CAMP: Chapter 42

Just before the match, Jing Yuanzhou received a WeChat message from Lan Min. [Master, I will definitely do my best!]

Obviously, he already knew that Jing Yuanzhou was there. Jing Yuanzhou smiled and placed his phone back in his pocket.

The members of BK and PILL came to the stage to check their equipment. They had obviously been covered up by makeup but on the big screen, Lan Min’s reddish eyes could still be still. It seemed even that he felt a bit embarrassed. He instinctively lowered his head the moment the camera moved to him.

Lin Yan saw this with interest and couldn’t help touching Jing Yuanzhou gently with his elbow. “Where did you find this baby apprentice? His tear glands are so talented!”

Jing Yuanzhou thought of the night he met Lan Min for the first time. Lan Min had indeed cried bitterly so Lin Yan guessed it. He couldn’t help laughing. “I didn’t find him. He found me.”

Although it had to be admitted that in some ways, his attention really was first attracted because of the crying appearance. Nervous and helpless yet with a firmness that was rarely seen.

The crowd cheered warmly and the match officially began. Lan Min might often cry at normal times but once he stood on the field, he seemed a lot more stable. Perhaps it was to prove himself in front of the person he respected most. The moment Lan Min was online, he firmly pressed PILL’s player under the tower and played with full momentum.

It was well-known that the tactics of the BK team always had the side lane player as the core. After Lan Min took over Jing Yuanzhou’s position, they didn’t make any additional adjustments. The jungler Ku Tianlu still moved around the upper half of the map waiting for opportunities while firmly controlling the surrounding vision.

BK’s early rhythm was very stable. Even the commentators made it clear that the team had digested the change in members fairly well. In the end, Lan Min lived up to everyone’s expectations. In the first game of the BO3 match, BK smoothly pushed the lane.

They grasped the initiative and won the final victory. Applause thundered through the venue.

The second game started and it was evident that their opponents PILL had made targeted adjustments. It could be seen that they changed their previous routine and started madly targeting Lan Min’s top lane. This meant that Ku Tianlu and the mid-laner of the BK team had to start frequenting this lane. Yet even with their protection, this fast rhythm put unprecedented pressure on Lan Min.

The top half of the map was completely shrouded in gunpowder smoke. Excessive care not only restricted Lan Min’s development but it also made the overall rhythm of BK quite chaotic.

At 15 minutes, Lin Yan analyzed the situation on the field. “Your little apprentice is a bit miserable this round. PILL’s tactic to target the top lane is really too bad. They are putting so much energy into the top half of the map. Aren’t they afraid of creating an imbalance in the later rhythm?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze fell on the score. “Just see if Mini can hold on.”

Lin Yan nodded. “Indeed, it is enough to hold on. I think BK is already making adjustments.”

Anyone who paid a bit of attention to the situation on the field could see that Ku Tianlu’s range of activity had completely switched to the bottom half of the map. Apart from BK’s mid-laner who would occasionally go to protect Lan Min who was caught by three or four players, it was basically a situation of letting Lan Min fend for himself.

It could be seen from a god’s perspective on the big screen then when four people from PILL attacked the tower on the top level, the other members of BK were quickly pushing the defensive towers on the bottom lane and advancing like crazy. PILL’s support noticed the situation was wrong and quickly returned to the city to support the bottom shooter.

Lan Min guarded the tower alone. The situation had changed from one against four to one against three but it was still very difficult.

Lin Yan shook his head emotionally. “It is only the first round. Do both sides need to play so hard? Is this seeing who can best resist pressure?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t speak and just watched quietly.

The pressure resistance of the top and bottom lanes became the most important thing. The director frantically switched the perspective back and forth and the voices of the official commentators were also passionate.

It might be a situation of one against many enemies but Lan Min was using a melee hero after all. It was more difficult to fight than the shooter’s long-range output. The pressure was undoubtedly huge if he wanted to hold on against the three members of PILL.

Fortunately, he finally carried the heavy burden. By this time, the game had been going on for 35 minutes. The two teams advanced separately but it was the BK team who broke through the defense line of PILL’s bottom lane first and pressed to the high ground. Meanwhile, BK’s defense tower under Lan Min’s protection still had one-third of its health remaining.

PILL had no way and had to temporarily withdraw to defend. However, in the process of returning to the city, Lan Min suddenly rushed out from the defense tower. The grass blocked his vision so he blindly used the collision skill based on instinct, interrupting the two people’s transmission and forcing them to stay behind.

His residual health meant he died under their concentrated fire. However, at the same time, the other members of BK pushed all the way and smashed the crystal of the opponent’s base. BK won the first match of the season with a score of 2:0!

Lin Yan smiled when he heard the cheers on the field. “Congratulations, your little apprentice is the MVP.”

In this game, he showed his stability and his identity as the new side lane player of the BK team. Putting aside other factors, the management of BK weren’t fools. They were willing to take a big risk to promote Lan Min in advance because he had the potential to be a new star!

As the winning team, BK went to shake hands with the losing team. The director cut the camera there and it could be seen that Lan Min’s eyes were red.

