CAMP: Chapter 50

Business was booming at a barbecue stall on the side of the road. In the thick smoke, a colorful figure could be seen sitting at a table. Such eye-catching hair wasn’t common and it attracted the attention of people passing by late at night.

The host Lin Yan was very polite. He basically ordered each of the skewers sold at the stall and placed them on the table one by one in a quite imposing manner. He saw the barbecue stall owner enthusiastically bringing over another pot and picked up a shiitake mushrooms skewer, placing it in his mouth. He had just taken a bite when he noticed the gazes around him. He wondered, “What’s wrong?”

The expressions of the GH members were somewhat regretful. They exchanged looks with each other before Jian Ye expressed their feelings as a representative of the team. “Coach, why did you think about bringing us here to eat?”

Outsiders regarded Lin Yan as an ordinary coach hired by the GH club. It didn’t matter if they didn’t know his true identity but the people in the GH team knew the golden background of the prince of the Lin Group.

They originally thought that even if Lin Yan didn’t pick a five star hotel, at the very least it should be a high-end restaurant. After all, in many people’s mind, this type of person who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth should be particular about his daily diet. They never expected him to take them to such a grounded place.

Bi Yaohua bit on the chicken drumstick while deliberately joking, “That’s right. Coach, it is okay for us to eat at this roadside stall. However, if you set the venue here, doesn’t it go against your identity?”

Lin Yan smiled when he heard the words. “How does it go against my identity? In the e-sports field, how many people haven’t eaten barbecue on the side of the road at night? Let me tell you, there used to be a team that ate barbecue every night. When they went abroad for a game, they went outside to look for food. They couldn’t find a barbecue stall and almost starved to death on the street.”

Bi Yaohua was amused. “What team is so 250 (idiot)? Why haven’t I heard of it?”

Lin Yan was blowing hot air and just blinked with a smile. “It’s a secret.”

Then he calmly changed the subject. “I said it’s my treat today but it’s your captain paying the bill. Thank Titans if you want. You can eat whatever you want. There is money and it is enough to take care of you!”

The others heard the words and stared at Jing Yuanzhou. Jing Yuanzhou shrugged slightly. “Don’t look at me. I just learned about it.”

Lin Yan glanced at him. “You were willing to make a bet and you lost. You have to do whatever I choose. Don’t try to cheat me.”

Jian Ye remembered the two people’s conversation in the training room and understood. He couldn’t help sighing, “Coach, the average price here is like this. We can’t spend so much no matter what we order. I don’t know if you chose this place to give us some leeway to play but isn’t this saving too much money for the captain?”

Lin Yan laughed. “What’s wrong with saving money? Being thrifty is a virtue.”

There was a sudden silence in the area. In the end, Gu Luo sighed softly. “Brother Gun, you don’t understand. The captain’s money is also the coach’s money.”

The deep meaning behind the words obviously wasn’t understood by the others. They just thought Gu Luo was referring to the coach’s salary. They laughed together a few times and didn’t comment any further.

Putting aside everything else, this barbecue was really cheap and delicious. The smell was good. The group of people were eating in a very lively manner. Jian Ye was in the mood and couldn’t help asking for some beer from the stall owner.

Lin Yan thought it was hard for everyone to go out so he didn’t stop it.

Several people in the team were adults but only Jian Ye and Bi Yaohua were interested in drinking. One of them was bold and unrestrained in nature while the other had something hidden in his heart today. Even Chen Yushen filled up half his cup. Only Gu Luo insisted on holding a can of Wangzai milk alone.

Jian Ye naturally felt it wasn’t happy enough. He saw that the glass in front of Lin Yan was empty and held up a beer can, prepared to come over and help pour some. “Coach, would you like some?”

Lin Yan glanced at his glass. He was about to say something but there was already a hand blocking in front of him. Jing Yuanzhou had been playing with his mobile phone but now he suddenly spoke. “The coach doesn’t drink.”

It was a good opportunity to drink to your heart’s content. This made Jian Ye feel a bit pained. “This is the first time we’re having a meal outside. Isn’t it okay to have a few drinks?”

“Titans is right. I really can’t drink.” Jing Yuanzhou’s reaction reminded Lin Yan of the situation in the bar street at the time. He didn’t look at Jing Yuanzhou’s expression and just gave a low cough. “Then I’ll replace beer with tea.”

Then he picked up the wintermelon tea and poured a small cup. He shook the cup slightly and couldn’t help feeling a bit amused. “I have to say this color looks a lot like beer.”

