CAMP: Chapter 28 Part 1

The entire live broadcast room had already exploded from the moment Lan Min appeared in the camera. Lan Min was a player of the BK Club after all. Given the special relationship between Jing Yuanzhou and the BK Club in the past, it was obvious who invited him to the club today.

Before this, many Titans fans actually had a poor impression of Lan Min who had replaced their player.

However, the news of Lan Min’s promotion to an official player was announced after Jing Yuanzhou’s transfer and it was hard for them to say anything. It was only after netizens dug up the fact that Jing Yuanzhou had no public interaction with BK-related personnel after his transfer that people speculated on the truth behind this sudden transfer.

It was inevitable that they would think in the direction of a conflict within the club.

Judging by Jing Yuanzhou’s attitude of personally inviting Lan Min to the GH Club today, the relationship between the new and old side lane player of the BK Club didn’t seem as bad as outsiders imagined.

[Hey, this is BK’s Mini, right? I saw him in the promotional photos.]

[I thought Titans and the people from BK would die of old age before contacting each other. Looking at this, it seems that their relationship is good.]

[A Titans fan is in tears. Originally, they were supposed to be teammates.]

[Isn’t this show too much? Is it a script arrangement for hype?]

[Wait, why is Mini sitting in front of the computer? Did he come all the way to GH to play the game?]

[Or did he come here to ask Titans for guidance? After all, the BK team’s tactics have always been around the side lane. How many newcomers would find it hard when they just arrived?]

[However, Titans didn’t sit down… looking at the other side, isn’t it GH’s coach who turned on the computer?]

Everyone’s attention was drawn by the words in the barrage.

On the other side, Lin Yan had already adjusted the operating equipment. He turned his head to the side and he asked Lan Min over the two computer screens. “How is your preparation? Is the equipment at our base easy to use?”

Lan Min had arrived empty-handed and hadn’t brought his own peripherals. He could only use GH’s equipment. He heard the words and responded with a sullen expression. “Yes, it’s okay.”’

Lin Yan smiled silently. “That’s good. If you log in and go to your friends list, I just added you.”

Lan Min lowered his head. Sure enough, a friend request had popped up. He clicked on it and the ID ‘Who Isn’t a Little Princess’ appeared in the centre of the screen.

Lan Min, “……”

After becoming friends, Lin Yan created a custom solo room and sent an invitation. Once the two sides were ready, they would officially enter the selection process.

Lin Yan didn’t forget to remind him, “Choose it. I am the same as you.”

Lan Min couldn’t help gritting his teeth when he heard this and he directly locked onto the abyss shadow, Griffin. Lin Yan raised his eyebrow and locked onto the same hero. Then he looked at Jing Yuanzhou next to him with a smile.

Everyone knew that Abyss Shadow Griffin was one of Jing Yuanzhou’s many famous heroes. Lan Min had always been a loyal fan of Jing Yuanzhou. It wasn’t surprising that he liked to use the same hero. Taking it out at this time was also declaring his orthodox apprentice status.

Neither of them were broadcasting live and the audience could only see through the rear camera lens. They struggled to make out the outline on the computer screen.]

[These two people, are they playing solo?]

[F*k, I really want to watch it. Asking for one of them to broadcast live ahhhhh!]

[Mini selected Griffin right from the start? Laughing to death. Titans is still next to him. Isn’t this displaying one’s slight skill before an expert?]

[The coach opposite him seems to have taken Griffin as well.]

[What’s the situation? Once you enter the GH door, Titans per capita?]

Lin Yan could guess the general content of the barrage without looking. He adjusted his talents and lazily put on the headphones that had been hanging around his neck. He actually felt good about wearing headphones as long as he wasn’t in the team voice channel. It was just that in most cases, he still didn’t like to use it often.

Although Lan Min on the opposite side hadn’t formally experienced a severe beating in the professional league, he was the person who was taught by Jing Yuanzhou after all. Putting on the headphones could be considered a sign of Lin Yan’s serious attitude.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed Lin Yan’s actions and something deep flashed in his eyes. He didn’t say anything else and gently patted Lan Min on the shoulder. “Communicate with Coach Lin.”

After that, he didn’t choose to stay and watch their game. He returned to his original position. Lan Min sent a wronged look to his back and pursed his lips. He took out Griffin in this game when the idea of blowing up Lin Yan.

The game started and he immediately withdrew his other thoughts. He quickly bought an outfit and came online. First, he killed a few soldiers. Then he glanced at Lin Yan’s position and suddenly rushed up.

It had to be said that Lan Min’s Griffin really contained the essence of Jing Yuanzhou. He was decisive when he should be decisive. His direct operation didn’t give the other person a chance. Unfortunately, the man opposite him was Lin Yan.

After a short wave of confrontation, it was Lan Min’s Griffin who had low blood. He had to hide under the defensive tower in an embarrassed manner. On the other side, Lin Yan had comfortably eaten into the soldiers line. At this time, he was like an overbearing barrier in the middle of the road. He completely cut off all opportunities for Lan Min to kill the soldiers.

