CAMP: Chapter 29 Part 2

That afternoon, it was still the official daily broadcasting time of Burning Hot Assembly. The group of people broadcasted live as before. After all, there was a contract and they needed to meet the specified length of the live broadcast every month. They couldn’t waste this time.

Meanwhile, Jing Yuanzhou was still sitting by himself. It was the same scene as before but the audience always felt that there was a subtle sense of urgency in the training room of the GH team.

Even BB had a lot less interactions during the live broadcast. This rare silence made him look more and more like he was pretending. It caused a group of fans and black fans to lick the screen or speak sarcastically. This made the live broadcast room of the Trash Talk King still lively.

Lin Yan was sitting on the sofa with his laptop, discussing online with the data analysts and at the same time, formulating a strategy to fight against BK tonight. It wasn’t until 5 o’clock when he answered the phone that he got up and walked out of the lounge.

At 5 o’clock, the day’s daily live broadcast officially ended. Everyone stretched their bodies and stood up. They looked up and saw Lin Yan walking in with a package. It was neatly opened on the table and a piggy bank was taken out.

Bi Yaohua rubbed his sore neck and walked over. He saw this Q version of a little person wearing a pink tutu skirt and couldn’t help falling silent. The others also looked over. Jing Yuanzhou was pouring a glass of water in the back and saw such a scene from far away.

Gu Luo liked this type of cute stuff but felt it was a bit strange. “Coach, how old are you? Why are you still buying a piggy bank?”

Lin Yan played with the little person in a good mood. He made sure that the pink tutu could indeed be removed and shook his fingers with satisfaction. “What do you know? Diligence and thriftiness have always been the traditional values of China. Don’t forget your roots, understood?”

Everyone who suddenly received a bad label, “???”

Not far away, Jing Yuanzhou smiled silently.

Then he saw Lin Yan showing off the naked piggy bank and turning it around. “Speaking of which, this store is really good. If you need it then feel free to ask me for a link. Look, it is custom made and can be engraved at will.”

Previously, it was hidden by the clothes and they hadn’t noticed. Now they found that there was a small, delicate sign hanging around the person’s neck. The words ‘one jiao scumbag’ was written on it in flamboyant and bold calligraphy.

The members of GH. “Wow, it turns out you like playing with female clothing!”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

That evening, the people of GH logged into their accounts on time.

In fact, Burning Hot had a custom server that was used by some teams for training games etc. to protect their combat data from leaking. However, GH wasn’t yet eligible for this account. The BK team had simply agreed to the training match to see the strength of Jing Yuanzhou’s current team so they cooperatively chose to use the players’ private accounts.

Before the start of the training game, Lin Yan gave Bi Yaohua a wake-up call. “Today we are playing a friendly team. Remember to close your microphone.”

Bi Yaohua was helpless. “I know… is it okay to talk in the team voice chat?”

Lin Yan thought that it wasn’t himself being tortured and agreed without any burden. “Communication within the team is a necessary factor for winning. Rest assured and communicate.”

The other players, “……”

BK was also very restrained. After entering the custom room, they greeted Jing Yuanzhou before greeting the other members in a friendly manner. In such a harmonious atmosphere, the first game of the training match began. It was a BO3 training match so if they wanted to defend one and fight for two as Chen Yushen mentioned, they needed at least one victory in the first two games.

Lin Yan stood behind them and guided them through the BP session. After each side had banned a few heroes, BK’s side quickly found the key point. GH might’ve banned the strong heroes in the league but there were a few specific choices that actually blocked their usual lineup. This made BK’s coach feel very uncomfortable.

Ku Tianlu couldn’t help glancing at the opposite IDs and sighing emotionally. “The coach on the other side… is very familiar with our routines.”

The moment the words came out, he shut up. He remembered how this Coach Lin had been very enthusiastic toward Captain Jing on the bar street. It was the so-called ‘love me then you have to love my dog’. Wasn’t it normal to be familiar with BK?

Next to him, Lan Min had changed from yesterday’s frustration and looked particularly motivated. “So what if they are familiar with it. We will get the final victory!”

He couldn’t help being itchy at the thought of victory after the other person threw the games yesterday. He decisively locked onto the doomsday guard. Such a choice stunned Lin Yan on the other side for a moment. He instinctively looked back and happened to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze. The two of them couldn’t help smiling at each other.

Great. The love-filled beating wasn’t in vain.

The lineup of both sides was quickly decided.

Lin Yan looked at their heroes and gave a simple and final reminder. “Today’s command will be given to Titans. This round has less significance placed on the side lanes. You can just focus on BB’s bottom lane.”

In the devil training period, there were several sets of tactics formulated by Lin Yan for GH and there was a set of plans with this lane at the core. Today, he took it out in the first game against BK and this made Bi Yaohua very happy. “Don’t be stingy about spoiling me!”

Jian Ye replied casually, “Don’t worry, there is Brother Gun. There is enough milk!”

Bi Yaohua’s usual morals were completely absent. “Dad loves you more!”

Chen Yushen and Gu Luo, “……”

Lin Yan finally said ‘jiayou’ and closed his microphone. The game officially began and he entered data recording mode.

