CAMP: Chapter 38

Chen Yushen’s red eyes when he returned to the training room couldn’t be hidden. The other team members were startled for a while. They were puzzled about how Lin Yan bullied him that the unsmiling boy would actually cry like this.

Chen Yushen felt his teammates’ concern and his mood was very complicated for a while. After a moment of silence, he could only say in a low voice, “You’ll know in a few days.”

He didn’t say anything and the others didn’t ask too much. Meanwhile, Lin Yan talked to the manager Luo Mo in advance so he could prepare for public relations and contact other media to deal with the pressure of public opinion.

Coincidentally, the day when the incident was revealed happened to be the day when the second episode of Burning Hot Assembly was broadcasted.

At the same time, the Burning Hot League officially revealed the internal bullying that occurred in the youth training camp in the past and the victim who eventually committed suicide. The plot could be described as very bad.

Then the league’s official Weibo publicly displayed a list of the people involved and explained that the matter had been handed over to the relevant criminal departments for handling. They would strictly follow the handling process to ensure that the criminals bore the corresponding legal punishment.

The announcement didn’t specify the entire bullying process but it wasn’t difficult for netizens to perceive the seriousness of this matter. After all, if there was still a glimmer of hope then who would be willing to give up on the dream of e-sports in this way and end his life so easily?

Anyone who paid attention to the e-sports circle knew that the youth training camp was the main source for many teams to select players. Who would’ve expected for such a thing to happen and that it had taken two years to be dealt with? Naturally, the entire Internet exploded.

[What does it mean they’ll announce the ID of the people in the youth training camp? According to me, all the information should be fully exposed!]

[Has the professional league been eating farts for the past two years? It has been so long and they’re only dealing with it now?]

[I remember that LAN. I saw him previously on Burning Hot Assembly. ZX’s shooter?]

[F&k, he played the game as rotten as a dog. I thought he had a fierce look at the time. Sure enough!]

[Reporting! ZX was eliminated by IBB and went home in the second episode of the show. So happy!]

[In the future when the club chooses players, they should wipe their eyes. Don’t collect any rubbish for their team.]

The scolding was endless. Then someone ran out and broke the news that these people had been arrested this morning and were awaiting the final verdict to see how many years they were sentenced to.

The little justice netizens on the Internet finally sighed with relief but there were still many people who ran to the Weibo pages of these people in indignation.

Several of the people involved were working behind the scenes in the e-sports field while only LAN was on the list of official players. Therefore, his ZX official Weibo undoubtedly became the angriest battlefield.

The comments area had completely collapsed and all the comments were of netizens greeting the blind management. Even the other innocent members of ZX were affected. In this way, the fact that ZX went home directly during the first elimination was a good thing. At least this way, they avoided the miserable treatment of their team being chased and scolded in later episodes.

Lin Yan stayed in the meeting room all morning. He witnessed the detonation of the entire incident and there wasn’t much expression on his face. At this moment, he looked up at the time and guessed it was almost here.

Sure enough, as the heat of the incident fermented, some people started to think about the violence incident that took place two years ago.

The violence incident that year only involved unknown youth training team members. The official announcement had given the results of the investigation but it only caused a small splash. The person who caused it was expelled from the youth training camp and everyone gradually forgot about it.

Thinking about it again, the timing seemed a bit too coincidental. As a result, netizens discovered the disciplinary notice of that year. They couldn’t help being stunned when they saw the familiar ID. Abyss? Wasn’t he the jungler in the GH team right now?

One stone caused thousands of waves. The already messed up Internet exploded again. The video of the first episode where GH sent out a support against LAN was dug up again.

In fact, when the episode first aired, there was controversy that GH had been too much to arrange such a humiliating solo game. Looking back now, there was probably private enmity between the two teams?

Two years ago, Abyss withdrew from the e-sports field due to the violence incident while LAN was unpunished and became a professional player. The two of them received different treatments and reunited on a variety show. They were obviously as incompatible as fire and water.

Netizens made up a good play in minutes.

Jing Yuanzhou only learned about this after receiving an inquiry from Ku Tianlu. Then he recalled the details of when Lin Yan recruited Chen Yushen and immediately understood. “You already knew about this?”

Lin Yan nodded. “Yes.”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help glancing at him deeply. “So what else do you know?”

Lin Yan raised his head and smiled.

“Can you guess?”

“Can you guess?”

The two spoke almost in unison and they couldn’t help smiling at each other. Jing Yuanzhou was already used to this person’s attitude. He read through the comments area of GH’s official Weibo and asked, “What do you plan to do next?”

Lin Yan was very calm. “I have handed it over to Ah Mo. He is more professional than me when it comes to this.”

