CAMP: Chapter 29 Part 1

Jing Yuanzhou finished the evening training and returned to his dormitory only to receive a call from Ku Tianlu.

The recent club events were mentioned and the current captain of the BK team rambled on as always. “I have to say, you are truly loyal to your friends! This time, you suddenly thought of asking Mini to go to the GH base. I should’ve been told about it, right?”

“Oh, there have been many rumours about your transfer. The old fans don’t know about management so they could only scold Mini, the newcomer who replaced you. That kid Mini is the real deal too. It might be annoying when he keeps crying but after all, he is the one you chose. The stubbornness in his bones is the same. He didn’t cry from beginning to end from the heavy pressure.”

“You know he is under a lot of pressure yet you didn’t think of a way to handle it?”

“I thought about it! How do you know I didn’t think about it!” Ku Tianlu was wronged for a moment. “In fact, I thought about asking you to go back to BK’s base and then pretending to pass by someone’s live broadcast camera accidentally. This can be regarded as letting the outside world know about the relationship between you and the team members. In other words, simply let Mini pair up with you for a few games when the live broadcast is on and won’t public opinion on the Internet be more moderate towards him?”

Ku Tianlu sighed. “The problem is that Mini, the person involved, is reluctant! He said that you have left the club and we shouldn’t continue to bother you about BK’s affairs. Look at what a filial little apprentice you have. I’m so mad… cough, moved to tears by him!”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled silently. “I’ve always been moved by him.”

“You will be moved? Moved to let an outsider abuse him like this?” On the other end, Ku Tianlu rolled his eyes. “He went to the GH base to see his Master in the afternoon. He was so happy. Then he was hammered on the live broadcast and cried until his eyes were swollen. Oh, this little pitiful look, don’t you want to coax him a bit? I always get a feeling similar to ‘my father abandoned me when he found a stepmother for me.’”

Jing Yuanzhou was unmoved. “I wanted to take this opportunity to let him step out of my influence. It would be really counterproductive if I come forward at this time.”

“That’s true! I heard Mini say that he is finally willing to try a different style of play. The coaches of the club tried hard to persuade him for so long yet he didn’t listen to them at all. Now seeing him wake up, they thought the heavens were moved from seeing them fast and pray to Buddha. They were so happy they almost cried!”

Ku Tianlu spoke up to here. He thought of Lan Min’s experience at the GH base in the afternoon and couldn’t help asking, “By the way, is the coach of GH really that strong?”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. “Yes, he is very strong.”

Ku Tianlu never doubted Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes but he found it strange. “If he is so strong then why…”

Jing Yuanzhou knew what Ku Tianlu was asking and interrupted him. “Everyone has their own choices.”

Ku Tianlu keenly sensed that the content of this conversation was unpleasant so he cleared his throat and brought the topic back to the key part of today’s call. “Speaking of which, if you want to make an appointment for a training match then why not ask me directly? Do you still need Mini to pass it on? Don’t tell me that you can’t open your mouth. Captain Jing, we have known each other for so many years. Surely our relationship won’t become stiff because of the stupid management, right?”

“Don’t think about it. I just found out about the training game. It’s Coach Lin’s meaning.” Jing Yuanzhou replied while unknowingly glancing in the direction of the door. It felt like his gaze was passing through the door into the room on the opposite side of the corridor.

In fact, he could probably guess why Lin Yan didn’t let him make an appointment with BK.

He might have no grievances with his old comrades but after all, there was something wrong with the BK management team. As long as he opened his mouth, Ku Tianlu certainly wouldn’t refuse. It might be called brotherhood but in a way, he was still accepting the other person’s affection. Lin Yan didn’t want Jing Yuanzhou to owe the BK Club anything.

Jing Yuanzhou thought up to here and couldn’t help smiling slightly. Once this person was considerate then he was really considerate.

Ku Tianlu couldn’t see Jing Yuanzhou’s expression on the other side of the phone and he asked, “So what do you mean? Do you want to play? We are currently in the offseason and have a lot of time, but the GH team is just established. Aren’t you afraid it will be counterproductive if you use such a ruthless start?”

Jing Yuanzhou certainly understood Ku Tianlu’s meaning.

E-sports had always been cruel. There were countless new teams that were completely overwhelmed every year because of the overwhelming burden. Judging by the current situation, GH was still a long distance from BK.

However, Jing Yuanzhou’s answer wasn’t hesitant. “Since he wants to fight, there must be a reason.”

Ku Tianlu heard a touch of unprecedented trust in such plain words and was choked up for a moment. Then he couldn’t help asking, “That… Captain Jing, tell me the truth. Do you really like that rich second generation?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t speak for a while. It was such a rare silence that Ku Tianlu couldn’t help scratching his head. There weren’t many people who knew Jing Yuanzhou’s sexual orientation but the former vice-captain happened to be one of them.

