CAMP: Chapter 31 Part 2

The other members were already waiting outside the car. They saw Lin Yan follow Jing Yuanzhou down with a subtle expression before going to the front desk to check in. It was only at this time that they realized how full their itinerary was.

They went to their rooms to place their luggage and had just filled their stomachs when a staff member ran over to urge them to prepare for the styling. In the afternoon, they would directly enter the recording stage.

In the lounge, Jian Ye sighed as the stylist tried to flatten his hair. “This world still speaks for the strong. In order to consider Luni’s schedule, the program tossed us so desperately. In the final analysis, the weak have no human rights!”

Lin Yan had slept for a while and was now more energetic. He glanced over after hearing these words. “If you want human rights then you have to work hard to earn them.”

Bi Yaohua remembered the scene he saw on the road just now. “Speaking of which, did you see the signs that the fans are holding? Is it my illusion? I always feel that the audience today is much more enthusiastic than the first episode!”

“There really is a lot of enthusiasm.” Gu Luo was embarrassed as he said this. “There were several people holding our sign just now!”

Bi Yaohua laughed. “Weren’t there already signs last time? In the last episode, your Brother Trash Talk had a good reputation, okay!”

Chen Yushen sent him a deep, silent look. “…Yes, you did indeed have a lot of reputation.”

He also saw it just now. There was an area full of cheering cards like ‘BB, this dog thing’ and it was particularly eye-catching.

Luo Mo had just walked in front outside. He heard their conversation and showed the data in his hand. “It’s true. The staff told me that the fans of our team have indeed increased by a lot today.”

These words made everyone in GH a bit excited. They knew how difficult it was to gain approval. This was clearly a very good start. Lin Yan clapped with satisfaction. “This isn’t bad. Keep going and try to blow away the opposite side this afternoon!”

Bi Yaohua swung his multi-coloured peacock hair. “Blow them up! This is necessary!”

The stylist watched as the hairstyle he worked so hard on was ruined and couldn’t help knocking on Bi Yaohua’s head with the comb. “Don’t move, your hairstyle is being ruined!”

Bi Yaohua immediately sat up straight. Once the styling was done, a staff member came to explain the recording process today. Then he took everyone to the player seats to wait for the recording to begin.

At 2 o’clock exactly, the familiar opening music was played on time. Unlike the small fights in the first episode, the second episode finally ushered in the first elimination round of Burning Hot Assembly.

After the host introduced the rules, he explained the privileges that the winners of the previous round received. A total of eight teams participated in this season’s variety show. After the first episode’s solo games, the winning team would naturally enter the position of defender. In this episode, they would accept the challenge of the four losing teams.

The elimination process adopted the 5v5 team battle of the official league. It was the BO3 format and the final winner would smoothly enter the next round. The loser would be eliminated directly and bid farewell to the subsequent program recording.

After listening to the rules, everyone on the GH team looked a bit disappointed. There was no need to guess. The ZX team definitely wouldn’t choose them. In this way, there was no way to care for LAN on the show. There were some regrets.

The list of defenders were displayed on the big screen. There were four winning teams in the first episode. In addition to GH, the QU and IBB were undoubtedly strong teams. For the ZX team, the remaining KON naturally became the best choice.

Unfortunately, by the time it was the turn of the ZX team, KON had already been selected. Out of the remaining three teams, they finally chose IBB. Only QU and GH were left. The third losing team chose GH without hesitation.

In the host’s interview, the captain didn’t forget the polite pre-match trash talk. “I heard the GH team won a training game against BK. We also want to take the opportunity to see how much of a gap we have with a professional team.”

Who didn’t know that ‘GH won a training game against Bk’ had become a hot topic on the Internet? Mentioning it now could be said to increase sarcasm to the max. Bi Yaohua was an old man at trash talk and he didn’t care too much. His lips just curved in a smile. “Oh, what should I do? I always feel underestimated?”

Chen Yushen moved his fingers and slightly raised his head. “Then it’s okay to make them go home.”

The official battle began.

ZX was eventually beaten 2-0 by IBB. It could be seen that the state of the ZX team was a bit bad. Almost all of them seemed to be sleepwalking. In particular, LAN seriously played the role of a cash machine for the opponent. These two games didn’t have any hot spots so even the GH team members who were happy to see LAN being abused didn’t show much interest.

Finally, it was GH’s turn.

Lin Yan patted his butt and stood up. He thought for a moment before deciding to add more difficulty to this unofficial entertainment match. “I won’t put too much pressure on you. I will just set a small goal. You just need to resolve the game faster than IBB.”