Luo Mo was originally Lin Yan’s personal assistant. He might’ve never been in contact with the e-sports field before but some links in various industries were the same. He was naturally good at handling public opinion. After receiving the boss’ instructions, he contacted the PR department and sent the prepared drafts to the major media.

It was completely different from the official statement made by the league. The articles that Luo Mo asked someone to write were very affectionate. On the one hand, they criticized the evil deeds of LAN’s group while also singing praises for the deep friendship between Chen Yushen and his friend. This provided an excellent guide for the violence incident.

Netizens were originally speculating about the connection between these two things and it now became clear under the ‘revelations’ of the major media.

Later, someone dug out countless details from an unknown place: For example, Abyss was teammates with the bullies during training. For example, he and the person who committed suicide were roommates. Someone in the youth training camp saw that Abyss and those bullies had frequent disputes before the violence happened. Another example was that during a fight, Abyss cut someone’s neck with a knife he grabbed on the spot and that person was lying in the hospital for several days. That person turned out to be LAN of the ZX team…

Grievances tangled up together and it seemed more unclear two years after the incident happened.

In just half a day, the voices on the Internet became chaotic.

Naturally, some people thought that LAN’s group of people were to blame. They caused such a serious bullying incident in the youth training camp and it was understandable for Abyss to avenge his friend. However, a large number of people thought that villains should be punished by law. No matter how impulsive, Abyss should’ve gone to the relevant department for prosecution. Instead, he spontaneously reacted to violence with violence. There was a serious problem with his method of handling it.

The two sides argued for a long time and it was inevitable that the comments area of GH’s official Weibo and Chen Yushen’s personal Weibo completely collapsed.

This was the situation after Luo Mo deliberately arranged for people to guide public opinion. If they had been unprepared then the consequences would’ve been even more disastrous.

Lin Yan had deliberately organized all-night training for the team the night before. So by the time the other members of GH woke up and learned about this matter, it was already evening. Public opinion on the Internet had completely fermented and trouble would no longer happen. Both sides held to their own opinions and there were no more results from arguing.

Gu Luo frowned as he looked at his phone, glancing quietly at Chen Yushen from time to time. They knew that Chen Yushen and LAN of the ZX team had grievances but they didn’t know how serious it was until now.

Today was originally the day to watch the latest episode of Burning Hot Assembly. However, the meeting room was silent despite the episode playing on the big screen.

It wasn’t until the game between the ZX team and IBB team occurred and LAN appeared on the screen that Jian Ye finally couldn’t help cursing in a low voice. He abruptly grabbed the remote control and turned off the screen. Lin Yan had been sitting there and watching so he looked over.

Chen Yushen could feel the eyes on him. There weren’t too many inquiries and it was more distinct concern. This moved his heart. In the silence, he calmly told them, “Don’t worry, I’m really fine. The words on the Internet don’t matter. It isn’t a big deal as long as everyone is willing to be teammates with me.”

There were many extra words but everyone could hear an indifference and calmness that had never been there before.

Bi Yaohua couldn’t help feeling a bit contemptuous when he heard such polite words. “We still have to go to the World Competition together. Why wouldn’t we want to be your teammates? Some people are individuals when they don’t open their mouths and dogs when they open them. You can’t stop them from wanting to be beasts so don’t take it to heart. It’s fine.”

Gu Luo hurriedly agreed. “Brother Trash Talk is right!”

Chen Yushen was stunned for a moment before his lips curved in a rare, gentle arc. “Thank you.”

In the past two years, he had completely lost his way because of the things he experienced. He once wanted to retreat due to the previous criticisms. Now GH gave him a safe harbor he could completely rely on.

Now that everything was settled, he felt that it was no longer important. Those who made Ah Mu lose his future had also lost their futures. The iron bars of prison would be their only company for many years.

As for him, regardless of his reputation or the bad voices behind him, he was willing to stand on this arena that was full of his lifelong dreams and continue to fight firmly as long as the coach wanted him to continue playing!

The meeting room was silent for a long time and the atmosphere was very moving.

Lin Yan saw the group of excited youngsters and couldn’t help clapping his hands to draw their attention. “Group soul building belongs to group soul building. Don’t forget the daily live broadcast tomorrow afternoon, got it?”

The atmosphere was destroyed with these words.

Everyone who was stunned to hear it, “……”

F&k, they had almost forgotten about it. According to the arrangement with the program, their daily training broadcast that took place three times a week was indeed about to start again. The only difference was that this was the first time GH would be broadcasting after the reveal of this incident. The bloody and tragic scene at the time could almost be predicted in advance.

