CAMP: Chapter 45 Part 1

The final result of Lin Yan’s round-the-clock replays was that the GH team ushered in another wave of devil training. They normally trained but under Lin Yan’s command, there was a complete training plan compared to temporary and whimsical training. It was two completely different extreme experiences.

The reason why the members of the GH team, including Bi Yaohua, loved and feared their coach was that he always used training techniques that could drive them crazy to make them forever remember the training content experienced.

In Lin Yan’s words, it was muscle memory. A professional was likely to experience all types of unexpected situations on the field. Under these circumstances, the only thing that could be trusted most was the existence of muscle memory.

Coach Lin’s confident expression when talking made it seem like he was talking about his own personal experience and it was irrefutable.

They lived like this for several days. By the time everyone came out of the training room in a muddle-headed manner, the second elimination round of Burning Hot Assembly was finally ushered in.

In this episode, they would face the top team QU in the secondary league. If they won, they would go to the finals to compete for the championship. If they failed, they would leave miserably. It was either life or death.

Before the program was recorded, Lin Yan gave the final speech for everyone in the lounge. “You all must remember that winning the final championship is our goal. Before we get the qualification to enter the professional league, we don’t have the right to say we worked hard. In this field, all unrequited efforts have no value. You must understand that only results can prove everything! E-sports is so cruel!”

“Our team is just getting started. Since the strength of the previous teams we faced wasn’t high, netizens still find us controversial. There might be some problems with the arrangement of the program but it isn’t bad for us to face a team with a certain strength like QU. In the last five secondary leagues, the QU team has been qualified to participate in the finals three times. Due to their continuous ‘escort’ of many teams who have stood on the field of the professional league, they were once nicknamed the surveyor of those qualified to be professional teams. Now we are going to fight for our future against such a surveyor team.”

Having said this, he looked around the lounge. “As long as we can defeat QU in a fair manner today, it will prove to the entire e-sports circle that the GH team itself has the strength and qualification to stand in the professional league. Now I want you to formally issue a warning to the professional league and tell everyone that we, GH, are really here!”

The members of GH listened to this and their blood was boiling. “Defeat QU, f&k them!”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help looking up at Lin Yan while hiding the faint smile in his eyes. If this person retired from e-sports, he would probably show an amazing effect if he went to do MLM sales.

Lin Yan finished mobilizing this side and turned to the cameraman brother next to him. “Did you record everything just now?”

Having been with the GH team for so long, the cameraman brother was used to Lin Yan’s rapid expression change. He calmly responded, “It’s all recorded.”

Lin Yan looked over at the replay of the moment just now and reminded, “The last sentence of ‘f&k them’ should be cut out later. The impact isn’t very good. We’ll record another one now.”

The cameraman brother, “……”

He would like to say that this sentence better reflected GH’s current public image but he met Lin Yan’s gaze and couldn’t help drawing up the corner of his mouth. “Okay.”

The GH team quickly set up their positions under Lin Yan’s command. They might be reluctant but they could only do business in a serious manner. They faced the camera and reappeared with serious and firm expressions on their faces. “We will definitely win!”

Of course, some of them were too distracted.

Jing Yuanzhou gave a rare laugh.

Lin Yan couldn’t help staring at him. He went close to the cameraman brother to watch the re-shoot and barely agreed with it. “Okay, that’s it. Don’t include Titan’s scene and everything else is good.”

The shooting task ended here and he finally remembered one thing. “By the way, I didn’t say it before in fear of affecting your emotions. Starting today, the show has officially been changed to a live broadcast. If you don’t play well then you will get the treatment of being scolded simultaneously. Are you excited? Do you feel any excitement and stimulation?”

Probably taking into account the factors of the mid-season, the program’s staff decided to adjust the broadcast time. They directly adopted the same live broadcast format as the official competition.

The people in the GH team previously didn’t know the news. They had indeed found the recording time strange. Now that they knew the reason, they froze for a while.

