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CAMP: Chapter 33 Part 1

In fact, it wasn’t that the netizens were too excited. It was that the beauty of the official photo was too beautiful. Along with the perfect light and shadow processing in the later stages, Jing Yuanzhou’s expression inevitably seemed a bit too affectionate.

[Who is this? Who is leaning on my husband’s shoulder? GH’s coach?]

[F&k f&k f&k, Coach Lin’s looks are really great! The program’s staff is so good. They can do this type of photo!]

[This inexplicable period of quiet and good feelings… what is going on?]

[Why do I have a sudden sense of matching? Please wake up…]

[I had always thought that Titans was a noble and cold man. Now it seems that he is warm in private!]

[What does it matter if he is warm or not? Bright people shouldn’t talk secret words. It is ridiculous to me.]

[This look… I’m going to melt! When did my male god become like this?]

[Hey, the coach looks good when asleep. I want to rub my hand along him.]

[???? Who is that wolf upstairs?]

[Don’t talk about anything else. I really am convinced about the appearance of the GH team. Regardless of strength, they deserve the name of the e-sport’s boy group.]

[Damn, look at the multistory building rising up. This is the CP for me!]

[Sister upstairs, so wet, so wet!]

There was an influx of more netizens and some people started thinking about further questions.

[So what should this combination be called. The coach’s last name is Lin, right? Yuan Lin CP?]

[Hey, a CP name isn’t that simple. Let’s have a look at the Parents CP.]

[Wait?? Why parents?]

[Hahahaha, I suddenly get it? Isn’t it because the coach and captain of GH are parents of a group of children?]

[F&k, this CP is amazing! Everyone always told me that Mom and Dad loves me the most?]

[Hahahahahahahahah, the beautiful parents are in love? Thank you, here it is!]

Gu Luo read over the increasingly enthusiastic comments and couldn’t help pursing his mouth. He glanced back quietly and hesitated for a moment. He wondered if he should look at the expressions of his ‘parents.’ Originally, this CP combination was okay if it was just superficial business. However, based on what he accidentally heard last time, the coach and captain were obviously already in a relationship.

The public’s acceptance of coming out was quite good but in the final analysis, a certain amount of public opinion pressure was inevitable. If the relationship between the two people was really exposed, it was destined to be more stressful for the coach based on the captain’s absolute popularity. Moreover, this was an assumption made on the premise that both parties were ready to expose it.

If they didn’t intend to make it public only for it to be shaken out by the program at this time, then the situation… was obviously a bit more serious.

Gu Luo felt a pressure that shouldn’t be put on him at his age and he inevitably thought a lot for his two seniors. Finally, his small eyes firmed up. His fingertips moved across his phone in a sharp manner as he quickly logged into a side account and started to reply to the messages on Weibo one by one.

Netizen’s comment: [I didn’t pay attention before but the more I look at the comments, the more I feel they match.]

G is Very Powerful: [What nonsense!]

Netizen’s comment: [Parents love is real! KSWL!]

G is Very Powerful: [You are a ghost!]

Netizen’s comment: [Is there anymore sugar?]

G is Very Powerful: [No, you want to be beautiful.]

Gu Luo was fighting passionately when he heard Lin Yan suddenly ask with some confusion from where he was looking at his phone. “No, I came all this way. wasn’t I low-key enough?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked over and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Yan leaned to the side and handed his phone to Jing Yuanzhou. “Speaking of which, the official CP of the two of us shouldn’t interfere with others. Then who is this? What’s the name? Oh, G is Very Powerful… what a bad name. He is chasing after the comments on Weibo one by one. It is so black. Why do I feel that he seems to have opinions on me rather than the club?”

The moment he heard the ID, Gu Luo’s hand shook. His fingers that were about to press the reply button stopped.

He turned his head and saw Lin Yan leaning lazily on Jing Yuanzhou while sighing. “However, no matter how back, it can’t stop the fact that my CP is rising. Unexpectedly, the first CP in the club is actually us! The Parents CP? Hah, they can’t figure it out! This thing really needs to be reasonable. How is our dignified Titans like a mother?”

Jing Yuanzhou was especially easygoing about the situation. “It’s okay to look at the match.”

As he spoke, he zoomed in on the photo on Weibo. He took a look and clicked to save it. Lin Yan couldn’t help smiling at this person’s actions. He obviously agreed with the sentence. “It really does look like a good match.”

Gu Luo, “……”

He was silent for a moment as he grabbed his hair with his hands. Then he silently quit his Weibo account. At the same time, he made a very firm decision in his heart: this account is abandoned. Go back and register another one!