The following afternoon, in the preparatory stage before the live broadcast, the staff of the program arranged multiple bypass data lines in advance in order to prevent a situation where the live broadcast room completely froze.

In fact, it would’ve been fine if Lin Yan hadn’t reminded them yesterday. Thanks to this reminder, the dark circles on everyone’s faces when they went downstairs were very distinct. On the contrary, Chen Yushen was the only one who looked normal apart from Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou.

Seeing this situation, Lin Yan shook his head and couldn’t help complaining to Jing Yuanzhou again. “No! This mental quality really isn’t good! How can they be so easily affected? Abyss has finally let go of some of his worries. Captain, shouldn’t you find time to train them well?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have any comments and smiled slightly. “No problem, I will train them as you wish.”

Lin Yan looked at his attitude and felt there was nothing good from it. He frowned suspiciously but said nothing. “Okay, go and tidy up your styling. The live broadcast will start soon.”

Jing Yuanzhou told him, “Yes, you also remember to do it a little bit.”

Lin Yan was startled and finally remembered after meeting Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. “Oh yes, it’s going to open today!”

He had been focused on Chen Yushen’s matter for the past two days and almost forgot about it.

The live broadcast started. As other people came to the training room, they found that Chen Yushen was already sitting in front of the computer and the interface of the live broadcast room was on his computer screen.

The first wave of traffic poured in and almost blew up the entire room. Soon, the barrage scrolled frantically.

[I used to think that he always had a mourning face. I didn’t expect him to really be mourning.]

[I can understand your original intention but I can’t understand how you handled it.]

[GH really dares to accept anyone. First BB and now Abyss. Aren’t you afraid that the inside will be overturned before the match?]

[He is so tall and thin. I can’t see him hitting people hard.]

[E-sports refuses any violence. Can the people who have stepped on this forbidden area really learn thoroughly? I don’t believe it.]

[Haven’t you already avenged your friend and achieved your wish? Why don’t you leave the circle?]

[You people are sick. Would you let your good friend be bullied like this?]

[Don’t say anything else. Is it difficult to believe in the law?]

[The GH toxic team has a real hammer, right? When will it be disbanded? Hehehe.]

It was clear that the sunspots were fighting more aggressively than the normal audience. If someone tried to speak up for Chen Yushen then they were quickly buried under a bombardment.

At the same time, the content on the barrage gradually became unbearable.

[Oh, I was going to help you speak. What does this silence mean?]

[Look at this stinky face. Others aren’t allowed to talk about your action?]

[It’s really funny. What is going on with the GH team? They are too arrogant.]

[So what happened back then? Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity to explain?]

[Bullying isn’t good but violence also isn’t good.]

[What type of goods is this? GH’s style is really different from other teams. I’m convinced.]

[First, let me say that you’re not at fault but it is still better for you to apologize publicly for what happened back then.]

[What a joke. If he was so smart then he should’ve called the police instead of committing violence.]

[Hehe, the law is for destroying this type of people.]

[Abyss, get out of the game!]

[Abyss, get out of the game +1!]

[Abyss, get out of the game +2!]


[Abyss, get out of the game +ID number!]

At first, the network administrators in the live broadcast room tried to control the barrage with banned words. Later, they found they couldn’t ban it all and were confused. However, Chen Yushen seemed to have seen nothing. He calmly logged into his account, ignored all the friend applications that were popping up and started the ranking. He didn’t even block the content of the barrage in the live broadcast room. He allowed it to scroll wildly as if it had nothing to do with him.

The queue was quickly completed. He entered the game and a few queries popped up from his teammates in the chat channel. Chen Yushen turned a blind eye to it and selected his hero. Once inside the game, he went straight to the jungle.

He played very silently regardless of the news in the channel. He cleared the jungle area silently, proceeding with ganking without being affected, played in the team battle and pushed at the opposite side’s crystal.

Then he moved onto the next game and continued to repeat the same thing. Gradually, the sunspots felt his unresponsive attitude was a bit boring and the barrage slowed down. Just as Chen Yushen completed another ranking and was about to continue, an invitation popped up on the interface.]

[GH.BB has invited you to join the doubles ranking. Are you willing?]

Chen Yushen couldn’t help freezing for a moment. He looked away from his computer screen and saw Bi Yaohua waving to him. “Hurry up, hurry up, accept it!”

He agreed after a bit of hesitation.

The moment he joined the team, Bi Yaohua’s voice came from his headphones. “F&k, I was waiting for you. I almost suffocated!”

Chen Yushen, “?”

The author has something to say:

Trash Talk King: It’s time to show real technique~ :)

Chen Yushen: ?

Proofreader: Nao 

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