It was easy to say but in fact, IBB had won against ZX with a crushing record. The time was astonishingly short. Even so, the players didn’t care about Lin Yan’s approach of adding difficulty on the spot. “Yes, no problem.”

There was a simple check of the equipment and the match officially started. Lin Yan had already planned out the lineup in his mind. He completed the selection of heroes with a few words and returned to the player seats. The moment the five members of GH refreshed at the resurrection point, they bought their equipment and rushed out.

If someone had watched the training match against BK last night then it wasn’t difficult to find that today’s GH used the same lineup that was defeated in the first game against BK. It was just that the opponents were different so the feel of the game was obviously very different.

Bi Yaohua was worried after being suppressed by BK in the later stages. Therefore, he held his breath and wanted to act carefully. Then after several contacts with the opposite shooter, he couldn’t help sighing. “The difference between the secondary league and the professional league is this much? It’s too ridiculous! I thought that ZX’s strength was just an accident. I didn’t expect it to be normal!”

The moment he finished speaking, a kill prompt appeared on the screen. Bi Yaohua completed a wave of double kills thanks to the assistance of Jian Ye. Gu Luo happened to be chasing the opposite mid-laner and unleashing a crazy output. He moved his hands and went over to the tower to kill the opponent. Then he returned to the soldier line to receive a wave of experience. He laughed when he heard these words. “Everyone is asking for too much.”

Chen Yushen was already blocking the opposite jungler in the highlands and sighed. He agreed with Bi Yaohua on this matter. “It really isn’t difficult.”

Jian Ye originally wanted to say something. He inadvertently glanced at the situation on the road and froze for a moment. “F&k, Captain, you are silent but why are you about to push to the opponent’s high ground?”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the time. “Isn’t it a time limited mission? Everyone should hurry up so you don’t make the coach angry.”

The moment the other four people heard this, Lin Yan’s angry expression flashed in their minds. They thought about the consequences they might enjoy after returning to the base and their backs became cold. The expressions on their faces suddenly became serious. “Yes, I see. Everyone push to the tower!”

Soon, they took the first game with a crushing victory. The time was 18 minutes. It was two minutes faster than IBB’s match against ZX. Originally, this was already a shocking time. No one expected the second game to end even faster.

15 minutes! A game that ended in 15 minutes occurred on such an occasion. For a short time, even the host didn’t know what to say.

Just then, the camera switched to GH’s combat zone and he could see the team looking completely relieved. The host was slightly taken aback. Could it be that these two games weren’t as easy as they seemed? In other words, GH actually felt a lot of pressure during the battle?

The host had this in mind and quickly brought the microphone over, cutting to interview mode. “Congratulations to GH for qualifying for the next round. I want to ask you, is there anything you want to say in front of the camera?”

To people’s amazement, Bi Yaohua wasn’t in a hurry to speak. This time, Jian Ye was the first one to speak. Jian Ye smiled at the camera, the scar on his face flashing slightly, his entire expression cool. “I don’t know what other people think but you should now see how far the gap is between a secondary league team and a professional team.”

Such a sentence made the opponents cleaning up their peripherals stiffen.

At this time, Gu Luo took over. “Maybe it’s because of yesterday’s training match but my hand feel hasn’t been adjusted. I fought a bit too aggressively, sorry.”

Chen Yushen thought for a moment before saying, “This type of opponent has no rhythm and isn’t easy to play.”

The team who just lost the match, “……”

‘We are too weak, I’m sorry!!!’

The microphone moved around and finally landed in Bi Yaohua’s hand. He brushed the bangs away from his forehead and gave a low sigh. “I don’t know what else to say.”

Just as everyone was feeling shocked that the Trash Talk King would have nothing to say, Bi Yaohua looked up at the camera in a melancholy manner and uttered sincere words, “If I really have to say something, I can only say… abusing vegetables is really boring!”

Everyone at the scene, “……”

‘You guys played a training match with BK, right? Is it because you ate too much fish and meat that you look down on clear soup? You only ate a small meal. After one game, you are picky with food?!’

The host didn’t dare wait for Bi Yaohua to say anything else and had already transferred the microphone to Jing Yuanzhou’s hand. “Captain Jing, do you… have anything to say?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled at the camera. “Sorry, it was Coach Lin and I who spoiled them.”

Lin Yan sitting in the contestant’s seats and who was suddenly named, “?”

‘Talk about yourself, don’t pull me in!’

The camera cut the images of the two men on the big screen at the same time. One side showed Jing Yuanzhou’s faintly smiling gaze while the other side was Lin Yan’s slightly dissatisfied expression. They looked at each other in this way across the distance.

The scene that was full of whispers suddenly fell into a state of silence. Wait, what was this feeling of a weird dating show?

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