Bi Yaohua turned and looked at the stylist behind him. “Brother, do you think I need to adjust my hairstyle again?”

The stylist murmured, “…It is very handsome.”

“Maybe it can be a bit more handsome?”

“……This is handsome enough.”

“I don’t mind being more handsome.”


The stylist couldn’t bear it and grabbed a handful of hair gel, applying it to the colorful hair. Everyone else laughed.

Gu Luo actually had a question but didn’t dare to ask. Jian Ye was more straightforward and wondered, “Coach, aren’t you afraid of affecting our mood if you tell us about the live broadcast now?”

Lin Yan glanced at him disapprovingly. “If it is so easy to get affected by emotions then what do I want from you?”

Jian Ye, “……”

It might sound cold and heartless but it was so reasonable that people couldn’t refute it? Just then, the door of the lounge opened and a staff member looked in to remind them to be prepared to play. Lin Yan clapped his hands. “Let’s go!”

Since this was an elimination round, the three games had been replaced by BO5.

Three games had been increased to five games. It not only had higher requirements for the players’ physical fitness but it also added more uncertain factors. This was the ultimate test of mentality.

The barrage of the live broadcast had long been filling the screen.

[Come on, place a bet. Guess who can win this game.]

[GH also got all the way here. Are the competitors they met before really that weak?]

[Please give QU a chance to qualify for the professional league. QU’s old fans are in tears.]

[Meeting QU, the going home team is finally going home today, right?]

[QU has been unable to enter the professional league for so many years. There is a reason why. Weak is weak. I predict that GH will win.]

[In the last episode, GH won against IBB. Why can’t they win against QU?]

[I’m laughing to death. The last episode was just an entertainment game! Do GH fans really think their team is very strong?]

[Wake up, IBB lost because they didn’t send their shooter. The core of the team itself is the shooter system, okay!]

[Don’t make noise, don’t make noise, it is time to start!]

The match officially started. Lin Yan took his folder and stood behind the player seats to guide the team through the BP process. He couldn’t help showing a faint smile when he saw the first hero QU banned.

It wasn’t in vain that he spent a few days studying all the game data of the GH team. Obviously, he had completely guessed the BP lineup designed by QU’s coaching staff. Unlike the players fighting on the field, the game of the professional coaches was in the lineup changes.

[Wow, Coach Lin is smiling. I don’t think it is easy.]

[GH, let’s rest the bragging here. Coach Lin, Coach Lin all the time. If your coach is so awesome then why doesn’t he go to Heaven?]

[I see you are all QU’s brainless fans. I can’t wait for you to be hit in the face!]

[I just want to ask. Is the going home team going home today?]

[Oh, the go home team will send QU home today!]

QU’s fans were concerned about their team’s quota and confronted the supporters of the GH team on the barrage, not giving way. The thing they didn’t know was that the coach of their team had long been bitterly twisted up into a ball. The saddest thing was that the opponent guessed their tactical arrangements in advance.

At the end of the BP session, coaches from both sides arrived in the center and shook hands. QU’s coach looked at Lin Yan in a complicated manner but he could only helplessly say, “This system is very familiar…”

Lin Yan smiled calmly. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

This attitude was humble enough and so modest that it made the coach of QU more upset. After shaking hands and controlling the impulse to cover his chest, the coach of QU hurried back to his seat and had to make subsequent tactical adjustments temporarily.

Due to his tactical arrangements being restrained, the players on the field became passive. This was the biggest negligence of the coaching staff.

Lin Yan also returned to his position. In contrast to the completely pressured coach of QU, Lin Yan leaned back lazily in his chair, slender legs crossed casually in front of him as he started to pay attention to the game on the field.

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When LY was giving that inspirational speech, I was so moved, thinking that LY wad comforting his children. And then discovered that it was for recording purposes and was left with a feeling like my face ached 😂