CAMP: Chapter 34

The recording of the show had progressed this far and the remaining four teams were QU, IBB, KON and GH.

Among them, QU and IBB were both top teams in the secondary league and were basically just one step away from the professional league. In terms of strength, they weren’t on the same level as the other four teams that had been eliminated.

In contrast, KON was a bit weaker but the performance of this middle-ranked team was often linked to their state on the day. It wasn’t guaranteed that they wouldn’t suddenly perform abnormally on the spot. This unknown factor was why they became a dark horse in the season.

Generally speaking, the second half of the variety show was much more serious than the previous episodes. It was precisely in consideration of the fierce battles that would occur in the next phase that the program had arranged a special event between the two phases of elimination. They would use an entertainment game to relieve the tension.

There was nothing wrong with this arrangement. The key problem lay in the coach mixing in with the players. This was obviously very unfriendly to Lin Yan’s special situation.

After getting out of the car, the GH team followed the staff to the lounge to do styling. Lin Yan let the stylist casually fiddle with him. Then he took a pack of cigarettes, stuffed it into his pocket and turned to walk out.

After a while, Jing Yuanzhou also stood up. Once the door of the lounge shook and closed again, the people who were left behind couldn’t help exchanging looks.

“I say, do you think the appearance of the captain and the coach is a bit strange?” Jian Ye might have the appearance of a tough guy but his mind was extremely sharp. He raised his eyebrow and wondered, “Is it so serious? Is there a problem with the funds of our club?”

Luo Mo was the manager of the team and had stayed to monitor the styling situation. Now he couldn’t help spitting out, “Don’t say unlucky things!”

How could it be so easily broken when backed by the capital chain of the Lin Group?

Gu Luo instinctively made a connection with an emotional problem but he considered his own survival and didn’t dare say anything. He lowered his head and just fiddled with his phone.

Bi Yaohua glanced around and sighed quietly. “In short, the captain said it before. Today, we will be quiet and won’t make the coach angry.”

Chen Yushen’s lips twitched. “…Brother Trash Talk, you can be quiet first.”

The conversation in the lounge was blocked by the closed door. The corridor outside was quiet. Lin Yan leaned against a corner wall with a cigarette in his mouth. He raised his head when he heard the sound of footsteps and saw Jing Yuanzhou who had followed him. He couldn’t help smiling. “Why are you chasing me so tightly? Are you afraid I can’t do it?”

He might have been a bit upset but his expression was casual. It was obvious that his mentality adjustment wasn’t bad.

Jing Yuanzhou saw this expression and guessed the final decision. “Are you ready to play?”

“Or should I tell the program’s staff that we won’t participate in the entertainment game?” The smoke blew out as he spoke. “The liquidated damages and other things are trivial but this variety show is originally the best shot for GH to gain attention. If we participate in one less event then it is unknown how many shots we will lose. The loss is too big!”

Then he sighed emotionally. “If someone tells me to let go like this then I am really reluctant.”

Jing Yuanzhou asked, “What about you?”

Lin Yan told the truth. “I don’t know.”

“However, I should have confidence in myself. I will see when the time comes. Perhaps I can really endure it?” He looked up at the ceiling and half-joked, “However, if I really can’t hold it then you will have to work harder as four.”

Regarding his PTSD, Jing Yuanzhou was the only person in the world who knew the details. Therefore, Lin Yan was prepared for Jing Yuanzhou trying to persuade him. Unexpectedly, Jing Yuanzhou just lowered his eyes slightly and asked, “How much time?”

Lin Yan slowly blew out the cigarette smoke and his entire body was covered in smoke. He was slightly stunned when he heard this. “How much time for what?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked up. “How much time can you play in a five person team battle?”

“This… I haven’t tested it precisely.” Lin Yan spoke after some time. He pondered on it carefully. “Aside from the influence of some on-the-spot factors, the first 20 minutes is definitely okay. If I force myself, I can probably hold on for 30 minutes. If you arrange some intermission time between the two games then I can probably extend it for another 10 minutes?”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. “That is 40 minutes. We have to win two games within 40 minutes.”

