CAMP: Chapter 54

The moment the lineups of both sides were locked, the audience more or less already had a subtle feeling that couldn’t be said. Now that the commentators mentioned it, they immediately reacted.

Under normal circumstances, the main outputs of the team should be the middle and bottom lanes, the two Cs. There weren’t many teams like GH who played a melee killing style all year round. In addition, the support was good at safety. Basically, in order to ensure some safety during team battles, Titans on the side lane would often take a front row tank type when choosing heroes.

In this round, forget the fact that the mid-laner Gloy maintained the same as before. Titans actually chose a semi-assassin type hero and even the assaulter Jack used by BB was an instant burst type. Add in the jungler and based on calculations, there were four assassins in the team.

What would it be like to have four assassins on one side in a game? The answer was naturally: kill or be killed.

The game had just started. The audience saw that the LARK team had chosen two fragile C-positions and their eyes were full of sympathy. Farewell. May there be no killing in Heaven.

As the line of soldiers attacked, the opponents rushed out of the highlands. LARK couldn’t see GH’s movements but the audience could see it clearly. Apart from Bi Yaohua who arrived in his lane and started to gain economy, the other four rushed directly to LARK’s jungle, silently like cats in the grass.

After a few seconds, LARK’s side-laner could be seen passing by, completely unaware of the opponents.

In fact, it wasn’t that LARK’s side-laner wasn’t careful enough. If the GH team wanted to invade the jungle then it would inevitably collide with LARK’s side lane under such a route. It was just that there was an unprecedented time difference. The main reason was that Jian Ye didn’t choose to learn healing skills at level 1 as before. Rather, he directly upgraded a group acceleration skill.

It wasn’t until LARK’s side-laner finished killing the first wave of soldiers without seeing Jing Yuanzhou’s figure that he had a bad feeling. This choice to retreat was sharp and simple but the four GH players who cleared the entire field had already rushed out of the blind spot behind him.

Chen Yushen simply took away the first head on the field.

[First Blood!]

The sudden outburst of the first kills stunned the other LARK players.

LARK’s mid-laner glanced at the top lane and saw the four of them killing the soldiers there. He took advantage of the time when the mid-laner wasn’t present to knock down some of the health of the defense tower. A professional player’s grasp of the timing was fairly meticulous. He didn’t mean to be too greedy and was planning to withdraw after a few hits.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he turned his head, he collided with four figures emerging from the grass. The heart of LARK’s mid-laner jumped. Then the skills of three assassins were used at the same time. The LARK player couldn’t react at all and his health was instantly emptied. As for the ownership of the head, it was such a chaotic situation that it was almost like a lucky draw. It ended up with Gu Luo who had better luck.

Looking at the darkened screen, LARK’s mid-laner couldn’t return to his senses for a long time. He clicked on the opposing lineup in a daze and looked again. Only then did he figure it out.

The main reason for his time estimation just now was mainly because he ignored the displacement skills of the assassin heroes. These skills were usually normal but once combined with the acceleration of the support, the effect was simply like ‘flying’ once they started to wander around the map.

LARK’s mid-laner touched on the essence of GH’s lineup and couldn’t help feeling disgusted. He looked at his jungler who had half the jungle taken from the start and sighed in his heart. This start was a bit difficult…

Viewers with the god’s perspective were fortunate enough to see GH ‘fly’ through the canyon.

The second successful kill caused the audience to explode completely while the live broadcast channel was covered by a barrage of ‘666.’

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat was still amazed by the wonderful lineup for four assassins in GH but now he started to feel distressed for the LARK team. “GH, this is just the start of the game and they have already broken up the deployment of the LARK team! The jungler’s economy is a bit miserable now. He has lost half his jungle in the beginning and it is unrealistic for him to go to GH’s jungle area. The biggest problem right now is how to get back their own rhythm. After all, the early outbreak of GH is too high. If they let the ganking continue like this, LARK will probably collapse soon.”

Such a simple truth was naturally also known to the LARK team. However, the hardest thing was being able to do anything even if they knew. GH’s full displacement lineup combined with the group acceleration meant they were simply like a gust of wind.

In addition, Jian Ye directly abandoned increasing the amount of healing and at the beginning of the game, he used all his economy to synthesize a support acceleration device. This made the configuration even more insane.

There were the acceleration skills combined with the equipment active skills bonuses—what was the concept of acceleration after both were used simultaneously? The most accurate way to express it was that GH directly cleared the soldiers in the top lane and then ganked in the bottom lane. The time spent during this period was only around 5 seconds.

Such mobility could no longer be described as ‘flying’. It was more like a group teleportation. It was almost impossible to guard against.

By the time 10 minutes passed, the LARK team had been ganked four times in the top lane, three times in the middle lane and three times in the bottom lane. As for the jungler, he was even more tragic… GH seemed to like detouring down the side today so after he entered his own jungle, he had the experience of encountering their affection at the corner from time to time.

The lethality of the assassins meant not a single move could be made. Even the tank type heroes with support equipment couldn’t escape the fate of being killed in seconds, let alone the weak defense heroes.

Lin Yan sat in the player seats and listened to the exclamations of the audience behind him. The corners of his mouth gradually rose with the complete collapse of the LARK team. As he said before, their odds of winning a BO3 might not be great but it wasn’t difficult to win by surprise if it was just one game.

