CAMP: Chapter 48

Since it was close to the start of the match, there were no people in the corridor backstage of the stadium. If the people outside the bathroom listened carefully in the silence then they would hear faint dialogue coming from inside.

Bi Yaohua leaned against the door to block the way out. He hung up the phone and gazed at the people in front of him without a smile. “Why are you so nervous? Are you afraid I will call someone over? Don’t worry, I’ll settle accounts with you alone. There is no need to trouble others.”

The people in front of him wore casual clothes but it wasn’t difficult to tell the identity of the QOG team from the logo on their backpacks.

QOG’s captain Roser frowned. “We don’t have old accounts with you. BB, you have already retired from the professional team and you can play well in a new team. Is it so interesting to linger on such things? Aren’t you afraid of extending the suspension period?”

Bi Yaohua sneered sarcastically. “There is no need for you to worry about this. In short, I find it very interesting.”

He turned to the side slightly and looked at the only familiar figure in the rear with a raised eyebrow. “This is your new shooter right? Tsk tsk tsk, it is really hard for such a good kid. He worked hard to become a professional player but happened to meet such trash teammates. You should seriously listen to my advice. If there is a chance then it is better to leave QOG as soon as possible. You should be careful of your life when playing with such people!”

The new shooter had only heard rumors about the Trash Talk King’s deeds. He was originally a bit uneasy in such a tense atmosphere and now he was even more stunned. “Huh?”

Before Bi Yaohua could say anything else, Roser had already stepped forward and stopped between the two of them. There was clearly an impatient expression on his face. “It’s almost there. BB, don’t overdo it.”

Bi Yaohua felt like he had heard the funniest joke in his life. “No, Roser, if I am overdoing it then what did you do before? Do I have to thank you for leaving such a thick and colorful stain in my life? I am really curious. How can QOG maintain such a waste mentality? This really makes me sigh! What is that saying? Persisting in doing evil will bring about self-destruction. You are so confident. Aren’t you afraid that sooner or later, the entire circle will know the nature of your smelly garbage?”

“I don’t want to argue with you.” Roser took a few deep breaths to try and control himself. “Let’s talk about it. What do we need to do for you to let us out?”

Bi Yaohua was leaning against the door, blocking the only exit of the bathroom. Hearing this, his lips slightly curved up. “It’s very simple. Apologize.”

His eyes narrowed slightly and there wasn’t too much pleasure in his eyes. His colorful head of hair contained an indescribable arrogance that was just like his contemptuous tone. “Kneel down and kowtow a few times in front of Brother Trash Talk. Perhaps I can barely change a bit of my bad mood after seeing you garbage.”

QOG’s jungler couldn’t bear it and cursed. “What do you want to do when you are still in the suspension period? You are just a bereaved dog. The captain is discussing with you because he still cares about the friendship from when you were on the team. Don’t be shameless!”

“Don’t mention being on the same team to me. I feel disgusted when I think about how I played with you.” Bi Yaohua was amused and deliberately raised his head to look around. “Talking about shame, have you ever had it?”

QOG’s jungler almost went crazy from anger. He knew it wouldn’t be good for him to argue with words so he impulsively rolled up his sleeves. “Captain, don’t be polite with this person! We have so many people. Why are we just talking with him? Can’t we go straight through?”

Bi Yaohua casually touched the broom next to him and tapped it against the ground. “Oh? Come on, don’t be polite to me? I have already said it. If you don’t kowtow and admit your mistakes then no one can think about getting out this door!”

His overly arrogant attitude made even the QOG shooter curse in a low voice. “Captain, f&k him! There is no surveillance here. Let’s show him who is the grandson!”

The atmosphere was extremely tense and seemed like it would be completely ignited.

A cold light flashed in Bi Yaohua’s eyes. He was about to say something else when he heard shouting from outside the door. “Everyone inside, get out of the way!”

Bi Yaohua’s eyebrows twitched slightly at the familiar voice. Due to his tacit understanding with his team, he instinctively retreated a few steps back. At almost the same time, there was a violent kick and the locked bathroom door was kicked in from the outside. It hit the wall behind it and made a huge noise. It swayed a lot and almost fell directly to the ground.

