CAMP: Chapter 35 Part 2

Luni looked a bit surprised and half-joked, “I wonder, how did IBB offend Titans? I have never seen him play so fiercely in the professional league matches!”

It had to be said that from the start to the present time, Jing Yuanzhou really did feel different from his fundamentally stable style in the BK period. Luni’s eyes fell on the figure on the road and he slightly frowned.

However, if someone was to ask him about the specific difference then he couldn’t say. It was like he was completely unleashing some unknown power.

Lin Yan saw everything and a faint smile flashed in his eyes. He glanced at the game duration and took a deep breath. “Gloy, get ready to follow me.”

Gu Luo quickly took away a wave of soldiers that had just arrived. Then he responded and hurried to complete the meeting. Lin Yan led his teammate along an S-shaped route without looking back. They had just emerged from the grass when they happened to run into the jungler and mid-laner attacking the elemental monster in the jungle.

Brother Rabbit Hat was shocked. “How did he know IBB would come to get the buff?”

Luni shook his head. “IBB has exploded, completely exploded.”

They had previously analyzed it. GH had taken an early stage lineup. If they didn’t get the advantage as soon as possible then they were destined to be weak in the middle and late stages. Now the game time hadn’t reached 15 minutes yet GH actually pulled the economic gap to an irreversible height. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the two official commentators were slapped in the face.

GH had such an absolute advantage that as long as they could stay stable, it would be possible to win this game without any suspense. Unexpectedly, instead of converging, GH became even more brutal under Lin Yan’s leadership.

In the top lane, Jing Yuanzhou pushed to IBB’s base. GH directly gave up on the advancement of the middle and bottom lanes. All the members assembled on the top lane, ready to breakthrough to the high ground. Such a decision made the commentator Cry Cry frown. “This… isn’t GH a bit too anxious?”

After all, it was an entertainment game. In contrast, Brother Rabbit Hat was happy. “A quick fight is good. I like GH’s violent temper! It seems this wave is going to be the key to the game. It depends on whether IBB can hold on.”

Luni saw Jing Yuanzhou’s equipment on the big screen and shook his head. “They can’t hold on.”

Don’t look at the number of heads. In fact, Jing Yuanzhou had harvested all the economy on the lane and was the biggest winner. Under Lin Yan’s crazy, driven rhythm, IBB had no spare capacity to contain him. Therefore, as the game progressed up to now, Jing Yuanzhou’s equipment had developed too well.

As an opponent who had countless encounters with the former BK team, Luni knew better than anyone what a strong existence Jing Yuanzhou would be at this time. In addition, GH’s coach was too strong!

As Luni expected, IBB was defeated in this frontal team battle.

Initially, Lin Yan entered the field first and opened the group battle. He successfully completed the first kill under the limits of Jian Ye’s healing. IBB’s shooter tried to take away his remaining health but as Lin Yan retreated, Jian Ye took a few steps forward. It was a perfect time difference. He took the damage of two defense towers for Lin Yan and successfully covered Lin Yan, letting him escape.

The other IBB players instantly focused their firepower on Jing Yuanzhou’s body. As a result, Gu Luo flashed to the rear and the entire lineup was dispersed.

IBB lost two people in a flash. They saw the enemy was invincible and were preparing to retreat when they discovered that Bi Yaohua had already taken advantage of the new wave of troops to push toward the high tower.

On the other side, Jing Yuanzhou’s long sword completely blocked their retreat from the side. Jian Ye stood at the furthest position and quickly restored the health of his teammates. His hand speed and heartbeat almost flew together.

There was the ACE system prompt and IBB’s team was completely wiped out. Meanwhile, all the members on GH’s side survived! By the time the next wave of troops arrived, the base crystal in the middle of the screen had completely shattered.


The moment the words of victory appeared on the screen, the audience was still a bit overwhelmed and it took them a long time to applaud.

“The GH team is really…” Brother Rabbit Hat realized he couldn’t find an appropriate description. This was precisely what Lin Yan heard when he took off his headphones. The sound of the venue entered his arms and the real atmosphere instantly enveloped him.

At this time, Lin Yan found that a layer of sweat was covering his back. He took a deep breath and moved his stiff fingertips. He could clearly feel that the time limit for his complete loss of control had been shortened a lot. In the last wave of team battles, it was fortunate that Jing Yuanzhou blocked a mistake in positioning for him or he might’ve become the only player who died on the field in GH.

Lin Yan’s eyes shook slightly at the thought and he instinctively looked sideways. He just happened to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. Lin Yan noticed the inquiry in the gaze and shook his head slightly, indicating that he was fine for the time being. The feeling of his clothes being soaked in sweat wasn’t so good, especially when the air conditioner was turned on. He couldn’t help feeling cold as the cool wind blew.

He retracted his gaze and took a look at the duration of the game. 25 minutes. It was a short game but it wasn’t enough for him.

Lin Yan saw the referee remind them to prepare for the next game and he forcibly controlled his emotions. He was wondering if he should use the BP link to say his ‘dying will’ to his teammates when he suddenly heard Jing Yuanzhou’s voice from the side. “Hello, there is something wrong with my equipment. Can I ask someone for help?”

