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CAMP: Chapter 35 Part 1

There were four teams and a total of two matches. GH and IBB were scheduled to play second.

Lin Yan considered it twice and just in case, he took advantage of the time when the first two teams were going on stage to talk to the staff next to him. He said in advance that he might disappear after the match.

The director team’s attitude toward him was quite polite.

After all, Lin Yan wasn’t only GH’s coach. He was also the owner of the GH Club and the sponsor of the variety show. The director’s team might not know what he was doing later but they didn’t ask anything specific. There was just a brief discussion and they said they would make the corresponding arrangements.

Everything was done properly. Lin Yan returned to the player seats and continued to watch the match on the field. The two teams currently playing were QU and KON. The coaches of the two teams had chosen to replace the support position.

After all, there was specialization in the industry. If the coach’s operation wasn’t as detailed as a serious player then using the support that was more focused on the overall situation was indeed the best choice.

It might only be an entertainment game but according to the previous performance of the staff, today’s victory or defeat would have a high probability of affecting the grouping for the next elimination.

This BO3 was very tense. It wasn’t until the third game that QU won against KON with a narrow margin of 2:1.

The host invited the players from the two teams to the centre of the field for the post-match interviews while the staff led the players of the other two teams to prepare for the match. Lin Yan sat down and familiarised himself with the keyboard. He picked up the headphones and placed it to his ear. After adjusting the volume briefly, he hung it back around his neck.

There was an unprecedented silence in GH’s team voice chat. This situation made Gu Luo a bit uncomfortable. “I don’t know why but I always feel there is a lack of competitive atmosphere today.”

Jian Ye glanced at the dying Bi Yaohua next to him and couldn’t help laughing. “That’s because Brother Trash Talk has lost his soul.”

Jing Yuanzhou tried out the microphone and was unmoved. “It’s good to be quiet.”

Bi Yaohua looked up and opened his mouth to say something. Then he glanced at Lin Yan who had an unknown expression and closed his mouth. Finally, he silently opened a document on the computer desktop and started typing. [End the afternoon match early, please.]

[I don’t know what will happen to IBB after the game but BB will really be closed off.]

[Having said that, the coach on the other side isn’t on the same level as our Brother Yan at first glance. It is hard to justify it if we don’t crush them.]

[Today, I must fight with IBB to see who is the copycat.]

[Oh, I typed so many words. Can you react a little bit? Have you seen it?]

Jian Ye and Luo Mo were shoulder to shoulder and shaking with laughter.

Lin Yan also read the words and then looked at Bi Yaohua like he was a fool. “I just told you not to talk during the match. You don’t have to shut your microphone before the match.”

Bi Yaohua, “……”

He sighed for a long time and didn’t bother with this problem anymore. He just felt that his soul had been released for a short time. “I was really suffocating to death! I’m telling you, I actually wanted to fight IBB for a long time. The origins can be traced back to a long time ago. I still remember when I was just a fledgling little streamer. From time to time, a wave of people would flood my live broadcast room and scold me severely. Initially, I didn’t understand the reason. Later, I found out they were angry because IBB lost the match! Those broken people said that the team is called IBB and I named myself BB. If I wanted to steal some of IBB’s attention then I have to bear with the aftermath. Listen, are these the words of a human?”

He recalled the spectacular scene at the time and the others couldn’t help laughing.

Gu Luo asked curiously, “What happened then?”

“Later?” Bi Yaohua laughed. “They were naturally all scolded by me! How can they jump in front of this BB? I taught them how to lie down.”

Jian Ye sincerely admired it. “The Trash Talk King is too amazing!”

Bi Yaohua originally wanted to say something else but he heard the referee next to them signal that the match was about to start. It was as if silent mode was instantly switched on. There was no more sound. They didn’t know from when but his switching between these two extreme states was so smooth, it made people feel distressed.

There was the host’s announcement and the first game officially began.

Lin Yan put on the headphones at the referee’s reminder and started to arrange the lineup. In order to heat up the recording of the upcoming semi-finals, the program had specifically invited two official commentators from the professional league, Brother Rabbit Hat and Cry Cry. They would give a live explanation for the entertainment match along with Luni.

Seeing the BP section start, the commentator Brother Rabbit Hat discovered the difference from the previous match. “It seems the coaches of GH and IBB are very confident in their own strength! The GH replacement is actually responsible for the jungler position that drives the rhythm of the game while IBB’s coach has chosen the position of shooter.”

“I feel that both sides are risky.” Commentator Cry Cry said. “The jungler position is very important. If GH’s coach fails to drive the rhythm then it is very easy for the team to fall into a passive situation. On IBB’s side, GH’s bottom lane shooter is BB after all. The coach will have to withstand the pressure and not have his line of soldiers collapse or the development of the output position is limited. This isn’t a good thing for team battles.”

Here, Cry Cry threw the conversation over to someone else. “Luni, you have participated in this show several times. According to your current understanding, which of the two teams are you more optimistic about?”

