CAMP: Chapter 52

The others woke up and found Bi Yaohua alone in the training room. The computer interface was still and no game was being played. It wasn’t known what he was thinking.

Jian Ye poked his head into the training room and was somewhat astonished when he didn’t see Jing Yuanzhou. “The captain isn’t here? Did he go out for some reason?”

Bi Yaohua glanced at the time and couldn’t help rubbing his temple from the excessive stimulation. “He should still be sleeping.”

“Sleeping?” Gu Luo also looked over. As the little cutie who cared the most about Titans, he couldn’t help asking, “Did he catch a cold after going out last night?”

They had been with the team for so long that everyone was aware of Jing Yuanzhou’s work and rest habits. The fact that he wasn’t awake yet was indeed a very abnormal phenomenon.

Bi Yaohua was asked this and felt more pain from his head. Even though he usually talked a lot, he didn’t have the habit of exposing people’s privacy. He might be puzzled about the matter of ‘when did the coach and captain get together?’ but he didn’t say anything. He paused before replying, “He should be pure, ly, sleep, ing, alone in his room.”

The others found it strange but didn’t ask much. They went to their respective positions to turn on the computers.

Bi Yaohua noticed that Chen Yushen’s face was darker than usual and investigated it. “Did you not sleep well yesterday?”

Chen Yushen replied, “It’s okay but I have a bit of a headache.”

Bi Yaohua recalled the scene last night and laughed. “It seems that the amount of alcohol you can drink is really bad. Next time, I won’t pull you when I’m drinking.”

Hearing this sentence, Chen Yushen stopped moving the mouse for a moment and looked up. “It’s fine. I can practice.”

Bi Yaohua was stunned for a moment. He looked over the computer screen at Chen Yushen’s expression. Then he couldn’t help laughing, his colorful hair shaking. “What is so good about practicing? It’s better to practice your heroes. Want to line up as a pair?”


Soon, only the clicks of the mouse and the tapping of the keyboard were heard in the entire training room, mixed with some conversation from time to time. This was what Lin Yan saw when he pushed open the door.

He looked at the backs that seemed to be training hard and didn’t say anything. He walked to the side with his notebook and sat down blankly. He didn’t hurry to turn on his phone or light a cigarette in his mouth. He just sank into the soft sofa and stared into the distance.

He didn’t drink much yesterday. Therefore, even though he was drunk, he didn’t have much of a headache after waking up. The only problem was that he didn’t remember much about the specifics, including how he came back last night.

After waking up, Lin Yan tried hard to remember and finally had a few fragmented scenes in his mind. Still, just linking these incomplete scenes together was tragic enough. Lin Yan couldn’t help cursing in his heart and almost snapped the cigarette in his mouth.

He remembered that he forcibly grabbed Jing Yuanzhou in order to accompany him to sleep…

Lin Yan was silent for a moment before closing his eyes due to the pain from his head. Perhaps it was due to the sleeping posture he maintained last night but he felt like his whole body was twisted together. He cursed in his heart and couldn’t help changing his sitting position.

Bi Yaohua had just come out of a rankings game. He looked back and happened to see Lin Yan massaging his waist with both hands. “……”

Sorry, he didn’t want to imagine too much. The problem was that this scene really made it hard not to associate it with other things. Seeing that Lin Yan was about to look up, Bi Yaohua swiftly turned his head back and desperately started the next ranking game.

Lin Yan didn’t have any intention of starting training. After raising his head, he just stared at Jing Yuanzhou’s empty spot for a while. Then he lowered his head and opened the laptop he carried with him.

The next match was the finals. Their opponent was the IBB team, a strong team in the secondary league. Unlike QU who was relatively steady, IBB’s tactics had always been aggressive. The match might not have started yet but he could foresee the fierce collisions that would happen.

Lin Yan had personal contact with this team in the previous entertainment match and this gave him more intuitive insights when it came to formulating strategies. Naturally, it was more comfortable.

