made up their minds not to let GH use the same lineup today.”

Commentator Cry Cry nodded. “In fact, it is understandable. Before they are able to find a better coping strategy, the best way is to cut off the possibility of the lineup appearing. IBB’s ban positions are within my expectations. On the contrary, it is unexpected that GH would give two bans to a shooter.”

This time, the big screen cut to Lin Yan. There was his usual smile on his face as he opened his lips to talk. It was unknown what he was saying. The lineup selection of the two sides proceeded in an ordinary manner until GH locked onto their third and fourth heroes. Then IBB paused on the final two choices.

“IBB’s coach has constipation every time…” Bi Yaohua complained. He couldn’t help tilting his head and asking curiously, “Coach, what do you think IBB will take?”

Lin Yan replied without hesitation, “Forest witch and holy light elk.”

He just finished speaking when IBB officially locked onto the heroes. It was indeed the two heroes Lin Yan mentioned, the forest witch and holy light elk. So far, from IBB’s first hero to their last one, the lineup was exactly the same as Lin Yan predicted.

Jian Ye couldn’t help admiring him. “Coach, it’s crazy. You actually guessed the entire lineup. Are you a prophet?”

Even the referee who was listening to their voice chat couldn’t help being amazed.

Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly. “It isn’t surprising.”

No matter whether it was the banning or selection, every step he made was to drive a wedge in the most uncomfortable position of the IBB lineup. The coach of IBB had to consider the team members in the layout so he had no choice but to follow Lin Yan’s guidance.

Lin Yan raised his head to look at IBB’s zone. He could see that the coach had a somewhat ‘nothing left to live for’ expression. Yes, this was a familiar look.

The BP process was over and the second game officially began. Everyone recovered from their shock at Lin Yan, the immortal of the BP process, and seriously devoted their attention to the game. They might have been crushed in the last game but it could be seen that the mentality of IBB’s players had indeed been adjusted well.

The moment the game started, the two sides started a very active battle in the jungle. There was a wave of testing without any heads given. Then they returned to their own areas to develop separately.

Five minutes into the game, the two sides collided head-on in the canyon monster area. Obviously, no one wanted to miss the team experience and buff given from killing the buff. There was a long standoff but no team chose to give in early.

In the end, GH took away three of the opponent’s heads and lost two. Fortunately, the most powerful boss buff fell on their heads and it was a small profit. As one of the ones who had tragically died, Bi Yaohua lay on the ground waiting for the resurrection time and couldn’t help sighing. “IBB’s state has been adjusted very quickly. They are so active in this round. Look at them just now. That brutal and violent appearance is like they really want to win.”

“Brother Trash Talk, who doesn’t want to win?” Jian Ye was preparing to follow Chen Yushen to the other side’s jungle. He casually restored some health while not forgetting to give a signal to Gu Luo on the lane. “The people from IBB didn’t come to the jungle. I think that they are ready to go to your lane. Pay attention.”

After hearing Gu Luo’s response, Jian Ye continued to appease Bi Yaohua. “Still, don’t worry. Didn’t the coach remind us to endure the pressure in the early stage? Put up with it and it will be over. After 20 minutes, everything will be fine.”

Bi Yaohua glanced at the current game time and couldn’t help smiling. “God, everything will be fine? Wait 20 minutes? It isn’t even 10 minutes right now!”

However, he was just using words to feel refreshed. The moment he resurrected, he hurried down to the lane quickly. He saw a wave of soldiers arriving at the tower and quickly used his transmission skill to directly fly over. For every shooter, wasting a soldier’s economy was a real sin.

JIng Yuanzhou glanced at the current economic situation of the two sides and spoke quietly, “Gloy and Abyss should go to the bottom lane to support more. I can handle this place myself.”

They had been training together for so long that the others in GH immediately understood. “Received!”

Obviously, their captain was ready to block the economic line in the upper half of the field. From the audience’s perspective, it could be found that GH’s main area of activity was compressed to the lower half of the map.

IBB’s shooter was able to enjoy VIP treatment and receive the opponent’s special care.

The bottom laner first received GH’s jungler. After the jungler came, he saw the mid-laner. Soon after the mid-laner came, he saw the jungler again… sometimes GH even gathered four people directly to form a mahjong table.

During this period, those who could cross the tower would definitely be killed. However, if they saw the other IBB team members waiting, then GH would definitely turn around and leave without hesitation. No matter how turbulent, their retreat was straightforward.

This was what Lin Yan had taught them during the training period. The main point during the weak period of their lineup wasn’t to complete more kills. It was to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm as much as possible. It was clear that under such frequent harassment, the original stable development rhythm of IBB had unknowingly fallen into chaos.

During this whole process, Jing Yuanzhou had been in his lane without saying a word and had knocked down half the health of one of IBB’s towers.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat saw it and shook his head. “The impact of the first game on IBB is too great. I can understand their fear of Titans but by deliberately avoiding contact with the top lane, they allowed such an ace player to develop alone. It really isn’t a good choice.”

“There is always the feeling that IBB’s coach was confused by GH’s continuous tricks and there is a problem with the layout itself.” Commentator Cry Cry sighed. “The first 20 minutes of the game should’ve been the strong period of IBB’s lineup. If they were tough then it would probably have a good effect. However, 20 minutes have passed and the advantage of the lineup is about to gradually weaken.”

“The important thing is that Titans is really too well developed.” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat looked at the current economy on the field. “While the bottom half is all tangled up, Titans has basically controlled the top half of the map from the economy, the soldiers and the entire jungle of IBB. Based on the current equipment situation, the moment he joins a team battle then IBB’s lineup will probably explode instantly.”

Commentator Cry Cry thought about it. “Then what if IBB tries to avoid team battles…”

“It is difficult.” Brother Rabbit Hat analyzed it objectively. “GH’s harassment tactics are very effective. IBB’s shooter is at the core of their tactics and the current development is a bit miserable, not to mention that GH doesn’t give them a chance to catch them. In other words, IBB needs to protect their shooter in order for him to develop as soon as possible. This is a very serious problem.”

He paused slightly before continuing, “We can only see if IBB can take advantage of the last moment before the strongest period of GH’s lineup.”

It was clear that although he didn’t express his position, he didn’t quite understand IBB’s performance today. Based on the situation of several episodes, he thought that both teams had a chance to become the final champions today. He didn’t expect it to be such a crushing situation on the field. Most critically, no one knew where the problem lay.

By the end of the second game, IBB failed to find a chance to counterattack and GH destroyed their base crystal.


The match point belonged to the GH team! It was an instant sea of cheers for GH’s supporters regardless of whether it was live at the venue or in the live broadcast room.

[Ahhh, the Go Home team send them home!]

[Zero seal! Give me a zero seal! Win the championship in one go!]

[I seem to see the hope of 3:0.]

[F&k, it’s strong, really strong!]

[Don’t say anything else, the rhythm of this game was really good.]

[Titans is too strong. There is no doubt he is a pillar of the team!]

[I’m in tears. They’re coming. They’re really going to enter the professional league.]

[Titans, we will always wait for you to come back!]

[Go Home team, rush! Send IBB home!!!]

On the other side, the long-time IBB fans fell silent. They saw on the screen the IBB players returning to the bench to rest with frustrated expression and couldn’t help being in a trance. Were they really too confident before?

However, IBB was clearly a team that had reached the top of the secondary league…

Was it true that GH, a new team, was actually strong enough to stand in the professional league?

Proofreader: Nao 

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6 months ago

tbh, i dont they’re bad its just their coach is lacking so much and players need some improvement on game sense, which is the two that gh(linyan and jingyuanzhou) great at.

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