CAMP: Chapter 49

The match officially started and the filming of the highlights for the program also proceeded in an orderly manner. Today, all members of the GH team seemed very cooperative. It was precisely because they were so cooperative that the show’s staff weren’t used to it.

It might sound a bit mean but if existences who were usually too noisy suddenly fell quiet then it indeed made people feel an unprecedented panic. Just like now.

The match ended and AIR eventually defeated LARK with a weak 2:1 advantage, keeping their place in the professional league’s autumn competition. It was officially determined that LARK would miss the next autumn competition and entered the official relegation list.

The program’s crew acted in a timely manner and gave a close-up of the LARK team leaving the stage. Then they turned around and placed the close-up on the two teams, GH and IBB. It was the same background but a completely different atmosphere. After comparing the old and new, all the contents of today’s shooting were officially completed.

On the way back, today’s experience inevitably made people feel a bit uncomfortable. They might be in the same circle but they didn’t really feel much when it didn’t involve them. It was only when they were in such a situation that they felt the e-sports industry was really cruel. The peak period for every professional player was only a few years. The end of each match meant the beginning of something and also the end of something.

It was unknown how many players made some achievements as newcomers only to retire due to various factors such as age, physical condition, etc. However, there were more people like today’s LARK who didn’t have time to show their prominence before being forced to sadly leave the field. Still, even a team full of unwillingness like LARK was already the envy of many secondary league teams. For these secondary league teams, at least the LARK team already stood in the professional league.

In contrast, it wasn’t known if it was lucky or unlucky to have this type of regret.

Before today, no one had thought about it so deeply. Now in the dull atmosphere, Jian Ye couldn’t help pinching his eyebrows. “No, I can’t think about these things anymore! I really can’t stand it!”

Chen Yushen spoke in a low voice, “Will you feel better if you think that we will be the team that replaces LARK?”

“……” Jian Ye was silent as he thought about it. “F&k, my conscience seems to hurt more.”

Lin Yan heard up to here and lazily raised his eyes. “Hurry up and take away your cheap sympathy. Poor LARK? The last thing you need on the battlefield is sympathy. E-sports has always been a matter of strength. If you want to become a professional player then don’t care about these things. Today, you sympathize with LARK. Tomorrow, will you sympathize with AIR? Young masters, are you here to play the game or do charity? Huh? According to me, if you have time to feel such meaningless sympathy then it is better to think about how many people are waiting to see our team as a joke. If you really dare to lose to IBB in the finals then I will see how many people will come to sympathize with you.”

The overly realistic words made everyone’s hearts hurt and the car suddenly fell quiet.

Lin Yan didn’t want to hurt the enthusiasm of the players too much. Instead of stimulating them, he chose to use the power of their idol. “Haven’t I always said that you should learn from Titans?  A phenomenal top player in the Burning Hot League has maintained the same expression from the LARK match to now. He didn’t even blink and has no sympathy. Look, this is what a serious professional player should look like. Do you understand?”

Jing Yuanzhou was sitting next to Lin Yan and playing with his mobile phone. He felt the gazes that fell on him and couldn’t help glancing silently at Lin Yan. Nevertheless, Lin Yan was anxious to drag him into the water. “God Jing, Captain, Titans, shouldn’t you say a few words at this time?”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed a bit. Then he thought about it and opened his mouth very cooperatively. “We are all thinking too much. It isn’t bad for LARK to enter the relegation list. They have been in a sluggish state and will only face greater pressure staying in the professional league. During this period, the LARK fans have been scolding them for a long time. It isn’t bad to take this opportunity to go to the secondary league and calm down. Then it might not be impossible to make a comeback.”

This attitude was indeed too cold and ruthless but the words were objective enough.

Gu Luo couldn’t help sighing. “I always feel that no matter what field it is, the taste will change once the fan circle gets involved.”

Jian Ye had many feelings but he was amused by this sentence. He extended his hand and patted Gu Luo’s back. “Okay, how can you be so sad at such a young age?!”

The atmosphere in the car was noisy for a while but Bi Yaohua didn’t say anything during this period. The others knew he was in a bad mood due to the QOG team and didn’t mean to disturb him at all. It was like this all the way back to the base.

It was precisely time for dinner when they got back. The cooking aunt had already prepared the meal and the group gathered in the dining room to eat together. According to the original plan, the team still had a lot of training content tonight. However, Lin Yan took into account their emotional impact and kindly called it off.

After dinner, everyone went back to their rooms and the entire base instantly fell quiet. The first floor was empty and silent. It wasn’t until 9 o’clock in the evening that the faint sound of footsteps was heard in the corridor. Gu Luo wore slippers and crept into the training room.

It might not be too late but he thought that everyone else should be resting in their rooms due to the rare absence of training. He didn’t expect to see a faint light in the darkness as soon as he opened the door.

The bright computer screen was the only light source in the training room and it gave the face of the person in front of it a strange whiteness. Such a scene late at night caused Gu Luo’s heart to jump a few times.

He screamed and instinctively retreated, only to crash into broad arms. Everything happened in the silence which made him feel that he was no good.

Jian Ye, who was hit, grabbed Gu Luo quickly so that the mid-laner didn’t fall to the ground. He was speechless. “What are you doing Gloy? Why so surprised?’

Hearing the familiar voice, Gu Luo’s mouth twitched and he tried to recover from the fright. “No, it’s nothing. Brother Gun, why are you here?”

Jian Ye didn’t answer and instead glanced into the training room. “Abyss, what are you doing in the training room alone?”

Chen Yushen, “……”

In fact, he wanted to ask this.

