CAMP: Chapter 32

The four sets of matches were played and the elimination list for the first round of Burning Hot Assembly was officially formed. At the end of the recording, the program arranged a farewell ceremony for the defeated teams. They stood in the middle of the venue and gave their goodbye speeches one after another. The atmosphere was very tragic.

Lin Yan squinted toward the middle of the centre of the field as he sat on the GH player seats but he spoke to Jing Yuanzhou next to him. “Your words just now were serious?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s lips curved and he knowingly asked, “Which sentence do you mean?”

The host had conducted the interview for a while and they did have a lot of exchanges. Lin Yan turned his head without a smile, not falling for this at all. “You said we spoiled them, right? So does Captain Jing feel that our team’s usual training volume is still too little?”

The person sitting next to them had no intention of inserting himself in the invisible wall between the two people. However, he heard such a sentence and had a bad premonition. Bi Yaohua instinctively blurted out, “Coach, I think the amount of training is enough! It is good, really good!”

Lin Yan didn’t seem to hear Bi Yaohua’s words and didn’t even give this person a look. He watched Jing Yuanzhou and continued to speak. “It just so happens that after going back this time, I am prepared to customize a brand new training plan for everyone to make sure you feel very sa,tis,fied.”

The four people who experienced no love, “……”

By the time the recording ended, it was completely dark outside. The eliminated teams had gone back ahead of time. The staff took into account promotional materials and had the winning teams stay back to shoot a few promotional videos. Such a crowded itinerary was undoubtedly very inhumane. The even more inhumane thing was that the program hadn’t arranged dinner for them. By the time everything was over and they were ready to go back to the hotel, everyone was basically starving.

“Don’t go back to the room. Let’s go eat first.” Sitting in the car on the way back to the hotel, Bi Yaohua felt an unspeakable fatigue. “For the first time, I feel that even talking is a burden.”

Jian Ye didn’t know if he should laugh or scold this person. “Then can’t you just shut up?”

Bi Yaohua collapsed in his seat. “You don’t understand. I have no physical vitality but I can’t just shut up because I will lose my proud soul.”

Chen Yushen rubbed his aching temple and felt a bit deaf.

In the back row, Lin Yan curled up with the pink blanket. The physical strength he had gained from sleeping in the car this morning had been used up and he was basically empty.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced back and saw that he was about to fall asleep at any time. He suggested, “Why don’t you go back to your room to rest first. I will pack dinner for you.”

Lin Yan’s eyes swept over the car. The players looked sluggish but the atmosphere was still lively because they won the match. He also didn’t want to ruin everyone’s fun so he suggested as he yawned, “Come on, eat together.”

The restaurant on the third floor of the hotel was basically contracted by the teams that participated in the recording today. Looking around, there were all types of team uniforms. The teams that came back early had finished eating and were ready to go back to their rooms to rest.

The group had just walked out of the elevator when a familiar team was encountered. During today’s recording, the ZX team chose the strong team IBB as their opponent in order to avoid GH. They had been eliminated and would check out tomorrow morning to return to their club’s base. The defeated teams had come back early so they already finished their last meal at the hotel. It was a bit sad when thinking about it.

Even ZX hadn’t expected that before they left, they would encounter the GH team who just returned from shooting footage. It was truly like the saying ‘enemies on a narrow road.’

In fact, it seemed that since the end of the last recording, ZX’s state hadn’t been very good. In addition, the team was hit hard by IBB in the afternoon and the atmosphere of the entire team was a bit low. This made LAN’s face, which was originally sharp like a monkey, look even more unlucky.

The captain of ZX saw GH and his first reaction was to pretend not to see anything and directly pass by them. However, Lin Yan greeted them with a smile. “What a coincidence. Are you ready to go back?”

This warm tone sounded very kind at first but the words ‘go back’ were used subtly. The faces of the ZX members sank when they heard it.

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help glancing to the side. He saw that the someone who was still drowsy when getting out of the car had changed his state. At this time, Lin Yan’s face was bright and his smile blossomed like a flower.

