CAMP: Chapter 45 Part 2

The first game officially started. Since QU’s core player was their mid-laner, Lin Yan specifically reminded Jian Ye to pay special attention to Gu Luo’s development in the middle. Lin Yan had successfully destroyed QU’s ideal lineup in the BP session. As the coach, he had done his duty. The rest was up to the players.

Judging from the current lineup on the field, the support of the QU team was undoubtedly very passive. This made QU lack a better means of protection when invading the jungle. In response to this, Jing Yuanzhou greeted Chen Yushen in advance. The two of them waited and received the first drop of blood from QU’s jungler within one minute of the start.

Jian Ye’s healing support wasn’t suitable for starting a group battle but his protection was particularly strong. In the early stages, he went to the middle lane. No matter how hard QU’s mid-laner tried, even with the assistance of the jungler, he still failed to get any benefits.

Since the opponent didn’t have the advantage, Gu Luo’s fighting style meant it was up to him to occupy the advantage. He madly and ferociously pushed down the lane. There was a suspicion that he was relying on Jian Ye but he did quickly widen the economic gap between both sides in the middle. The core of the QU team, the mid-laner was a bit miserable for a while.

However, Lin Yan was quite satisfied. This was the effect he wanted.

Don’t pay attention to Gu Luo’s usual obedient appearance. He played more fiercely than anyone else when he was on the field. The usual control heroes couldn’t keep up with his rhythm but Jian Ye’s type of healing support seemed tailor-made for him.

Brother Gun’s milk had always been plentiful and delicious. The most important thing was that it always appeared at the most critical time, making people unable to stop. There was Jian Ye protecting him and Gu Luo naturally had no more scruples. Seeing that QU’s mid-laner was alone under the defensive tower, he didn’t hesitate to start the mode of attacking the tower the moment his big skill was upgraded.

This wave of attacks came so quickly that QU’s mid-laner didn’t have time to react. The moment he looked up, he could only see the dark computer screen.

On the screen, Gu Luo took the head and never looked at the corpse lying on the ground. He walked away without any attachment. This back figure was simply arrogant.

The damage from the defense tower hit Gu Luo again and again. Jian Ye’s reaction was quick and he took two steps forward decisively. He took the last damage from the tower for his mid-laner and a green light flashed on his weapon at the same time. This instantly lifted Gu Luo’s small amount of health back to a healthy state.

Anyone who had seen GH’s live broadcast knew that the team’s mid-laner and support liked to play doubles together. At this time, their tacit understanding was shown. This set of cooperation was so successful that the entire barrage was instantly covered with a string of ‘666.’

Meanwhile, QU’s jungler wanted to make trouble on the road. Yet instead of getting any benefits from Jing Yuanzhou, he was instead pressured back and lost some health. There was nothing to do but hatefully withdraw.

Jing Yuanzhou continued to clear the line of soldiers while also going to the opponent’s jungle to collect two mobs. He glanced in the direction where two figures had disappeared and signaled to the middle road, warning them. “They have gone down the side lane and the jungle.”

At the same time, Chen Yushen also gave a signal. “Wait for me.”

Gu Luo understood. He pretended to be inattentive and kept clearing the line of soldiers without slowing down. On the other side, Jian Ye found the best healing distance in advance. Five seconds later, two figures rushed out of the grass by the river and went straight to Gu Luo.

First, a displacement narrowed the distance and then a strong control held Gu Luo in place. Finally, there was a set of combos. Anyone seeing it would think Gu Luo would be killed instantly. The moment that Gu Luo’s health was going to empty, a green light flashed around his body. The health bar that had bottomed out was pulled back by more than half a bar in an instant.

It was the big move that Jian Ye had been holding in his hands. He had been waiting for such a critical moment. After the control effect ended, Gu Luo used flash and decisively pulled away. At almost the same moment, the waiting Chen Yushen leaped out like a wolf staring at his prey.

QU’s side lane player and jungler tried to withdraw but it was completely too late. Chen Yushen’s jungler rhythm could be called very good. The time he entered the field happened to be when the opponents’ skills were on cooldown. There was almost no resistance and he successfully accepted a wave of double kills.

As the bait who escaped from death, Gu Luo retreated under the tower and started to return to the city. He didn’t forget to praise his teammates in the voice channel. “666 Abyss! Brother Gun, awesome! I probably would’ve kneeled down without your milk!”

Chen Yushen replied in a low voice and returned to the jungle.

Jian Ye chuckled when he heard the words. “Yes, I will be there whenever you need it. Brother Gun is your mobile blood bank.”

The listening Bi Yaohua couldn’t help wailing, “F&k, move your mobile blood bank and look at me too! Come on, what are they doing here? They can’t stay in the middle lane so they want to go to the bot lane and collapse along with it. QU’s team culture is okay. It is too tragic to die together!”

As the team’s strong backing and the top tool man, Jian Ye ran down the road without hesitation. “Brother Trash Talk, just wait. I will give you a mouthful straight away. You will have enough milk!”

In this game, GH’s rhythm could be called very good. After grasping the advantage at the beginning, it snowballed and the gap continued to widen. The QU team quickly discovered that their movement route seemed to have been grasped by the other side. Their rhythm was a mess and they could no longer control it. In addition, their lineup itself was restrained in this round. GH managed to push to the high ground in 35 minutes.