Lin Yan’s eyes slightly shook before he leaned against the wall and looked at Jing Yuanzhou with a playful expression. “Titans, Jing Yuanzhou, do you think you are cutting cabbage? The remaining three teams aren’t like the third-rate teams encountered before. Even the weakest KON isn’t a fuel-efficient lamp. You say that we can win two games in 40 minutes. Is this because you have been with me for too long that you are becoming more arrogant?”

“Isn’t it good to be arrogant?” Jing Yuanzhou smiled. He ignored Lin Yan’s ridicule and threw the question back. “Why? Does Coach Lin think it can’t be done?”

Lin Yan put out the cigarette and gave a low laugh.

He finally spoke humble words. “It is easy to talk. In any case, I have to do it so let’s try it.”

There was a short pre-match preparation before the staff came to the lounge to remind everyone that it was the start of the recording. The audience at the recording site was already ready a long time ago. It would officially start when the members of the four teams arrived.

The first part of this episode was the challenge of the professional players. After all, Luni was the top mid-laner in the professional league. Not surprisingly, the four teams all sent their mid-laners. The challengers entered the field one by one and Gu Luo couldn’t help sweating as he waited in his seat.

Next to him, Jian Ye noticed his behaviour and looked over. “Why, are you nervous?”

Gu Luo nodded. “Yes, a little bit.”

Jian Ye placed a hand on the small shoulder. His strength was high and it almost directly crushed Gu Luo. “Don’t worry, go to the end! Brother Gun will always be with you!”

Gu Luo’s small body couldn’t help shaking slightly. “Thank you, Brother.”

The current challenger was IBB’s mid-laner. After a moment of confrontation, he lost to Luni without any surprises. There was polite applause from the audience and then it was GH’s turn. Gu Luo took a deep breath and stood up. He subconsciously glanced at Lin Yan before leaving.

Lin Yan looked up. He knew what Gu Luo wanted to ask and slightly raised his eyebrow. “Play as you like and do your best.”

Gu Luo went to the field to prepare. During the debugging of his equipment, the host interviewed Luni. “As of now, players from three teams have challenged you. Luni, based on your own subjective feelings, which team has the stronger mid-laner?”

Since his debut, Luni had always been known for his steady style of playing and he was ridiculed by some sunspots for it.

This type of interview naturally wasn’t difficult for the experienced Luni to deal with and he didn’t show anything from his official tone. “There is no special standard definition for the position of mid-laner. Each player has a certain style and they follow the team’s style. Some teams are conservative and some are aggressive. There is no good or bad.”

Then he gently lifted his bangs and the small ponytail behind him also shook. “What we did just now was an ordinary solo game. Victory or defeat doesn’t say anything. It is irresponsible to define players just based on this. After all, Burning Hot is a 5v5 team battle. A player’s existence doesn’t depend on his ability to clear the lane. It should be his contribution to the team.”

It sounded like a lot of words but in fact, there was no real content.

The host kept a professional smile on his face. “You are worthy of being one of the top 10 professional players of the year. Luni, you have your own opinion on the position of mid-laner.”

In the player seats, Bi Yaohua heard this and spoke in a straightforward manner, “Sometimes, I am really convinced by the level of these professional players to speak. Obviously, they think that the opponents are weak but they still talk in such a high-sound manner. Is it interesting? Solo doesn’t mean anything but who doesn’t know Luni’s combat style? The old jack of all trades in the team! He makes up for any shortcomings and is indeed the key in team battles. However, when it comes to laning, his record for single kills in the professional league is very low. They can’t even beat this type of tortoise-style mid-laner in a solo match and are obviously too weak. Does it need to be so exaggerated?”

Jian Ye had actually wanted to say something a long time ago and he finally couldn’t help asking, “BB, tell me honestly, have you been secretly in love with Luni for a long time? Why do I feel like you are a black fan?”

Bi Yaohua gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “I have many people I’ve blackened. Do you want to hear about the others? The list I have is guaranteed to be a sumptuous banquet.”

Jian Ye, “…You are still the awesome one.”

Jing Yuanzhou had been listening to the side and he suddenly spoke, “You are taking Luni too lightly.”

Bi Yaohua disagreed. “Captain, I know the two of you have a good relationship but Luni’s inaction during the laning period is recognized by the entire league. Can you deny this?”