Jing Yuanzhou smiled silently and nodded at the captain of ZX from a distance. Such an attitude meant the captain of ZX had to stop the team and chat. The pleasant atmosphere entered the ears of passersby. Those who didn’t know anything would think the two teams were good friends.

Chen Yushen stood in the rear and never said a word. He looked blankly at LAN, who was also standing in the rear of ZX. The other person was staring at him with an ugly expression.

Lin Yan looked back and noticed the hostile gazes of the two men. The corners of his mouth curved up in a smile and he changed the subject without warning. “By the way, the base of ZX is in Pingcheng?”

The captain of ZX hadn’t expected this to be mentioned. He was puzzled but he instinctively replied, “Yes, it is in PIngcheng.”

Lin Yan smiled and glanced at LAN in the rear. “Your teammate is half an acquaintance with my Abyss. Those of us in GH always say that we can do it. We still have to fulfill the friendly match from before. Pingcheng is really far away. Have you bought a return trip for tomorrow?”

Then he pointed behind him, “This is Manager Luo of our team. You can ask him to deal with the reimbursement of travel expenses.”

Luo Mo took the captain of ZX’s hand and shook it in a timely manner. He had long experience in the business world and was calm. “You can look for me at any time.”

The captain of ZX was taken aback. Then his senses returned and his expression became dark. “There is no need…”

Lin Yan was very polite. “How can that be? If I talk about reimbursement then it should be reimbursed!”

“Aren’t you going to eat? We won’t bother you.” The captain of ZX finished speaking and turned to leave.

“Then don’t stay! Go slowly!” Lin Yan turned sideways in an understanding manner and gave them a path.

LAN had always been following behind the team silently. The moment the team walked forward, he also followed them. His mental state didn’t look very good. The dark circles under his eyes showed an indescribable depression and he was constantly staring at Chen Yushen with an ugly expression.

During this period of time, he had tried very hard to adjust his state but he couldn’t do so under GH’s straightforward targeting. Now the team had discovered he wasn’t in good condition and talked to him privately, ready to make other arrangements for him.

The expression in LAN’s eyes became darker and he gritted his teeth unwillingly. He saw that he was about to pass by Chen Yushen and suddenly stopped. He turned back and happened to meet Chen Yushen’s indifferent gaze, which made him feel a bit angry. “Abyss, you won’t be proud for long!”

However, Chen Yushen just watched him calmly without saying a word.

Lin Yan had returned to his sleepy state after finishing. He was about to take everyone to dinner when he heard such a sentence and looked back. The others in ZX wanted to leave quickly. They didn’t expect LAN to suddenly do something and were obviously a bit stunned.

They were hesitating over whether to drag him away or not when LAN sneered and continued. “So what if I lose to you and don’t have a chance to play professionally? Do you think you can be fine after I’m completely destroyed? So what if your team enters the professional league? Don’t forget, there is still someone waiting for you. He… might’ve let you go the first time but that might not be the case the second time!”

Such words entered his ears and caused Chen Yushen to tremble slightly. That man…

He couldn’t help pressing his lips together. He saw that LAN was moving forward hatefully and was frowning when a figure suddenly stopped in front of him. Gu Luo didn’t dare to come out but he grabbed Chen Yushen’s arm tightly from the side.

Chen Yushen looked up and could see Jian Ye’s tall back in front of him. On the other side, Bi Yaohua had grabbed LAN’s hands. There was no smile in his eyes but he sincerely expressed his gratitude. “Thank you! Thank you ZX for your recognition of us!”

LAN thought about how he was going to be transferred to the second team of ZX and how his future was almost certainly ruined. He was full of resentment that he wanted to vent. Now he heard Bi Yaohua’s words and almost didn’t control his emotions. “Are you sick? You don’t understand people? Should I tell you again? Who acknowledged you?”

Bi Yaohua was indifferent like the person being scolded wasn’t him at all. “Didn’t you say it yourself just now that our team will enter the professional league? I never knew this. So in your ZX’s mind, our GH is actually the well-deserved champions of this variety show? Let’s not talk about your skills in the game. In fact, your vision is just right!”

