CAMP: Chapter 37

Early the next morning, the GH team collectively went downstairs to the hotel lobby and took the business car back to the base.

After lunch, Lin Yan didn’t give them extra time to rest and gathered everyone in the meeting room. He knew very well that such things needed to be carried out eagerly before all the details were forgotten. Due to the recording of the show, it had been delayed for several days. If it continued to be delayed then he was afraid that the training would be cold.

Now he would take advantage of the fact that the live broadcast hadn’t begun to hurry up and give the key points. There was too much content to review so Lin Yan didn’t talk nonsense. He went straight to the subject very decisively and opened the first video material.

This was the video recorded during the training match between them and BK and it also exposed the most problems. It could be seen that all the advantages in the early stage fell short in the team battles. Obviously, there were great problems with coordination in team battles.

The entire meeting room was quiet and only Lin Yan’s voice clearly entered the ears of the team members. From Gu Luo’s mid-laner to Jian Ye’s support, Chen Yushen’s jungler, Bi Yaohua’s shooter and even Jing Yuanzhou’s slight mistake in the laning process… he listed them one by one without any mistakes.

Apart from Gu Luo, the players had been in the youth training camp or previous teams so they had experience with replays. There had just never been a coach’s reply as detailed as Lin Yan’s. It felt like he couldn’t wait to enlarge every second of the operation details.

The game was originally less than half an hour but two hours already passed before they knew it. This was just the time it took to explain a game. Just seeing Lin Yan analyze everything so clearly, it was obvious that he had watched this video more than 10 times in public. The time and energy spent behind the seemingly simple replay could be imagined.

Seeing that Lin Yan didn’t stop and was about to open the video of the second game, Jing Yuanzhou handed over a bottle of water with a calm expression. “Moisten your throat first?”

“Thank you.” Lin Yan grabbed it, took a few mouthfuls and glanced at the others. He slightly changed his harsh tone. “There are indeed many problems found in the replay but we are a new team after all. These things are all understandable. So you don’t have to pay too much attention to it. If you have any problems then you can start to correct them. I will supplement some training content in a targeted manner to prevent it next time. Do you understand?”

The team members responded, “We know.”

They all saw the effort the coach put into the team and naturally remembered it in their hearts.

Lin Yan nodded with satisfaction. “Everyone should’ve noticed that the situation of our team is different from other teams. In fact, I know it is difficult to perfect one core system while you still have many core systems to practice in. It is very hard but everything depends on one premise. I am certain that each of you has the strength to become the core of the team and I believe you won’t fail to live up to my expectations. Don’t you think so?”

Such words were so loud and bold that people were stunned.

The players in the meeting room instinctively straightened their backs. “We must live up to the coach’s hopes!”

Then Bi Yaohua couldn’t help exclaiming, “Coach, I don’t mean to go against you but the more I listen, the more I feel like this is a MLM tactic.”

It had to be said that the Trash Talk King was really good at destroying the atmosphere. There was a burst of laughter and the excited atmosphere just created suddenly disappeared.

Lin Yan had already drunk the bottle of mineral water. He glanced at the time and didn’t let them continue to mess around. He opened the video of the second game against BK. “Okay, the next game!”

There truly had been a lot of replays accumulated in the past few days. After analyzing the three training games against BK, Lin Yan led everyone to briefly watch the two knockout games in the program.

During this period, even the dinner cooked by the aunt was sent to the meeting room. They ate while analyzing it. By the time the replays were over, the sky outside was already dark.

It was fortunate that Lin Yan hadn’t completed the replays of the two entertainment games with IBB yesterday due to Jing Yuanzhou’s entanglement. Otherwise, he could probably drag the entire team with him overnight.

The time that the replay ended was exactly 10:30 in the evening. Lin Yan had the members go to the training room to practice last hitting soldiers while Gu Luo stayed behind to go over the details of his solo game against Luni.

Half an hour later, everyone in the training room saw Gu Luo walk in emotionally.

Bi Yaohua glanced over. “What’s going on? Gloy, is it so nice to be given preferential treatment? Look at how satisfied your face is.”