The referee was taken aback when he heard the words and hurriedly called the staff over for an inspection. The director team saw this and temporarily called off the recording.

Jing Yuanzhou sat in his gaming chair and used a bit of force in his feet to push the chair back, making room for the maintenance personnel. Lin Yan had been reluctantly putting on his headphones. Then he saw this scene and couldn’t help wanting to laugh. Even public equipment could be broken. This trick was a great way to delay time, God Jing!

Just looking at the appearance of this old god Jing Yuanzhou, it was really hard to tell that it was done by him. At this time, he turned sideways and asked the person next to him indifferently, “Looking at this situation, it will probably take a while to fix. Can I drink some water?”

The staff member immediately picked up the bottle of mineral water. Jing Yuanzhou took it and thanked the person. Then he got up and walked to Lin Yan. He held the back of the chair with one hand and extended the mineral water in the other hand. “Thank you for the command. Moisten your throat.”

Lin Yan wasn’t sure how his face looked like right now but he wasn’t polite. He took the bottle, opened the lid and took a sip. In fact, he was a bit curious about how Jing Yuanzhou broke his equipment but it was difficult to ask in front of so many people. In the end, he could only clear his throat. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Jing Yuanzhou replied in a low voice. His eyes fell on the time statistics on the big screen and he abruptly suggested, “In the next game, shall we start the crushing from the beginning?”

It might not be recording but the microphone was still on. The words entered the ears of the director and he looked over in shock. Hadn’t he played enough in the game just now? Then Lin Yan let out a hum of agreement. “I think so too.”

The staff thoroughly checked Jing Yuanzhou’s equipment. It took nearly 20 minutes to completely repair it and make sure there were no more malfunctions. The second game of the BO3 finally began.

The director team was worried about the dialogue between Jing Yuanzhou and Lin Yan during the break just now. The moment the game started, the camera perspective was locked on the jungler and the top lane.

Then they found out what the ‘direct crushing from the beginning’ meant. If Jing Yuanzhou had been able to get through the lane by himself in the previous game, this game he had Lin Yan’s help and the speed of clearance was almost doubled.

The even more frustrating thing was that after Lin Yan completed a gank, he still had enough power to perfectly control the jungle in the upper half of the map. This made the other members of IBB feel helpless even if they wanted to come to support. As long as there were less than two people, they were completely useless under Lin Yan’s defense. If they came to him in groups of three or four then Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou could still deal with it thanks to Jian Ye’s strong assistance. In this way, not only did IBB not gain any advantage, they allowed Gu Luo and Bi Yaohua to take down two defense towers one after another.

The commentator Brother Rabbit Hat shook his head as he watched. “The shooter having insufficient strength is a bad disadvantage. I’m afraid IBB are a long way from winning in this round…”

The game ended in the 20th minute. IBB suffered a series of defeats due to Lin Yan and were wiped out in the last team battle. GH successfully won the second game. It might just be an entertainment match but the entire crushing performance ignited the audience. A burst of applause swept through the studio and the shouts almost broke through the roof at one point.

At the end of the match, the host invited the players from both sides to the centre of the field for the post-match interviews.

The host had already heard about Lin Yan’s early exit in advance but he never expected for Jing Yuanzhou to be gone as well. He was stunned for a moment and instinctively looked over. He determined that GH really left only three people to deal with the post-match interview and had to take a deep breath to control his emotions.

Originally, he had prepared a lot of questions about the match but now he could only swallow them down. The host took a bit of time to adjust his mentality before resuming his polite and professional smile. “Congratulations to GH for winning two games in a row. Excuse me, do you have anything to say to the audience about the match just now?”

Jian Ye and Gu Luo weren’t interested in speaking. They left space for Bi Yaohua who had his microphone closed all afternoon. The hungry and thirsty Trash Talk King picked up the microphone and cleared his throat. “I have a lot to say. Let me think about it. Where should I start?”

The smile on the host’s face froze and he suddenly had a bad feeling. However, it was already too late. Bi Yaohua had been patient the whole afternoon and he was finally released. “Why don’t I talk first about IBB’s coach taking the bottom lane? I think this is looking down on me too much. It’s a pity that most people don’t know themselves. First of all…”

In the safety passage at the back of the studio, the endless voice could be heard from far away. There were no people around so Lin Yan placed a hand on Jing Yuanzhou’s shoulder while his pale lips were slightly curved up.

“It looks like… I really suffocated BB this afternoon.” The bangs on his forehead were soaked with sweat. He lowered his head, glanced at his slightly trembling fingertips, and sighed. “Still, it’s fortunate that he held back or… I would probably be dead now.”

He paused before speaking sincerely. “Since I am here, today’s MVP must be BB… Apart from anything else, the Trash Talk King is really amazing!”

His self-ridiculing attitude might seem calm but in fact, the time spent in these two games today had exceeded the initial threshold of expectations.

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze flickered across this face that was obviously in poor condition. He took this person who still wanted to talk despite having no energy toward the exit. “Go back.”

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