CAMP: Chapter 44

Jing Yuanzhou looked down at Lin Yan. “Okay, how do you want to use it?”

Lin Yan didn’t speak for a while as his gaze stayed on Jing Yuanzhou. First, it landed on the high bridge of the nose and then fell bit by bit. It moved across the distinct contours of the face to the sexy Adam’s apple, slowly falling over the collarbones and then down to the tall and slender figure covered by clothes.

He quietly moved to the side and his attention finally fell on the hand exposed by the cuffs. The ten fingers were slender with distinct joints. There was a unique sensibility. It was those two hands that operated the heroes on the field, creating a peak that no one else could reach.

Lin Yan’s eyes flickered slightly and his Adam’s apple moved as a faint feeling swept over his heart.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed Lin Yan’s gaze and smiled softly. “Are you looking at my hands?”

Lin Yan glanced at him. “Can they be used?”

“Of course.” Jing Yuanzhou held back his smile and asked again, “How do you plan to use it?”

Such words inevitably sounded a bit ambiguous. Lin Yan coughed and wondered, “How can I use it?”

Jing Yuanzhou gently rubbed the coffee cup with his fingers. “It mainly depends on how Coach Lin wants to use it.”

Lin Yan stared at Jing Yuanzhou and gave a low chuckle after a long time. “You are really so cooperative? If I say that I want you to help me solve it… Titans’ hands are so precious. Are you really willing to condescend to accept it?”

It was such an ambiguous atmosphere and Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help wanting to tease Lin Yan. He didn’t expect that instead of teasing this person, he would be stunned by such a question. Help solve…

The sentence had too many meanings. So could he understand it as this man not minding physical contact with the same sex?

Originally, Lin Yan just blurted out these words because of the atmosphere. Then he saw Jing Yuanzhou’s stunned manner and realized how his words could be interpreted. He felt his ears burning as he rubbed his hair. Then he took out one jiao from the piggy bank. He threw it to Jing Yuanzhou and without waiting for a response, he turned over on the bed and buried his face deeply into the pillow.

His muffled voice was heard. “Okay, I’m sore from sitting all night. My neck, shoulders, back and waist are all areas that need to be solved urgently. You have received the service fee so do it quickly.”

Jing Yuanzhou looked down and saw the slender figure motionless on the bed. Lin Yan was completely buried in the pillow and his expression couldn’t be seen at all. Perhaps it was the light but there seemed to be a strange reddish color at the base of his ears.

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes shook slightly. “Okay, boss.”

Lin Yan lay on the bed for a while before he felt the man’s hands pinching his neck. Jing Yuanzhou’s fingers were faintly cold but the moment they touched the skin, it seemed like a fire was burning.

Inch by inch, blood flowed throughout his body.

The massage posture was restrained yet ambiguous.

No one spoke for a while. In the silent environment, every action seemed to be infinitely expanded into a slow-motion replay. Lin Yan could feel the exhaustion in his body dissipating while at the same time, there was another strange feeling.

Jing Yuanzhou massaged very seriously while his gaze stayed on the person in front of him. He kneaded carefully on a specific place with force. Then he asked in a low voice, “Does it hurt?”

Too delicate and too gentle. If he didn’t know this person, the dazed Lin Yan would think he had wandered into a massage place and ordered the top worker. He clearly did nothing but it was provocative to the extreme.

He originally wanted to take this opportunity to relax but before he knew it, his body tensed even more under the massage. Lin Yan couldn’t help cursing in his heart as he regretted his choice. Sure enough, he lost his head over lust!

Why on earth did he provoke a man like Jing Yuanzhou? It was fine now. The man was very serious about the service but as the boss enjoying the service, he felt that it was a bit unbearable. It was really unbearable.

Lin Yan’s entire face was buried in the pillow and the hands that had fallen to his side couldn’t help gripping the sheets under him. A wave of heat he never experienced before surged and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

It wasn’t that Jing Yuanzhou’s technique wasn’t good enough. It was that it was too good. It was so good… he had an unwanted reaction!

The touch behind him shifted from the neck to the shoulders and then inched along his back. Just as it reached the sensitive part of his back, Jing Yuanzhou suddenly applied a bit of strength without warning.

Lin Yan was already overwhelmed by the heat gradually rising in his body and couldn’t help letting out a low groan. Such a sound was made in this silence and Jing Yuanzhou’s massage stopped slightly.

There was a strange silence around them.

Lin Yan didn’t wait for Jing Yuanzhou to say anything and pushed away the hands on his body. He rolled over, got out of bed and rushed straight to the bathroom without looking back. Before the door was closed, a low and hoarse voice was heard. “I will take a shower first and we will continue to work after.”

