CAMP: Chapter 33 Part 2

Jing Yuanzhou lowered his eyes slightly. “The only requirement is that if the fake play is really done, it can be regarded as a work injury. Lin Yan, shouldn’t you be responsible for me?”

Lin Yan’s mind didn’t return for a while and his head was blank. He instinctively replied, “Work injury… of course… I must be responsible.”

“That’s good. I have no other problems.” The corners of Jing Yuanzhou’s mouth finally rose a bit and his breath rubbed against the tip of Lin Yan’s nose. “Then Lin Yan, if there is nothing else, can I go take a shower?”

Lin Yan paused. “…Of course.”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed silently and his hand skimmed over Lin Yan’s shoulder. He opened the bathroom door and walked in like this without saying anything. After a while, there was the faint sound of water from the bathroom.

Lin Yan leaned against the wall for a long time without moving. Jing Yuanzhou’s playful expression from just now flashed through his mind. Then after realizing what he was responsible for, his ears turned red. The sound of his fast heartbeat mixed with the sound of water and he couldn’t help inwardly cursing, ‘F&k, it really isn’t a loss!’

Lin Yan gradually straightened up, went to the bed and fell down on it. At this moment, he seriously suspected that this person’s unhappy appearance was deliberately shown to him. At least, Jing Yuanzhou was obviously quite happy on the last move.

Lin Yan lay on the bed and stared up at the ceiling for a while. It wasn’t until the phone rang that his thoughts were interrupted. He pulled out his phone to take a look and his eyes flickered. He restrained the lazy expression on his face. “Hey Brother Wei, I was waiting for you to call. How is the matter I asked you to investigate before?”

On the other end of the phone, a man’s outspoken voice was heard. “It is something that Xiao Lin requested. How can I not do my best? Since I have contacted you, there will naturally be results!”

The speaker was called Xie Wei. Soon after Chen Yushen entered the team, Lin Yan contacted this Brother Wei to help him investigate the things in the training camp. Lin Yan heard there was finally news and his eyes narrowed slightly. “Oh? So what happened?”

Xie Wei replied, “I have been investigating for a long time. In fact, there were clues about the jumping off the building case back then but it was suppressed at the time. Finally, it ended this way. If you want to force it then it isn’t difficult to bring these things up again. It depends on the results you want in the end. If you really want to be at ease, it isn’t a problem to catch these people and make them spend a few years in prison.”

Lin Yan gave a low laugh. “I said that the matter was really noisy so why did nothing happen in the end? Sure enough, there was someone behind the scenes?”

Xie Wei was silent for a moment. “The specific situation should be more complicated. I only heard that it was the Peng family from Huaicheng. However, based on the information available so far, there is no evidence to prove that the younger son of the Peng family also participated in it. This is the only place that I feel strange.”

Lin Yan frowned. “Did someone destroy the evidence?”

“It doesn’t seem like that.”

Lin Yan thought about it. “Thank you for your hard work, Brother Wei. I understand the general situation. I will discuss it with the team members and decide what to do. Then I will contact you.”

“Okay, no problem.” Xie Wei had investigated the events of that year and naturally understood the violence committed by Chen Yushen was related to the incident. “This decision really requires careful consideration from the person involved. As far as I know, the e-sports field is relatively strict about violent incidents. The reason the one in your team wasn’t held accountable that year was also due to the Peng family. Otherwise, in accordance with the rules of your circle, it wouldn’t have ended with just being expelled from the youth training camp. If you really want to dig this matter up then it might be inevitable for him to be involved again.”

At this point, Lin Yan fell into thought again.

The strangest thing about this case was that on one hand, the Peng family suppressed the investigation into the cause of the suicide. On the other hand, they also mediated the investigation into the violence. The Peng family was both the good guys and the bad guys and it was unknown what their purpose was.

Lin Yan expressed his sincere gratitude to Xie Wei. “Don’t worry, I will discuss it carefully. I also believe that he will make a choice he won’t regret. In short, thank you for this matter!”

Xie Wei laughed openly. “You are welcome!”

Just then, the bathroom door was opened from the inside. The slight movement made Lin Yan raise his head and he just happened to see Jing Yuanzhou coming out from inside. He had just finished taking a shower and the man was shrouded by faint water vapor. A few drops of water dripped from his hair and fell along the distinct arc of his neck before finally landing on the towel hanging around his neck.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed that Lin Yan was on the phone and didn’t say a word. He just picked up a towel and wiped his still wet hair. Such an action seemed careless but the faint fragrance of the shower gel was unknowingly scattered around every corner of the room.

Lin Yan’s gaze stopped for a moment and his Adam’s apple moved silently.

On the other side of the phone, Xie Wei didn’t hear any words and he spoke angrily, “Speaking of which, how long has it been since you’ve met us! The brothers miss you! Since our last gathering in the bar street, Chang Lexin keeps talking about you. That playboy isn’t even in the mood to find a small boyfriend. We almost thought he is lovesick.”