Gu Luo came back to his senses and his eyes were bright. “Brother Trash Talk, the coach is too strong! Tell me, how can he be so strong?!”

The meeting room had several computers. Seeing Gu Luo like this, Bi Yaohua knew he had probably been caught and ‘tortured.’ He couldn’t help ridiculing. “Let’s not talk about how strong the coach is. This is the first time I realized that you have the attribute of becoming excited the more you are abused.”

Gu Luo was stunned for a moment before his face turned red. “Brother Trash Talk, can’t you speak well?!”

Bi Yaohua smiled. “I’m not talking well? I’m afraid you haven’t seen me when I talk badly.”

Gu Luo was sullen and wanted to argue a bit more when he remembered something. He stopped talking to Bi Yaohua and turned to Chen Yushen next to him. “By the way, the coach told me to let you go to the meeting room.”

It wasn’t known why but these words sounded like he was being called by the school teacher in charge of the grade. Jian Ye had been suffering while hitting the soldiers and he couldn’t help looking over. “What’s going on? Will we receive preferential treatment in turn?”

Chen Yushen was caught off guard and shook slightly. He saw himself miss a few soldiers. “……”

The corners of his mouth lowered slightly. He took away the life of the remaining soldiers in the line and stood up.

Lin Yan had Gu Luo stay back and now he called for Chen Yushen. It was natural for others to feel they would receive separate guidance. However, Chen Yushen knew it wasn’t that simple. The thing he had been waiting for the past few days had finally come.

Lin Yan hadn’t mentioned this matter since the small conflict with the ZX team at the hotel. Chen Yushen had a premonition in his heart that Lin Yan was finally ready to have a good talk with him.

He walked all the way to the meeting room in an anxious mood. The moment he entered through the door, he saw Lin Yan sitting at the computer and playing minesweeper. The mouse was tapped quickly and the slender fingers were dazzling. The game ended in the blink of an eye.

Lin Yan obviously heard the door opening and didn’t choose to continue. Instead, he gently touched the ground with his feet and turned the gaming chair around. “Come and sit down.”

Chen Yushen pulled out a nearby chair and sat at a relatively comfortable distance. Lin Yan noticed Chen Yushen’s nervousness and the corners of his mouth twitched. “I called you today because I wanted to talk to you about the previous matter.”

Sure enough.

Chen Yushen closed his eyes silently.

Lin Yan told him, “I know I seem to be nosy but I have to admit that the incident has really affected you too much. This is just when facing a sub-league team like ZX. What about your opponent in the professional league? If you can’t completely resolve this matter in your mind then you can’t allow your mood to be affected by these messy things during important matches.”

It wasn’t stated clearly but Chen Yushen knew which team Lin Yan was referring to in the professional league and his lips pressed tighter together.

He was ready to accept admonitions but Lin Yan didn’t ask questions as expected. He just sighed emotionally. “So what happened back then should be handled as soon as possible! If you can gain a satisfactory result then won’t you be able to face the road in the future?”

Chen Yushen looked up with astonishment. “Result?”

Lin Yan pulled out a document and handed it over. “Look at this.”

Chen Yushen took it doubtfully. Once he opened it to see the contents, his entire body froze in place.

Previously, he had been willing to confess to Lin Yan to show respect for the coach and boss. Apart from that, he didn’t have any excessive thoughts. He never expected that Lin Yan would actually do this for him.

Chen Yushen could feel the heavy weight of the file in his hands.

The words on the paper were clear and referred to the investigation results of that year. A lot of the confidential content had been coded but it basically restored the complete process of the suicide case in the youth training camp. It was as he thought. After the violence incident, someone had investigated this matter in depth but then it was silently suppressed.

It wasn’t too thick but it was enough to imagine how much effort was spent to re-open the file.

His fingers tightened slightly. Then gradually, as he looked down, Chen Yushen could feel the hands holding the document trembling slightly.

He had only made some guesses after the fact from the related diary about his friend’s experiences. Now he read it and the truth he sought for so many years turned out to be far more unbearable than he thought.