“Yes, it is true but…” Jing Yuanzhou raised his head and glanced at the big screen. “On the contrary, this proves his terrible laning ability even more.”

Bi Yaohua was stunned when he heard the words. He didn’t understand at first but then there was a flash of light in his mind. It was true that Luni rarely completed single kills on the field but likewise, he almost never lost his head or fell behind in economy.

Bi Yaohua’s eyes flashed as he thought up to here. He looked up and the expression on his face finally became a bit serious.

At this time, Gu Luo was finally ready to play. The last solo entertainment game officially began!

Jian Ye was nervous. “Who do you think will win?”

Jing Yuanzhou might’ve said those words just now but Bi Yaohua still chose to stand firm. “I bet on Gloy!”

No one knew better than them how fierce Gu Luo was when it came to laning. What if Luni was the top mid-laner in the league? Bi Yaohua had absolute trust in Gu Luo when it came to laning ability.

Eight minutes later, the game ended and Luni won.

Gu Luo was obviously still immersed in the game just now when he returned to the player seats. His face wasn’t frustrated due to defeat. Rather, the light in his eyes had become brighter. “Captain, Coach, Luni is really good!”

The final result of this solo game was the low health Luni’s reverse kill.

It might seem like a bitter struggle to onlookers but only he, as the player, could better understand the situation. It might seem like a slight difference to onlookers but there were actually huge gaps in the handling of countless details.

Bi Yaohua was still thinking about the confrontation just now.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed his rare silence and spoke calmly, “The players who can play in the professional league often make some compromises for the team. These compromises allow them to stand at the top and see better but they never lose sight of their original edge. It isn’t just Luni. Remember every name that appears in the professional area. They are very strong.”

Bi Yaohua’s Adam’s apple moved slightly.

Jing Yuanzhou said, “However, I can’t completely blame you for being confused by Luni’s appearance. He is an old man. He hides his strength well and pretends to be weak. He has cheated many people in the circle and poisoned them.”

Bi Yaohua was silent for a moment and reflected on himself very simply. “…Captain, don’t say it. I was blind before.”

The Trash Talk King was always straightforward when scolding, regardless of whether it was the enemy or himself.

Lin Yan hadn’t paid attention to the solo games just now. He used this time to make a new meeting schedule for today. He heard their conversation and slightly raised his eyes.

Luni was indeed the top mid-laner in the league. He used good tricks to hide but in terms of strength, he was no different from Jing Yuanzhou. Lin Yan still remembered that in the original text, it took Gloy a whole year to drag Luni down from the altar. From then on, he opened the ‘legend of the great demon king’ that made everyone feel frightened.

He wrote the last stroke on the paper and slowly sighed with relief. The initial lineup for the fast flow had basically been completed.

The first entertainment event had ended. The host interviewed with Luni with a few more words before switching to a cosplay performance. After the performance, the important team match with the coach and players would begin.

This time, the matches were decided based on the voting results of the netizens ‘two teams I want to see fight.’ The GH team’s fans had strong beliefs and chose IBB, one of the two strong teams. Lin Yan sincerely thanked the netizens while making tactical arrangements with the players. “Abyss, you take a break. I will play.”

Playing jungler was really the best choice to drive the rhythm of the entire field.

Chen Yushen certainly had no problem. “Okay.”

Lin Yan continued, “Gun Zai, you go with me the entire time. Gloy, clear the soldiers quickly and prepare to invade the opponent’s field of view with me at any time.”

Jian Ye and Gu Luo exclaimed, “Understood!”

Bi Yaohua waited but didn’t hear Lin Yan mentioning him. He couldn’t help asking, “Coach, what about me?”

Lin Yan was silent for a moment. “BB, I will give you a task.”

“Say it.”

“It is simple.”

At this seemingly stern expression, Bi Yaohua became rarely serious. “Coach, just give me a command!”

Lin Yan’s words were extremely cautious like the final entrustment before a long journey. “During, the, game, play, more, and, don’t, talk.”

Bi Yaohua, “???”

After a moment of silence, the others reacted. “Pfft—!”

The author has something to say:

Trash Talk King: What did my BB do wrong?

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