The crystal at the QU team’s base was shattered and the word ‘victory’ appeared on the computer screens of the GH players.


The first game of the BO5 was won! Moreover, it could be called quite a beautiful victory. From the alignment to the rhythm, it was almost perfect and impeccable. The barrage was instantly lively. The MVP of this game was finally given to Gloy’s outstanding performance. He had 6 kills, 0 deaths and 8 assists. He was only one step away from a super god.

In addition, the focus of the audience was on another person, the GH team’s support Gun. It had to be admitted that GH’s Gloy was really elegant and fierce but anyone who paid attention to the game would find that without Gun, the top healer escorting him, Gloy wouldn’t have been able to penetrate into the enemy line like this.

The director promptly called up the healing data on the spot. Once they saw the overwhelming total amount of healing, the audience couldn’t help letting out exclamations.

In the current professional league, healing heroes were almost always on the bench. The long casting time made them a bit too useless compared to the various control skills of other support heroes.

Now this game caused a wave of heated discussions. The healing support could still be played like this? After seeing this, who would dare claim that they were useless? Since the previous teams that GH faced were too weak, the support position was easily overlooked and lacked attention. It wasn’t until this game…

Lin Yan greeted the players who returned to the players’ bench and gently patted Jian Ye’s shoulder. “Congratulations Gun Zai. This can be regarded as you becoming famous! If you really create a new era of healing supports with your own power then today will be regarded as the official starting point of the Milk God!”

Jian Ye also knew that the tactic in the first game was based on trust in his healing capacity so it wasn’t surprising that his healing total value would be so high. Now he heard Lin Yan’s words and the fierce scar on his face twitched slightly. “I don’t have any opinion about being on the road to a god but Coach, can you change the name of Milk God? Do you think this name is suitable for me?”

Lin Yan looked up and saw the angular face. He was silent for a moment before replying sincerely, “I think it is very suitable! Believe in yourself, you can add milk, you are the Milk God!”

Jian Ye, “……”

Milk God?!

QU lost a game in the beginning. This made the QU fans who had been extremely active on the barrage shut up slightly. In sharp contrast, the supporters of the GH team were celebrating.

After all, it was a new team. Compared to old teams, the number of fans for the GH team still wasn’t enough. In addition, most of them were CP fans and face fans. Apart from Jing Yuanzhou’s own fans who had a stronger fighting power, the others were relatively Buddhist. This led to an extremely different strength when competing with QU fans.

Still, no matter how Buddhist these GH fans, the barrage was still their battlefield. Naturally, no one wanted to lose the battle! GH’s victory in the first game made the female fans focused on CP and appearance start to appear.

[Yo yo yo, didn’t QU fans clamor a lot just now? Come on, come on, try jumping out again?]

[Kneeling so miserably in the first game. I want to ask if your face hurts?]

[GH used to play against weak teams? Oh, I think your QU is the weakest.]

[It is a crushing. So miserable. With our Brother Gun, it is impossible to get a head!]

[F&k, GH fans shouldn’t be too arrogant. Isn’t it just one game? Can you live for a year just by winning one game?]

[Let’s rest, it’s cold. It is time to send QU home. Our coach Lin said that the opponent’s air tickets are all inclusive. Do you want to hurry and book it?]

Don’t say it. No matter the situation later, at least in this moment, they relieved a lot of their anger!

In such a tense atmosphere, the second game officially started. As always, the BP process was a game between the coaches of the two teams. Lin Yan saw that QU had banned the shaman elf used by Jian Ye in the last game and raised his eyebrow.

The entire audience was also in a frenzy. Before this, who would’ve thought that in this version of the game, they could still see a healing hero being banned? From this point of view, GH was simply leading a new trend in the game!

The ban section ended and it was time to start choosing heroes. Lin Yan asked the players to take cocoa immortal, who was also a healing hero. Then he took a look at QU’s bench. Not surprisingly, it could be seen that all the players in the QU zone looked like they were eating sh&t. He couldn’t help laughing.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed Lin Yan’s actions at this time and leaned closer.  “You are laughing. Aren’t you afraid that the QU coaching team will fight against you desperately?”

Lin Yan was calm. “There are so many machines arranged here. I really respect him if he dares to start a PK with real people.”

The lineup was all set in the blink of an eye. Before leaving, Lin Yan didn’t forget to say one more sentence. “Titans, this game depends on you.”

Jing Yuanzhou said, “Give it to me.”

This time during the handshake session, QU’s coach obviously had nothing to say and just shook hands. Since their lineup selection was clearly targeted in the first game, they temporarily adjusted a set of new tactics for this game.

The system they were using was originally prepared to face the IBB in the final spring for the professional league quota. They never expected that they would be forced to use it when facing GH. It was obviously not a wise choice to expose new tactics in advance but QU also knew that if they stopped here today, everything later would be meaningless.

Lin Yan naturally also noticed the changes in the opposite lineup. He sat in the players area and cast his gaze to the center of the field. He watched the indifferent man in the center of the field with a slight smile on his face.

A new tactic was really easy to catch the opponent off guard. It was just a pity that in order to prevent such a situation from happening, he had placed the tactical core in this game on Jing Yuanzhou.

There was one thing Lin Yan always believed. As long as this man was standing on the field, the brand new team of GH would be invincible!

Proofreader: Nao 

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