A strange feeling enveloped his body as he realized so many things happened under his eyelids back then. Under the slight coldness, it felt like all the blood in his body was trembling slightly. Originally, Ah Mu should’ve stood in the same dazzling arena as those players. Now… those people, how could they!

Lin Yan looked down silently and wasn’t in a hurry to speak. There were many things and many decisions. In the end, only the party involved was eligible to make them. It wasn’t until a long time later that Chen Yushen restrained his emotions with great forbearance. He asked in a slightly hoarse tone, “Can I… sue them? If I sue them now… is it too late?”

“You can sue them. I called you today just to confirm the follow-up operation.” Lin Yan explained. “The story of that year is roughly as you can see. As for why the case wasn’t resolved at the beginning, I won’t say any more about the specifics. Based on the current situation, I can provide you with two solutions.”

Chen Yushen controlled his reddish eyes. “Coach, you say it.”

“First, under the premise of controlling the influence, report the relevant information. The management of the league will handle the matter accordingly within the league. The final result is probably that the few people involved with LAN will be completely driven out of the e-sports field and won’t be able to engage in any industry-related work.”

Lin Yan saw Chen Yushen’s deep expression. “The punishment is indeed relatively light compared to what they did but it can be considered a heavy lesson. From a rational point of view, if the handling is done properly then it won’t have much impact on your future career path. It can be considered a more favorable option for you.”

Chen Yushen asked with almost no hesitation, “What about the second?”

According to Lin Yan’s deep understanding of Chen Yushen, he already knew that Chen Yushen wouldn’t be satisfied with such light punishment. He rubbed his temple and continued, “The second method is to directly hand it over to the criminal department. It might be a case from two years ago but the evidence in my hand is enough to lock up all those people behind bars.”

Chen Yushen heard this and spoke decisively. “I choose the second one!”

Lin Yan stared deeply at him and reminded him, “There is one thing you must be clear about. If it is handled using the criminal process, there is a high probability that your actions will be exposed. Based on the current level of the league’s control over dangerous actions, the pressure of public opinion will be huge even though you weren’t a formal professional player at the time. This situation will be much more serious than in the past.”

Chen Yushen’s eyes fell on the documents. “I am thinking very clearly. I want those people to be punished, even if the league completely removes me and I can no longer be a professional player.”

It was the expected answer but Lin Yan couldn’t help sighing. “You won’t be completely removed. Do I look like the type of idiot to put so much effort into obtaining my jungler only to have him removed?”

Chen Yushen was stunned for a moment. “Coach, I…”

“In any case, you have decided it yourself. You can ask me for help but you must be sure to resist all the pressure that will come afterwards. You need to be completely focused on the game and not be affected by anything strange.”

Lin Yan stared at Chen Yushen. “Abyss, you have signed a contract. If you run away then it is a breach of contract. Then I’ll send you away and find a new jungler. Do you understand?”

It might have been a threat, but once it entered Chen Yushen’s ears, he felt a flow of warmth to his heart. His Adam’s apple moved out of control. “Coach, as long as I can still play the game, I will be yours for the rest of my life!”

“Go, stop disgusting me.” Lin Yan gave a low laugh. “What do I want with the rest of your life? Once you are too old to play, you should go where you should go. Wanting to stick to me even after retiring? These calculations are too shrewd. There is no chance if you want to take this opportunity to ruin me!”

Then he stopped up and called a number in front of Chen Yushen. “Hello, Brother Wei? Yes, it is about what we discussed last time. Um… yes, there is a decision. Other things don’t need to be considered. I can arrange it myself. Then you just handle it directly. I’m sorry to trouble you. Yes? How long do I want those people to stay locked up?”

He felt the attention from the side as his lips curved in a cold smile. “Of course… it is as long as possible within the scope of the law!”

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Am I missing something here or are they purposely being vague about the details of the incident?

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There was a flashback some chapters before about the incident.

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So mysterioussssss I want to knooooow (⁠ᗒ⁠ᗩ⁠ᗕ⁠)