BK’s usual style was centred on their top lane. Yesterday, he had tested out Lan Min’s strength. Lan Min might not be as good as Jing Yuanzhou but he was definitely at the top. Unfortunately, he had always followed Jing Yuanzhou’s path because of his blind worship. Now he finally understood that he should use heroes more suitable for himself and Lin Yan believed he would soon find a brand new world.

Lin Yan was quite sure that after the establishment of BK’s new side lane system, a new storm would inevitably be set off in the professional league. However, now before BK had enough time to grow, the original pillar of their team was on GH’s side! Sometimes, the person who knew you best was always the scariest.

Lin Yan wasn’t worried. There was Jing Yuanzhou in the lane and he was as stable as Mount Tai. Lan Min’s new hero might be more suitable for him but he hadn’t yet undergone targeted systematic training. He ended up in a state of suppression throughout the game. Such a state undoubtedly limited BK’s play system.

Moreover, Jing Yuanzhou was too familiar with BK’s routines. He could always react accurately every time the opponent came to catch him. It was like he could cross the fog of the map and accurately see the position of the five BK players. If the jungler came to him then they could finish a wave of double kills. If he attacked three people, then he would kill at least one person. If surrounded by four people, he could withdraw according to the original retreat route.

The BK team quickly realized the problematic nature of their strategy but by the time they made adjustments, Bi Yaohua had the protection of Jian Ye and almost broke through the bottom lane. So far, the first game looked smooth. This continued to the mid-phase.

GH was a newly formed team and they finally exposed their weaknesses in cooperation after successive small-scale team battles. Both Gu Luo and Bi Yaohua were very aggressive types of players. Although Jian Ye and Jing Yuanzhou cooperated, there were still flaws in the frequent team battles.

These mistakes were actually very small but a veteran team like BK naturally wouldn’t miss every opportunity to counterattack.

In the last wave of team battle, Chen Yushen went deep behind the enemy and killed the opposite mid-laner in one fell swoop. However, BK’s shooter still found the best output position and cleared the field.

Everyone fell into a brief silence when they saw their base crystal destroyed by the other side and the bleak computer screen. The game was over and Lin Yan had already obtained the information he wanted. He wrote the last stroke with satisfaction and closed the notebook.

Jian Ye leaned against his gaming chair and sighed. “Is this originally the strength of a professional team?”

Gu Luo whispered, “Their team battle is so perfect…”

Lin Yan raised an eyebrow. He was about to say something when he heard Bi Yaohua speak first. “It is a pity to lose this one. I was wrong in the previous wave just now. I took it too lightly. A while ago, I was still abusing weaklings. Now I am playing professional players and I still want to take them as my sons. It is my problem. I forgot that I don’t have such big sons. It is my blame, my blame.”

Jian Ye added, “I also have a problem. I didn’t expect that they would give priority to killing Captain. I didn’t choose my position well and was too far away. If I remembered to give the captain milk then it wouldn’t be like this.”

Gu Luo was silent for a moment. “No, I should be blamed. I was the one who took the lead and confidently thought that the opponent’s mid-laner could be ambushed. Instead, I ended up encountering their ambush and we were forced to open a team battle.”

Chen Yushen, “I…”

Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing and interrupted his words. “Okay. Abyss, you played very well in the game just now. The rhythm of the early stage was good and you stared very steadily at the shooter on the other side. These bad guys who dragged you back are to blame.”

The bad guys he mentioned, “……”

Bi Yaohua was embarrassed and turned to look at Jing Yuanzhou. “Captain, you don’t have anything to say?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t answer but turned to Lin Yan. “Coach, how do you think I played?”

Lin Yan sincerely praised him. “Full MVP!”

If it wasn’t for Jing Yuanzhou alone containing BK on the road in the early stages, perhaps their collapse would’ve happened a lot earlier. However, their early advantage wasn’t maintained to the end. This fully illustrated a very serious problem within the team.

Lin Yan thought for a moment and felt that the model just now was very good. Thus, he picked up a pen and wrote it down in the notebook. “Oh yes, I think everyone’s attitude this time is very good and it can be retained. In the future, we can add one more process every time we finish a training match. After losing a game, there will be a group meeting where you can scold yourself. Your words at this time will definitely be the most sincere. For example, just like your few sentences of reflection just now. I think it is particularly good but it isn’t ruthless enough. It is better to swear and make yourself cry in two or three sentences.”

At this point, he looked up at the group and asked, “Can you get the feeling I mentioned?”

The members of GH, “……”

Okay, they didn’t want to get it? Lin Yan turned a blind eye to such a sad sight and unilaterally added this process to the traditions of the team in the future. Seeing that the team members weren’t ready yet, he clapped his hands. “Okay, wait until it is time to start again. Didn’t you want to fight for two? There are still two games left. Jiayou?”

At first glance, they were very encouraging words but for some reason, they were filled with a type of disdain when they entered the members’ ears. Did he think they couldn’t win a game from the BK team?

Jing Yuanzhou looked down. He saw that the others were all excited, as if they were writing a few words in big letters: F&k, jiayou, jiayou!

The author has something to say:

A long time later.

Jing Yuanzhou smiled: I heard that you like playing with female clothing?

Lin Yan: …In fact, it is also okay.

Proofreader: Nao 

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