CAMP: Chapter 47 Part 1

Due to GH’s extraordinary performance, the second match between IBB and KON felt dull to the audience. In the end, it wasn’t surprising that IBB became the second team to compete for the championship. For this reason, there was inevitably a wave of comments on the barrage as people started to speculate about the winners of the finals.

[GH has already played IBB. What is there to guess? GH must be the dark horse!]

[Are the fans of the go home team so optimistic? Can a win in an entertainment match count as a win? IBB has the shooter system. In that game, the coach replaced the player and the shooter didn’t play!]

[I agree with this point. IBB without a shooter has no soul.]

[I’m laughing to death. It is like you can definitely win if you put back your team’s soul.]

[The strength of IBB and QU are half equal. It makes sense that they can’t enter the professional league every year.]

[I will also bet on the Go Home team. After all, it is a 3:0 crushing. If they can send QU home then they can definitely send IBB home.]

[GH fans shouldn’t be too arrogant. Be careful when your face cracks.]

[Oh, a small team is a small team. It can become arrogant like this after winning a match. A dark horse? Take a break!]

The supporters of both sides were arguing online but no matter what, the final elimination round had officially ended.

They returned to the base on the business car. Lin Yan sat in the back row. His slender legs were crossed loosely in front of him and he was lowering his head to play with his phone.

Since the program was in the form of a live broadcast, the staff also worked very hard. It was estimated that they were rushing to work backstage while the program was being broadcasted. Just after it was over, many video highlights had been released.

Since GH’s three games were really beautiful today, many relevant clips were updated one after another. In the blink of an eye, there were more than 20 posts on the official Weibo page of the program.

Lin Yan didn’t know how the eliminated QU team felt. He just knew that he was distressed for them. Still, GH couldn’t be blamed for their ruthlessness. Blame the program’s poor schedule that didn’t leave QU a chance to enter the finals.

Lin Yan thought of QU and couldn’t help sighing in sympathy. He inadvertently looked down and paused slightly when he saw the official video just released. At first glance, it was obviously him and Jing Yuanzhou hugging and celebrating after the match. It was accompanied by a line of words: The very touching emotions of the team.

Lin Yan, “……”

He was silent for a moment before opening the video. His phone was currently in silent mode and there was no external sound, but it wasn’t difficult to feel the overly warm atmosphere at the scene from the silhouettes surging in the background.

Lin Yan slightly raised his eyebrow. The venue was originally so lively when he hugged Jing Yuanzhou? Why hadn’t he noticed it?

The video wasn’t long. It lasted less than a minute. After watching it, Lin Yan’s fingers paused for a while before he finally clicked to bookmark it. After closing the video, he looked at the content in the comments area below.

[Forget everything else, the relationship between the players and coach within GH is really good.]

[Can it be bad? Have you ever seen someone else on Titans’ live broadcast? In BK, he basically lined up alone!]

[What do you know? I used to be a fan of when Titans played singles and now I’m a fan of when Titans plays doubles.]

[The upstairs person is brilliant. I will give you a thumbs up!]

[I can’t watch this video. What is going on with all the pink bubbles in the sky?]

[Previously, I felt that the relationship between these two people might just be business. Now I have confirmed that the parental love is real!]

[Indeed, this atmosphere really can’t be faked.]

[Parental love KSWL! Look at Titans’s expression!]

[The parental love CP fans are moved to tears.]

[I will only say one thing. They might really be together.]

Almost all the comments that followed revolved around the theme of parental love. Lin Yan’s gaze paused for a moment on the word ‘together’ and he inexplicably felt his mouth becoming dry. He instinctively wanted to touch the cigarettes in his pocket. Then he thought about how he was still in the car and held back.

This feeling was really a bit strange. At first, he had thought about opening business with Jing Yuanzhou occasionally from the perspective of the team. However, the outside reaction was too good and he felt vaguely confused when he thought about how these things were just the effects of business.

Lin Yan didn’t go any further. He just clicked the save button before exiting the video. He turned around and was about to say something to Jing Yuanzhou sitting next to him. Then he inadvertently saw two familiar figures hugging each other on the other person’s phone screen. He was obviously just looking at it a few seconds ago.

Lin Yan, “……”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have the habit of muting his phone like Lin Yan. He was watching the video with earphones plugged in while he leaned against the seat. He still had a casual expression and it couldn’t be seen what he was thinking in his heart.