It was precisely because he knew the difficulty of this type of relationship that he couldn’t help sighing. “I originally thought that you chose to go to GH because you could play for at least several more years compared to other clubs. It was inevitable to feel a bit of pity. Now it seems… what career? You are actually chasing after your partner!”

He couldn’t help expressing his extreme affirmation, “I understand it after saying this. A career is important but if you can take off your single status then it is worth it! It is really worth it!”

“Don’t get excited there. First of all, I’m not sure it is really that type of thinking for him.” Jing Yuanzhou controlled his abrupt urge to smoke and rubbed his fingertips together as he spoke quietly. “Secondly, even if I like him, he might not have the same preferences as me.”

Ku Tianlu was taken aback. “Is that possible? The day we met in the bar street, he was wrapped around you like that. How can it not be the same?”

It was okay not to mention it. The moment the incident where they met for the first time was mentioned, Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help thinking of the scene where Lin Yan spent all night giving him a replay of the finals and had a headache. “In any case, you can handle the training match arrangements. If you think it will work then you can arrange it. If it doesn’t work then you can just refuse it. You decide by yourself without considering me.”

Ku Tianlu heard the other person’s meaning and didn’t worry too much anymore. “I know. I’ll go discuss it with the coaching staff.”

Jing Yuanzhou hung up the phone and lay in bed, staring calmly at the ceiling for a while. Until now, he still remembered the slight tremor in his heart when he heard Lin Yan talk about PTSD. It was deep, like a thorn in his heart.

In fact, sometimes appreciation and feelings were only separated by a very thin layer of paper. Originally, he hadn’t thought deeply from this angle but today’s call with Ku Tianlu inadvertently broke through it.

Someone’s figure flashed in his mind and Jing Yuanzhou’s mouth gradually curved down.

The world might now be more tolerant of people who liked the same sex but it was still a small group after all. It was precisely because there were too many uncertain factors that he was always used to not thinking too much about these things.

At least, until he met Lin Yan.

Jing Yuanzhou instinctively glanced in the direction of the door before exhaling and closing his eyes.

Forget it, let it be.

Lin Yan received feedback from the BK Club. Then the next day at lunch, he told the members about the training match.

Gu Luo suddenly felt that the food delivered to his mouth wasn’t fragrant. “We are playing a training match with BK tonight?”

Yesterday afternoon’s live broadcast was very smooth. The emergence of Lan Min at the BK Club once again ushered in a huge wave of traffic.

At the same time, there were countless more versions about the relationship between GH and BK. It changed from the original speculation that they didn’t want to see each other to a bridge of love and killing.

In short, apart from the fact that they had no results, the popularity of the GH team had soared and was almost on par with the professional teams in the serious professional league.

Bi Yaohua had scanned Weibo as soon as he saw it. He thought of how some netizens took screenshots of Mini crying to turn into an emoticon and couldn’t help guessing, “Is it that rabbit who went back and cried to his team? BK is trying to give their newbie early revenge?”

Lin Yan interrupted before their guesses could become more outrageous. “It was my appointment. We have been practicing for so long. Shouldn’t we find a team to practice again? At this time, abusing the weak doesn’t make sense. It is naturally more interesting to find a strong team. You are still too tender. Look, Titans isn’t surprised at all.”

Jing Yuanzhou noticed their gazes and told them, “Yesterday, the captain of BK already called me.”

Jian Ye saw how calm these two people were and couldn’t help asking with some expectation, “So Coach, do you think our team is capable of contending with BK now?”

Lin Yan nodded. “Well, it’s almost the same.”

Before the team members could be thrilled, he added slowly, “The winning rate is around 20%.”

Bi Yaohua’s mouth twitched slightly. “You don’t need to kill our prestige like this. Coach, GH has me and Titans at any rate. Shouldn’t we be at least 50% against BK?”

“How long has BK been established and how long have we been established? Burning Hot is a team game and requires tacit understanding. This needs to be practiced in a game. With your current strength, it is enough to strive to win a game from BK. After playing a few games, you want a 50% chance of winning against a professional team. Or should I let you go and try one against five?”

Lin Yan spat out a few ruthless words with a cold smile. “Do you want to eat farts?”

Bi Yaohua, “……”

The Trash Talk King was actually forced to be speechless.

Just then, Chen Yushen who didn’t talk much opened his mouth. “Protect one and fight for two.”

Lin Yan gave Chen Yushen a surprised look and finally smiled slightly. “Then work hard and do your best. Jiayou.”

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5 months ago

Chen Yushen the favourite child

4 months ago
Reply to  Sophia

Couldn’t agree more

3 months ago

Ayo? Am I dumb? o.o I’ve read it a few times and thought about it, but why can’t I understand what this phrase protect one and fight for two means in this context?
Maybe they’ll explain a bit in the next chapter? I hope they do

5 days ago
Reply to  OneJiaoCoin

I too didn’t understand previously..but now I think it means at least losing by 2-1… protecting 1game and winning with the help of tactics and fighting with pure strength for the other two?