Lan Min couldn’t understand it. Obviously, he had taken the lead in grasping the initiative. Why did reality and his expectations have such opposite endings? However, their current state was too far apart. Lin Yan deliberately cut off his development paths and he had no way.

Lan Min couldn’t do anything. He could only unwillingly go back to the city to recover. It was just that Lin Yan was left alone with the soldiers. After such an operation, a large distance opened up between both sides.

Lan Min no longer had any opportunities when he came back to fight. He soon discovered that no matter what he did, Lin Yan always seemed to be able to make judgments in advance. In this way, he was played on this person’s palms and was completely crushed to death.


Four minutes later, Lan Min looked at the failure subtitle on the screen and was obviously a bit confused.

At present, he was indeed not a top player in the professional league but based on strength alone, he was definitely in the upper ladder. Yet he was easily rubbed into the ground by the coach of a small club?

Lin Yan took off his headphones and looked over with a smile. Lan Min presumably felt this gaze and his lips pressed together tightly. He quickly returned to the custom room again. “Come again!”

Lin Yan smiled again and entered the next game. This time, Lan Min chose Moon Shadow Guardian Horace, another one of Jing Yuanzhou’s famous heroes. Unlike the previous game, he didn’t choose to take action rashly. He carefully killed the soldiers and tried to find opportunities after entering a period of high economy.

He didn’t expect that Lin Yan, who moved cautiously in the last round, would play very aggressively in this round.

The moment they met, Lin Yan forced him back to the resurrection spring within a minute and a half. By the time he was resurrected, he had already been crushed when it came to hero level. Later, history repeated and he was completely crushed…

Lan Min’s voice was hoarse. “Come again!”

Before he knew it, half an hour had passed. One by one, the side-lane heroes went out on the field like lanterns and were violently beaten, entering the corpse canyon.

Defeat, defeat, defeat…

The cold and ruthless system sound entered Lan Min’s ears again and again. Even the audience of the live broadcast stared at the computer screen and couldn’t recover for a long time.

[So Mini hasn’t won a game?]

[No way! Isn’t his opponent the coach of GH? Why can’t he win?]

[Based on this strength, can he really replace Titans?]

[I’ve seen him play before. He’s pretty strong. He isn’t so weak!]

[Or is it that GH’s coach is too strong, not that Mini is too weak?]

[Come on, if he was really strong then he would be a player long ago. Who would like to be a coach?]

[No matter what, I just want to say that GH’s coach is reaaaaaally handsome!!!]

Lan Min couldn’t see the barrage. He just saw the repeated defeats and his hand on the mouse couldn’t help shaking. This man was so strong! It was different from the opponents he encountered in previous training games. This person was so powerful it instinctively made him feel he couldn’t win. The last time he felt this way was when he faced his master Jing Yuanzhou not long after entering BK.

Lan Min thought up to here and couldn’t help blinking in order to control the tears welling in his eyes. To be honest, he had never been so cruelly beaten since he grew up. He even used the heroes he was most proud of! This strong sense of despair and shame simply destroyed his self-esteem.

Lin Yan waited a while but Lan Min didn’t enter the preparation stage again. Lin Yan couldn’t help looking over. He saw the teenager’s head drooping. The scattered hair covered the expression on his face. Although he tried his best to restrain it, Lin Yan could see the faint shaking of his shoulders.

Lin Yan glanced at the camera behind him and thoughtfully lowered his voice. “Are you crying from the abuse?”

It wasn’t good to mention it. Lan Min angrily raised a pair of vaguely red eyes. “Who said I was crying?!”

Lin Yan looked at the teenager whose ears were drooping like a rabbit’s and could only make a sound. “Oh…”

This person wasn’t crying but it was coming soon. It had to be admitted that this child’s tear glands were indeed somewhat developed. In a certain way, he had some face and self-esteem. He just didn’t know if this talent was a good thing in e-sports. For example, every time he lost a game, he could cry to the interview camera. It was actually pretty good to sell misery. Unfortunately, their GH didn’t have this talent.

Lin Yan thought up to here and felt a bit embarrassed. He glanced at the phone and felt it was almost time. He suddenly suggested to Lan Min, “I was using the heroes you were good at. Now shouldn’t you use my heroes?”

Lan Min’s mentality had experienced a series of blows and it had basically collapsed. His first reaction was to turn and leave. Then he thought about how Jing Yuanzhou was here and stubbornly sniffed. He hummed with a slightly nasal sound. “Okay, you choose.”

This behaviour of fighting while crying fell into Lin Yan’s eyes and made him a bit happy. A smile appeared on his face. “Then let’s use the plague revolutionary? Can you do it?”

Lan Min had no thoughts at all and just instinctively replied, “It’s fine…”

Then once the game officially started, he managed to recover his fighting spirit. This was the first lesson that Jing Yuanzhou taught him in e-sports. It wasn’t terrible to lose. The terrible thing was to forget that he was still standing on the field.

As a professional player, he had to stand and fight even if he died!

Proofreader: Nao 

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