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CAMP: Chapter 27 Part 2

Half an hour later, everyone in GH was ready. At one point, all the cameras were officially turned on and the first daily live broadcast of Burning Hot Assembly officially began. Since each team had an independent live broadcast room, traffic was inevitably scattered. However, Titans’s fans alone were enough to support the GH Club.

In the fast-moving barrage, there were also many new variety show fans.

[This is the first time I’m watching a live broadcast like this. It feels quite interesting.]

[Ahhhh, I saw my husband! Ahh, this is simply making the program hot! I can happily watch it all afternoon!]

[None of these cameras have any filters, right? I just came to see the beauty. I’m satisfied and licking the screen.]

[Hey, why play e-sports? You will just be scolded if you are weak. Isn’t it good to change to a boy’s group and debut?]

[Where is BBBBB. Let Dad see how  you curse your teammates every day!]

[Wait, the Trash Talk King is on the computer interface… is this looking at us?]

Perhaps Bi Yaohua had seen the last barrage. Bi Yaohua, who was facing the computer, suddenly turned around and looked at the camera behind him with a smile. “Yes, I just want to see how many people are chasing after me. I will try my best to be filial.”

The live broadcast audience, “???”

Calling out fans on the spot! The barrage was quickly filled with a series of ellipses and 666.

Lin Yan was originally sitting on the sofa and watching the live broadcast room. He raised his eyebrows slightly behind the scenes. Then he walked behind Bi Yaohua with a magazine and hit him on the head. “What are you playing at? Aren’t you going to start the live broadcast soon?”

Bi Yaohua sighed. “Alas, yes…”

[Hahahahaha, my god, did I see the Trash Talk King deflated?]

[F*k, I know this person. He is GH’s coach!]

[The coach looks good! Coach, don’t leave. Let me take another look.]

Lin Yan glanced down at the phone and happened to see the last message. His lips curved up slightly. He turned around and ruthlessly sat back down on the sofa next to the blind spot.

Due to Lin Yan’s reminder, everyone in GH opened the live broadcast room one after another. Only Jing Yuanzhou was still lining up alone with an indifferent look, causing the fans to be heartbroken. Still, in view of Jing Yuanzhou’s past where he never showed his face easily, the humble fans were already very content at seeing such a person in a non-competitive environment.

After opening the client, Gu Luo skillfully invited Jian Ye and lined up as a pair. He still used his original live broadcast account. Before coming to GH, he had never shown his face during the live broadcast. Old fans only saw him again after he ‘disappeared’ for a while and it was also after the broadcast of Burning Hot Assembly.

At this time, facing such a harmless face, the group of mother fans could only scream with love. After all, their cub was so cute!

Unlike Bi Yaohua, Gu Luo didn’t dare read the crazy fan comments. In the end, the fans made a fuss in the live broadcast room. After glancing at the scrolling content on the interface, he turned off the barrage in an embarrassed manner and focused on scoring with Jian Ye.

On the other side, Chen Yushen didn’t speak from beginning to end. However, as long as someone paid a bit of attention, they would find that his stinky face was tense and this made his expression look more depressed than ever.

Lin Yan saw everything and couldn’t help shaking his head secretly. Hey, this wouldn’t work. They were still too tender! Apart from the old hand BB, everyone else had to work harder. They still lacked the shameless values that e-sports players should have.

He thought of this and clicked on the memo in his mobile phone. He added one more note carefully: strengthen expression management.

Everyone’s live broadcast progressed. Apart from the keyboard and mouse clicking sounds in the training room, only Bi Yaohua’s lazy voice was heard. He kept interacting with the fans in the live broadcast room and became the only background sound.

“Yes, I’m going to play the Flame Witch. Why does a shooter play a mid-lane hero? So if you work in a funeral home, will you never go to the hospital in your life?”

“What’s wrong with playing a side account? Do you think a side account is easy to play? A good situation is at least 5V5. If my side account accidentally plays 1V9 then the difficulty will increase.”

“Forget lining up as a pair. As the Trash Talk King, I love freedom. Lining up as a pair restricts my play.”

“Yes, I like to trash talk. How else do you think I got my name? If you didn’t take the lead when going out then you should go back and look for it. If you have taken it then it is my fault. I was wrong. I can’t expect sunspots to have brains.”

“I won again. The invincible life is really as lonely as water. Tut.”

Bi Yaohua’s mouth deservedly made him the owner of the most popular live broadcast room in GH.

Many viewers originally saw the program’s promotion and entered. Then they discovered that the team members had started live broadcasts and jumped back and forth between several live broadcast rooms.

It had to be said that compared to their initial guess that staring at a screen would be boring, it was indeed extremely happy.

Obviously, the outside world’s overall impression of GH was better than the beginning thanks to the broadcast of the first episode. The barrage on the public screen was actually harmonious for a time.

After all, most of the fans were still rushing for the faces of the players. They didn’t expect the live streaming to be exciting. They just wanted to lick the beauty on the camera. Then gradually, someone started to notice more details. As the players started to do the ranking matches one after another, they found that the winning percentage of the GH team seemed a bit too high.