Bi Yaohua, “……”

Fortunately, he had reacted quickly enough. Otherwise he really suspected that he would’ve been crushed by the door just now.

Jian Ye had kicked open the door just now. He still maintained his posture and twisted the ankle that was still in the air twice before lowering his leg. He saw Bi Yaohua the moment he looked up and examined him with concern. “Brother Trash Talk, are you okay?”

Bi Yaohua saw the other people rushing in behind Jian Ye. How could he not understand what was going on? The expression in his eyes changed slightly and he finally couldn’t help letting out a low laugh. “What can I do?”

At this sudden change, everyone in QOG was frozen in place. The tense atmosphere disappeared instantly under Jian Ye’s foot. A long time passed before QOG’s jungler managed to choke out a sentence. “BB, you tricked us! You said you didn’t call people over!”

Bi Yaohua stared at him like he was an idiot. “I just answered the phone. Didn’t you all hear me? Did I say anything? My teammates came over to cover me because they are righteous and were afraid I would be bullied. What’s wrong? Why can’t I have people?”

Jian Ye saw that these people really were from QOG and his tone became bad. “Brother Trash Talk, don’t talk to them. Now you have a few brothers and I can guarantee that QOG can’t take you!”

Chen Yushen had already walked in. He stared at the other people in the bathroom with an indifferent expression. “Are they blocking you?”

Listening to this tone, it seemed he would start directly as long as Bi Yaohua said ‘yes.’

QOG’s players were shocked. Was this the legendary villain complaining first? To make it clear, who was blocking whom? They didn’t want to be near this person. Who would want to block him in the bathroom? Clearly, they were the victims. It was the Trash Talk King finding fault with them and blocking them, okay!

Lin Yan saw the situation inside and sighed with relief when he found they hadn’t fought. His eyes swept over the broom in Bi Yaohua’s hand and he asked, “Are you very idle? You came to the public bathroom to clean up?”

Bi Yaohua was rarely silent. The coach hindered his brazenness so he eventually put the broom back. The QOG players saw that Bi Yaohua had lost the broom in his hand and were a bit relieved. At the same time, they were watching  Jian Ye vigilantly.

Let’s not mention the excessive scar on his face. Just based on the way he fought on the field, they knew this person was definitely experienced in fighting. He was a ruthless man! The existence of Jian Ye made the atmosphere very subtle for a while.

Lin Yan’s gaze fell on Roser, the captain of QOG, and he spoke in a seemingly laughing tone. “The location where your team reminisces is quite special.”

At this attitude, Roser didn’t know what to say for a while. He couldn’t help glancing at Bi Yaohua next to him and said, “There is nothing to reminisce about.”

Bi Yaohua sneered. Perhaps the meaning of the sneer was too heavy. Roser saw it and his face involuntarily became paler.

Lin Yan thought about the truth behind Bi Yaohua’s suspension but he had never remembered it. Therefore, he was a bit surprised by the subtle atmosphere of the two men. He originally wanted to come over to support the Trash Talk King. Now it seemed that the captain of QOG was more afraid of private contact than Bi Yaohua.

Lin Yan didn’t ask and hummed noncommittally. “The match is about to start. Since there is nothing wrong, I will take this person away first.”

QOG naturally wouldn’t refuse and Roser blurted out, “We won’t send you off.”

Lin Yan remained silent as he turned around and left.

Bi Yaohua originally just bumped into the QOG team and became angry. He really didn’t want to touch that forbidden line. He lowered his eyes slightly, put his hands into his pant pockets and followed like nothing happened.

Jian Ye stood there and didn’t move. He stared at the QOG people and made sure that his teammates had left safely before following them. A moment later, silence returned to the bathroom, leaving the kicked door as the only trace of what happened.

It wasn’t until GH disappeared around the corner that QOG were a bit relieved. Then they thought about it and felt a bit unwilling.