She originally thought that Luni would continue his usual way of evasive answering. Unexpectedly, Luni smiled slightly and replied, “It is naturally GH. After all, that side has Titans. Anyone who has faced him knows how difficult that person is.”

Brother Rabbit Hat wanted to make fun of Luni’s reply when he saw that the lineup of the two sides had been selected and he immediately returned his attention to the field. “Okay, the first game is getting started. Let’s take a look at the lineup arrangements of both sides. Oh, IBB is using their most common tactical system.”

The commentator Cry Cry continued, “It seems the new team GH still isn’t familiar with this opponent. They actually gave IBB such a complete hero system. This is destined to be a hard fight. As for the lineup selected by GH, uh…”

Brother Rabbit Hat was silent for a moment after seeing GH’s lineup allocation. Eventually, he made a final evaluation with some hesitation. “This lineup is too… too early?!”

Usually, a team would make such a strong lineup if they had absolute confidence in their own strength. However, the situation on the field was always changing rapidly. Even if a team wanted to gain an absolute advantage in the early stages of the game, they still needed one or two mid or late stage heroes in case of forced delays.

Now, aside from the healing support chosen by Jian Ye, the other four members of GH chose pure early, strong suppression output heroes. Such a lineup let everyone know that GH was ready to live or die within 20 minutes.

Once IBB dragged the timeout for 20 minutes, there would be no chance of a comeback for GH unless they had already achieved a complete crushing. It was precisely due to this reason that after discovering such a wonderful lineup, the official commentators launched a tactical discussion. They didn’t say it explicitly but the audience could understand more or less. They all felt that GH’s tactics were a bit overconfident.

IBB’s fans were somewhat unhappy after hearing this. They felt that their own team was being taken too lightly and bursts of cheers were once again heard. They could only hope that IBB would teach this unfathomable new team a lesson.

In the beginning of the game, the jungle was an indispensable point of conflict and this game was no exception. No one thought that just after the game started, GH would use practical actions to silence everyone.

[First Blood!]

[Double kill!]

By the time the audience regained their minds, they saw two figures leaping away after completing the kill. All the heads had fallen on Lin Yan and his economy rose by a lot in an instant.

He returned to his own territory to clean up the wave of monsters in the jungle and didn’t worry about going to help others clear the line. He directly entered the grass of the river and went around to the opponent’s jungle with the support.

The jungler on the opposite side happened to be resurrected again. Before he had time to enjoy the experience given by the monsters, he looked up and saw two people emerging from the grass. He couldn’t help letting out a loud curse.

Lin Yan’s route could be called very tricky. He perfectly avoided the eyes of IBB. There were no precautions and it was too late for others to come to support. IBB’s jungler was killed twice in a row and the entire jungle area had collapsed completely.

Lin Yan glanced at the statistics on the economic panel and simply declared, “Their jungler has been abandoned.”

Then he signaled to the next lane, “BB, pay attention. They will probably go to you with the next resurrection.”

Bi Yaohua paused as he was opening his mouth. Finally, he made an exclamation mark on the map to indicate he understood. Lin Yan gave the reminder but didn’t mean to stay and help. He walked on the road in a very assured manner. Calculating the time, the mobs in the jungle area on the upper half of IBB’s map should’ve been refreshed.

The commentator Brother Rabbit Hat had been amazed since the game started. “The overall vision of GH’s coach is simply amazing! This is treating IBB’s jungle area as his own home!”

Commentator Cry Cry could see both sides from a god’s perspective. He saw IBB’s jungler resurrecting and heading straight to the bottom lane with his support, causing him to sigh regretfully. “IBB’s mid-laner is in danger.”

The moment he spoke, Lin Yan cleared the wild area and suddenly emerged from the rear with his own support. He directly blocked the retreat of IBB’s mid-laner. The IBB single player ran away in a hurry but it was too late. His head was taken.

At the same time, due to Lin Yan’s advance warning, Bi Yaohua was prepared and escaped from the three person team while also killing the support. The continuous killings made the audience a bit bewildered. Then new good news appeared from GH’s top lane.

[The enemy tower is destroyed!]

The distracted Lin Yan finally looked away from the road and wasn’t stingy with his praise. “Titans, so handsome!”

Driven by the rhythm of the jungler, it could be said that GH was blossoming all over the map. Everyone was so reassured about Jing Yuanzhou that they forgot to pay attention to the relatively stable road. No one thought that the defense tower would be directly destroyed with so little effort.

It was only now that the director remembered to do the replay. He found that although there were no heads, IBB’s top lane player had been forced back to the city three times. Meanwhile, Jing Yuanzhou’s health was still maintained above the safety line.

This was already an absolute crushing.

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Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Ah I really hope Lin Yan’s PTSD doesn’t get triggered. His team is working hard

5 months ago

I say, it’s hilarious how the things they do are always misunderstood 😂 In the elimination round they were relieved to meet LY’s condition and everyone thought the fight wasn’t easy and they were relieved it had ended. Now they need to finish as fast as possible because of LY’s ptsd, but everyone thinks they’re underestimating IBB 😂