CAMP: Chapter 55

Once the LARK team left the field, the recording finally returned to the two main teams. Staff members indicated for the two sides to enter their areas to make final preparations. Since the GH team won the previous warm-up match, the original smell of gunpowder in the venue had somewhat lightened.

After all, it didn’t matter which of the two teams won the finals. At least they didn’t have to bear the infamy of being unfit for the professional league. It was a happy ending for all.

The two teams had previously played against each other in the entertainment game. The people of GH were slightly less in awe of IBB being the opponents in the finals. From their current state of mind, it seemed to be easier than playing the previous warm-up game.

The commentator Brother Rabbit Hat was obviously still immersed in the previous game against LARK. “I have to say that the routine used by GH just now was exquisite and other teams should learn from it. Forget LARK, even if another professional team faced it then they might not be able to find a good response in a short period of time.”

Commentator Cry Cry added, “I am now more curious about what the IBB coaching staff is thinking after watching the game just now. I suddenly look forward to GH using the lineup just now again. It always feels quite interesting.”

“Then it depends on whether IBB lets it go or not.” Brother Rabbit Hat smiled and brought the content of the dialogue back to the field very professionally. “Okay, the BP process for the first game has officially started. Let me take a look at the BAN selection for both sides. Wait a minute! Why did I feel that the banned lineup of heroes on the GH team’s side looks a bit… familiar?”

The audience hadn’t noticed it and were immediately happy when they heard these words. It was more than deja vu. This was obviously the same banned lineup from the last game against LARK! A lot of people couldn’t help discussing it.

“They are banned in every game. Do these heroes restrain GH’s tactics so much?”

“I’m more concerned about whether GH is going to use the same routine again?”

“Two games in a row is easy to target, right? I actually want to see how this lineup can be targeted.”

“GH exposed it too early! If I was IBB’s coach, I would directly ban the core of this lineup!”

“I wonder if GH hasn’t prepared any other tactics? They used it directly when playing against LARK. Now won’t the effect be reduced against IBB?”

“It is either the Go Home team sending others home or they go home on their own. The early exposure of tactics was done by GH itself. Look!”

“Still, this lineup is very cool to play. My blood was boiling from the game just now.”

“I agree. It doesn’t matter if they do it again. In any case, it looks good!”

At this time, IBB hadn’t used its last banned position and IBB’s coach seemed very hesitant. Time passed and he still didn’t take any action. Bi Yaohua was eager for a big fight so he couldn’t help frowning when he saw this. “What is the coach of IBB doing? Is he constipated on the spot?”

Gu Luo groaned in pain. “Brother Trash Talk, stop talking. I drank a lot of water just now and I’m afraid I will really need to go to the bathroom.”

Bi Yaohua was choked up. “How many times have you been to the bathroom today?”

Gu Luo, “……”

Lin Yan’s gaze skimmed over the huge field and stayed on the frowning eyebrows of IBB’s coach. Then the corners of his mouth curved up. “Don’t worry, I dug a hole here. They are just hesitating over whether to jump in or not! I don’t blame them. It is really difficult to choose so be patient.”

The moment he spoke, IBB made their choice in the last few seconds. Lin Yan saw the banned hero that appeared on the screen and almost laughed. “They jumped beautifully!”

Everyone in GH was stunned when they saw IBB’s last banned hero. Jian Ye was the one who was most at a loss. “Why are they banning my support hero?”

Jing Yuanzhou gave a low laugh. “Mainly because the coach has excellent chess skills.”

The others momentarily had minds full of questions. What did this have to do with chess? It wasn’t until they saw the banned lineups on both sides several times that they reacted and gave a thumbs up to Lin Yan. “Coach, your heart is still the dirtiest!”

It was really superb chess skills. Their coach played a big game of chess!

Originally, the lineup against LARK in the previous game was entirely based on Lin Yan’s temporary intentions. Although the BP tactics used against different teams couldn’t always be interlinked, Lin Yan had full confidence in his set of tactics. He didn’t deeply study LARK’s system so he simply applied the banning strategy he had prepared to fight IBB.

At that time, the GH players hadn’t thought too much about it. They thought their coach was just lazy. It was only at this moment that they found the coach had dug a hole in advance and was waiting for IBB to jump in on their own.

After all, the game just now with LARK was too thrilling. IBB had watched the entire process. Then the exact same banned lineup appeared suddenly, reminding that the GH was preparing to follow the same tactics. It was hard not to think too much.