After realizing it, they came back to their senses. The people who were interested reviewed the results one by one and discovered that it didn’t matter if it was as a single or a pair. These people had actually won several games in a row. Putting aside Bi Yaohua’s side account, these other young people were actually within the top 100 of the ranking competition!

[It is possible that the Burning Hot game has opened a channel for GH? Is there such an easy way to play in the rankings?]

[The person who spoke of the channel must be blind. Is it possible to get the MVP from this method?]

[Wasn’t this a vase team? This is a bit strong….]

[Where did GH’s management get these people? Amazing!]

[Don’t boast. The strength is okay at best. Is it weird for professional players to get this type of winning streak in the rankings?]

[Hehe, at best, it is the quasi-professional level. You have never seen the market.]

[The person above has no brains, right? If you can speak so well then you do it!]

The barrage was constantly refreshing. Compared to the number of viewers in the live broadcast rooms of other teams, the number of fans in the GH team’s live broadcast room was increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Lin Yan looked at the content on the barrage with satisfaction and raised his eyebrow. This was why he was never worried about how the team would be accepted. After all, in the field of e-sports, strength was always the most convincing existence. In addition, this was just the beginning.

Lin Yan raised his head to watch the people who were seriously playing the rankings. A smile flashed in his eyes. Then he glanced over just in time to see Jing Yuanzhou standing up and walking outside the lounge.

He looked down at the time on the phone and understood it instantly. Their channel to attract attention had arrived.

Jing Yuanzhou’s sudden departure caused the already quick barrage to surge again in an instant. As everyone was speculating about his whereabouts, Jing Yuanzhou came back again. This time, there was a tall figure behind him.

Barrage: [???]

The cap on his head was largely blocking his face but the more they looked, the more familiar he felt. At this moment, Lan Min took off the huge hat on his head, revealing a complicated expression.

Jing Yuanzhou had already told him on the way into the base about the live broadcast arrangement of the program. At that moment, he finally understood why the person who abducted his master wanted him here today.

He had some complaints. He always felt that Master was particularly partial to that person. Master knew what was going on but didn’t say anything in advance. He let Lan Min come over.

Lan Min didn’t need to look to know that the barrage in the live broadcast room was probably completely crazy. After all, it was well known that he had replaced Titans in the BK team. During this period, there was no shortage of people who pushed Titans’ departure on his head. Now he appeared in the GH base that Titans transferred to and the topic exploded in minutes.

He thought up to here and couldn’t help having a small headache. He would’ve come another day if he had known. He did get the approval of Captain Ku to come here today but if he made too much noise, it was estimated that he would inevitably suffer from training after going back.

Lan Min became more annoyed as he thought about it. He received the cup of tea from Lin Yan and inevitably looked hostile. “Thank you.”

Lin Yan was very enthusiastic. “Mini, welcome to GH. Everyone is a bit busy now. Why don’t you wait a minute and I’ll let someone come over to play with you?”

“Play?” Lan Min looked up and finally showed a smile. “Okay.”

He was indeed quite looking forward to the strength of Master’s current teammates.

Lin Yan nodded. “Yes, who do you want to play with? Gun? Don’t think of him as just a support. He played a solo game before and the effect was very good.”

The corners of Lan Min’s mouth shook slightly.

Don’t bully him just because he was young and wouldn’t understand!

Like other professional players, he had watched the first episode of the show and naturally happened to see Gun playing in the solo game. The sexy and enchanting figure flashed through his mind. He immediately replied without hesitation. “I won’t fight with the support.”

“If you don’t like the support, how about the mid-laner?” Lin Yan thought about it and didn’t wait for Lan Min to agree before refusing it. “Forget it, Gloy is livestreaming as a pair and it isn’t good to interrupt it suddenly. In any case, there will be many opportunities for you to learn from them in the future. Today is a special situation. If you don’t dislike it, would you like to practice with me?”

Upon hearing the last sentence, Jing Yuanzhou looked up in surprise. He met Lin Yan’s smiling gaze and his face cleared up when he understood the situation.

Lan Min just wanted to express his disgust when he heard Jing Yuanzhou speak. “I think it is good.”

Lan Min looked back. “Master, isn’t he the coach?”

“It is fine for the coach to train with you.”

Lin Yan had already opened a computer for Lan Min in the blink of an eye. He pulled a chair over to sit down and casually asked, “Mini, what hero are you best at? We will use the same hero to face each other. This way, the entertainment factor will be stronger.”

If both parties used the same hero then this tested the person’s understanding of the hero. Now Lin Yan asked Lan Min to choose the hero he was best at. There was an arrogant tone of ‘I will beat you even if you use the hero you are best at.’

Lan Min was young and energetic. He heard this and cursed in his heart. He didn’t hesitate and sat down in front of the computer. “Don’t regret it!”

He was a professional player. Who was this person looking down on?!

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2 years ago

My my, they will never learn.
Don’t. Challenge. Lin Yan!

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Ay Lan Min is still too young, there are mountains beyond mountains, heavens beyond heavens sips tea

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It’s time for more face slapping! (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)
I’ve been particularly itching to slap this Lan Min guy, so let’s goooooo ୧⁠(⁠^⁠ ⁠〰⁠ ⁠^⁠)⁠୨