Lin Yan thought of the comments of the netizens below. He paused for a moment but eventually stayed silent. He withdrew his gaze and started to watch the e-sports media’s comments on the performance of the GH team today.

A few minutes later, he turned his head and saw that the video was still on the screen of Jing Yuanzhou’s phone. Just as they were about to arrive at the base, he turned his head but the screen remained unchanged.

Lin Yan, “……”

Wasn’t this an infinite loop? Lin Yan couldn’t help feeling dumbfounded. He finally reached out to pull the earphone from Jing Yuanzhou’s right ear and joked, “Are you asleep?”

Jing Yuanzhou turned around and looked over, obviously very sober. “Hmm?”

Lin Yan glanced at the bright mobile phone screen again and paused a few seconds before saying, “If you have time to watch this boring video, it’s better to watch the game replay a few times.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s mouth curved imperceptibly. For a few minutes, he just stared silently at Lin Yan. It wasn’t until he noticed that Lin Yan couldn’t bear it anymore and retracted his gaze that Jing Yuanzhou responded. “Okay Coach.”

Lin Yan finally saw Jing Yuanzhou close the interface of the short video. In the end, he saw that the man didn’t forget to slowly press the save button. Then he started to scroll down to the IBB highlights.

It was as if nothing had happened.

It had to be said that the GH team reaching the finals of Burning Hot Assembly was indeed somewhat unexpected. After this match, they became a dark horse that crashed into public view. Since then, all previous videos of their matches had been unearthed by curious netizens.

There was immediately an uproar.

It was known that for a professional team, the core system was the key to all tactics. The first time the GH team came out, everyone defaulted to the thought that the team would revolve around the top player Titans. Now after paying attention to the previous game videos, they discovered that the top lane where Titans was located wasn’t the core of the GH team!

However, if they had to clearly state what lineup system the GH team was running… even professional netizens who claimed to be tactical experts couldn’t sum it up for a while.

In the several games played by GH, there were games that focused on protecting the mid-laner, games that relied on the jungler’s movements, games with the core as the shooter, games where the support assisted the full field and naturally games where the side-laner pushed forward with strength… in just a few episodes of the show, all of GH’s players were used as the core and there was no repetition at all!

People were dumbfounded. What type of routine was this? There was always no shortage of ‘tactical analysts’ on the Internet but after the in-depth analysis of all of GH’s video data, these people were completely confused by the chaotic tactics.

Then after being dizzy, the netizens discovered a very scary point. If GH’s tactical system always maintained such an unpredictable change then it really wasn’t good news for the opponent.

‘Did the Go Home team go home today?’ This sentence could no longer be a joke. After being adapted by the gradually increasing GH fans, it even became a brand new slogan: Did the Go Home team send you home today?

A team with characteristics had always easily attracted more supporters. After the match with the QU team, the tepid GH team finally started to have career fans. There was the official establishment of the fan club. Considering the various competitions that would occur in the future, the fans started to painstakingly consider the team’s image packaging.

GH’s official Weibo was usually managed by the team manager Luo Mo. In recent days, he started receiving some strange private messages that he never received before. The contents were clearly very serious but it made people feel a bit speechless.

For example, the content of the private message in front of him asked what the GH team’s officials thought about the support club song. As one of the first batch of fans attracted to the support club, it was natural that they were extremely active and wanted to do a good job. They considered the momentum of the song in a very practical manner and sincerely asked questions in the private message.

[Hello, GH official. We have three proposals here for the song. Among the three theme songs ‘A Thousand Miles Away’ and ‘Unforgivable’, which one do you think is relatively more suitable for the GH team’s temperament? If there is no specific idea then we can adopt the public voting event to let the fans make their own choice.]

In the spirit of a professional manager, Luo Mo went online to search for these three seconds. He finally ignored his desire to go crazy and replied: [You can vote yourself.] The fans were satisfied and immediately posted the vote online. The new and old fans of the GH team, including the black fans, participated very enthusiastically.

Luo Mo quietly logged onto his side account and voted for the ‘none of them are good’ option.

Unfortunately, his opinion was alone. In the end, the song of the GH Support Club was officially set as ‘Unforgivable’  due to its wide spread, its catchiness and the fact that it contained enough ridicule.

The manager Luo Mo had mixed feelings when he saw that the team had so many active and enthusiastic fans all of a sudden. In the end, he resisted the urge to hit the wall with his head and contacted the PR department to start the next stage of the publicity plan.

Proofreader: Nao 

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