CAMP: Chapter 43

Three days later, the third pre-recorded episode was officially broadcasted.

Since it was entertainment content with no elimination and the mid-season was currently in full swing, the attention for this episode was significantly lower than the previous two episodes. Still, this didn’t affect the fierce momentum of the coach who took advantage of it to become popular.

Apart from everything else, it might have been an entertainment game but it was a match-up against the veteran IBB of the secondary league. The GH team played a bit too fiercely. The barrage of the playback was crazy and various popular clips appeared on video websites.

Netizens combined this with Titans’s previous doubles match live broadcast, the ambiguous moments when watching BK’s match, and the tacit and exquisite cooperation on the variety show… The CP fans of the parent combination felt almost overwhelmed with happiness.

Every second of every frame was sweet sugar. It could only be said that the parental love was real!

For a team like GH that didn’t have any results, most of the fans were face fans or CP fans. Relatively speaking, there were much less technique fans but the old fans who paid attention to Titans were a bit surprised.

The diehard Titans fans naturally weren’t like the girlfriend fans who thought about the emotional world of the players every day. Sometimes, they thought that bringing the fan culture into the field of e-sports was a deformity in itself. Even so, they felt a burst of enthusiasm after watching the two entertainment games.

Anyone who followed Titans from his early days knew that originally, this player was extremely radiant on the field. At the same time, he was labelled as ‘too unique’ and this created controversy. Later, Titans changed a large part of his playing style after the internal reorganization of the NK team. Since then, he completely concealed his sharp edge. He played the role of the pillar of the team and steadily led the team to the peak step by step.

No one said the changes made by Titans were bad but as long as they thought of the boy in the past, the old fans would feel deep regret.

Now Titans had temporarily withdrawn from the professional league and went to an unknown team like GH but the old fans seemed to vaguely see the Titans who flew freely on the field in that first year. They were in a trance and were filled with expectations, especially after the two entertainment games. Due to the frequent linkage between the side lane and the jungle area, the overwhelming and sharp force seemed to make the dignified color on the Titans ID recede quietly.

This feeling was like a dust-covered blade suddenly emerging, still pointing directly at the sky.

The old fans were touched. They saw this figure in the video and couldn’t help leaving messages. Thanks to the CP fans and loyal fans, the comments area of GH’s official Weibo was very lively. Of course, many sunspots took the opportunity to fish in troubled waters and stepped on Chen Yushen’s foot in secret.

[Is Lin Yan really just the coach of your club? He is so strong. Why doesn’t he consider directly replacing the jungler position?]

[It isn’t meant for Abyss. The reputation of a player has a great influence on the club. I hope the club seriously considers it.]

[Ahhh, the parent combination is real, the parent combination is real! KSWL! Asking the officials to keep sending sugar!]

[I’m a bit moved. I haven’t seen Titans like this on the field for so long. Asking the coach to become a player!]

[F&k, I can’t help but get a nosebleed at the sight of Coach Lin and Titans fighting together on the battlefield.]

[Seriously, if your jungler isn’t good then change it as soon as possible. I think this coach plays much better as has a strong sense of rhythm. There is a ready-made player? You really won’t consider it?]

[I can’t help thinking of the barrage when Coach Lin first played jungler that day during the doubles game. Those who were laughing so much, doesn’t your face hurt?]

[Upstairs, don’t say it… I was so shocked that day. Now I am looking for a good hospital for plastic surgery.]

[Sincerely begging the two people to team up again. I would exchange ten years of the sunspots’ lives in order to see such an event.]

Weibo was boiling. Lin Yan didn’t care but this aroused the attention of all the parties in this circle. Jing Yuanzhou was closest to the professional circle and was naturally the most affected. Unsurprisingly, in the past few days he had received many greetings with ulterior motives. They all beat around the bush but there was no need to ask who they were after.

In the beginning, Jing Yuanzhou thought about how they were acquaintances and politely replied. In the end, he simply summed it up in one sentence. “Coach Lin? Our entire GH Club is under his name. If you are interested then ask him. Maybe he will buy you to GH.”

It was really polite but translated, it meant: Coach Lin is the boss behind the GH Club. If he wants to play professionally then he can do so at any time. Don’t think about digging him. If you really want to dig him over then you have to consider buying the entire club.

Lin Yan was sitting in front of the computer watching the video materials. He turned around and saw Jing Yuanzhou typing on his phone indifferently and couldn’t help frowning. “We are so busy. Are they still fishing here?”

Today, neither of them participated in the training. They stayed in Lin Yan’s room to sort out the combat data of the QU team for the past few years. Unlike others, the most important task for the GH team was to win the second elimination round instead of the current mid-season.

The program had revealed the schedule to them. Due to their win in the entertainment game, they would face the other winners in the next episode, the QU team. At this point, Lin Yan felt that he had been pitted by the program.