However, his attention was always on the empty space and he glanced up at the door from time to time. It was around 3 in the afternoon when Jing Yuanzhou came downstairs. Since he went back and had a good sleep, Jing Yuanzhou’s mental state was obviously much better than it was in the morning. He entered the door and happened to meet Lin Yan’s gaze. He paused for a moment before wondering, “You woke up?”

Lin Yan glanced at the time and gave a low cough. “What time do you think it is?”

Jing Yuanzhou replied quite sincerely, “Sorry, I didn’t sleep well last night and only woke up now.”

Lin Yan guessed it was due to his own virtue last night. Now the candid tone entered his eyes and it seemed to be full of ridicule. He had to resist the urge to cover his face. “It’s fine. In any case, today’s training won’t start until the evening.”

Jing Yuanzhou observed Lin Yan’s expression after entering the door. As he passed by the sofa, he abruptly stopped and his mouth twitched slightly. “Speaking of which, did you sleep well last night?”

Lin Yan couldn’t help lowering his mouth at this knowing attitude. He controlled his guilty conscience and deliberately replied, “I woke up and felt like my waist was about to break. Do you think it was comfortable?”


Bi Yaohua was playing a small-scale team battle when he heard this sentence. The hand holding the mouse slid uncontrollably to the side and directly  knocked the water cup on the table to the ground.

The cup rolled a few times before stopping against a chair. The ground was instantly wet.

Bi Yaohua noticed the gazes of the two people as his screen turned dark because he was killed. He cleared his throat and said, “Sorry, my hand slid, my hand slid. Continue, continue!”

After this interruption, the conversation between the two of them didn’t continue.

For Jing Yuanzhou, last night was truly full of memories but they weren’t necessarily wonderful memories. Apart from thinking about it a few times, it didn’t have any special significance apart from wanting to catch this man to make him have a hard time.

Jing Yuanzhou walked to his seat and sat down. His mouth slightly tightened before he opened it again. “By the way, don’t order any more alcohol at team dinners in the future.”

Lin Yan had originally lowered his head to continue watching the game video that was halfway through the analysis. He heard this and couldn’t help lowering his head even further. He was silent for a moment before responding with a casual attitude, “Yes, no problem. This suggestion is good.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze fell on the back of the man who seemed to be working hard and under the disguise of business. He couldn’t control the expression on his face and smiled silently. Both of them had spoken and the other players of GH naturally couldn’t express their opinions any further. Even Jian Ye could only bitterly agree.

The afternoon was basically spent inside the training room. After dinner, the players officially started the targeted training against the IBB team.

Lin Yan spent the afternoon completing the training schedule for the next few days. Now that it reached the final stage, the program’s staff had cancelled all the daily live broadcast sections and this gave them more training time.

Under Lin Yan’s arrangement, all the time that could be squeezed out was squeezed to death. The plan was presented and it was obviously a devil’s schedule. This training program lasted three days and continued until the afternoon before the live broadcast of the finals.

Everyone still remembered the fact that the LARK team had entered the relegation list and missed the autumn competition. They sighed and completed all the training beautifully. During the training, there wasn’t a single complete and all the members maintained the attitude of wanting to win the championship.

Opportunities would never wait for people. If they missed this chance, no one knew what would be waiting for them later. The days of not seeing the sky passed in the blink of an eye.

Everyone fell asleep early the day before the finals. Then the next morning, they set off early for the recording of the fateful finals. It was still the familiar lounge and the familiar stylist was doing the styling for them.

All the GH players were forced to sit straight in the chair and couldn’t move. This didn’t affect the tapping of their fingertips on their phone screens.

Based on what they experienced during this period of time, they had long been accustomed to the program who liked to do things from time to time. After they received the notice of today’s recording process, they didn’t need to look to know that there was a commotion on the Internet.

Burning Hot Assembly was really serious when it came to doing things.

No one imagined that the program would directly invite the LARK team who had just been eliminated after the mid-season competition. They even arranged a gimmicky warm-up match for the two teams about to go into the finals.

