CAMP: Chapter 46

The second game opened in a regular manner. After a wave of testing in their respective areas, the two sides didn’t break out in attacking. Instead, they went back and developed steadily.

Jing Yuanzhou pushed a bit hard in the lane, basically squeezing the opposite player directly under the tower without giving him room to breathe. If this style was placed on other players then it would probably be too aggressive. It was because Titans was on the field that everyone calmly thought it was a routine operation. Everyone knew that once Titans was on the road, it was basically hopeless to double team up. The success or failure of a three against one siege needed to be seen.

At the same time, QU’s mid-laner had suffered a big loss in the last game. This time, he saw Jian Ye’s healer in his field of view and instantly lost any aggressive thoughts. The conservativeness of QU’s mid-laner caused dissatisfaction in the barrage.

The audience in the live broadcast room could see from a god’s perspective that Jian Ye didn’t stay in the middle after helping Gu Luo collect a wave of soldiers. Instead, he made a fake move and started walking directly to the upper half of the map.

He met with Jing Yuanzhou and the two of them started to invade the jungle area. Such a prediction was terrifyingly accurate. After a while, QU’s jungler appeared on the screen with the support.

A series of ellipses started to appear on the barrage. The watching crowd was silent for a moment. They all wanted to sing a song ‘Have a good journey.’

Moments later, an incident broke out in the jungle. Jing Yuanzhou’s actions had always been simple and neat without giving the opponent the slightest chance to react. Thanks to Jian Ye’s assistance, he received a double kill.

From then on, it meant GH had directly declared the absolute right to occupy the upper half of the map. QU had no choice but to avoid the steel plate that was Jing Yuanzhou. Fortunately, their tactical deployment in this game wasn’t aimed at the top lane. After regaining their heart, they started to make trouble in the bottom lane.

Lin Yan was sitting in the players’ seats and had seen clues to QU’s system. He slightly frowned. Originally, if QU had won today then there was a high probability they would face their old rival IBB in the finals. Therefore, QU specifically tailored a specific set of tactics in response to IBB, a team with the shooter as the core.

Judging from the current lineup on the field, QU’s mid-laner and jungler had a very explosive mid-field linkage. It might not be enough facing Jing Yuanzhou’s half-tanker hero but it was more than enough for dealing with the low defense shooter.

While QU’s upper half of the map had almost completely fallen, the bottom half of the map started to blossom due to a steady wave of ganks.

Chen Yushen might’ve fortified the bottom lane ahead of time but the cooperation of QU’s mid-field was too fierce. In the end, he couldn’t save the besieged Bi Yaohua from the super high burst of damage but almost handed over a double kill.

Fortunately, Chen Yushen had always been calm on the field and retreated decisively. Otherwise, it would’ve been a buy one, get one free. Bi Yaohua was killed three times in a row. He saw that this couldn’t continue and started to call out, “Support daddy, look at me! I’m going to really blow up if you don’t come!”

Jing Yuanzhou agreed. “Gun, go protect the bottom lane.”

Jian Ye replied, “I’m going!”

The QU team was still eager to do things but Brother Gun’s milk supply was too sufficient. After a few tests, they weren’t able to take advantage. They could only choose to temporarily withdraw. Thanks to Jian Ye acting as a big escort, the scene of the bottom lane finally stabilized. It was a pity that due to the previous harassment, Bi Yaohua’s economy was affected too much and his equipment was miserable.

There was no way. Bi Yaohua could only work hard at this time to collect equipment but he was determined not to let go of Brother Gun’s thigh. “Gun Gun, you must not go too far away from me. Sure enough, I feel more secure when you are here! You don’t know, the beasts on the other side are really special. They aren’t human! It is like they have never seen a human head before. It is crazy! It doesn’t matter if I’m bullied but I am your shooter. Bully me means slapping you in the face. You can’t bear it, right!”

Jian Ye lifted Bi Yaohua’s health while calmly comforting him. “Okay, once people come then hide behind me. I’ll block you in front and ensure they can’t move against you.”

Bi Yaohua praised him. “The manliest Gun Gun!”

