CAMP: Chapter 51

Lin Yan was really content. He leaned his entire body quietly on Jing Yuanzhou like a pendant.

It had to be said that such a scene was too familiar. Jing Yuanzhou still remembered the first time they met. This man was obediently led by him to the hotel. Then…

He didn’t want to continue thinking about the rest of those memories.

He called a car with the mobile phone app and dragged Lin Yan to wait by the side of the road. It was 1 o’clock in the morning and the surroundings were covered in darkness. Before they knew it, summer had passed. The evening wind seemed to bring a slight coolness that entered their neckline from time to time, scratching bitterly at the skin.

Jing Yuanzhou might be an e-sports player but he had the habit of getting up and running every morning. He didn’t have the professional-specific night owl attribute and he didn’t remember who long it had been since he was awake so late.

Now, the man hanging from his body seemed to light a fire and he felt no sleepiness at all. Lin Yan just leaned quietly against him. The slender eyelashes were hanging down obediently and his expression was blank. His eyes were blurred and there was an unspeakable charm. It made people want to take a bite.

Jing Yuanzhou looked down, his eyes fixed on such a face.

A long time passed before he used one hand to pull this person up as much as possible. His other hand struggled for a bit before dragging down the coat to cover Lin Yan’s body. He unceremoniously covered the entire person like this.

Lin Yan’s eyebrows came together slightly. Perhaps he was thinking about the previous agreement but he was very restrained and allowed Jing Yuanzhou’s actions. Jing Yuanzhou saw this person’s eyes and couldn’t help reaching out a hand to rub Lin Yan’s head lightly. Then he inevitably laughed. Seeing Lin Yan’s current appearance, he couldn’t say if this person’s drinking tolerance was good or not.

The car called by the app was nearby. It made a few turns before soon arriving at the intersection where they were located.

Jing Yuanzhou helped Lin Yan into the car. He adjusted Lin Yan into a comfortable posture, pressing this person’s head against his shoulder before reporting the address of the team’s base to the driver.

The driver was quite talkative. He glanced at the rearview mirror while waiting for a red light and asked with a smile, “Your boyfriend?”

Lin Yan was originally half squinting. Once he heard such a sentence, he suddenly opened them very aggressively and declared sovereignty. “He is mine!”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He pushed Lin Yan back down into his arms and told the driver, “It isn’t that type of relationship for the time being.”

Such an answer fully reflected the art of speaking. It wasn’t now but it didn’t mean it wouldn’t be in the future.

There was a green light and the car started driving again. The driver turned his attention to the front and nodded. “Then I’m not mistaken. You like him.”

Jing Yuanzhou was lowering the car window next to Lin Yan to give him some air. He paused in his actions before smiling slightly. “Yes, I like him.”

He looked down at the man in his arms as he spoke. Perhaps he had pressed a bit too hard just now. Lin Yan was buried deep in his arms and didn’t say anything again. He was breathing peacefully and Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t tell if he was asleep or not.

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. He saw Lin Yan’s hand falling to the side and reached out to grab it. Currently, the posture of the two people was somewhat ambiguous. Jing Yuanzhou didn’t know where to put the hand so he simply held it directly. The fingers were rubbed lightly and silently interlocked. In the quiet atmosphere, he could hear the other person’s heartbeat.

Jing Yuanzhou slowly exhaled and looked sideways out the window. The place where they ate the barbecue wasn’t far from the base. After a few intersections, they reached the gate. Jing Yuanzhou wanted to pull back his hand only to find that Lin Yan had unconsciously held it back.

There was no way. He could only take out his mobile phone with his other hand to complete the payment. Then he carried the groggy guy out of the car with difficulty. The driver’s business was probably quite slow in the middle of the night. As they closed the door, he rolled down the window and teased before leaving, “Your future boyfriend will be very clingy.”

Jing Yuanzhou was taken aback when he heard the words. He looked down at the person pulling on him and the corners of his mouth curved up even more. He watched for a while before finally giving up on the idea of taking photos as commemoration. If it was discovered then Lin Yan would be angry. He didn’t have so many coins to coax Lin Yan.

At this point, the entire GH base was silent. The others had come back first and apparently went to their rooms to sleep.

Jing Yuanzhou had to maintain this weird posture to take Lin Yan all the way back to the dormitory. He found the key from his trouser pocket with difficulty, opened the door and finally put the drunken man safely on the bed. He was about to pull out his hand when Lin Yan suddenly shot up from the bed and grabbed him. “Where do you want to go?”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

Lin Yan was staring at him in this way. He was clearly confused but his eyes were amazingly bright. He grabbed Jing Yuanzhou with one hand and gently patted his bed with the other. He was soft and warm as he said, “Sleep together.”

