CAMP: Chapter 53

As the countdown to the live broadcast began, everyone went to the waiting room. On the way, they saw the members of the LARK team in the distance. Their poor performance during the mid-season meant there weren’t too many smiles on their faces. The players might have received makeup but their tiredness was still visible to the naked eye. The GH players saw them and couldn’t help sighing inwardly.

Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t familiar with the LARK members but there had been a few occasional meetings. Before the game started, he went over alone to greet them. The others went to the player seats that belonged to their team and waited for the show to start.

They saw Jing Yuanzhou talking to the captain of the LARK team and their expressions were complicated. In fact, they really sympathized with the LARK team’s experience. Then they thought about warming up against a relegation team of the professional league and immediately discounted this sympathy.

Gu Luo couldn’t help looking at the time again. “Why haven’t we started yet? If we don’t start soon… I want to go to the bathroom again.”

Chen Yushen told him, “Don’t run around. Just stay here.”

Jian Ye also looked back at Gu Luo’s face. “Didn’t you just go to the bathroom? You want to go again? I haven’t seen you like this before. Why are you so nervous today?”

Gu Luo replied in a dull voice, “I’m fine. In addition, Brother Gun, I don’t believe you aren’t nervous at all.”

Jian Ye cleared his throat. “After all, it is the finals. There is a bit of nervousness but it can be adjusted.”

Gu Luo secretly rubbed his sweaty palms together before finally expressing his worries, “In fact, it’s nothing. The main reason I’m afraid is that what will the captain do if I don’t play well? There is also Brother Trash Talk who is also from the professional league. It is bad enough that they have to accompany us to play this type of variety show competition. If we fail to win the championship… or even if we win the championship, if we lose to LARK and cause them to be ridiculed…”

He probably didn’t dare think about it anymore and fell silent.

Bi Yaohua, the incomparably wronged existence in Gu Luo’s mouth was quite calm in contrast. “You don’t need to worry about it. It is fine as long as I have a place to play the game. If we can win then we will win. If we lose then I will find an opportunity to play in the secondary league. What is the big deal? This isn’t to comfort you. It is just not as tragic as you said. It isn’t as if there is no way out, Gloy.”

Lin Yan was originally sitting to the side and finishing the tactics. He heard this and felt a bit unwilling to listen. “Who is making trouble again? Where is the fighting spirit I gave you just now? Why are you thinking more and more when coming to the field? It is all the same. Just hit them hard. The idea of retreating isn’t something you need to consider at all.”

He gently tapped on the page with his fingers and laughed. “In addition, there is really nothing to consider. If you lose then you can do whatever you want. I’m different! I am losing money. You don’t know how expensive Titans is. It isn’t as if there is no way out? What nonsense! I will make it so there is no way out! You better fight well or else… hehe, if I really lose my money then I will pack all of you one by one and sell you to the live broadcast platform.”

Jing Yuanzhou heard his name without warning the moment he came back to the player seats. He looked down at Lin Yan and wondered, “What’s wrong with me? Where are you going to sell me to?”

Lin Yan hadn’t expected this person to come back so quickly and couldn’t help choking on the water he just delivered to his mouth. He quickly waved his hand. “No… cough, I didn’t mean to sell you! I can afford your worth! Be quiet for me and don’t think about going anywhere!”

Gu Luo felt his worries disappearing and he finally laughed. “Yes! How can the coach be willing to sell you, Captain?”

Bi Yaohua also joked, “It isn’t like that. Captain is the coach’s person. He isn’t willing to sell you even if he sells all of us!”

Jian Ye didn’t have the thoughts of these two people and simply agreed with the literal meaning. “Yes, Captain isn’t the same as us!”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “I am no different. The contract is in the coach’s hands. To sell or not sell depends on him.”

Lin Yan ignored the words of these people. He saw Jing Yuanzhou sitting down next to him and abruptly changed the subject. “You chatter for a bit. How is LARK’s state today?”

“Their state is pretty good.” Jing Yuanzhou responded as he recalled the content of the conversation. “After all, they suddenly fell to the relegation match and they are a bit unwilling. According to their words, they are prepared for a big fight in today’s warm-up matches.”

“Oh, is the program effect going to explode?” Lin Yan raised his eyebrow slightly. “I thought that after your greeting, they would be much gentler to us on the field. I didn’t expect them not to care about Titans’s face?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “It really isn’t easy on the field.”

Bi Yaohua listened to the conversation between the two of them and his mouth twitched. Then he snapped his fingers. “Yes, this warm-up match will probably be thoroughly heated. The program team looking for LARK is a really beautiful move!”

In the distance, the players of IBB and LARK stepped into their respective zones under the guidance of the staff and started the final preparations for the warm-up match. GH was scheduled for the second match.

Seeing that the two sides were ready, the GH members stopped talking and paid attention to the game. In any case, today was the finals and the scene of the recording was much better than before. Many of the fans present today were fans of the LARK team. As the commentators heated up the venue, the cheers of the supporters took over and they shouted the names of the players they supported.

Gu Luo was amazed. “If I didn’t know better, I would think this was LARK’s home game!”

Bi Yaohua smiled. “This is normal. Their team is coming here to help in warm-up matches. The fans feel unbalanced in their hearts and want to get back a bit of the momentum on the field. It is natural.”

Lin Yan never said a word. His eyes were focused on the big screen.

The BP section was underway. Once the lineup of both sides was confirmed, the expression in his eyes flickered and he made a meaningful ‘oh’ sound. “Sure enough…”

The warm-up match arranged by the program was really messy, especially the timing.