Jian Ye’s mouth twitched. He wanted to say something when he heard Gu Luo add, “Then I will use milk instead of beer.”

Jian Ye, “……”

One was worse than the other. He didn’t want to talk anymore.

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help smiling at Lin Yan’s cooperative attitude before handing his empty cup to Jian Ye. “I’ll accompany you.”

This finally made Jian Ye feel a bit relieved. Next to him, Bi Yaohua had already opened a can of beer and drank it with his head up. Then he opened another can and found that the others were still. He eagerly asked them,  “What are you doing?”

The group stood up and raised their cups. They collided in one place in mid-air and there was a clear sound. “Jiayou for the finals!”

They finished this cup and couldn’t help looking forward to the future together while eating.

In the environment of the roadside stall, these heroic youths were free and at ease. By the end of the meal, most of them were somewhat emotional.

Tonight, Bi Yaohua was undoubtedly the most talkative. His endless chatter didn’t even hinder the rhythm of his drink. He drank one can after another and a large number of empty cans was piled up at his feet in the blink of an eye.

No one stopped him. They had actually discussed it in private. Today they would let Brother Trash Talk do whatever he wanted. What was the big deal about getting drunk? They just needed to carry him back together. Therefore, Chen Yushen quietly accompanied him to drink. Bi Yaohua wasn’t too drunk. His white skin just gradually developed an unusual red color.

Lin Yan saw that the children were in high spirits and didn’t bother them. He lit a cigarette and placed it in his mouth while holding one out to Jing Yuanzhou as well. “Do you want to smoke?”

Jing Yuanzhou shook his head. “No, only one of smoking or drinking can be done a day.”

Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing. He didn’t know if he should ridicule the weird health regimen of these elderly players. Jing Yuanzhou looked at the time and stood up. “It’s almost time. I’ll pay the bill.”

Lin Yan responded positively and lowered his head to look at Weibo. As he saw the online comments about the afternoon match, he gave a noncommittal smile and picked up the cup on the table.

Chen Yushen looked back to see such a scene. After blinking, he paused dully for a few seconds before reacting. “Coach, that is my…”

Before he finished, Lin Yan had already emptied it. The taste that was different from what he expected made him stunned for a moment. He choked a few times but he had already swallowed it all down his throat. The taste of beer instantly filled his mouth.

Chen Yushen finally finished his words. “That is… my cup.”

Lin Yan silently stared at the empty cup. After returning it to Chen Yushen, he lowered his head and stared at the phone screen. The speed at which he scrolled down Weibo became slower and it finally stayed on the same interface for a long time.

Since everyone drank a lot today, the stall owner spent a bit more time checking the alcohol list. After paying, Jing Yuanzhou came back and saw that people were still making noise. He asked, “Are you ready to go back?”

Before the others could respond, Lin Yan stood up with a cough. “Let’s go.”

Everyone had become accustomed to following Lin Yan’s order.Now that the coach had spoken, they all stood up without commenting. This evening, in addition to Jian Ye, Bi Yaohua was the one who drank the most. He inevitably shook when he got up and was quickly caught by Chen Yushen’s fast hands and eyes. However, he wasn’t caught and the two of them just changed directions together. They fell like dominoes onto Jian Ye.

Jian Ye, “……”

Jian Ye was still standing upright but it was a bit hard for him to carry two people by himself. He could only ask Gu Luo, the only one who hadn’t touched alcohol tonight to come and help. Gu Luo had only drank milk all night and he was naturally the most sober among them.

It wasn’t easy but he managed to pull Chen Yushen to him. He raised his head to ask for help but unknowingly, the remaining two people had already walked away together. He opened his mouth but finally gave up shouting over such a long distance. However, the direction the coach and captain were walking in… wasn’t to where they parked the car?

In fact, Jing Yuanzhou had noticed the anomaly in Lin Yan’s actions when he came back and he followed in order to see the situation. He might’ve drank a bit tonight but he was still fairly sober.

At this time, the surrounding night breeze blew so that he was enveloped with the faint smell of alcohol. His gaze was firmly attached to the back of the person in front of him and he frowned as he felt more doubts. He naturally knew that this direction was away from the parking space. He had thought there was something wrong with Lin Yan but he finally determined that it wasn’t right.

He was just about to call out to the person in front of him when he saw Lin Yan’s steps become slightly crooked and he hit the street light pole nearby. Then Lin Yan took advantage of the situation and firmly hugged the pole.

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

He vaguely realized something and quickly stepped forward to hold this person. He lowered his head and looked at the face that wasn’t different from usual in a slightly speechless manner. “Did you drink?”