He didn’t control his voice when speaking. There were players of other teams passing by and they stopped and looked over when they heard the words.

The rest of the ZX team, “???”

‘We didn’t say that, no! Don’t talk nonsense!’

Bi Yaohua looked touched. “I have to say, LAN. You might be technically weak, have a bad personality and you are psychologically frail but you are still very accurate when looking at people. I must thank you for this blessing! Thank you!”

Due to his words, LAN almost directly went crazy. His chest moved up and down as he anxiously tried to explain. However, he didn’t know where to start. The more anxious he was, the harder it was to breathe. Finally, his body suddenly shook. The ZX team member behind him jumped forward and hurriedly held him.

Bi Yaohua felt relieved after letting go of his mouth. He saw the chaos inside the ZX team and sounded especially concerned. “Well, it is understandable that you are a bit excited after praising us. Still, it doesn’t need to be this way. Right! Speaking of which, I always think that LAN here has a serious anemia problem. Would you like me to help you contact the nearest hospital?”

Chen Yushen was originally a bit distracted. Now he saw LAN who was so angry that he couldn’t speak and involuntarily smiled. Chen Yushen saw LAN being pulled away by his other teammates and his eyelashes lowered slightly. He had to admit that LAN didn’t say anything wrong just now. The road he had to take had just begun.

A hand gently touched his shoulder, pulling Chen Yushen back from his deep thoughts. Lin Yan took him to the restaurant, voice entering his ears. “Okay, I’m starving to death. Let’s hurry and eat.”

The other people cheered. After entering the private room, everyone quickly ordered dishes and ate unceremoniously when the dishes were placed on the table. Everyone had filled their stomach before filming. By this time, they were already starving. They ate like bandits entering a village, leaving nothing behind.

Everyone was tired and there was the trouble with the ZX team. They were in no mood for chatting. After eating, they held their phones and briefly took a break.

The program’s staff had already informed them. The first episode had a good broadcast effect. Even though the recording had just ended, they wanted to have a better effect this time. Therefore, some shooting highlights would be released to the audience before the official broadcast to continue the popularity of the show.

Sure enough, the follow-up photos of when the teams set off to the hotel were released one after another.

The headquarters of the Burning Hot League was in Ningcheng. For convenience, most of the professional league bases were also arranged near the outskirts of this city. However, land in this developed city was expensive after all. Many teams in the sub-league could only choose other nearby cities and some were even further away. Therefore, the departure time for each team participating in the program was different.

For teams that set off a day earlier, the highlights could be edited more completely. GH’s base was at a distance that could be reached with a short drive so only a few screenshots had been selected so far to satisfy the curiosity of the audience.

After all, time was limited and this type of operation was understandable. Then once Gu Luo turned to the photo of his team, he couldn’t help freezing. He stared at one of them and slowly rubbed his eyes.

Judging from the background of the photo, it was apparent they were in the car on the way to the hotel. The captain was sitting in the back row. The man next to him was holding a pink, fluffy blanket that didn’t match his image. He leaned his head on the captain’s broad shoulder and slept peacefully. His scattered hair floated in a static arc in the air. It was unknown what he was seeing in his sleep but his mouth was curved in a very shallow and gentle arc.

At this time, Jing Yuanzhou was looking down slightly. He clearly had a blank expression but due to the warm sunlight leaking through the car window, there was an unprecedented softness.

Above the photo was a sentence from the show’s official Weibo: [GH] Captain and coach, journeying together with you.

Gu Luo instinctively looked down at the comments area. It wasn’t a surprise to find that it had blown up.

Proofreader: Nao 

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Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Ah, I knew this picture was gonna show up ❤️

1 year ago

program group definitely knows what they’re doing 🤝

1 month ago

Ah I’ve been wondering ever since they mentioned that the main person behind everything that happened to CYS’s friend was in the professional league. And they’re mentioned again 👀 Wonder who it is