According to the normal process, shouldn’t it be the winner versus the loser? It meant the workload on him increased in an instant.

QU and IBB were both veteran teams of the secondary league. When fighting seriously, the strength of the two teams might not meet professional standards but they couldn’t be treated as third-rate teams like the previous opponents.

Lin Yan never liked to fight unprepared battles. He wanted to work out a complete lineup system targeting QU before the next recording. Therefore, he compiled all of QU’s previous game videos. He asked Jing Yuanzhou for help but couldn’t help frowning when he saw that his person was almost always on WeChat.

Jing Yuanzhou saw this frown and smiled. He showed Lin Yan the content of the screen and spoke in an innocent tone. “Do you think I want to talk to them? The problem is that your personal charm is too great. These people have nowhere else to ask and can only find me.”

Lin Yan looked up and caught a glimpse of the other person’s name: PILL’s manager.

He couldn’t help his lips twitching. “PILL lost to BK at the start of the mid-season and still have time to pay attention to our team? Even if they are free, don’t pull you to chat. Shouldn’t you charge to chat with Titans? Let him die!”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. “Okay.”

He started typing: [My leader said to let you die.]

PILL’s manager: […….]

Jing Yuanzhou solved the conversation with everyone else in the same way and directly turned off his phone.

Then he handed the tablet to Lin Yan. “I have watched all the matches from last year’s secondary league and listed the useful video content here. You can see if there is anything worth playing for reference.”

Lin Yan saw that Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t just chatting on WeChat and not working. His expression became slightly awkward as he took the tablet and put it aside. “Yes, I’ll take a look later.”

He rubbed his sore shoulders, glanced at the time and couldn’t help cursing. “F&k, I didn’t pay attention and it is already this late!”

There was the problem of sorting out the video materials and unknowingly, time passed quickly. Due to this, he often stayed up all night without realizing it.

Lin Yan had been staring at the computer screen all night. He placed two drops of eyedrops into his dry eyes and gently rubbed his fingers together. “Thank you for your hard work. Go back and rest. Tomorrow afternoon is the program’s daily live broadcast. Don’t lose your energy when the time comes.”

Jing Yuanzhou sat by the bedside and didn’t move. “I’m not sleepy yet. I said I will finish it with you today so I’m not in a hurry to sleep.”

Lin Yan blinked. “Are you sure you want to stay with me? Captain Jing, I’m afraid I will be up all night!”

“Then I will stay up with you all night.” Jing Yuanzhou saw Lin Yan’s sleepy expression and his eyes moved slightly. He stood up and said, “I’ll make you a cup of coffee.”

One of most amazing things about the GH team was that despite using the same coffee beans, the coffee made by Jing Yuanzhou always had an indescribable charm. Lin Yan was greedy after drinking it a few times. The moment he heard there was coffee to drink, he didn’t continue to struggle over the problem of staying up all night. “Go go.”

Once Jing Yuanzhou got back from making coffee, he saw that Lin Yan was sitting in front of the computer and watching the game videos again. The soft light shrouded his body in a layer of light and the night lights outside the window were also hazy. Such a scene entered Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes and caused him to pause a bit as he entered the room.

His gaze fell on the table. Jing Yuanzhou walked over to place the coffee cup in Lin Yan’s hand. Then he gently covered this person’s eyes with his palm. “Have a proper rest during coffee time.”

Lin Yan saw darkness in front of him and only recovered after hearing the words. He reached out to push away the big hand in front of him and couldn’t help laughing and swearing. “You’re too controlling.”

He said this but after taking the coffee cup with one hand, the other hand moved the mouse and pressed the pause button on the video.

A shallow smile flashed on Jing Yuanzhou’s face as he raised the coffee cup to his mouth. His gaze shifted slightly and fell on the man in the pink tutu piggy bank that was next to the laptop.

The faint smell of coffee gradually enveloped every corner of the room. The steam rose and the entire atmosphere seemed to have an inexplicable hazy feeling. Neither of them talked for a while and the space suddenly quieted down. On the other hand, it made their breathing seem strangely ambiguous. The coffee moistened their throats with a different type of warmth.

Lin Yan wanted to find a topic but when he looked up, he found that Jing Yuanzhou was staring in his direction. He couldn’t help being slightly stunned. It was only after he recovered that he discovered this gaze seemed to fall behind him. Lin Yan instinctively turned back and saw the piggy bank on the table. He blinked before his mouth slowly curved up. “What’s the matter? Do you miss your service fee?”

Jing Yuanzhou gazed at Lin Yan and also smiled slightly. “I was just thinking when you are going to use me.”

The dim light, the aroma of coffee, the light gaze. Everything blended together so that Lin Yan couldn’t help his heart jumping.

A thought flashed through his mind without warning. An unexplained reason made him blurt out, “Or how about now?”

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