CAMP: Chapter 47 Part 2

The GH team finally had enough discussion on the Internet. Some people even feared the world wasn’t chaotic enough and asked the professional league teams what they thought about the GH team, the new team that suddenly emerged.

In fact, raising this type of question showed the intention of muddying the water. It wasn’t enough for GH to offend the fans of the secondary league. They even wanted to force another wave of hatred from the professional league fans.

As a result, a quarrel soon began.

[This year’s dark horse team GH has a mysterious tactical system. Is the professional league circle ready to be reshuffled?]

[Every year, a dark horse is predicted. What happens to them in the end? It seems the last dark horse has been smashed into the ground!]

[A veteran team is a veteran team. Titans might’ve transferred there but I still feel it is BK and LDF this year!]

[Did the person upstairs forget SUU? The two foreign players introduced are both ruthless people. They played fiercely in the mid-season!]

[You should peck at each other in the mid-season. it is up to the Go Home team to play in the autumn competition.]

[Excuse me, what is the Go Home team? I’m at a loss seeing it.]

[I’m laughing to death. Let’s talk about it after GH wins against IBB first. The torture of the secondary league isn’t over yet you’re already thinking about the autumn competition?]

[I know, isn’t the Go Home team GH? Those who are from a reality show really think they are so awesome. Stop making trouble and watch the mid-season matches!]

In the end, it gradually became a battle between variety fans and professional fans. However, no matter how noisy the outside world, it didn’t set off too many waves within the professional circle. It was for a simple reason. These professional teams currently had more important things to pay attention to than the final team of a variety show.

The mid-season was in full swing. These teams were clearly focusing all their attention on the opponents they would face at this stage. QU might be at the top of the secondary league but it was only the level of the secondary league after all. There was always a huge gap with the peak strength of the professional league teams.

It didn’t matter how much attention Burning Hot Assembly received or whether the final championship team absorbed more fans through this variety show. For the top teams in the professional league, the team that finally stood out was still just a group of people with relative strength who were grandstanding.

Therefore, the professional circle devoted all their attention to the mid-season. As for the disturbance caused by the variety show, it was quietly isolated to the outermost periphery.

In terms of cycles, the mid-season was obviously much shorter than the spring and autumn competitions.

After the first round, the 12 participating teams had formed a certain ranking. Once the second round of the competition was over, the lowest ranked team would enter the relegation list. Then they would compete for the professional quota for the autumn competition with the championship team from the variety show Burning Hot Assembly next week.

It had to be said that the staff of Burning Hot  Assembly was really capable of doing things. Seeing that the relegation list of the mid-season was about to be finalized, on the last day of the second round, they directly invited GH and IBB to the scene to watch the two last-ranked professional teams competing in the final match.

On the much-anticipated arena, there was a team that would fall into the dust while off-court, there were teams eyeing them and trying to replace them. This whole gimmick in itself was exciting.

There was still some time before the start of the match. The GH team members waited in an independent lounge arranged by the program’s staff.

Bi Yaohua thought of the heated situation that might occur at any time in the future and couldn’t help sighing emotionally. “The two teams LARK and AIR are a bit too miserable. They are destined to miss the next quarter-finals. If today’s game is lost, they face the risk of being relegated to the secondary league. The official’s actions in the past few years have been getting tougher every year.

Jian Ye also sighed. “Who is saying no… without the program, the professional teams only face the crisis of relegation at the end of the autumn season every year. Doing this is equivalent to downgrading two teams in a year! Not only do the professional teams feel more pressure, it will be a lot harder for the teams in the secondary league to upgrade to the professional league. This is simply driving people to death!”

Before Jian Ye came to the GH team, he was a substitute in the secondary league. He naturally felt a lot of emotions when he thought of this.

It wasn’t until he noticed the gazes of other people that he cleared his throat and clarified. “Of course, I’m not saying that this show isn’t good. After all, it allowed our team to attract more people. I just think…”

He scratched his head, not knowing where to start explaining.

Gu Luo came out in a friendly manner to help him and sighed. “Brother Gun, we know what you mean. In short, life is cruel and difficult.”

Jian Ye thought about the severe test his old teammates were about to face and didn’t want to continue this topic.

Then he remembered something and the topic suddenly changed. “Speaking of which, did you see a lot of professional teams when we came in today? Isn’t it the last two matches in the afternoon? These teams have already missed the quarter-finals. Why is everyone here?”