A few moments later, the sound of water could be heard. In the entire process, Jing Yuanzhou never moved from his position by the bed. His gaze settled on the closed door for a while before he buried his face in his hands and chuckled.

At this time, his fingertips still seemed to contain residual heat.

If Lin Yan had glanced back, he would’ve seen that this normally indifferent and proud man had a suspicious blush that didn’t fit his image occupying his entire neck. It didn’t disappear for a long time.

During this massage, Jing Yuanzhou was far less calm and indifferent than he seemed. It was precisely due to the fire ignited in his body that he never made a sound, for fear that he would accidentally set a prairie fire and go completely out of control.

Now the sound of water in the water gradually splashed on his heart.

The smile on Jing Yuanzhou’s face became more and more uncontrolled. Lin Yan might’ve been silent just now but from Jing Yuanzhou’s perspective, how could he not detect the subtle changes in the other person’s body?

So they were the same in terms of sexual orientation. What other discovery could make him happier than his?

The next day, Titans started the live broadcast again.

Fans didn’t know what a good day it was and waited in the live broadcast room early after receiving the advance notice. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Jing Yuanzhou logged into the platform exactly on time. He was sorting out the equipment while the barrage scrolled.

[Ahhh, Titans finally came. I was dying waiting!]

[What will the content be today? Is it the glory tournament?]

[The glory tournament is good. Is it singles or doubles? Call Coach Lin to join you!]

[I’m kneeling down and begging Coach Lin to show his face.]

[Wow, is there a doubles game, doubles game?]

Almost every two or three sentences mentioned Lin Yan. Jing Yuanzhou saw the contents of the barrage and couldn’t help smiling. He turned his head and looked at someone who was napping on the sofa. “Coach Lin, the fans say they want to see you.’

Lin Yan yawned before lazily lifting his eyelids and wondering, “Isn’t it your live broadcast? Why do they want to see me?”

Jing Yuanzhou turned sideways. “If you don’t believe me then look for yourself. I’m not lying to you.”

Lin Yan didn’t bother to open the live broadcast room. He went straight to Jing Yuanzhou’s computer and glanced at it. Such a face appeared in the camera of the live broadcast room. The two people were in the same frame and there was a burst of screams.

Jing Yuanzhou gently pushed against the floor so the gaming chair moved back a bit, giving Lin Yan some space.

Lin Yan glanced at the contents of the barrage and laughed. “I won’t play the doubles game today. I am tired from last night and need to rest.”

It wasn’t easy to catch such an interactive opportunity and the barrage scrolled frantically.

[You really aren’t going to play doubles? Would you like to think about it again?]

[I want to see the coach play a jungler, I want to see the coach take Titans to score points.]

[Wow, did something happen last night?]

[A big night. So exciting?]

[Just now my mother asked me why my color suddenly changed.]

[Who did you toss with and to what extent? Ahhh a letter written in blood showing my determination to get the details!]

[A letter written in blood showing my determination to get the details +2]

[A letter written in blood showing my determination to get the details +3]


[A letter written in blood showing my determination to get the details + ID number.]

Lin Yan saw the barrage like this and could only continue to answer. “Who did I toss with? Do you still need to ask? It was naturally Titans.”

The barrage screen was completely covered with ‘ahhhhhhhhhhh.’

[Is the GH team so open? The coach and the captain took the lead to stay up so late?]

[Just say that the relationship between the two of you isn’t ordinary! Isn’t this a direct confession?]

[Talk a bit more, talk a bit more, talk about life’s ideals if possible.]

[What is all this stuff inside GH?]

[The previous sunspot, get lost!]

[Stop tossing and play a doubles game please.]

[What did you do? We just want to know what you did?]

[A big night! Is it so exciting?!!!]

“……” Lin Yan admired the association ability of these netizens. “What do you think? We naturally engaged in videos.”

[!!! There is still a video? You are so good at playing?!]

[Ahhhhh it’s okay to make a video together!]

[Don’t speak secret words. I want to see.]

[F&k, the parents love out of print treasure CD? There is an inside taste!]

[Your relationship is like this. You really won’t consider being teammates?]

Lin Yan, “……”

He had only slept in the early hours of the morning and was very sleepy. Therefore, he completely didn’t want to talk right now. He was silent and stared blankly at Jing Yuanzhou.

Jing Yuanzhou was controlling the curve of his mouth. After being stared at like this, he couldn’t help laughing. Still, he came out and helped clarify it. “Okay, Coach Lin is talking about watching the game replay videos.”

There was only one piece of content left on the barrage: [Oh…]

Proofreader: Nao 

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Lmao this is so funny! 🤣

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lmaooo i love these 2. pls kiss already

29 days ago

From the beginning I’ve loved that LY is able to make JYZ blush with his teasing. And now that hubby is learning to tease his wife back and they can both make the other blush, I’m loving it even more (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠)