CAMP: Chapter 28 Part 2

Lan Min repeatedly recited ‘I am a professional player’ in his heart several times. He held back his tears and the operation of his hands became sharper. Lin Yan noticed the other person’s adjusted state and approval imperceptibly flashed in his eyes.

Before he knew it, three minutes had passed since the game started. The two sides have several waves of fights but their health was basically maintained. Lan Min thought he would be even more miserable when using the hero that Lin Yan was good at. He didn’t expect for the feeling in his hand to be good. As time progressed, his frustrated expression somewhat brightened.

Unfortunately, he still failed to beat Lin Yan.


The two of them returned to the room again and Lin Yan chose another side lane hero. “This time, use doomsday guard.”

Lan Min lasted longer this time against Lin Yan. In the blink of an eye, he had played several more games in a row. Later, Lin Yan didn’t even bother to change heroes. He directly used the same hero to repeatedly fight with Lan Min

Several consecutive games passed and Lan Min gradually improved. It went from being completely suppressed at the beginning to a slight improvement. Then at the end, it was very difficult but he managed to gain victories against Lin Yan.

[Ohhh, I feel bittersweet. Mini is finally winning.]

[Is this rapid growth? He seems to have played in a more awesome manner later.]

[Who knows? At such a long distance, I can’t see how they are playing.]

[In any case, there must be something extraordinary if BK let him take over from Titans. From now on, I will watch BK’s performance on the field.]

[Hahaha, I think he has been abused so many times in the beginning that he finally overcame it later on. Why do I feel the gratification of an old mother?]

[What else can I say? Just… I will cheer for him in the future.]

Lin Yan saw the barrage on his phone. Then he noticed Lan Min returning to the custom room but he didn’t continue. “It is almost time. We will end it here today.”

It was exactly 5 o’clock. The moment he spoke, the program’s staff outside the training room poured in and turned off the live broadcast equipment. The first day of GH’s daily live broadcast special program came to a successful conclusion.

Among the busy figures, Lan Min was still sitting there without getting up. A long time passed before he raised his head and stared at Lin Yan. “I-I have something to say to you.”

He had clearly won a few times in the end but the boy’s eyes were redder than they were during the previous kneeling period.

Lin Yan looked around and waved to him. “Go outside and say it.”

Lan Min followed Lin Yan out into the corridor. The moment they got away from the busy crowd, he asked while emphasizing every syllable. “Tell me the truth… the last few games, did you deliberately let me win?”

He had a strange feeling during the game just now. Due to this, the subsequent victory didn’t bring much joy. He had sat there alone and became more and more frustrated. He originally thought Lin Yan would be tactful about this type of thing. He didn’t expect Lin Yan to cleanly confess it after hearing the question. “Oh, I thought I acted well but you discovered it?”


Lan Min’s red eyes became a bit wet but he still endured the feeling of grievance in his heart. He asked stubbornly, “Why?”

Lin Yan looked at him strangely. “Why? We are broadcasting live today! I greeted you as a guest. How can I completely smash you at our base? You have been a hot topic recently. Aren’t you going to mix in the e-sports circle? The moment your BK people receive the news, I’m afraid they will collectively come to kill me!”

This was a fact. The first reason he called Lan Min here was to grab some traffic. Second, it was to ease the hatred value that had risen due to him taking Jing Yuanzhou. It wasn’t to let the netizens scold him more ruthlessly.

Lan Min, “……”

It might be true but the thought that his hard-earned victory was actually his opponent deliberately throwing the game made his shaky self-esteem finally shatter. In the end, Lan Min couldn’t control his expression. his face was blank but sorrow surged in his chest and the tears finally fell.

Unfortunately, Lin Yan had never been sympathetic.

He sighed at the sight of the tearful person in front of him and told Lan Min in an expressionless manner, “I said you were a crybaby previously. You still don’t acknowledge it? In fact, it is normal that you can’t beat me with your current ability. You should remember how you lost just now. To be honest, you shouldn’t play the side lane like this. As far as your style of play is concerned, you will be hammered the moment you meet a real master.”

Lan Min didn’t bother to care about the ridicule in Lin Yan’s words. He cried and vented a bit. Then he wiped the tears off his face and gritted his teeth. “Who said… who said that the side lane isn’t played like this? I… I used… obviously, obviously Titans’ style of play!”

Lin Yan glanced at this little boy’s pitiful appearance and sneered. “Oh, so you know that this isn’t your own style of play?”

The words entered his ears and stunned Lan Min.

He heard Lin Yan say without hesitation, “You should’ve discovered it just now. The heroes I chose later on are actually more suitable for you. Players who can gain a high status in the field of e-sports, how can they be easily replaced? The formation of personal style is slowly honed through thousands of games. Therefore, Titans can be your idol but he can’t be the future you. Is it hard to understand this type of truth?”

Lan Min suddenly realized something and didn’t speak for a long time. Was it intentional that this person repeatedly used the same hero to fight against him in the end? Did he really choose the wrong direction previously?

Lan Min’s tears burst out and he kept wiping at them with his sleeves. His sleeves were almost completely soaked and he couldn’t help asking a final question. “In other words, the heroes you took out later aren’t what you are good at?”

Lin Yan blinked when he heard these words and smiled. “What do you think?”

Lan Min, “……”

Lin Yan saw a new wave of tears gushing out and suddenly remembered something. “Right, can you go back and help me ask the current BK captain something?

Lan Min’s voice was choked up. “Ask… ask what?”

“Ask him if we can make an appointment for a training match or something.”

This sentence made the last trace of Lan Min’s self-esteem that had been built up through self-deception to shatter. Sure enough, this person only cared about his seniors. As for himself, there was no sense of existence at all! It was just like the words of the outside world. With his current strength, he was indeed not qualified to take his Master’s place at all!

All the pressure accumulated in his heart during this period of time seemed to be touched by something and he completely collapsed.

Lin Yan didn’t get the answer he wanted. Before he could repeat the question, he saw Lan Min crouching directly on the ground and crying. He could only scratch the side of his face innocently.

“Just cry but don’t forget to ask for me.” His tone was calm like he wasn’t the one who broke down this person. “I am going to work now so I won’t send you off. You can cry here first. Later, once you finish crying, go to the door and find the driver for our club. He will drive you back to BK.”

All that was left was the sobbing sound of the teenager filled with great grievances. Lin Yan ignored the sobbing teenager and immediately turned to the lounge. The moment he passed the corner, he saw the man leaning against the door. Jing Yuanzhou had listened to the content of the conversation between the two people. At this time, he sincerely told Lin Yan, “Thank you.”

Lin Yan smiled faintly. “You’re welcome.”


Lan Min crouched in the corner and cried for a long time until he was almost breathless.

In fact, he was a person who could stand abuse. It was just that during this period of time, the topic of BK’s future had always pressed on his body like an invisible hand locked around his throat. It brought a tight feeling of suffocation to his originally ordinary life. He didn’t tell anyone about this feeling and just digested it silently. Even so, it inevitably left deep traces in his heart.

Lin Yan’s beating had actually tore a hole in his heart. Now these grievances were completely vented out here. He wasn’t aware it would burst out like this. Even Lan Min was shocked when it burst out. He had never cried like this before!

His eyes were almost swollen into walnuts when he raised his head after he finished crying. He took out his phone and looked at himself with the camera. The person in the lens was like an aggrieved, red-eyed rabbit.

Lan Min felt a bit ashamed and couldn’t help holding his forehead. He was about to leave while no one was paying attention to him. Then he turned around and happened to meet the eyes of the person behind him.

Both of them were stunned. Gu Luo had previously noticed the movements here. As the lucky person who had received the ‘meeting gift’ from his coach, it could be said that he really understood this uncomfortable feeling of wanting to cry. At this time, he was holding a tissue in his hand. He froze for a moment before handing it over. “Wipe your tears?”

Lan Min hadn’t felt it when he was crying previously but now his face turned red. He immediately grabbed it and wiped his face. “Thank you…”

“Do you want to go back to BK? I know where the base’s car is. Shall I take you there?”

Lan Min couldn’t wait to disappear and the expression on his face became even more strained. “No, I can go by himself.”

Gu Luo noticed the other person’s embarrassment and the first reaction was to be surprised that he actually met someone with a thinner skin than him. Then he thought about it and copied the tone that Lin Yan usually used to encourage them. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. In fact, you look… very cute.”

Lan Min, “……”


Lan Min’s face was still a bit red when he got in the car to return to the BK Club. Fortunately, the cap on his head was big enough. If he pressed down the brim then it almost completely covered his red eyes.

His phone vibrated. It was a message from Ku Tianlu: [I say, what’s going on with you? Didn’t you go to GH to see the scenery? Why are you on the hot search (Photo)]

In the photo, there were entries such as #Mini appears at GH#, #Relationship between Titans and BK#, #GH’s coach teaching BK’s player# and #Mini was abused and cried# that were particularly eye-catching.

Lan Min rubbed his temples. [Captain, I was wrong… These things, I will explain to you when I return.]

Ku Tianlu also seemed to have a headache. [Don’t explain to me, you should explain to the public relations department! I think they’re about to kill with swords!]

Lan Min couldn’t help laughing at such a description. Then he remembered the words that Lin Yan repeatedly emphasized. [Oh yes, Captain. I have something to tell you.]

Ku Tianlu: [What’s the matter?]

Lan Min hesitated for a moment before typing: [GH’s coach wants to talk to you about a training match.]

Ku Tianlu: [???]

The author has something to say:

Mini: Surname Lin, you don’t have a heart! QAQ

Proofreader: Nao 

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1 year ago

LY raising another team’s kid 😂

1 month ago
Reply to  Sze

I was just about to comment this 😂

9 months ago

Lan Min: sounds of desperate sobbing
Jing Yuanzhou: you promised that you would take care of my children as if they were your own
Lin Yan: that’s right, that’s what I did
Jing Yuanzhou: thanks

1 month ago

Oh [nods] Surname Lin and this surname Jiao don’t have a heart. Keep on working hard and improve, kid, maybe you’ll win some sympathy from me and LY then