Fortunately, Lin Yan didn’t have much interest in an ‘ordinary black fan’. After a few casual complaints, he focused on other comments. He watched for a while before assigning tasks to Luo Mo in a satisfied manner. “Ah Mo, you are basically in charge of the club’s management now. After going back this time, you should follow up on the operations. The requirements aren’t high. The plan must be given to me within three days. At that time, the business that we haven’t had time to start should be opened…”

Then his eyes swept over the other people in the box and he smiled. “Well, it is time to start preparing for business.”

Now the overall momentum of the club was just right, especially with the heat of Burning Hot Assembly. Putting aside his identity as a coach, Lin Yan was the owner of the club and couldn’t let go of such a golden opportunity. It was ironic to say that the current e-sports field was no longer enough to survive just based on the game.

Strength was a must and exposure was also necessary. Team marketing should start from him leading by example.

In the second half of the meal, the style in the box inexplicably turned into Lin Yan’s business class. The team didn’t find it easy to get through to the end. They heard they could go and immediately left for their hotel rooms without looking back. Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou also returned to their room.

“I’ll take a shower first,” Jing Yuanzhou said as he opened his suitcase and took out a set of clothes.

The moment he turned around, he saw Lin Yan’s slender arm stretching out and blocking his way. He couldn’t help being confused. “What’s wrong?”

Lin Yan slightly raised his eyebrow. “What’s wrong? Shouldn’t I be asking you this?”

As he spoke, his eyes skimmed over Jing Yuanzhou’s blank face. “If Captain Jing is unwilling to engage in such false business then it doesn’t matter if you tell me directly. Remember, we signed a contract and I promised that I wouldn’t force you to do anything. So if you feel uncomfortable, there is really no need to do anything against your will.”

Lin Yan had already noticed it in the box. Jing Yuanzhou might not have said anything but the change in his expression precisely entered Lin Yan’s eyes. Most of the people in the e-sports field were men. For many teams, this type of business between men was inevitable to satisfy the team’s fans.

Lin Yan was familiar with all the operations in the industry. He was accustomed to it even if this type of thing fell on himself. However, he had forgotten to ask for Jing Yuanzhou’s opinion.

Looking back now, during his time in the BK team, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have any scandals. Perhaps this person really didn’t like to get involved in this aspect of things. It might also play a large role in BK’s desire for him to retire and get a new recruit.

If the captain didn’t take the lead in business then the degree of momentum would definitely be much lower. However, this wasn’t a point that Lin Yan was firm on. Such operations were inevitable but in the final analysis, it wasn’t everything. In his mind, in front of absolute strength, all other factors could be compromised.

Lin Yan took advantage of the fact that no follow-up plans had been arranged yet and waited for a statement. The moment Jing Yuanzhou said he didn’t want to get involved, Lin Yan would definitely kill the ‘Parents CP’ in the cradle without hesitation.

Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t expected Lin Yan to suddenly say this at this time. The even more surprising thing was that it was really terrifying when this person’s air suddenly became sharp. His gaze lowered slightly. The face that was close at hand was still as bright and beautiful as when he first saw it.

The emotions in Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes changed slightly and he couldn’t help sighing inwardly. This person was really keen but it was a pity that the point he understood was thousands of kilometres away. Why was he unwilling to carry out a false business with Lin Yan? If possible, it would be better to just delete the word ‘business.’

Neither of them spoke for a while.

Then Jing Yuanzhou suddenly asked, “You only asked for my thoughts. What about yourself?”

Lin Yan was slightly taken aback by such a sentence. “What about me?”

Jing Yuanzhou stared at him. Then after a pause, he inquired, “What do you think about operating a CP with a man?”

Lin Yan thought about it. “It’s just the normal team’s official business. What else can I think? Now fans can take this set and it is a reasonable use of their conditions. Since it can promote the development of the club, why not conform to the market?”

So the reason why he was willing to open business wasn’t because he didn’t exclude the same sex. It was because he only considered it a market factor. Jing Yuanzhou’s mood was complicated as he replied, “I see. I will cooperate with all the business contents. Just do what you want.”

Lin Yan glanced at Jing Yuanzhou’s expression. “If you can’t accept a male CP then there is no need to force it.”

“I’m not reluctant. I am also very happy to be with you in this ‘male’ CP.” Jing Yuanzhou started into the other person’s eyes and his deep eyes seemed to swallow up Lin Yan completely. His tone was as calm as always. “Let Manager Luo do the business plan and I will unconditionally cooperate with all his work.”

He took two steps closer as he spoke. In this atmosphere, Lin Yan instinctively retreated. The space was narrow and he was pushed against the wall with these two steps.

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I really want to ask, what honest to the heavens straight man would do all this?!