The languid tone was like an invisible hand grabbing at Jing Yuanzhou’s heart. There was an unbearable taste that was ready to move, quietly emerging from somewhere in his body.

Jing Yuanzhou’s mouth pressed together tightly.

Lin Yan saw this person standing still and frowned with dissatisfaction. Then he used a bit of force to pull Jing Yuanzhou to the bed. Jing Yuanzhou could only choose to sit down on the bed temporarily but his voice and eyes were a bit heavy from impatient desire. “You should rest. I’m going back to sleep.”

Lin Yan obviously didn’t intend to accept his suggestion. “No, we are both here. Of course we will sleep together!”

He frowned for a bit before suddenly remembering something. “By the way… I have many coins here. How much money do you want to accompany me to sleep? I’ll go… get it for you. I have a lot!”

As if to prove his wealth, he turned around to get out of bed. He wanted to go to the table with the piggy bank on it. However, his body was so soft that he barely walked two steps before he weakened.

Fortunately, Jing Yuanzhou had been paying attention to Lin Yan’s movements and quickly pulled him. Under the effect of the sudden force, the two people collided in this manner. They fell back down onto the bed.

Don’t look at Lin Yan’s tall and slender figure. He was 1.8 meters tall after all so this impact could be considered huge. Even so, Jing Yuanzhou had no time to care about the pain. He could feel the man’s body pressed against him.

Lin Yan’s entire face was buried in Jing Yuanzhou’s neck. Lin Yan was drunk and confused and it seemed he hadn’t reacted to what happened yet. His alcohol filled breath gently touched Jing Yuanzhou’s neck.

It was probably because this hit was a bit hard. He instinctively reached out and touched indiscriminately, muttering in a low voice, “Um… it hurts.”

The fingertips wandering Jing Yuanzhou’s chest stimulated his skin and he burst into flames in an instant. Jing Yuanzhou took two deep breaths and held the restless hands firmly, his neck uncontrollably tense. “Okay, I’ll accompany you. I don’t need money.”

It wasn’t known how much Lin Yan had heard. Perhaps he only heard the last sentence ‘I don’t need money’. In any case, he nodded in satisfaction and finally stopped moving. Quiet was quiet but this posture was a bit too much of a test on one’s endurance.

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze stayed on the ceiling for a while. He took a few deep breaths before reaching out to the person pressing on him. He pushed slightly and finally sent Lin Yan to the pillow next to him.

Perhaps it was due to the familiar environment but this drunk person instinctively relaxed. However, the two of them only changed direction. Lin Yan’s hands were still tightly wrapped around Jing Yuanzhou’s waist and his entire body was buried in his broad embrace.

The surroundings calmed down completely and Jing Yuanzhou could feel the breathing next to him casually quiet down. However, Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t sleep. In this posture, the two of them clung to each other without almost any gaps.

Lin Yan’s soft hair stroked his skin from time and time and his breath rubbed lightly across the skin. This made the flames in Jing Yuanzhou’s body ready to move and his blood boiled. Jing Yuanzhou wondered if this person was deliberately doing it. Then he looked down and only saw a peaceful, sleeping face.

He really was asleep.

After a moment of silence, Jing Yuanzhou struggled to turn off the bedside light. He closed his eyes in the darkness, completely suppressing the impulse tearing at his sense of reason. Before this, Jing Yuanzhou never thought that someone like him would fall into such an embarrassing situation one day.

In the darkness, he could feel the other person squeezing into his arms restlessly. Jing Yuanzhou took a deep breath, let out a slightly heavy breath and pulled the other person into his arms before Lin Yan could do any more aggressive actions.

It was late at night but he was more sober than ever. He didn’t sleep all night.

Bi Yaohua had a hangover and woke up unusually early the next day. He held his aching head and prepared to go downstairs for breakfast in a faze. As he was walking through the corridor, he happened to see the door diagonally opposite him open.

Bi Yaohua remembered whose room this belonged to and was about to go up to say hello. He didn’t even have time to say the word ‘Coach’ when he saw the person who came out and his entire body was firmly nailed in place.

Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t expected to meet anyone at this time. The exhaustion from staying up all night made him too lazy to say anything. He was silent for a moment before saying, “Good morning. I’m going to make up some sleep.”

He didn’t look at Bi Yaohua’s expression any further. He just opened the door of the opposite room and entered without any expression on his face.

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1 year ago

Lol! Make up some sleep… so ambiguous as to why kufufu… thank you for the translation!

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