There was LARK’s terrible ending and IBB’s coach naturally couldn’t take it lightly. As a result, the original layout they prepared for GH was completely disrupted. It could only be said that it was worthy of engaging in tactics. The psychological games were simple one after another. Who would’ve thought that starting from the BP process in the previous game that Coach Lin had already started to work step by step?

Now IBB’s coach was caught. A banned position was wasted on a support hero that Jian Ye wasn’t planning to choose. At the same time, they naturally had to release another hero.

Lin Yan successfully set up IBB. Regardless of the cheers of the team members, he took Jing Yuanzhou’s famous hero first—the death wanderer.

At this point, the image on the big screen locked onto IBB’s zone. The moment Lin Yan locked onto the hero, the coach’s face turned completely green. Originally, if this banned position hadn’t been wasted on the healing support then the death wanderer would be the last banned hero.

Anyone who paid attention to the professional league knew how scary two specific heroes were after being taken by Jing Yuanzhou. One of the heroes was the side lank tank with damage. The death wanderer had now fallen into GH’s hands.

Once this hero was selected, it wasn’t just the venue. Even the barrage of the live broadcast room was completely crazy.

[F&k, I want to know what IBB is thinking. Don’t they want to win? They actually released Titans’ death wanderer?]

[Putting everything else aside, IBB’s courage is something I admire.]

[It’s time to play the war song. Just~ for the pain of love and attachment~ for the hurt of hate and persistence~]

[Haha, the sister in front, why do you make such sounds? Continue~ my shaking hands can’t stop~ I can’t forgive~]

[Didn’t IBB do their homework ahead of time? Isn’t it common knowledge to ban Titans’ death wanderer?]

[I feel like the coach has become completely dizzy from the previous warm-up match.]

[It is cold, cold as soon as the game starts.]

[Isn’t this bragging too much? Isn’t it just letting out a hero? Is Titans strong enough to beat five?]

[At first glance, the previous person is too young. Haven’t you seen the previous world games? It is really one-against-five.]

[Really one-against-five… there are also highlights on the website. It isn’t ordinary one-against-five but one-against-five in the World Competition.]

[Don’t mention it, I will cry when mentioning the past. The best Titans in the world is actually playing this type of game here.]

[Oh, what do you mean by playing this type of game? Your Titans is so noble that he doesn’t want tickets to the professional league?]

At this point, the entire BP process had been completed. Lin Yan gently patted Jing Yuanzhou on the shoulder before leaving. “This is all I can do for you. It is up to you.”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t look back and just raised his hand in an ‘ok’ gesture. “Don’t worry and leave it to me.”

His tone was very calm. Once the first game officially began, he still maintained this calm attitude and opened the slaughter that belonged to Titans.

Unknowingly, all the disputes and ridicule on the Internet finally fell completely quiet in the face of this excessively cruel killing figure. Only the opponents who came into contact with it on the field knew how terrifying Titans’ death wanderer was.

In addition to this hero, there was another one called titan. Therefore, all the teams that played against BK wouldn’t be stingy with two banning positions. They used them on this man without exception. Such an approach naturally had a reason. It was because he was too strong so they were afraid.

However, it was precisely because they were banned by the opponent in every game that Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t used the two heroes on the field in a long time. As a result, some people gradually forgot the fear of being dominated by the death wanderer.

Now, the figure standing on the big screen was once again sounding the alarm to everyone. The death wanderer who was once equated with Titans’ ID, once it attacked, the corpses were all over the place.

In the game, Jing Yuanzhou got 15 heads and 8 assists. He was undoubtedly the MVP. At this time, regardless of whether it was the commentators or the audience, everyone saw the shocking statistics on the big screen and couldn’t recover for a long time.

One game of the finals was over and GH had won with a complete crushing.

From a distance, they could see the figure standing up in the GH zone. On the screen, they saw Jing Yuanzhou smile softly before saying something quietly.

By this time, everyone had already taken off their soundproof headphones. Naturally, this sentence wasn’t broadcasted but it clearly fell into the ears of Chen Yushen sitting next to him. Jing Yuanzhou’s voice sounded somewhat emotional. “It’s been a long time since I’ve used the death wanderer. As expected, it is still a bit out of practice.”

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1 year ago

Pfffft 25 heads and 8 assists is a bit out of practice lolllll

1 year ago

his level is waaaaaay beyond ours LOL

3 months ago

Out of practice he says 😂 It is a good thing this sentence wasn’t boradcasted, or people might’ve directly expired from anger