QU had spent a long time training in this strategy of sniping the shooter. Unfortunately, they didn’t expect there to be such a professional support this year. Since then, all their routines were messy and they felt extremely depressed.

Fortunately, the early harassment strategy was fairly thorough. Bi Yaohua’s output was in a semi-disabled state in the short-term, giving them a lot of room to play.

The QU team’s first reaction was to look for Gu Luo, the mid-laner. However, GH’s mid-laner took an unusual path. Apart from occasionally clearing the soldiers, he basically wandered around the jungle area. He ran more diligently in the jungle than the jungler.

In this way, it was obviously more difficult to block him. No traces of him could be found so QU could only focus on Jing Yuanzhou who was on the road again. They were filled with killing intent. Looking at the fog of the GH team’s map, it could be found that all the members of QU were gone.

Jing Yuanzhou just glanced at it and understood immediately. “BB, develop quickly. I will try to drag out this place a bit longer. Abyss and Gloy, come and wait here.”

Then he placed a simple signal on a grassy area of the map. The QU team didn’t know their whereabouts had been seen through. They saw that Jing Yuanzhou was still present and pushing the lane. This was a chance so they came forward.

However, before they could get close, two more figures appeared in the grass behind them. It was the GH duo who had disappeared for a long time.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it. The wave of gank that QU thought was the winner finally turned into an anti-gank. However, it was clear that it was too late for QU to pull back. They could only bite the bullet and try to carry out a wave of kills.

Jing Yuanzhou was set in place and received a wave of damage. It was followed up by the next few skills and he saw his health bar was about to be emptied. He used a flash to the extreme limit to avoid it and then used a series of skills to deal explosive damage.

Thanks to the cooperation of Chen Yushen and Gu Luo, the harvest was completed.

[Quadra kill!]

[Legendary (Super God)!]

The QU team had only one person left who hurriedly fled. A three against five battle produced a wave of destruction. The entire venue was overturned by loud shouts.

The director immediately did a close-up. On the screen, they could see Titans pushing to the tower with only 43 drops of health left. Just looking at the nearly empty health bar was enough to show how fierce the previous situation was.

However, this was the absolute control that belonged to top players! It was precisely because there was Jing Yuanzhou to control the damage to the maximum extent that induced the QU team to act against him. Finally, this allowed QU to receive the full set of damage from the GH duo.

At almost the same time, Bi Yaohua and Jian Ye on the bottom lane had already pushed all the way to the high ground. In this game, the QU team played well enough. It was a pity that Jing Yuanzhou stabilized the top lane with absolute strength, thus stabilizing the entire situation.

This was the absolute strength of an ace player! It was precisely because Jing Yuanzhou created more room for his teammates to act that it balanced out the entire field and filled in the breakthrough that QU had almost opened.

The upper and lower roads met and Jian Ye quickly filled up Jing Yuanzhou’s health. Everyone in GH followed the line of soldiers to the tower and pushed at the crystal of the QU team’s base.


Two straight wins! The game ended and the atmosphere was finally out of control. In the midst of the thunderous applause, Jing Yuanzhou walked straight to Lin Yan and looked down. “Was I okay?”

Lin Yan was smiling. “Why do I feel like you are asking for praise?”

“Isn’t it okay to understand it like that?” Jing Yuanzhou didn’t deny it. “Do I deserve some praise?”

Lin Yan tried to endure it but the corners of his mouth still flew up. “You deserve it. You played very beautifully.”

They won two consecutive games in the BO5 and directly entered the match point belonging to the GH team.

Lin Yan glanced over at the QU players’ seats. He could see that everyone in QU was looking solemn. They couldn’t smile anymore. His eyes couldn’t help shaking slightly.

Perhaps for many viewers, Burning Hot Assembly was just an entertainment variety game but in fact, for all participating teams, every match was an important opportunity for them to change their future. Especially for a veteran of the secondary league like QU.

Time and time again, they tried to reach the professional league only to be turned away. Some people ridiculed them as surveyors of those qualified to be professional teams but for the team itself, this name contained too much irony.