Lin Yan raised his head after hearing the voice. His gaze fixed on the face close by and he blinked slowly. A long time passed before he understood the question. The corners of his lips lowered and he shook his head. “It wasn’t intentional but… I did drink a little bit.”

Jing Yuanzhou was very sure that Lin Yan had been drinking wintermelon tea all night. Then it must’ve happened during the time when he went to pay the bill. He just didn’t know how it happened.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t say much. He raised Lin Yan’s hand and placed it around his shoulder. “Go back first.”

However, he couldn’t take a step forward. Lin Yan just changed his posture from hanging on the street light to hanging on Jing Yuanzhou’s body. He was motionless as if rooted in place.

His eyes were stuck on Jing Yuanzhou’s face. Then after a while, he gave a low laugh as if only then recognizing the person in front of him. “Ah… it’s you!”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes shook slightly. The dark surroundings and the low laughter made it hard for him not to think about the scene when they first met. At that time, this man was also drunkenly wrapped around him like a cat with teeth and claws.

Jing Yuanzhou’s first impression of Lin Yan was a drunken maniac. Now it seemed the maniac part was real but it wasn’t because he drank too much. It was simply because of a poor alcohol tolerance.

Lin Yan’s eyes didn’t look drunk, they looked bright. Jing Yuanzhou saw him like this and the voice that usually didn’t show much emotions slightly softened. “Yes, it’s me. Do you want to go back with me now?”

Lin Yan seemed to think about it seriously. Then his entire body relaxed and softened as he muttered in a low voice, “You are mine. You should go back with me.”

Jing Yuanzhou coaxed him. “Yes, I am yours. I will go back with you.”

He took advantage of this to pull Lin Yan so that this person didn’t fall to the ground. Lin Yan seemed to react to such a move. Almost instinctively, he held onto Jing Yuanzhou. His lightly blank eyes stared at the face in front of him. “Yes, follow me. I’ll go back.”

A hand touched his chest and Jing Yuanzhou could feel the alcohol that was originally silent in his body. It seemed ready to come out. Jing Yuanzhou’s lips slightly tightened and he grabbed the restless hand, warning in a low voice, “Stop it.”

Lin Yan currently didn’t have much strength and he was grabbed like this. He was completely imprisoned and unable to move. He could only glare in a dissatisfied manner. The expression in his eyes was more dazed than usual. The street lights shone in the night. This was obviously a simple action but it was easy to make people addicted.

Jing Yuanzhou had always felt that his drinking capacity was good. Yet tonight, he only had a few drinks and everything around him seemed drunk and blurred. Suddenly, the ringing of a mobile phone broke the silence. Seeing that Lin Yan was really ready to take an unsteady step to lead him, Jing Yuanzhou quickly grabbed this person and pressed him hard into his arms. In this position, their bodies were close to each other and their quick heartbeats could be felt.

He took a deep breath and made sure that Lin Yan had settled down temporarily before answering the call. The call was from Gu Luo.

Bi Yaohua and Chen Yushen were already asleep in the car. He and Jian Ye had been waiting but the two people hadn’t returned. Therefore, Gu Luo chose to call and ask about the situation.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the man in his arms but this person still wasn’t quite right. He could feel the hands that Lin Yan unknowingly pressed to his waist and he couldn’t help his eyes darkening. He had to admit that bringing Lin Yan back to the car in this state was too much of a test on his patience.

Jing Yuanzhou’s efforts to maintain his sanity made him feel that it was more convenient to take a taxi. He tried to ensure that his voice wasn’t too tense as he replied, “I have something to do with the coach. Let the driver take you back first. There is no need to wait for us.”

Gu Luo felt some doubts and asked with concern, “The coach… is he okay?”

Lin Yan had walked too unsteadily that it was indeed easy to make people think something else.

Jing Yuanzhou took a deep breath. “He’s fine. I’ll take care of him.”

Jing Yuanzhou hung up and looked down at the person still wrapped around him. “Do you still want me?”

Lin Yan was confused and instinctively replied, “I want you.”

Jing Yuanzhou found it hard to control the impulse to keep this person in place and pressed the restless guy tighter into his arms. “Then cooperate a little bit.”

Proofreader: Nao 

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Oh, don’t worry JY. Lin Yan will for sure cooperate!

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Ahhhhhhhhh!!! (☉。☉)!

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I thought there would be a rare scene of tipsy JYZ and sober LY, but it suddenly became drunk LY and tipsy-leaning-towards-drunk JYZ 😂