“It should be to investigate the enemy’s situation.” Lin Yan, who had been silent, kept his head down and fiddled with his phone while declaring, “LARK and AIR definitely won’t make it to the quarter-finals according to the current ranking. Apart from the top five stable teams, there are four other teams who want to spring to the quarter-finals but are still short of that final step. It depends on the team who wins today.”

In this way, everyone felt more troubled.

Jian Ye shook his head. “Here they are trying to survive while the other side regards them as the next bite of meat to swallow! It is miserable, too miserable!”

Lin Yan just smiled and finally couldn’t help looking over. “As expected, you are a healer. No matter how cruel the scar on your face, you still have the heart of Buddha. It’s okay Gun Zai. You shouldn’t worry about their difficulties. The whole thing is to care about the world!”

Jian Ye looked helpless. “In fact, I don’t want to be like this. It is just that in order to play a support, I fasted and read Buddhist scriptures for a long time. Now I think that I have recited too many sutras at the time and I can’t adjust my mentality for a while.”

Lin Yan didn’t expect there to be such a show. He felt joy for a moment before coming to a conclusion. “Don’t say it. Our team is too murderous. We need your kind heart.”

It was precisely because of this that he first looked at Jian Ye. After all, the other players in GH were more vicious than others when playing. If they didn’t have the powerful backing of a Buddha then it would be difficult to control the entire field.

The group of people chatted but Bi Yaohua never said anything. Just then, he suddenly stood up from his position. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Lin Yan glanced at the time and reminded him. “The match will start in a while. We might just be watching but we need to help record the show. Remember not to be late.”

Bi Yaohua waved his hand. “I know.”

The lounge door closed and Chen Yushen looked up. “Do you feel that Brother Trash Talk wasn’t as talkative today?”

Gu Luo didn’t think much. He just lowered his head to look at his phone. “Maybe he stayed up all night again yesterday.”

It was common for e-sports teenagers to stay up all night and lose energy the next day. Chen Yushen nodded deeply and didn’t ask any further.

Jian Ye talked a bit after Lin Yan mentioned it. He simply pulled a chair over to really talk about Dharma. Jing Yuanzhou had been playing with his phone and didn’t participate in the conversation. At this time, he heard the conversation and couldn’t help looking up. “Do you still understand this?”

Lin Yan glanced at him in an unfathomable manner. “I know many things. Do you want to try them all?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “Okay.”

“That’s good. Let’s find a day to have a good chat.”

“Anytime.” Jing Yuanzhou replied. “Do you want to come to me or will I go to your place?”

Jian Ye stared at the two of them.

Lin Yan gave Jing Yuanzhou a speechless look. “Our rooms are separated by a corridor. Does it make a difference what room we go to?”

Jing Yuanzhou replied with a smile, “You’re right.”

Jian Ye looked between Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou and felt that a certain lightbulb in his heart was lit up. He managed with difficulty to open his mouth only for someone to knock on the door.

A staff member opened the door and reminded them, “The match is about to start. Get ready.”

Suddenly, everyone found that Bi Yaohua hadn’t come back. Jian Ye’s attention was immediately attracted to this. “Why is Brother Trash Talk so slow? Does he have constipation?”

Chen Yushen touched his phone. “I’ll give him a call.”

It rang twice before Bi Yaohua answered. There were no emotions in his voice. “I know, I will come over as soon as possible. You go directly to the auditorium and wait for me. We’ll talk later.”

Then he hung up without waiting for a reply from Chen Yushen. Everyone glanced at each other and saw consternation in their eyes. Finally, they stared in an inquiring manner at their coach. Lin Yan frowned slightly and turned to ask Jian Ye. “You just said that there are several professional teams here today. Do you know which ones they are?”

Jian Ye thought about it before replying hesitantly, “I saw MEN before and there seemed to be… QOG?”

His words stopped abruptly. Everyone’s expressions became subtle. QOG was the professional team that Bi Yaohua played for before being officially suspended by the league. If they remembered correctly, Bi Yaohua had an unpleasant relationship with this old club. He directly paid the liquidated damages with his own money and forcibly terminated his contract with them.

In the silence, Lin Yan turned around with a blank face and walked out the door. The others rolled up their sleeves and hurried to keep up.

Jing Yuanzhou was walking at the end. He noticed the staff member still standing in place in a stunned manner and stopped for a moment. “Please help tell the director that we have a team member lost in the toilet. We are going to pick him up before going to report in. Don’t worry, we won’t be late.”

It took a long time for the staff member to return to his senses. “Ah… okay.”

He answered like this but once he saw the backs hurrying to leave, he couldn’t help his mouth twitching. Wasn’t this going to find someone to fight? He would believe it if everyone was going to fight as a group!

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