He was teary as he shook hands with the PILL players one by one. As the winning MVP, he stood in front of the camera, his shoulders trembling and his words coming out intermittently. “Thank you for your support… and I want to thank my teammates for their company and encouragement. I-I will continue to work hard to make myself stronger. In addition…”

He wiped his tears with the back of his hand and stared at the camera with red eyes but a firm expression. “Master, I am waiting for you to come back. I’m waiting for you!”

Jing Yuanzhou watched the big screen and smiled slightly when he heard the shouts of ‘Don’t cry Mini’ in his ears.

Suddenly, his vision dimmed and there was only a faint light. It was Lin Yan who placed the cap back on his head.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yan was completely covered and stood up from his seat. He noticed Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze and raised his eyebrow. “What? Aren’t you going back? It isn’t enough to watch the match. Are you planning to stay and celebrate with BK?”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed and lowered the edge of his hat, covering most of his face. “Yes, let’s go back.”

The two of them were already back in the car when he got the call from Lan Min.

Lin Yan was sitting by the window and listened to Jing Yuanzhou’s words. “It wasn’t intentional. I had time today and came to see the match. You played well and made great progress… Don’t worry, strength is the best proof. If I have to make a suggestion, it’s better to cry less in front of the camera. There’s nothing else for the time being.”

There was a slight pause before a low laugh was heard. “I am in the car already. I still have training tonight… Yes, I won’t stay for dinner. Let’s get together when I have time. You can listen more to Captain Ku.”

Lin Yan felt that he couldn’t listen anymore. He suddenly leaned forward and spoke into the phone, “I say, crybaby kid, Titans is now a member of our GH team. You should be conscious of your identity as a player of the BK team. Isn’t it a bit bad to always pester people?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked down at Lin Yan and a smile flashed on his face. He casually turned on speaker mode and sent it over. This attitude showed he wasn’t afraid of chaos in the world.

The word ‘crybaby’ was enough for Lan Min to judge Lin Yan’s identity. He instantly exclaimed, “Who is the crybaby! Today was just because I was too excited about Master. I didn’t mean to cry! In addition, I’m just having a phone call with Master! Why is it bad?”

The phone was held by Jing Yuanzhou while Lin Yan spoke half-truths and half-lies. “Who is the Master? Now you aren’t players in the same club. Isn’t it good for everyone to be so reserved? I’m warning you, it wasn’t easy for Titans to completely break off his relationship with your BK today. Avoid the horrible idea of having a celebration together. Before fans forget the previous relationship, keep as far away from him as possible, understood?”

In fact, after Lan Min was ravaged by the solo games that day, he went back and thought about it. Then he understood Lin Yan’s good intentions. He was now very grateful from the bottom of his heart. He wanted to find an opportunity to say thank you but he was interrupted like this and became completely dizzy. “Coach Lin, do you know what these words sound like?”

Lin Yan asked casually, “Hmm? What do they sound like?”

Lan Min gritted his teeth. “It is like a second wife watching her husband closely to prevent him from getting involved with his previous wife!”

Lin Yan was stunned by such a shocking description.

Jing Yuanzhou let out a low cough before laughing.

Lin Yan turned his head and glared at Jing Yuanzhou. Then his lips curved up in a smile and on a whim, he continued to fight with Lan Min. “Yes, your master is now mine. I like to watch him closely and don’t want him to have an unclear relationship with his old love. Is there any problem? I just don’t want him involved with you or any other teams. Titans is mine for the rest of his life and it can only be me. How about it? Aren’t you angry? It is a pity that it is useless to be angry. Your master didn’t stay to celebrate with you and chose to take the car back with me to eat dinner. Are you even angrier?”

Lan Min had racked his brains to think of words to choke Lin Yan. He didn’t expect this person to answer with no burden. A long time passed before he finally choked out some words. “You… are stinky and shameless!”

Lin Yan sighed. “What can I do? Your master likes this stinky and shameless me.”

There was no sound on the other end of the phone. Then Ku Tianlu’s voice was heard from a distance. “Mini, what are you doing? Be careful, this bag contains your equipment. You can’t drop it!”

The child was obviously angry.

Lin Yan liked to poke at people’s sore spots and was even happier after hearing these words. “Why? You don’t believe it? If you don’t believe me then ask your master!”

At this point, Lan Min was crying again and his tone was very wronged, “Master…”

Lin Yan glanced at Jing Yuanzhou. Jing Yuanzhou met this gaze and smiled slightly. “Indeed, I like all the appearances of my wife.”

Lan Min, “……”

Lin Yan, “?”

Lan Min obviously couldn’t accept the reality of his teacher. He finally hung up the phone in a crying manner after Ku Tianlu urged him several times. The moment the call ended, Lin Yan stared coldly at Jing Yuanzhou. “How come I’m a wife? Shouldn’t you explain this?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked at him innocently. “Didn’t you want me to support you?”

Lin Yan was speechless for a moment. He tried to refute it but he found that it seemed to be the case.

Due to the faintly smiling eyes, Lin Yan inexplicably felt a faint heat rise to his face. His heart thumped as Lin Yan turned to open the car window. He let the cold wind blow and no longer cared about this man’s sophistry.

Half an hour later, he still couldn’t help cursing in his heart, “F&k!”

Proofreader: Nao 

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