QOG’s mid-laner glanced at the position of the new shooter, leaned closer to Roser and lowered his voice. “Captain, why are we so afraid of BB? He has no evidence of what happened back then, not to mention he has withdrawn from the professional circle for so long. It is impossible for him to do anything to us. Look at that arrogant appearance just now. It’s like we really are afraid of him. I said that we should just…”

He abruptly swallowed the rest of his words as the captain’s eyes swept over him.

Roser’s eyebrows were tightly gathered together and his tone was a bit low. “Don’t you know that BB is a mad dog? Otherwise, he wouldn’t directly scold people in the professional league. Remember my advice, don’t provoke him too much! Otherwise, he really will go crazy and you will suffer!”

QOG’s mid-laner was choked up and he could only curl his lips with disdain. “I say, the entire GH team is very arrogant. It is all because of Titans. They think they’re so awesome just because of a few variety show games? If they really get a place for the autumn competition then we will teach them a lesson on the field!”

Roser’s tone was cold. “Then you better pray that they can become the champions of that broken variety show first!”

On the way back, no one spoke. They got closer to the stadium and could hear the loud noises outside.

They were about to reach the exit when Lin Yan suddenly stopped. The people behind him were unprepared and almost crashed into a ball if they didn’t put on the brakes on time. Lin Yan ignored the chaos of the team and turned around, taking a few steps without warning.

Before Bi Yaohua had time to react, he saw a figure in front of him. He instinctively stepped back. By the time he returned to his senses, Lin Yan had already backed him into the wall.

Lin Yan’s voice came from a faint distance and it made people feel a bit cold. “Brother Trask Talk, you can actually block people in the bathroom?”

The turn of events was so sudden that Jian Ye couldn’t recover for a long time. “What is the situation? Wasn’t Brother Trask talk blocked by QOG?”

Lin Yan smiled and said nothing. Under this gaze, Bi Yaohua felt rare embarrassment and finally cleared his throat. “It’s correct that I blocked them.”

The truth was the truth. He just hadn’t expected the support of his teammates to be so fast. He paused before speaking again. “Still, thank you for coming to me rescue.”

However, Jian Ye’s sense of accomplishment had completely collapsed. “Don’t thank me. I’m now doubting who I just saved!”

Bi Yaohua’s mouth curved up slightly. “Don’t doubt it. You really saved me.”

He was well aware of his temper. He could be indifferent to many things but once he encountered something that mattered, the consequences of his impulses were immeasurable. If his teammates hadn’t arrived at the right now, it was hard to imagine how the entire situation would have developed if he faced the trash of QOG alone. Perhaps a fight would’ve already started.

It didn’t matter if he vented his emotions or not. It was never a good thing for professional players to touch that forbidden line.

Lin Yan saw that Bi Yaohua was somewhat aware of the problem with his handling method and released this person. He asked quietly, “So how did you get to this step?”

Bi Yaohua knew that Lin Yan was asking about the trouble in that year but for a while, he didn’t know where to start.

Just then, Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard from behind Lin Yan. “It should be a fake game.”

Lin Yan had some speculations about this previously and there wasn’t much change in his expression. The other members couldn’t help sucking in a breath. They naturally knew how bad this type of thing was.

A hint of surprise flashed in Bi Yaohua’s eyes and he looked up.

Jing Yuanzhou’s tone was as objective as ever. “It was a coincidence that I was watching the QOG match that day due to the Trash Talk King’s fame. The rhythm of the match was indeed a bit strange but it was just my personal guess. There was no evidence and it wasn’t easy to speak. The parties involved should be clearer about the specific situation.”

Bi Yaohua was silent for a moment before declaring coldly, “Yes, it was playing a fake match and deliberately losing!”

Even a person like him was reluctant to think back on such things. It showed how big the impact was. He had always been clear about what he wanted. He was willing to join the QOG team because he sincerely believed this club would be the starting point of his dream. He never expected that these two games almost became the last straw to crush him.

The pure and dazzling dream of a youth, how many times could it bear such trampling?

Proofreader: Nao 

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