His voice wasn’t loud but in such a quiet room, it was unusually clear. Jing Yuanzhou heard the words bar street and some memories emerged, causing Jing Yuanzhou to look back.

Lin Yan felt his scalp tingling slightly from such a gaze. He cleared his throat and shifted things in another direction. “Brother Wei, don’t tease me. Who is Chang Lexin? He is a bisexual who loves all men and women. If you tell me that humanity is going extinct then I would believe it more than him being lovesick.”

The gaze on his back was so clear that he inwardly shrank back.

Xie Wei was amused by Lin Yan’s words. “Okay, I won’t joke with you anymore. Say hello to me when you are free. I will bring everyone together for a gathering.”

“Yes, I will contact you when my side is done.”

Brother Wei laughed and didn’t say anything else as he hung up the phone. Lin Yan looked down at the dark phone screen before glancing back. He saw that Jing Yuanzhou was sitting on the sofa not far away and their eyes happened to meet. “The chat is over?”


Lin Yan didn’t know why but he inexplicably had a guilty conscience. Then thinking about it carefully, something didn’t feel right. Why was he guilty?

Lin Yan frowned. Jing Yuanzhou sneered at the change in expression and didn’t bring up the bar street he heard in the conversation just now. Instead, he said indifferently, “If you want to open up business with me then you shouldn’t be too busy with other people.”

Lin Yan, “……”

Wait, he and Brother Wei didn’t seem to say anything just now, right? What was with these waves?!

The next day was another day of program recording.

Compared to the just concluded second episode, there was no elimination process in the third episode. The overall process was mainly entertainment interactions so relatively speaking, it seemed much easier. Yes, from the perspective of most people, it was ‘easy.’

However, once everyone in GH got into the car to head to the venue, they saw Lin Yan sitting in the back and their drowsiness instantly disappeared. They immediately looked awake. Bi Yaohua wasn’t afraid. He even dared to lean back in his chair to get closer. Then he cautiously asked in a voice he thought Lin Yan couldn’t hear, “Captain Jing, what’s wrong with the coach??”

“Nothing.” Jing Yuanzhou didn’t look too happy. His face didn’t have much expression as he handed over the information. “Take a look at this. It’s today’s recording process.”

Bi Yaohua originally wanted to ask further when he saw Lin Yan’s cold gaze. He didn’t dare say anything else and immediately took the information. The others were curious about today and came over. The content arrangements in the first section were all normal. It was as they guessed previously. A representative from each team would get to interact with the representative of the professional players.

Jian Ye patted with Gu Luo on the shoulder. “Playing with Luni is a rare opportunity! You are both mid-laners. Do you want to go up and compare?”

Gu Luo was also a bit eager to try it and he glanced at the back row. “Wait for Coach to arrange it.”

Lin Yan answered indifferently, “Don’t wait. I was going to let you play anyway. Luni might mainly take the team battle route but there is no need to talk about his strength. There is no harm in letting you try it against him.”

Gu Luo’s eyes lit up slightly. “Thank you, Coach.”

Lin Yan didn’t continue to talk. He leaned back and closed his eyes. In fact, he had been in a good mood when he got up this morning. After all, he just got the news from Brother Wei that the mess that happened in the youth training camp two years ago could finally have a result. Originally, as long as he went back to the base after today’s recording and had a good chat with Chen Yushen, then he could start to arrange the follow-up matters with peace of mind.

After dealing with this incident, he would contact Chang Lexin again to squeeze out some media resources. Then the Parents combination with Jing Yuanzhou could be properly implemented. No matter how he looked at it, everything could be called extremely beautiful.

Then the program’s staff sent him the program schedule. The several people in the front row finally discovered another highlight of today’s recording.

Bi Yaohua murmured, “Wait… the latter event is a mixed team fight with the coach and the players?”

Then he looked at the back row with amazement. “Coach, does this mean you will play as well?”

Jian Ye exclaimed, “The coach will play! Coach, what position do you want to play? Do you want to play support? I can let go!”

Gu Luo also joined in. “Coach, you can play the mid-laner. The mid-lane is convenient for output!”

Chen Yushen suggested, “Jungler is better with rhythm.”

However, Lin Yan heard these words and his mouth tightened. He squeezed out a few annoyed words. “Shut up!”

The four of them fell silent and instinctively looked at Jing Yuanzhou. Jing Yuanzhou noticed their gazes and his tone was light. “Be quiet. Don’t make your coach angry.”

The humble players of GH, “……”

So they said something wrong again. Wronged.

Proofreader: Nao 

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1 year ago

Oof… that’s a problem… I guess? Well, as long as he will ask his teammates not to speak at the same time, maybe he can do it without triggering his PTSD? But still, it is a trauma and I don’t have any knowledge on how to handle those things so I really don’t know what will they do.

1 month ago

I’ve been thinking about this. People in the team chats can be muted no? So how about he muted everyone else qnd left just JYZ’s voice to pass on the instructions to him?