The three men fell silent at the same time. Even if no one answered, they all actually knew why they were here.

It was obvious that after going back to their room, they couldn’t help searching for videos of the two QOG games that year. They naturally saw the extremely grand occasion where Bi Yaohua scolded his teammates in front of the global live broadcast.

At that time, the entire channel was completely filled with the endless scolding that was refreshing crazily. Piece by piece, the text almost covered the entire canyon. How terribly did QOG play in those two games and how fierce was the Trash Talk King’s final wave of output.

Similarly, the negative comments on the barrage were also overwhelming. They might not be the person involved but they couldn’t help trembling with anger when they put themselves in Bi Yaohua’s situation.

As he was doing his best for his dream, his teammates completely lost their dignity as professional players for dirty, illegal money. How disgusting. Yet there was nothing he could do with no evidence despite knowing his teammates were playing a fake game. The penalty for slandering players wasn’t much lighter than other forbidden areas.

It could be imagined what mood Bi Yaohua was in at the time. Even though he was furious, all he could do was a wave of mockery on the field before asking QOG to terminate the contract, returning to his old land of the live broadcast room.

Perhaps it was because they just watched the LARK match today and then saw the QOG game videos. They just had to think about how so many players were still working hard to pursue their dreams while there was still a group of people who trampled on the sacred identity of a professional player and the anger of Gu Luo and the others became even more uncontrollable.

Jian Ye gritted his teeth and spoke in a deep voice. “I can’t sleep so I wanted to play a few games to practice.”

Gu Luo’s lips tightened. “Me too.”

It was no wonder that Bi Yaohua was so passionate back then. They just reviewed the video of the games and when they thought about Brother Trash Talk being bullied by those guys, they felt itchy and unbearable. They were afraid they would really go crazy if they didn’t find a place to vent.

Chen Yushen’s screen was stuck on the game settlement interface. The MVP data after a slaughter was very eye-catching. He heard these words and said in a low voice, “Let’s go together.”

Jian Ye and Gu Luo looked at each other. They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this tacit understanding. In the end, no one said anything. They went to their positions and turned on the computer.

In fact, they didn’t have too many thoughts at this time. They just f&king wanted to do it! It was only after they vented everything that they found they had unknowingly played a few games.

Gu Luo rubbed his somewhat sore eyes and asked in a daze, “Brother, what time is it now?”

Jian Ye glanced at the lower right corner and reacted. “I didn’t pay much attention. It’s past midnight.”

The entire training room was plunged into darkness and only three computer screens were faintly lit. Gu Luo hummed. He planned to say something only to hear a click and the lights above his head turned on. His words choked in his throat.

He looked back and was stunned when he saw two people at the door. “Captain, Coach, why are you here too?”

Lin Yan leaned against the door, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he spoke to the person next to him. “I said they would be here. Didn’t I guess right? You were willing to gamble. Are you willing to admit defeat?”

Jing Yuanzhou obediently lost. “Yes, you won.”

Lin Yan was in a good mood after winning the bet. He glanced at the three stunned people and joked, “Why are you running to the training room at night? The lights aren’t turned on and the door isn’t closed. If I didn’t know anything, I would really think there was a thief in the base. What’s the matter? I was good enough to give you a break yet you came here to train yourself. I didn’t know you were so active. Should I think about increasing the intensity of the training?”

Jian Ye’s eyebrow jumped when he heard this and he hurriedly said, “No Coach, we didn’t mean it! The amount of training now is definitely enough!”

Lin Yan laughed silently. “Oh?”

Of course, he had guessed the reason why these people ran to the training room at night and didn’t continue to tease them. He looked around and asked, “So what is the situation now? Are you finished? If you are almost done, do you want to go out for a late night snack?”

Gu Luo had just played a few rounds in a rage. Once his spirit relaxed, he really did feel a bit hungry. Hearing this, he smiled and exclaimed, “Yes! I will go and call Brother Trash Talk!”

Lin Yan certainly had no opinion on this. “Come back quickly.”

Two minutes later, there was a knock on Bi Yaohua’s door.

Unlike the others, as the party involved, he didn’t need nor was he interested in looking back on his heroic past. Due to his bad mood from meeting the QOG players today, he lay motionless in bed when he returned to the room and stared up at the ceiling all night.

When he opened the door, he hadn’t even changed his clothes. He was slightly stunned when he saw Gu Luo at the door. “Gloy, what’s wrong? Why come at this time?”

Gu Luo might’ve killed in the game all night but he still failed to calm the restlessness in his heart.

At this time, he saw Bi Yaohua and he couldn’t help feeling distressed. This made him show an unprecedented enthusiasm. “Brother Trash Talk, you haven’t taken a shower? That’s just right! The Coach has invited us for a late night supper. Let’s go together!”

Bi Yaohua really wasn’t in the mood today and he refused without hesitation. “No, you guys have fun. I won’t…”

He hadn’t finished his words when Gu Luo pulled him toward the top of the stairs without looking back. “Hurry up, everyone is downstairs and they’re waiting for you!”

Bi Yaohua couldn’t recover for a while. He was actually dragged by this little guy a few steps. He had just opened his mouth to say something when he glanced up inadvertently and paused for a moment. If he remembered correctly, Gu Luo was now wearing the same clothes as when he went to watch the match this afternoon. He obviously hadn’t changed his clothes. It seemed that the others were the same as him. They didn’t have the thought of taking a shower and resting…

Bi Yaohua’s eyes instantly shook. The corners of his mouth rose slightly before he regained his usual indifferent tone. “However, now that you say this, I do seem a bit hungry.”

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