IBB was in the same situation as GH. They naturally had reasons to win the warm-up match against LARK. However, LARK might be weak but it was still a professional league team. Without advance preparations, a secondary league team like IBB would find it really hard to deal with LARK. If they really wanted to go all out, they would expose their tactics before the official finals. Just as GH had been preparing for today, IBB must’ve made sufficient preparations.

LARK’s emergence became the uncertainty that broke their rhythm. If they exposed their tactics in order to win the warm-up match, the losses would naturally outweigh the gains. However, if they simply abandoned the warm-up match, they would likely suffer ridicule even if they entered the professional league.

They couldn’t have both at the same time. The dilemma was if they should retreat first and bear it or fight unscrupulously.

Lin Yan was curious about what decision IBB would make. Then once the lineup came out, he knew he had guessed correctly. Compared to a vague reputation, IBB chose to hold back their tactics and endure the humiliation.

The first warm-up match officially began. The overall lineup for IBB was very regular and there didn’t appear to be any bright spots.

Meanwhile, the LARK team actively created various collisions on several lanes at the start of the game. They dared to fight. They didn’t wait for the mid-stage and directly disrupted the rhythm of IBB. The economic gap started to widen hugely. However, IBB’s lineup was stable. If they dragged it out to the later stages then there were some chances to reverse things.

Brother Rabbit Hat was a commentator and he analyzed the pros and cons of the situation on the field to the audience.

The atmosphere at the scene was tense. However, LARK didn’t give IBB the opportunity to delay and survive. The game ended with a push to the high ground in the 30th minute. Seeing IBB’s base crystal being smashed, Bi Yaohua covered his chest with sympathy. “This is a loss… I was counting on IBB but as expected, we have to rely on ourselves.”

Lin Yan got up from his chair and clapped. “It’s our turn. Let’s go.”

LARK won the first warm-up match and the venue was a celebration of the fans. One after another, the shouts became higher than a wave. They called out the names of the LARK team neatly and uniformly, hitting the heart again and again. The venue was so exciting that it could be guessed how hot the discussion on the Internet was.

It was only when they came to their zone and put on the soundproof headphones that the GH members finally felt the world was a bit quieter. Chen Yushen slowly breathed out and calmed his mood. “It’s too noisy.”

It was louder than Brother Trash Talk.

Jing Yuanzhou adjusted the volume of the headphones and reminded them, “Don’t be affected by the environment. It will be noisier than this after entering the professional league.”

Bi Yaohua tried the sensitivity of the mouse and sighed. “Still, when we were playing, there were fans of both sides. What about today? Our team and IBB are clearly the protagonists? Isn’t LARK being a bit too noisy?”

Gu Luo nodded. “It is really unpleasant.”

Jian Ye was relatively indifferent but once he heard his teammates’ words, he followed up with a comforting sentence. “Since you are unhappy, just pay them back on the field.”

Lin Yan stood behind them with his notebook in hand. At this time, he connected to the voice channel and he naturally heard their words. He couldn’t help laughing. “Forget everything else, your sense of territory is quite strong. Remember what you said and get it back later, you know?”’

Everyone in GH responded in unison. “Yes!”

The equipment check was complete and the second match started. It soon entered the BP section. The two sides quickly completed the ban selection under the guidance of their respective coaches. Looking around, it could be seen that they were all powerful heroes often banned in this version of the game.

In the commentary area, the old friends of the show, Brother Rabbit Hat and Cry Cry were enthusiastically analyzing the situation of both parties.

They were old professional commentators in this field. In the previous match, IBB finished the lineup selection and both of them saw that IBB was holding back. Therefore, they became curious about GH.

“I already said that IBB held back its tactics in a strategic move. Although they lost to the LARK team, it is making me look forward to their performance in the finals.” Brother Rabbit Hat kindly helped explain for IBB before returning the field. “After the last match, GH should have a lot less psychological pressure. I don’t know if they will follow the same idea of holding back as IBB.”

“It can be seen that GH first chose Bi Yaohua’s best assaulter, Jack. How do I feel that GH is ready for a big fight in the warm up match?” Cry Cry looked at the information in her hands. “After all, judging from the previous matches of the GH team, it seems no one can figure out the specific routines of their team. Oh yes, you can see that the coach of GH is standing behind the team on the screen. I am very much looking forward to whether GH can bring us any surprises today.”

Brother Rabbit Hat also agreed with this. “I am also looking forward to it.”

As they spoke, it could be seen that the two sides had locked onto their final lineup.

“Then let’s look at the final arrangements made by the teams.” Brother Rabbit Hat moved the topic back. “Oh? The LARK team actually got their best lineup? They might’ve missed the autumn competition but anyone watching the mid-season can find that LARK played well in a few games with this lineup. GH actually let LARK use this set of tactics. It seems the coach is very confident in his team! So let’s look at GH’s countermeasures… er…”

The moment his eyes fell on the final pick of the GH team, the original torrent of words stopped.

After so many years of professional commentary experience, it was the first time Brother Rabbit Hat was in a trance because he couldn’t understand the situation. “???”

What type of strange lineup was this?

His partner Cry Cry barely recovered her senses. “How can I say it? GH’s lineup is really very…”

After a pause, she finally found a relatively appropriate adjective. “Very… original!”

Lin Yan had just come back to the seats after finishing the lineup arrangement and he heard this sentence. He couldn’t help raising his head and glancing in the direction of the commentary platform, his mouth curved in a subtle arc.

Original? It was exactly what he wanted.

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