This type of weird lineup was actually easy to be targeted. Their biggest advantage was that this system didn’t leave enough room for LARK to react.

Lin Yan didn’t watch the gradually increasing gap on the big screen anymore. His eyes were fixed on a figure in the combat zone. Despite the surprising turn of events all around him, Jing Yuanzhou’s attitude was still calm. However, it was due to this person’s precise command that this extreme operation could be done.

From a bystander’s point of view, the rhythm of LARK was already completely lost under the crazy gank that wandered the map. Only Lin Yan, the tactical strategist knew the drawbacks of this lineup better than anyone. If the commander himself lacked a field control ability then they would probably lose control first before the LARK team.

He was willing to come up with this plan at this time precisely due to his trust in the captain’s strength. It was clear that Jing Yuanzhou was almost perfect.

The fragmented LARK team had lost its ability to group up and advance. In the end, it was crushed by GH. GH pushed to the high ground and to the base crystal.

The outcome was decided.

Lin Yan smiled slightly as he heard the cries of the audience. How should he put it… it was worthy of being the man he took a fancy to?

The members of GH came back after finishing the game and the LARK fans in the venue were no longer as excited as they were in the beginning.

Bi Yaohua was very satisfied with this. After raising his head and pouring some water into his mouth, he smiled and said, “Sure enough, e-sports still depends on strength. No matter what, this scene has returned to us. The feeling of the world being quiet is really great.”

Gu Luo was also drinking water. He almost choked when he heard these words and raised his head in shock. “Is it appropriate for you to say this?”

Bi Yaohua reached out and shook his finger gently in front of Gu Luo. “You don’t understand. People who make noise will never think they are noisy. If you don’t believe it then you can try it.”

Gu Luo’s mouth twitched slightly. “Thank you, I don’t want to try it.”

Chen Yushen had been playing quite freely and now he whispered, “No matter what, we have blocked the mouths of those cursing us.”

He finished speaking and the surroundings were quiet for a moment.

Everyone clenched their fists and felt the desire to fight. Now there was only the match with IBB left.

In any case, Jian Ye rarely used a healing support as a team accelerator like he had done just now. Everyone was happy but only he felt a bit uncomfortable. He sighed and couldn’t help looking at the field in a curious manner, ready to move. “The warm-up games are over. When will the finals be played?”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the two commentators who were standing on the stage and answered, “It should be after the LARK team leaves.”

LARK didn’t leave after the match but was arranged by the staff to go to the center of the stage. The audience were presumably aware of what was going to happen and suddenly fell quiet. In particular, the fans of the LARK team couldn’t help covering their eyes.

LARK hadn’t performed well in the mid-season competition and inevitably suffered a lot of attacks online. It was precisely due to this that they worked hard to show their strength in the two warm-up matches, wanting to win both.

Unfortunately, they were caught off guard by GH’s strange trick and lost a game. They were indeed a bit regretful but if they lost then they lost. There were no excuses, just like their unsatisfactory performance in the mid-season.

AT this time, the captain of the LARK team took the microphone that Cry Cry handed over and the entire venue fell silent. There were a few minutes of silence before he spoke. He used this platform to express his guilt to all the fans who supported them.

Throughout the speech, everyone listened carefully. At the end of all his words, the focus was the last sentence. “…LARK has let down your expectations this year. We are very sorry.”

Then all the LARK players stood in a row and faced the camera, bowing deeply. They maintained this 90 degree bow for a long time. The name of the LARK team started to be shouted. This time, no one complained about anything.

After waiting a long time for the LARK team to leave the field, Jian Ye couldn’t help sniffing. “F&k, isn’t the program’s staff too poisonous? Doing this before the game… I am sad enough to cry!”

Bi Yaohua glanced at him with disbelief. “No, why are you so emotionally delicate?”

Jian Ye didn’t answer. His mouth twitched and he raised a leg to give this person an unreserved kick.

Lin Yan watched the team arguing in an amused manner. Then he noticed that Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze was still on the passage backstage. He leaned over and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you infected by this kid?”

“That’s not it.” Jing Yuanzhou heard his question and smiled faintly. “I was thinking what my retirement scene will be like.”

Lin Yan hadn’t expected to hear such a sentence and couldn’t help freezing for a moment.

Then he slowly elongated his tone. “I really don’t know this but one thing is for certain. It won’t be as tragic as it is now. At least when you retire, it will definitely be with the trophy of the world championship.

The look in Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes slightly froze. He turned his head and met Lin Yan’s eyes. After a pause, he laughed in a good mood. “Listening to your words, it suddenly feels quite good?”

Lin Yan couldn’t help handing over a bottle of water to block this person’s no good words. “Forget this first! I spent so much money to buy you and you want to retire now? The finals will be coming soon. Quickly moisten your throat and don’t think about anything else.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled and took a sip. “Yes, this water is good.”

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1 year ago

It’s kinda crazy to think that in the original plotline JY was forcefully retired and implied to never to play professionally again? But here, he has so many opportunities to shine and packed with LY’s tactics to fully utilise his strengths, and LY promising that JY’s retirement will end with a championship is so sweet.

1 year ago

GH jiayou!!! ლ(^o^ლ)

28 days ago

Ai JYZ don’t think about such unlucky things 😥
I also wonder what part of LY’s words made JYZ freeze? 👀 Did he let something slip and I didn’t realize?