Lin Yan was well aware of how precious this rare extra chance for promotion was for teams like QU and IBB. He also knew how hard the players standing on the field had put in these days. It was a pity that their GH team was bound to win the promotion place as the final champions of the season!

Even if all the pursuits and sweat of QU could be understood, this was the battlefield of e-sports. There were winners and losers. Only the final glory couldn’t be given! Now, losing two games in a row had obviously had a great impact on the QU team.

In the BP section of the third game, the coach of QU actually banned three healing heroes in a row. This might be to make Jian Ye passive but it was too unwise.

Lin Yan sighed silently. He was in a complicated mood as he locked onto a group control support and arranged for the other players to take several powerful heroes. Jian Ye was really good at the healing support but that didn’t mean he couldn’t play other heroes. As a result of such a line-up, QU was destined to have nothing to do with victory.

In the beginning of the game, the GH team directly grasped a huge advantage. Bi Yaohua, who was ‘bullied’ in the last game, had full firepower. After several waves of small-scale team battles, he took a few heads, made a lot of money and finally won the MVP of the third game.

The score was 3:0! GH had won this BO5 knockout match with an absolutely crushing record! Lin Yan listened to the deafening cheers in his ears while his eyes fell calmly on the game statistics on the big screen.

On the field, the team’s players huddled together excitedly. Although they still needed to make it through the finals to officially enter the professional league, it was like Lin Yan said before the game. Today’s victory was their first step to proving themselves and they did it! The GH team used absolute strength to sound the alarm for the professional teams in the league!

On the stage, Bi Yaohua immediately hugged his teammates. Then he looked up at Jing Yuanzhou and heard the captain’s faint hint, “It’s time to shake hands.”

Along with the live broadcast, the program had changed all other aspects to the league system. After the match, as the winner, the GH team went to the QU team to shake hands one by one. Having lost another chance to enter the professional league, some players on the QU team couldn’t help secretly shedding tears.

The two captains firmly shook hands. The QU captain concealed the loss in his eyes and said sincerely, “You are very strong. You have to come back!”

“Thank you.”

Lin Yan stood in the players’ seats and watched the scene on the field from a distance. On the screen, he could see Jing Yuanzhou looking at him after turning around. Then Jing Yuanzhou walked straight over.

They stood in front of each other and were silent for a while. There were still cheers but it seemed to have become distant background sounds. A moment later, Lin Yan smiled first. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Jing Yuanzhou’s hands curled up slowly as he looked at the person in front of him. Then he naturally opened his hands. “Hug once to celebrate?”

Everyone was very excited after winning the game. Bi Yaohua, who had just been refused a hug by the captain, looked back. Jian Ye was still immersed in the joy of victory and he blurted out, “I want to hug the coach too!”

Before he could step forward, Gu Luo firmly held a corner of his clothes. “No, you don’t want to!”

Seeing Jian Ye look back suspiciously, Gu Luo’s mouth twitched slightly but he didn’t know how to explain it. Finally, he considered the safety of Brother Gun’s life and sent himself up as a great sacrifice. “If you want to hug then just… hug me.”

Lin Yan was a bit stunned by Jing Yuanzhou’s suggestion. It was only when he saw the few people next to him that he reacted. He stared at JIng Yuanzhou who was still holding this posture and walked over, giving a gentle hug. “There is one more match. Keep going!”

The director captured this scene and placed it on the big screen. The audience was quiet for a moment at the two embracing figures. Then the scene was completely overturned by screams.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t seem to notice the restlessness at the venue. He glanced at the image on the screen and slightly smiled as his warm breath grazed Lin Yan’s ear. “Yes, let’s work hard together.”

It was obviously a very light sentence but it caused Lin Yan’s ears to turn red. Accompanied by the shouts on the field, a prairie fire was started.

Proofreader: Nao 

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Yoshi K
Yoshi K
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They’re feeding their fans so well

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oh my god. it must feel so good to be a cp fan

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GL sacrificing himself for his parents and letting JY hug him 😂
I think the worse is that the parents didn’t even notice the big sacrifice 😂😂