It was good to have a warm-up against the game but it was completely different if the target of the warm-up was LARK. The Internet has long been full of smoke.

[I’m laughing. The program’s staff is still awesome. Whose face are they trying to hit by doing this?]

[It is interesting. If LARK crushes the final two teams on the field, can the subsequent match be played?]

[I think LARK will definitely fight to the death today. It is revenge for seizing their spot!]

[Seriously, if the previous warm-up match is lost then the talent show itself has to be a joke!]

[Is this right? Isn’t it funny if the promoted team can’t beat the relegation team?]

[This variety show is probably the most ruthless one I have ever seen. It is ok to push yourself.]

[I want to know the psychological shadow of the Go Home team and IBB.]

[As I said, just have a good time. It is a variety show team. I really hope they can play well after entering the professional league.]

[Upstairs +1. This is indeed a matter of fun. It is boring if it is too real.]

[It doesn’t matter if GH or IBB wins. It is just a variety show. Although it really would be embarrassing if they lose to LARK today.]

“I have to confess, just now, I want to thank the entire family of the director’s group!” In consideration of his hairstyle, Bi Yaohua was sitting upright like a statue but his hand was swiftly looking through the Weibo comments. “Now the Internet is really looking forward to our two teams playing a good game with LARK? What are these things? Their imagination is really flourishing. We haven’t played yet but they are all acting so high and mighty! What are they saying with their mouths? If the two teams lose today, it doesn’t matter who loses or who wins the championship? It is bound to be the most unworthy relegation team in history? Bah, this group of people. Every time I do something, they are livelier than anyone else!”

Lin Yan placed the schedule in front of him and seemed quite calm and he spoke in a quiet voice, “It’s normal. Netizens don’t care if we play BO5, BO3 or BO1. If we lose then we lose. After all, the winning team will take LARK’s quota in the fall season. If we can’t beat them then our skills aren’t as good and we really have nothing to say. The only good news is that IBB is also facing this difficult test like us. If we lose and they win before we win the finals, the credibility of the promotion place can be slightly improved. Thinking about it this way, we have one extra chance. Can you be happy?”

Chen Yushen had been silent. Now he whispered with an unhappy expression, “No.”

Gu Luo also didn’t want to play this match against LARK. He couldn’t help asking tentatively, “Coach, what do you think our chances of winning against LARK is based on our current strength?”

Lin Yan thought about it for a while. “If you play normally, it is around 3:7?”

Bi Yaohua was surprised. “That’s pretty good!”

Lin Yan looked at him. “I’m talking about us 3, LARK 7.”

Jian Ye coughed. He couldn’t accept it. “Is it so bad?”

“It isn’t bad. How long has LARK been established and how long have we been established? If we are given more time then it wouldn’t be a problem to crush them. Unfortunately, the situation is like this.” Then LIn Yan laughed. “Still, I said that this is under normal playing conditions. Today isn’t a BO3. One game will determine the outcome. I will make some arrangements for you on the field. If some tricks are used then I can probably increase the winning rate a bit. It will become us 7, them 3!”

Bi Yaohua opened his mouth and wanted to complain.

3:7 turned to 7:3. This difference could be called raising the winning rate a little bit?!

Jing Yuanzhou opened a mineral water bottle and handed it to Lin Yan. Then he opened another bottle for himself and took a sip before calmly interrupting everyone’s thoughts. “In any case, just win.”

Lin Yan nodded and was very calm. “Yes, the championship is ours anyway.”

The atmosphere in the lounge heated up.

Meanwhile, the staff stylist beside them had just finished their work. The stylist managed to control the twitching and silently retreated. ‘I have seen many teams in the industry over the years but this is the first time I’ve seen someone so arrogant before the match even starts!’

Proofreader: Nao 

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sometimes u just gotta manifest confidence!

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true, confidence is the key. When you have confidence, it will show good performance. its GH #1 advantage amongst all group haha

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